Debating Europe and Euronews host TV-debate

On Sunday, Emmanuel Macron won the presidential run-off and was re-elected as French President. His re-election and comfortable lead over his Eurosceptic opponent Marine Le Pen was greeted with a sigh of relief by many in Brussels. Several European leaders congratulated Macron on his success and interpreted it as an endorsement of his pro-European stance by the French population. Yet some observers pointed out that with 41.5% of the casted votes, righ-wing populist Marine Le Pen achieved the best result her party, the National Rally, has ever achieved. So, what does this mean for Macron’s support in the French population? And what does his second term mean for Europe?

Members of the European Parliament discuss YOUR questions!

You sent us YOUR questions and we teamed up with Euronews to discuss them in a TV debate with MEPs from across the political spectrum!

💬 from France Véronique Trillet-Lenoir from Renew Europe
💬 from Poland Witold Waszczykowski from the ECR group
💬 from Germany Social Democrat Delara Burkhardt
💬 from Greece Petros Kokkalis from The Left
💬 from Italy Marco Campomenosi from Identity & Democracy

What do our readers think?

Our reader Lena from Germany points out that Le Pen achieved a good result despite her defeat. She asks:

Marine Le Pen may have lost the election, but she still got more than 40% of the vote – her best result so far. So I ask myself: how right-wing is French society really? And will her success inspire other populists and nationalists in Europe?

Watch the MEPs discuss this question in the video above!

Our reader Nicolas from Romania wonders what impact the election result will have on defence and security in Europe:

Now that the French presidential election has been decided, is it more likely that there will be a European army?

Watch the MEPs discuss this question in the video above!

Most recently, user Kostian sent us this comment:

Europe is in the midst of a severe energy crisis in which prices are rising. France is expanding its nuclear power, while Germany is shutting down its nuclear power plants. Does this show that there is no common line between two of the most important EU countries when it comes to energy policy? Does this have implications for the EU’s Green Deal and the fight against climate change as a whole?

Watch the MEPs discuss this question in the video above!

What does Macron’s second term mean for Europe?

Will Marine Le Pen’s good performance inspire other populists and nationalists in Europe? Will there now be a European army? What will future cooperation between Germany and France look like?

IMAGE CREDITS: Philippe BUISSIN/European Union 2022 – Source : EP
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What do YOU think?

  1. avatar

    Ubfortunately more poverty, inequality and decline in France’s quality of life.

  2. avatar

    The powers who couse the waves of immicrants and refugees are winning elections promising to save them from immigrants

  3. avatar

    Emmanuel Macron successfully re-elected and increased support for Le Pen means only growing populism in Europe. Growing populism does not necessarily means anti-America and support to Russia. It can reflect more popular discontent with the current EU submissive to NATO and US hyper dominance which have stripped European sovereign and independence as in Serbia and Hungary and the current difficulties causing by following US sanction against Russia and support for a corrupted Ukraine government. EU has been sacrificed hugely social and economic recovery to sustain a falling hegemon. As a popularly elected president, Macron needs to address discontents which have forced the voters to support populism. Marie le Pen is representing anti-NATO and anti-US hegemony. This is the reality of democracy, election campaign instead of the candidate.

  4. avatar

    Il va continuer à détruire la France

  5. avatar

    Europa everthing for thé rich ,nothing for thé working classe…

  6. avatar

    Why? So that they can push their ideas and blame it on us? I mean they aren’t even responsible for their actions!

  7. avatar

    Sounds more like a desperate cry to “we represent the people”

  8. avatar

    THe EU, W.E.F., WHO and the US are happy Macron got re-elected! They can continue with the Great reset, to continue the “Pandemic”, to make all people of Europe poor so they have to obey the rich elite! You will own nothing and you will be happy!

  9. avatar

    A peine 5% de natifs anglophones en Europe. On arrête quand cette aberrante anglicisation?

  10. avatar

    MACRON:Le changement dans la continuité…

  11. avatar

    Boze achterlijke rechtse marginalen hier … hahahahhaha

  12. avatar

    The 4,5,6,7…dose of covid vaccine

  13. avatar

    Europe leaders are puppets ! Klaus puppets

  14. avatar

    First in the US, and now in France. Who’s next

  15. avatar

    Europe is a continent. De EU is not a country. Just saying.

