Can the Iran nuclear deal be saved? Talks seemed on the brink of a breakthrough in March 2022 but are reportedly now deadlocked. The 2015 nuclear deal signed with Russia, the US, UK, France, Germany, and China was designed to lift economic sanctions in return for restraining Iran’s nuclear ambitions. However, in May 2018, the US unilaterally withdrew from the deal, and it has been on life support ever since.

Want to learn more about the Iran nuclear deal? Check out our infographic below (click for a bigger version):

What do our readers think? During a focus group discussion we ran, we had a comment from Yordan suggesting that the Iran nuclear deal would might be at risk if Trump wins in 2025, and another comment from Antonia wondering how the EU has managed to maintain a somewhat united voice when it comes to Iran.

To get some responses, we put these questions to two participants during a Friends of Europe online event on Iran’s nuclear deal, and recorded answers from:

💬 Ana Gomes, former diplomat & MEP

💬 Barbara Slavin, Director, Future of Iran Initiative, Atlantic Council

You can watch their responses in the video above.

Should Europe keep pushing for a nuclear deal with Iran? Would the Iran nuclear deal be at risk if Trump wins in 2025? How has the EU managed to maintain a united voice towards Iran? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

IMAGE CREDITS: David Sandoz (CC – BY 3.0)
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    JT HK

    Even Europe has tried to resume the Iran Deal under the support of Biden, very soon when the Democrats have lost in the forthcoming election and return of Trump or any republican president, all effort would be futile. Before Europe becomes sovereign, when Europe is at the brink of a potential third world war, it is a waste time and effort talking about Iran nuclear deal.

  2. avatar

    Que l’Europe se mêle de ses problèmes!

    • avatar
      JT HK

      Politicians appeared to be incapable to set priority. What is “demo” means in democracy?

  3. avatar

    Europe should push to stop EU project…

  4. avatar

    Europe (US, NATO, the West) should STOP pushing all together. It’s that relentless pushing that keeps getting us into trouble. And one of these days we’re gonna push too far, cross a line we can’t “uncross”.

  5. avatar

    L’Europe et l’OTAN ce n’est que problème à profusion, de la merde !!!

  6. avatar

    Europe has no say whatsoever in any field where US is involved. This was shown when trump pulled out of jcpoa and they could literally do nothing to even partially counteract that. Same goes for Ukraine and basically any major or even minor political issue. As long as EU isn’t a sovereign power, they might as well keep the self-respect and just shut up and let US do whatever pleases US.

  7. avatar

    They ll get u killed one way or another

  8. avatar

    Did anyone push Russia against nuclear weapons?
    The whole world should keep on pushing against demilitarization of nuclear weapons!
    But how to do it in a right way when those who will request it has so many… ? 🤔

  9. avatar

    Are they going to listen or what to do a deal? 🤔

  10. avatar
    JT HK

    When Europe is struggling to survive in the own trouble, no money, no military capacity (given to Ukraine), chaotic society with demonstration and strike all over, governments are almost paralysed, with what Europe pushing for a nuclear deal with Iran? How come you people pretend not seeing anything. Look at the condition of yourself before pointing finger to others.

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