Is the world really on the brink? Are the most radical predictions coming true? Or does every new generation believe it faces unsolvable problems?

Debating Europe asks citizens for their opinions and asks politicians and experts to respond. For some of the greatest challenges of our time, we want to dig into the issues in depth, getting right into the details the way only a good book lets you do.

That’s where Debating Europe’s book club comes in! This is your chance to ask authors your questions! Each month, we will take a look at a different book and collect your questions and comments, then ask the author to respond.

Each month we will introduce our book of the month, discuss the central theses and collect your questions. Just send us comments the normal way in the comment form on our website, on Facebook, or on Twitter. Later in the month, we will publish the response from the author to your questions and comments. The selection of topics will be broad: from the fate of the West, to the need for a new Europe, to environmental protection, the digitalisation of the labour market, and nutrition.

Have you recently read a great book that you think we should include in the book club? Send us details via our “Suggest a Debate“!

Join the debate!

IMAGE CREDITS: CC / unsplash – Eli Francis