Democracy is at work across Europe in 2018. Elections will take place in several EU countries this year, including Italy, Hungary, Slovenia, Sweden, Latvia, and Ireland. The “populist wave” predicted in 2017 failed to emerge, with mainstream (or, at least, pro-EU) political parties clinging to power in France, the Netherlands, and Germany. However, Europe is still gripped by an anti-establishment mood. Could 2018 be the year that the populists finally beak-through?

In Italy, will the anti-immigration Lega Nord return to power, in coalition with Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia? Will the populist Five Star Movement top the polls, and will Italy be confronted with a constitutional crisis if they refuse to work with any of the other parties? Or will they agree to support a new government on an issue-by-issue arrangement?

Debating Europe has been asking Europeans to share their thoughts and comments in a series of online debates titled ‘Elections 2018 – Italy’. We have been approaching politicians, economists, academics, and activists to respond to the comments of our audience, and to engage them in a debate.

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