On 16-17 October, the European Commission will be hosting EU Development Days, a two-day forum on international affairs and development cooperation that will see Heads of State, Nobel Prize laureates, business leaders, and development professionals meet to discuss some of the global issue that are at risk of slipping down the international agenda in the wake of the economic crisis. Debating Europe will be covering DevDays as the official debating partner, and we will be publishing posts on each of the three main themes of the event: food security, inclusive growth and how to encourage the private sector to engage in development.

We’d like to take some of your comments and questions from these debates and put them to the high-level panels at DevDays for their responses, so take part below and tell us what YOU think!

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– Kapuscinski Lectures –

On 16th October, 2012 at 14:30 – 16:30, Prof. Abhijit Banerjee will give an open Kapuscinski Development lecture in Brussels. It can be followed live online here.

Prof. Abhijit Banerjee will discuss the roots of global poverty as well as policies and development aid programmes which support effective reduction of poverty. Prof. Banerjee is a renowned development economist, co-director of the Poverty Action Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and author of the bestselling book “Poor Economics”. He was named among the 100 top global thinkers by Foreign Policy.