In June 2022, the European Council granted EU candidate status to Ukraine and Moldova. The process of actually joining the European Union will likely take years of reforms (and, in the case of Ukraine, also a massive campaign of rebuilding and reconstruction). Nevertheless, this is a significant step. Indeed, EU policymakers are increasingly talking about European enlargement using the language of “geopolitics”.

What do our readers think? You sent us YOUR questions and comments and we forwarded them to two experts!

  • Manal Fouani, UNDP Permanent Representative in Ukraine
  • Dima Al-Khatib, UNDP Permanent Representative in Moldova

Check out the responses to these comments in the video here!

Should Ukraine join the EU as soon as possible? Will Moldova need a lot of support from the EU before it can join? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

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What do YOU think?

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    Montenegro, Macedonia and Albania (the NATO states) should be able to join in the distant future. They must reform first and foremost. The door should be open but they shouldn’t be a priority. The Balkans could work outside of the EU. They are all essentially in frozen conflict and act as vassal states. The current status quo works in a typically Balkan way.

    Serbia should not join – it’s a Trojan horse. Bosnia ideally needs to be partitioned as it doesn’t function and never will. And Kosovo is a dead end.

    For me, Ukraine is the real priority amongst these candidates, and it deserves an accelerated path. It has huge economic potential. A big workforce. It’s fairly homogeneous which does seem to work better for EU countries. And it has massive European public support for candidacy and accession – a rarity. I

    f the European project is about ending the prospect of more world wars, Ukraine is the final nail in the Cold War coffin. Its the true end of the iron curtain. Ukraine inside the European Union makes Russian imperialism impractical and dead. It’s worth it. Moldova makes sense alongside Ukraine.

    The biggest hurdle will be French delusion and German cowardice. Defence never has been their strong suit. When it comes to enlargement, the EU could do with adopting the strategic vision of the British. Ukraine isn’t a burden, it’s an asset. It belongs to Europe.

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    Adrian L

    Ukraine definitely. NOT accepting Ukraine now would be cowardice to Putler of the lowest order.

    Moldova no. Too many Russia lovers there. And the way to try to get as much money from both Russia and EU while telling each side what it wants to hear is disgusting.
    So no. Stay with your friends eith Russia.
    I remember România offered them a bypass to this through reunification. Their reply: we are “moldovans” not “Romanian”.
    OK bro, stay out then.
    Also we should cut all support until they decide which side they are with?
    Us or the rapist pillaging ruskies.

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    Of course NO, especially Ukraine.

    If they are interested to join, they should go through all the procedures that all States went through.

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    Jose Quintans

    We’ve been dragged to another war, and this time European lives are at stake.

    Qui bono? Not Europe.
    And we can’t even be fully open about the responsibility of both Russians and Americans,

    Everyone else does benefit from this war:
    – The USA can learn about Russia’s capabilities, and they can also test new weapons and tactics, release old stock and issue new manufacturing orders.
    – Russia is winning, no matter what the western propaganda says to distract us and to de-moralize English speaking Russians.
    – China is having a wonderful time, seeing how Russia weakens and becomes more and more dependent on China, and maybe they gain some time while USA’s focus is on the European side. Interestingly enough, I recently found in a Chinese website an official document about the cooperation between China and Ukraine in the exploitation of natural resources. I think they also purchased or invested heavily in some large industrial complex in the Dombas region. Nothing can stop China now from increasing their economic and diplomatic influence in the “liberated” part of Ukraine.

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      Adrian L

      How is your “Russia winning” going, bud? You off the medication yet?

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    Jose Quintans

    The meaning of ‘democracy’ varies across countries.

    Even western European democracies are flawed, but at least many of our institutions are strong enough, and you can’t easily bribe a functionary working for a public institution. The simple attempt may land you on jail.

    Still, some institutions, like those in charge of auditing EU funds, seem to aim to “justify what has been already spent” in the words of an insider I met, rather than to put real pressure on doing the right things the right way. But at least in western Europe there is a limit, given by the effort and cost to hide corruption.

    If we can ensure progressive positive change in Ukrainian institutions, putting ever greater motivation and pressure to adapt and use responsibly EU funds and their citizens’ taxes, then we should welcome them into the EU.

    Anyway, and as a warning, I remember an international diplomatic event in Asia, when the Australian representative welcomed China’s declared goal of “becoming a full democracy in the near future”, not knowing that Chine’s concept of democracy is totally different from the West’s roots in the Hellenic civilization.

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    Normally yes, but why does not the EU take rich countries like Norway, Lichtenstein and Iceland. The EU cannot take Switzerland since they have a law sating that they cannot join political, economical or military unions.

    However Putin was right that the western countries will not move their finger for Armenia and the same applies to Ukraine. The Western world is only interested in money and profit and no morality what so ever. I would also like to see Belarus join the EU too.

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    joining EU will benefit them a lot, but for EU there is not much value in them joining. So from their point of view, yes! From our point of view, not at All!

