TVs and more TVs on the CES show floor.The internet is changing how we live. The steady drum-beat of technological progress is transforming our societies, creating both new opportunities and new challenges. Everything from politics, to art, media and culture is undergoing a digital revolution.

What does society look like in a digital age? Can new technology empower people with disabilities, and encourage a more inclusive and equal society? How will traditional arts and culture adapt to a digital audience? Has the internet strengthened democracy? Has it lead to greater transparency? Or is social media an ‘echo chamber’ where beliefs are reinforced by repetition?

Debating Europe, in partnership with Google, has been asking Europeans to share their thoughts and comments in a series of online debates titled ‘Society in the Digital Age’. We have been approaching politicians, academics, digital entrepreneurs and activists to respond to the questions and comments of our audience, and to engage them in a debate.

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IMAGE CREDITS: CC / Flickr – ohdaby