europe-for-citizensPublic trust in the European Union has never been lower than it is today. High levels of unemployment and a feeling that politicians are out of touch with the concerns of ordinary people are creating a climate of fear and uncertainty about the future.

Rebuilding trust cannot happen overnight, and the solution can only involve greater transparency, openness, and frank and honest dialogue between politicians and the citizens who elect them. In a digital age, politicians must adapt to changing technologies and changing expectations, and therefore must be more reactive and accessible to citizens. Debating Europe strives to be the place where this dialogue happens.

If there is ever to be a truly European public sphere, then this dialogue will have to take place across national divides, between citizens and politicians of all EU member states. Debating Europe aims to foster debate on the full range of grassroots issues facing Europe, and to challenge traditional ‘top-down’ EU thinking with a citizen-driven ‘bottom-up’ approach.

Debating Europe, in partnership with the Europe for Citizens Programme of the European Union, has been asking Europeans to share their thoughts and comments in a series of online debates. We have been approaching politicians, academics, and activists to respond to the questions and comments of our audience, and to engage them in debate.

Join the debates!

Details on the implemented project can be found here.

IMAGE CREDITS: CC / Flickr – sgoldswo