Governments, civil society and the private sector must all work together to fight child sexual abuse and exploitation online, which is a pervasive and pernicious global issue. But what is the right working model to effectively address this issue? And how should we adapt to an evolving landscape, as technology evolves and plays an increasing part both in aiding perpetrators and in providing solutions?

We put some of YOUR questions on this topic to a panel of experts to discuss solutions:

  • Antonio Labrador Jimenez, Team Leader, Fight Against Child Sexual Abuse, European Commission
  • Almudena Lara, Child Safety Senior Manager, Google
  • Denton Howard, Executive Director, INHOPE
  • Nina Vaaranen-Valkonen, Executive Director & Senior Specialist, Protect Children Finland

How can we protect children from sexual abuse and exploitation online? Can we find approaches, from technology innovations to public awareness campaigns or whole-of-society responses, that can help prevent child sexual abuse before it happens, and deter this illegal behaviour? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

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    keep them away from lgbt agenda and gender scam!

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    Maybe actually keep an eye on what your kids are doing instead of treating them like fashion accessories.

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    Look at the new program they want to launch in Belgium schools. Pedophilia straight to the kindergarden 🥸

  4. avatar

    Stop the sexualisation of kids on schools! Stop the gender indoctrination!

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    How can we protect the adults from EU censorship?
    Censorship is bad, and always the domain of bad actors. We cannot afford to trust these bad actors and must see them off at all costs.

  6. avatar

    Sentences that actually scare anyone off.

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    Stop to sexualise them at school? Tell their parents to better control what they do on the Internet?

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    For starters, ban priests from internet access.

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      Sebastian Waldemar

      Yep, of satanic Temple 🙂

    • avatar

      And the Catholic Church.

    • avatar

      Read this:…/beyond-bad-apple…
      Do not repeat nonsense and lies, not important how much you hate the Catholic Church (because you know the Church is created by people and not priests). The truth will free you 🙂 PS. I’m agnostic in case, that your only contra will be “you defend them because you catholic” 🙂

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    Sebastian Waldemar

    Well, you are the source of the problem, promoting LGTB and fighting with traditional Christian values!

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    I see someone is again looking for ways to censor the internet in the name of “the good of the children”

  11. avatar

    Keeping them far away from priests, at first

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      Sebastian Waldemar

      Yep, of satanic Tempe.

  12. avatar

    Because Duke don’t care about it. He can found serving who looks like a test in one sec but not that

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    Yes, if they know about it and if they are trained to speak it out until it is not too late for them!

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    By explaining to them what it can happen and what to do in such situations!

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