The results are in for our Debating Europe Vote 2014!

  • Radical Left - (e.g. European Left)
  • Social Democrats - (e.g. PES)
  •  Greens - (e.g. European Greens)
  • Liberal Democrats - (e.g. ALDE)
  •  Centre-Right - (e.g. EPP)
  • Conservatives - (e.g. AECR)
  • Eurosceptics - (e.g. EUD, EAF)
  • Other
  •  Don’t know / None

Voting is now CLOSED for the first ever pan-European online e-Vote. In the run-up to the European Parliament elections, we gave YOU the chance to tell us who you supported. 19,165 people have taken part in the vote, and you can see a break-down of the results below.

Above all, the results highlight the frustration that younger voters feel with mainstream political parties. Over 60% of our audience are under 35 years old. As to the results themselves, the most surprising thing is how poorly the centre-right performed; despite starting strong, their support gradually eroded until they ended in fourth place. It’s also interesting that the eurosceptic vote was relatively weak, whilst over 20% of voters supported the radical left. Among the 19,165 people who took part in our vote, a significant number lean strongly to the left of the political spectrum. Each reader had a single vote which they could cast for any of the ideologies in the European Parliament. To help you make up your mind, we also hosted a series of online debates and physical events designed to let Europe’s citizens question MEPs and national politicians on the issues facing Europe. The e-vote has involved a wide audience outside the usual ‘Brussels bubble’: only 6% of our readers logged on from Brussels. In total, 30.43% of our audience come from Northern Europe (Scandinavia, the UK, Ireland and the Baltic states), 29.03% from Western Europe (France, Germany, Austria and the Benelux Countries), 25.48% from Southern Europe (Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Malta, Cyprus, Slovenia and Croatia) and 15.06% from Eastern Europe (Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia). So, who came first? Which party got the most votes? The results are in, and you can check them out in the infographic above!
Read the timeline About Vote 2014

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