Debating Europe and LiveWell for LIFE, an EC Funded project co-managed by WWF and our sister think tank Friends of Europe, investigate what role sustainable consumption should play in furthering the sustainability policy agenda.

The global food system is broken; whereas almost 842 million people worldwide are chronically undernourished, 1.5 billion people are overweight. The European food system accounts for almost a third of the EU’s consumption related greenhouse gas emissions, and is responsible for biodiversity loss and deforestation.

In light of this, one cannot help but wonder whether the adoption of sustainable diets is a viable solution to the negative impact our current eating habits have on health, food security and the environment.

This question is central to LiveWell for LIFE. The project – which plays a key role in the European sustainable diets debate – looks at health, nutrition, carbon and affordability and demonstrates how low-carbon, healthy diets can help us achieve a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from the EU food supply chain.

In a series of posts, Debating Europe and LiveWell for LIFE look at the effects of converging public health and sustainability, the price of sustainable food and the place sustainable consumption has on the EC policy agenda.