From 1 February 2022, being vaccinated against the coronavirus will be mandatory in Austria. Other European countries are introducing similar measures; Greece has imposed a vaccine mandate for people aged 60 and up; Italy has announced mandatory vaccination for over-50s. The new German chancellor, Olaf Scholz, has voiced his support for mandatory vaccination (though many hurdles remain).

The President of the EU Commission supports a debate on mandatory vaccines. In December 2022, Ursula Von Der Leyen said European Union Member States should start discussing with citizens the possibility of making jabs mandatory, as too few people are voluntarily being vaccinated. The World Health Organization (WHO) says that “most of those who require hospital treatment [are] unvaccinated people”, meaning pressure on healthcare systems may not ease until the vast majority of the population have been vaccinated.

Some EU governments are unconvinced. They prefer to “nudge” citizens to get the jab by making life difficult for the unvaccinated. The French government, for example, thinks vaccine passes (required, for example, to enter shops or restaurants) will be much more effective than a mandatory order (President Emmanuel Macron has said his strategy is to “piss off” the unvaccinated). However, critics of the French approach argue that people are effectively being “nudged” out of society.

Should Covid-19 vaccination be mandatory? Should European countries open a debate on making the jab compulsory? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

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    Shameful debate to start with. Shameful way to divide society. Do not call it democracy any more please, since you are consciously violating Europe values!

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      Thanks for your comment. How are European values being violated?

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      impossing a Covid pass. Trying to approve fines for non vaccinated people. And yourself enhancing this debate when you know it implies to review and remove fundamental rights

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    In a perfect world, if people were more responsible, more understanding of each other, had more empathy towards their fellow citizens and on the other hand the government of each EU country truly valued democracy, freedom of choice etc. Then No! Vaccinations wouldn’t be mandatory. Unfortunately we don’t live in a perfect world which means that Covid 19 vaccinations must be mandatory. It’s sad but true.

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    catherine benning

    Should Covid-19 vaccination be mandatory?

    This is a terrifying proposition. Time to consider fleeing the EU continental land mass in general, to find somewhere safe from these lunatics who have taken over this civilisation.

    The people governing the UK, along with their Global counterparts, have filled our seats in power with open law deniers. This question shows what is being planned for us all next.

    This morning, on UK GBNews TV, presenters openly discussed the prospect of giving us ‘the opportunity’ to receive state microchips as Sweden has already began, having placed them inside 4,000 people to date. The next step? Mandatory microchipping?

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    EU-Reform Proactive

    No end in sight?

    In some EU countries the right to die is legal & permitted. (Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg) In other Non-EU countries as well. Details:

    The medical ‘right to die’ is removed or transferred from a doctor’s responsibility- bound by their ‘Hippocratic Oath’- and given to the individual. Great!

    Such right, however, does not affect or infringe on anybody else’s right to life. Not so?

    However, I do not support or consent indirectly to ‘in-voluntary’ or ‘non- voluntary’ euthanasia.

    “Rationality” and careful consideration of “all facts” is a Government’s responsibility in safeguarding & protecting its population. Even a ‘direct democratic’ vote may infringe on my right or others “right to life”!
    Even an EU president is seeing some light.

    Today, to declare war is understood as a sole right of a government or NATO (US)- which will harm the population immeasurable, both in civilian death & economical costs. Should such rights be given to the voters, the EU or OTAN?
    It is one of the many obligations & responsibilities of a sovereign country to protect its citizens from wars, diseases, provide reasonable education & keep their public health service from collapsing.

    Sanity and insanity were never taught directly at any schools- it is an acquired skill by life experience.

    It is reported that there are ~12 major sources driving the anti-vaccination propaganda & vax-hoaxes globally:

    A few stats from the WHO & others:{adgroupsurvey}&gclid=Cj0KCQiAubmPBhCyARIsAJWNpiN3DH-ot6COb-wV_5szNcpX4p3OTP9aXV7g8ERhc-KYblKvJHTJFkUaAlGYEALw_wcB

    If a government would act carelessly and wouldn’t supply the C-19 vaccination free for all- I would be happy to pay for it. It is the ‘rational thing’ to do!

    Per reputable statistics, it is the non-vaccinated portion of the population who delays the end of this pandemic and causes harm to the rest & the economy!

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    No otherwise this is fascism like Germany in world War 2.

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    No. I think there is a risk, some have died after vaccination. Those not vaccinated should nevertheless accept some access restrictions. And what is really an attack to rights for me is that it’s not that we are asked to be vaccinated but that we are asked to have full vaccination certificates regardless of whether or not we already had the virus some months ago and then have natural immunity. This is being very badly handled at EU level.

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    What about confessing covid doesn’t need an A status (anymore) ?

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      This pandemic due to Covid-19 is a punishment either from Hell or Heaven for our sins and mistakes. It is not just a biological weapon!

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    I do not feel comfortable receiving 💉 💊 where one is not able to tell me how many doses will be needed even within a period of 1 year, so where something that important is being figured out on us on the go. The Nuremberg Code is clear on the ethics of medical experimentation. I am double vaccinated, but I was not at all comfortable with the process. An absolute no to mandatory vaccination, as per Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly Resolution 2361 (2021).

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    Should all those who received money for promoting this nonsense, see criminal charges brought against them?

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      Andrej Šegula Ilić

      I hope so. Just see what der Leyen said recently:
      “Two or three years ago, I would have never thought to witness what we see right now, that we have this horrible pandemic, we have the life-saving vaccines but they are not being used adequately everywhere. And thus this is an enormous health cost,” von der Leyen said. 1.12.2021
      So, not caring for people’s health but for money – officially confirmed.

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    Andrej Šegula Ilić

    “Two or three years ago, I would have never thought to witness what we see right now, that we have this horrible pandemic, we have the life-saving vaccines but they are not being used adequately everywhere. And thus this is an enormous health cost,” von der Leyen said. 1.12.2021
    So, just see what is the reason for mandatory vaccination – money, not the care for health of the people. Disgusting.

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    Lucio Megliola

    assolutamente no. I vaccini non hanno dimostrata efficacia e sicurezza. Inoltre con l’introduzione del green pass sono rifiorite le discriminazioni.

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    Mexcian Fan and Lover

    Covid-19 is a punishment from God for our sins and transgressions! We have disrespected our God and his son Jesus Christ and he curses us with this disease to pay for the bad things we do to each other!!!!

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    Covid-19 is like a revenge against us humans from Nature for all the nasty things we did to our planet and to humanity

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    Mexcian Fan and Lover

    @Debating Europe .. where is my comment ??

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    The Devil is a prosecutor and God is love. However the Devil cannot do something without the permission of the God. I do believe that the Corona Virus is a punishment for our sins!

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    Do you think the Corona Virus is a supernatural punishment from God to us or is it a bio-chemical weapon created in a laboratory in China?

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    Well this is no wonder why we have to vaccinate. This is a weapon of mass destruction or a curse from the God for our mistakes. Vaccination should be based on free will and not to be obligatory!

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    Maybe we really don’t need Europe any longer.

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