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    JT HK

    Irrational expansion of EU even by including proxy of the US would one day bring Europe to the Third World War.

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    JT HK
  10. avatar
    JT HK

    By drawing high political unstable states with poorly performed social and economic development into the EU family is suicidal because it would drag EU unnecessarily into war and economic disaster as of the time when Ukraine has not yet become a member. We can imagine what will be when it becomes EU member. EU is directly confronting Russia without any barrier against conflict.

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    Siniša Kuko

    Not now, but Ukraine, Moldova also, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia – they are all European nations and they every right to be among others free and democratic nations in the EU.

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    Not even a question. Should the EU pull up its pants for once in its life and become a geopolitical entity, fck yes.

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    JT HK

    If Moldova and Ukraine can jump queue and join EU before Turkey, this is definitely a serious discrimination and betrayal of a NATO ally.

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    Zelenskys regime is the refusal of European civilization. Never

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      What makes you say that?

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      Its horrible actions against Ukraine that create tens of thousands of deaths in vain .

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      Debating Europe what makes you asking Ukrania to join E.U?
      State of Ukrania ia making a civil war 8 years running. They are accused of formalising Nazi armies and power and engage into their army. Zelenski himself has accepted the blame. Thousands of innocent children are victims since 2014. Back in there the holocaust been made with 100 victims did never turn to arresting. They have also banned parties, they have banned democracy. Are you serious to ask Ukrania to joon E.U. or it is a bad joke?

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      He envies Zelenski, because they don’t have one like him, they would like to have…

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      Putinista !

    • avatar


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      All presidents should take Zelenski example! He is a true hero president!

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    Yes, Moldova and the Ukraine need to become members of the French European Union, thereby creating stability on the European continent, following the accomplishment of the EU Copenhagen Criteria by the Ukraine and Moldova

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    If you want to destroy Europe, yes. Of course

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      how would it destroy Europe?

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      that’s why

    • avatar

      still don’t see your point, and also how your comment is proven by the article 🤷

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      just like it was an historial error to expand EU to the ex-URSS, it will be, once again, a mistake to expand to Ukraine and Georgia and Armenia and Azerbaijan. The values are not the same and that is what this article show. Can you understand? Does this make any logic to you?

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      well isn’t the EU’s motto “united in deversity”? Also, isn’t Ukraine, Georgia and the others individual countries that will be considered independently?
      And the most important. I don’t isually agree with Polish polititians and almost never with Trump, they were warning us before being too dependant on Russian oil and gas. This should be applied generally and any dependence on an external country is bad, even more, when it is some authoritarian regime.
      EU is about inclusion and growth. By taking in, we spread the European culture. In this way, you actually lack the mindset and culture. 💁

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      well. you are mixing a lot of issues: energy independence, sustainability, arm forces, foreign politics. But if the propose is to create a country, a federation republic, this kind of extreme position and diferente perspectives of the rules of law (like today Estonian prime minister and yesterday Finland prime-minister) will destroy the federal dream

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    Zelensky andrebbe arrestato.

    • avatar

      How so?

    • avatar

      no capacity to decide no foreign affairs common positions no control of borders…more subsidies and more budget burden more disruption of labour market
      Europe should be a power or should desapear .enlargment makes it weaker

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    Yeah! And Cuba and Puerto Rico should join Russia ‍♂️

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    Yes of course, given that Asia is mainly made up of Russia they will be able to get more assistance and more protection than if they stayed.

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    Accepting new members purely for political reasons will not work. If/when they have a contribution to make, then yes. We should avoid a situation where a huge net drain of funds ensues.

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    D’autant plus depuis que le Royaume Uni ne fait plus partie des Etats-Unis d’Europe, votre utilisation officielle, massive et délibérée de la langue anglo-étasunienne est inappropriée et abusive.

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    Mr Spock

    Moldova can join when the #EU allows it to join. Regarding Ukraine, who knows what will be left of it … or if the #EU will not abandon it after is unavoidable defeat.

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    Why not give Ukraine to Russia?
    Because the same countries who help Ukraine, gave Transylvania to Corrupt Romania after the WWI!
    Compared to Ukraine, which is not yet occupied, Transylvania is occupied and looted by a much more primitive country, more backward than Russia, which is Romania!
    Independence of Transylvania to get rid of thieves and poverty!

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    This dude is worse than a Nigerian internet scammer….

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    hope they yogin…great thing and wellcome

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    Ukraine as the most corrupt country in Europe definitely has a place in EU!
    But who are you kidding? No EU sanctions will stop Russia from denazifying and pacifying Kiev. EU has already joind the nazis in Ukraine.
    EU can only now push Russia to denazify EU too.
    Maybe it’s not a bad idea after all… All EU politicians to be on the front line with Russia.

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    Yes, both of them should become members of EU!
    These countries are victims of Russia aggression for many centuries and decades. Now it is time for them to flip the page and start a new chapter in a democratic community like UE.
    They have so much to do and learn!

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    JT HK

    Who is going to give support to EU citizens when they are struggling against unemployment and rising commodities price?

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