Should Europe have a common migration policy? European Justice and Home Affairs ministers are meeting on 3-4 February in Lille, France, to discuss migration. Ahead of the meeting, French President Emmanuel Macron has called for much closer coordination of migration policies through regular ministerial meetings, similar to Eurozone meetings.

One of the items on the agenda in Lille will be the proposed EU Pact on Migration and Asylum, which includes measures to reduce unsafe, irregular routes and instead promote safe, legal pathways. The proposals have received a mixed response from civil society groups, and previous attempts at EU migration reform have stalled. Nevertheless, Macron’s government hopes to “regain confidence in our ability to together define a truly effective European migration policy”.

What do our readers think? We had a comment from Agnes:

[The European Union should] reduce irregular migration… creating legal migration routes into the EU

To get a response to Agnes, we spoke to Sammy Mahdi, Belgian Secretary of State for Asylum and Migration and European Young Leader 2018.

For another perspective, we also put Agens’ comment to Giorgos Stefanidis, Local Coordinator of ARSIS (Association for the Social Support of Youth), a Greek NGO (and a member of our Debating Europe Community Partner network) providing and promoting social support for disadvantage young people, including from migration and refugee backgrounds.

You can see both responses in the video at the top of this post.

Interested in the topic of legal migration routes into the EU? Check out the Africa-Europe Foundation’s recent event, “Migration and Mobility in the Africa-Europe partnership: Leading the way to the AU-EU summit”, which explored the drivers of intercontinental migration and looked at the best ways to both strengthen intra-continental mobility in Africa, and create accessible routes for regular intercontinental migration.

Would making regular migration easier reduce irregular migration? Should Europe have a common migration policy? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

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  1. avatar

    One day there be a road & railway from Beijing to London ‘ lets work to mKe that happen

  2. avatar

    Allow FOM to apply for those with permanent CDS.

    • avatar
      catherine benning


      Woke is anti nature. Anti nature is not ‘first’ take care of you own family, next of kin followed by extended. After that, your tribe, nation and so on…. To allow your ‘territory’ to be ‘invaded’ by those of different ethos to your own is against human nature, as to do so puts your culture and safety at great risk. To invade another’s territory to usurp their land mass and steal their assets is likewise, unsafe for those you consider family.

  3. avatar

    close and protect the borders.
    only zero tolerance can give results

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    Migration must be selective and controlled like everywhere in Australia Canada USA… We must accept only qualified people according to labour needs and migrants must proclame that they accept all European laws and rules including brutal religious believes in public place

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    NO of course it won’t reduce it! It will just ramp it up, which is what I suspect the EU actually wants. The scale of migration must be drastically reduced. You are going to wipe out the native European population within 50 years if it continues like this. Borders are essential to a nation state.

  6. avatar
    EU-Reform Proactive

    Do ambitions trump caution?

    It is not clear why the EU & their lobbyists are pushing the ageing/migration issue that hard. The whole world is ageing!

    In the extreme, could that mean the EU Suzerain will take the statistics table and suggest to simply import from the least ageing population/nation (2,7% 65+years= Nigeria or Pakistan 4,3% and “import” to the highest ageing EU nation (22,8% 65+years= Italy)? Would be crazy- wouldn’t it?

    Japan & Asia are worse off! Martians & human robots are still in short supply!

    Quote: “Population ageing indisputably poses myriad challenges, but there are also myriad potential solutions. The task before us is to figure out which are best to adopt, individually and collectively, and to mobilise the political and social will and the financial muscle to act proactively as we sail into uncharted demographic waters.”

    Is it to achieve an ambitious EU political outcome? Safeguard the Eurozone’s economy or protect its present citizenry? By wrongly using “Europe”- is the EU/Council/Commission referring to certain EU nations, the EU27, the Eurozone, the ‘Eurosphere’ or the whole world which they wish to eventually rule?

    The EU has no legal mandate to speak on behalf of “Europe”. It would include Russia- which has its own/separate Constitution!

    Japan & Asia are worse off! Martians & human robots are still short in supply!

    Q: Honestly, is it the concern about an ageing population? Or a shortage of skilled workers in some industries or a shortage of manual labour like tradesman, domestic & industrial cleaners etc. & the drudgery jobs like “pick-and-shovel work”?

    • Aging- is nothing new & EU members are not spared. The EU is not in a one-speed mode nor a two-speed mode but will remain in “multi-speed modes” as long as it follows its ever-expanding enlargement policy!

    • EU27 economies are in different modes & stages.
    • Corporations and businesses know best what to do, how to adapt & how to source skilled workers. Why not leave it to them- they don’t need bureaucrats and an excuse to create an EU political empire by ever-enlarging & creating a legally binding spider web called ‘Eurosphere’.

    • Migration is not an exclusive EU competence. Laws & Regulations exist in each sovereign EU nation. Please consult the member states, their governments, their political parties & citizen first.

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    Yes. And anyone who thinks you can stop migration is either a fool or a liar.

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    Will not make a difference. What you need to focus on is bringing the correct type of migration. Migrants who will contribute to EU growth and not migrants looking for a hand out and living on welfare and crime. We are countries not charities.

  9. avatar

    Why do they come to the EU? Why don’t they go to neighbouring countries? Everyone is EU obsessed, when there are more cultural compatibilities much nearer.

  10. avatar

    No. Irregular migration will be the same,even bigger.

  11. avatar
    JT HK

    Stop helping the US to overthrow regimes around Europe. You would not have refugees influx.

  12. avatar

    Not dropping bombs, destroying economies and stealing resources would be a good start to fixing it.

  13. avatar
    JT HK

    When Emmanuel Macron and many wise people have already diagnosed NATO brain-dead. Politicians following US irrational sanction against Russia by killing their national, are they approaching or already brain-dead? How can we agree with someone with a great portion of brain-dead?

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