  16. avatar

    That’s why he called Putin so much to ask how he do it

  17. avatar

    I am not suprised with competitors like le Pen, sounds more like an act of desperation.

  18. avatar

    There is work for the president in moving on with the projects and work in showing solutions to people how they can improve their situation.

  19. avatar

    DOMINION ‍♂️ ‍♂️ ‍♂️

  20. avatar

    COVID TYRANTS/WARMONGERS have the corrupted MEDIA on their side …

  21. avatar

    He’ll continue to divide the country and make life more miserable for average citizens.

  22. avatar

    Volby davno neexistuju..ovladaju cely svet

  23. avatar

    bizarre pas moyen de mettre les preuves de la triche de l’élection de macron, cfr les résultats en direct de france 2… mais c’est ce que vous appelez démocratie… votre débat est biaisé, vos candidats sont ceux du haut de la pyramide. la démocratie est morte et l’europe des lumières avec… :-(

  24. avatar

    تستحق الريس المحترم ماكرون اتمنى لك التوفيق والنجاح

  25. avatar

    The same but in worse with this psychopath!

  26. avatar

    If that’s call “democracy ” i don’t want to live in it !!!! What they name freedom actually is no less dangerous dan comunisme.

  27. avatar

    Mais oui, cest de la 2kg sossiesen et de la camembert, mais je suis issi avec ma velo

  28. avatar


  29. avatar

    Il paye ça place le macron pour revoir les français à terre !!! sanglant II

  30. avatar

    yeah… he is the first… in all this contreversy…..? ask urself questions!! from belgium!

  31. avatar

    It’s already proven you won by false play we don’t listen to you anymore go off yourself fool.

  32. avatar

    Macron won 8 minutes after the voting booths got closed, le pen lost 2-3 million votes on live tv, macron is great friends with klaus schwab. Yeah just like america this election was rigged.

  33. avatar

    Nothing to see,just continue their globalist agenda’s in EU

  34. avatar

    “débattre” ?? mais il en est incapable.. Il ne sait que s’ecouter lui-mm

  35. avatar

    Daar kan en mag ik niet op antwoorden op Facebook???

  36. avatar

    une victoire s en vraiment l avoir mériter, toute cela lui va super bien , il es a sont image , une forme de trucage avec se contrat social signer pour le représentatif de ceux qui on fait cette erreur très con et surtout dangereux pour se qui suivra par la suite de ceux qui on signer cette chose entie constitutionnel dans la forme de se contrat signer par certainement un dopage propagandismes créé par tout un contexte Bassée sur le stresse et l envie de faire le bon choix . seulement les signataire non rien compris dans se contrat que il pouvait servir pour le vote , mais aussi dans tout les choix de cette chose macron qui joue bien sous les formes avec votre méconnaissances de se contrat social représentatifs qui vous retire le droit d être contre ces discision.

  37. avatar

    Macron is so funny. This man see’s himself as a conqueror , when in fact he got the half of France against him. He is not populair, wonder if his actions in coronatime violating actual human rights and refusing to hear the french people would have had a role in this…

  38. avatar

    European leaders don’t want to know what i think of them now. They can’t handle the truth, they’ve lied so much in the past 2 months that i have nothing but contempt for them. They’ve proven to be American dogs on a very short leash.

  39. avatar

    He will continue to destroy free speech and beat up his own people, like he did for the past 4 years.

  40. avatar

    what i see in him , that he is a cheater and a fraud! he frauded the elections!

  41. avatar

    Are the votes rigged or something?

  42. avatar

    It’s all rigged, it’s all a lie, you are all criminals that should be locked up like forever .. democracy is an illusion, you all play your part of the script , schwab is your master, you are a shame for humanity, all politicians of all party’s are part of this scam..

  43. avatar

    Il n’y a rien à espérer de son second mandat. Quand on voit sa femme remplacer à grands frais toute la vaisselle de l’Elysée à laquelle il ne manquait rien, il est clair que ce type n’a aucune pensée pour l’intéret public, ce type n’a aucun sens de gestion en bon père de famille, et que comme l’ensemble de la classe politique, et plus encore celle de l’Europe, ne pense qu’à son intérêt individuel et à s’enrichir sur le compte du contribuable.

  44. avatar

    ‘ve got some ideas, but the leaders won’t like them

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