How should Europeans live their lives? What constitutes a “moral” life, and how should society balance individual rights with responsibilities to the community? In the past, many Europeans measured morality according to their religious beliefs – but is that still the case today? And, in multicultural, secular societies, how far can we really determine how an individual lives their life?

From drug policy to prostitution, euthanasia to gay adoption, stem cell research to online gambling, Debating Europe will be investigating some of the moral questions of the 21st Century. Many of these issues won’t be EU competencies, so we will instead be looking at national debates across Europe. What do Europeans in Poland think about Dutch drug policy? What do Croatians think about the “Nordic model” of regulating prostitution?

This series of debates will look at Europe’s attitudes towards “ethical” and “moral” issues. So share your views with us and join the debate!


Image credit: CC / Flickr – Thomas Leuthard