Q: What is Debating Europe?

A: Debating Europe is an editorially independent online platform for debate and discussion of issues and policies affecting Europe. We encourage and promote lively discussions from all sides of the political spectrum, and we aim to create a neutral and fair space for debate.

Q: Where does Debating Europe get its funding from?

A: Some of our debates are supported with funding from third parties. However, Debating Europe remains editorially independent at all times. This editorial independence is made explicit in all our contracts with third parties, and we refuse any partnership that does not agree to this independence.

Q: What does “Editorially Independent” mean in practice?

A: Being editorially independent means that we produce all of the content on our website and social media channels ourselves (e.g. text, videos, and infographics). We do not host content produced by third parties (e.g. so-called ‘advertorials’).

Q: Can partners decide what content goes into a debate?

A: The contracts for partnerships are clear – just as for a cultural or sporting event – that we offer broadly two things: visibility/logo, and a place to take part in the event. We decide on the content that goes into our debates, not our partners. We make sure that the most prominent arguments and counter-arguments are included on each issue, and we ensure that all views are represented during the debates themselves (especially critical and challenging views).

Q: How can I tell which debates have been supported by partners?

A: We aim for full transparency, and so we always make clear which debates have been supported by outside parties, and who is supporting our debates. We do this by including the logo of the partner at the bottom of each debate, as well as a link to this FAQ to make our editorial policy clear.

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