This International Women’s Day we partnered with our sister platform Debating Africa for a conversation on women’s rights featuring a diverse panel of women from Africa and Europe. From the gender pay gap to the motherhood penalty, we covered a range of gender-related topics, discovering remarkable similarities between the issues faced by women on both continents.

Watch the full discussion below:

How far have women’s rights come in your country? What are the key issues facing women, whether in their personal lives or careers? We want to hear from you. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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    catherine benning

    How far have women’s rights come in your country?

    Which women’s rights are these?

    We, in the West, are being inundated with the ‘no gender’ concept. There are no women or men. We are one entity and our rights to be anything specific lies in our thoughts. If we believe we are a man, no matter our physical make up, and live by the expected rules of that gender, then that is what we are and vice versa.

    Even to the point of removal of ‘gender’ from sporting events. Here are a couple of examples:

    Hypocrite comes to mind. You can’t have it both ways in the idiocy of woke. Either there are women, as opposite gender to men, or, there are not. Either way, there is ‘gender’ as to transition is assuming a ‘gender’ in the first instance. Neutral is not an option, seemingly. Or, are we now to assume women’s day is to salute the trans when they were other?

    The real issue here is, how has politics become an arbiter of our personal lives rather than science? Why do the politicians want to be saturated by issues of our thoughts and legislate, one way or another, over our ability to process our minds? This unhealthy attitude to our perceptions and decision making is an abnormal practice. As is censorship.

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      I refer to SEX not gender, but agree with much of this. Women’s sex is the basis of the discrimination that exists against them.
      Women’s rights are harmed when men can “identify” as women and also lay claim to those rights, activities and spaces. If you can’t correctly define women and girls, you cannot defend their rights. Other groups who ‘feel’ like women, or would like to be women can carve out their own spaces, activities, campaigns and protections, separate to those of women. Any system which enables them to claim womanhood, damages women’s rights.
      IWD is for women and girls. Just ONE day, but now we are expected to use that to honour men who present in a gender non-conforming way. Dress and present as you please, but this is no basis on which to claim womanhood. Stop the pretence – we all know what a woman is, because we all came out of one.

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    As far as they loose their children at divorce and they are not supported financially or morally in hardships. 🙁

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      JT HK

      Women do not marry and have children to secure themselves financially or morally. More importantly, in a divorce, woman always has the natural right on the custody of the children. How come they lost the custody as it is always made for the best benefit of the children not preference of the parents?

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      JT HK

      Divorce does not necessarily mean cutting off of parental relationship with the children if parents can see divorce rationally and act on the best interest of the children. Women always have the mental problem which has been using emotion to guide their thinking and behavior, thus preventing women from standing alone by themselves. How can woman fight for equal rights if they are so emotional and incapable of handling things independently and rationally for the benefit of themselves and their children?

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    JT HK

    For so many decades women have been fighting for rights. How come the fight becomes an ever ending one? In my opinion, woman’s roles are different across countries. Do not super-impose Western rights on non-Western people. This would lead to desperation and struggle of women who have been traditionally brought up by their own cultural tradition. If they are proud of fulfilling their traditional roles, they should be allowed to enjoy it and feel proud of it. For example, in nature, females have been taking care of their off-spring. If they are forced to go to work and they cannot give up their role as mother, they are unnecessarily burden by two very important roles…So, let women all over the world make their free choice rather than “teaching” by people of other countries with different cultural civilization. We are in an IT era. Women all over the world can be empowered easily from the IT.

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    JT HK

    Women’s rights? What about a baby’s right to live?

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    What about kids right..? What about life protection ? Aborption should be limited to special situations and limited to the first three months of pregnancy

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