What’s your vision for the future of Europe? The EU’s Conference on the Future of Europe is a pan-European consultation with citizens on the sort of reforms and future direction they want the 27-member bloc to take. It’s billed as a completely open debate, with “no taboos” in terms of treaty change or reforms, and will run until Spring 2022.

How can Europe “build back better” from COVID-19? This was one of the topics that came up during our 100 European Voices focus groups with young people from across the EU. Participants told us they thought the EU in ten years should be better prepared for future pandemics, with proper coordination; they hoped it would be fairer and more (gender) equal; be greener, more sustainable and self-reliant, less focused on (economic) growth, and be more open to new ideas and young minds.

To get a policymaker perspective, we put this question to members of the European Parliament from all political groups. Expand the cards below to find out what politicians think of the EU’s response to the pandemic:

Radical Left
Nikolaj Villumsen (The Left), Member of the European Parliament:
Anna Cavazzini (Greens), Member of the European Parliament:
Liberal Democrats
Karen Melchior (Renew), Member of the European Parliament:
Centre Right
Ana Michele Asimakopoulou (EPP), Member of the European Parliament:
Assita Kanko (ECR), Member of the European Parliament:
A Europe with a recovered, more green and digital economy, in the vanguard of innovation. I hope that in 10 years’ time, we will have a more self-conscious, less guilt-ridden, determined Europe, that values its way of living, its democratic achievements and the Enlightenment spirit of humanity, progress and co-operation. I am a strong advocate for a stronger geo-strategic position for the EU and its Member States with less emphasis on short term interests of individual Member States. We need to be able to take stronger positions internationally, also towards major powers such as China and Russia, whom we meet as adversaries on so many topics.
Joachim Kuhs (ID), Member of the European Parliament:

I am a friend of Europe. And I wish that the European continent will continue to exist as a union of independent national states that work together in appropriate areas. Similar to how the European Economic Community used to function. I wish for a Europe that is not pushed by an unrestrained bureaucracy into becoming a monstrous superstate.

The EU is successively stripping its citizens of their freedoms and tries to shape its people according to self-defined human rights which are not found in any convention. Freedom of opinion, freedom of religion, and freedom of expression are being thrown overboard in an attempt to push a moral agenda. I disagree with that development. I want Europe to remain the continent of freedom, in the way it has been for several hundreds of years. Sadly, the EU has been going in the wrong direction, but I have a lot of hope for the Eastern member states who still value their freedoms. It is a long way to go, but perhaps, in 10 years’ time my dream can become realised.

Curious to know what the EU might look like ten years after the pandemic? We’ve put together some facts and figures in the infographic below (click for a bigger version).

What should Europe look like 10 years after the pandemic? What’s your vision for the future of Europe? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

IMAGE CREDITS: BigStock – (c) SomeMeans

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    EU Reform Proactive

    Admittedly, I am also a Friend of Europe- like MEP Joachim Kuhs.

    ~ 447 million was the EU-27 population in Jan 2021.
    What do “young (15-29) Europeans” in the EU= 17% (as per Eurostat) want for (or from?) the EU?

    {100%-15%-17% (0-14)} = 68%. Why has the EU-27 voting majority been conveniently ignored by another “Friend of Europe”? OMG, and that In Brussels supranational land of equality & law & order?

    Are the 17% granted a political X-mas & New Year’s wish from the honourable EU President? Because no realistic or “legal” 10, 20 or longer year forward plan exist? Or, unknown to me, maybe kept deeply buried in the EU vaults & placed under Covid-19 quarantine?

    Why refer to “10 years after”…but announce to splash out 2,018 trillion of other peoples money? This Covid-19 virus will mutate and be with us forever!

    It will survive all political EU schemers’ & dreamers & many of the naive MEP’s.
    To deliberately address only 17% of the eligible EU voters is gross:

    • discriminatory.

    • or a deliberate EU-27 marketing gimmick to promote generalized targets which other none EU countries have already achieved and/or exceeded.

    • The 7 quoted EU parties are represented by 4 female & 3 male MEP’s. An unfortunate fate of a number in-equality?

    • No guidance on what the EU youth should/could consider to study & aim for. Just some subsidised travel & Erasmus?

    If true- as some predict:

    that, the more robots in the workforce, the better the economy and the lower the unemployment rate! The more robots there are… the more jobs there are for people.

    Robots “could” eliminate manual labour all over the world. I am not sure. In some developed nations may be, and as long as everyone can afford to eventually buy such a wonder robot, instead hire an illegal immigrant- which may turn out as another fiction.


    Glad, I am not appointed & been paid to predict the future!

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      catherine benning

      What should Europe look like 10 years after the pandemic?

      Well, if this guy in Milton Keynes is right, then Europe and the West will no longer be able to sustain any kind of civilised unity as it presently is just about managing….The influx of heavy and profound intellectual disability of increasing dark age thought acceptance will become the universal norm..Migrated cultures already existing within our growing city ‘no go areas’ is the pandemic we fail to address.


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      EU Reform Proactive

      Hi Catherine,
      If the EU-27 continues on a path to misuse its original mandate (received once through the national vote), then “this guy’s” prediction might come true. I hope that some more EU Members will wake up & pre-empt a worst-case scenario.

      How could the rigid political EU be changed/reformed- if at all?

      Any EU referendum about the EU is designed to preserve the EU Suzerain at all costs. Even if Members would deliberately behave “very badly”, no member can be expelled. As per Article 7 of the TEU only rights can be suspended, not a Member.


      I envisage two scenarios:

      • Internally, but dragging on forever-

      only one party, out of the listed seven (=the ID having 70/705 seats)- unfortunately labelled “right-wing” by the media and a minority) could bear enough pressure to avoid the EU “losing it” completely. I believe no other party would dare and openly challenge the existence and direction of the EU in the EP. Further, the EU/EP cannot/wouldn’t vote itself out of office.

      • Externally- but equally slow-

      sufficient national pressures to demand “EU exit referenda” (like the UK) to withdraw from the EU and invoke Article 50. But this is another matter of 27 National constitutional legalities, mechanisms & voter sentiments.

      In the meantime- suffer my children, suffer!

      “Bluecat media”? Sorry, I pass but don’t follow “Alternative News & Education. Mr Allan Ewart is allegedly involved in Cryptocurrency, Fintech, Blockchain Technology, DYOR Founder & CEO, “Bluecat Media Founder”, Art, culture, film, politics, literature, society and music. Missing is medical science & reputable statistics.

      I follow the medical majority and trust our renowned Medical science & research institutions. Their reputable results are easier accessible than the alternatives.

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    Pedro Pais de Vasconcelos

    This group was invaded by a group of anti EU provocateurs.

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    L’UE est un Etat dictatorial qui opprime la liberté des Nations !!!

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    europe will sook pretty much the same. but does the EU?

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    Europa = Yes …. EU… NO …

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      Bravo .

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    The European Union must be destroyed, and above all its sick ideology that threatens our future

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    De Europese unie bestaat dan niet meer, het hele corrupte psychopathische narcistische demagogische is weg de eigen geilders hebben allemaal de ceausescu methode ondergaan wellicht, hoop het niet voor hun, haha

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    The EU should close up shop, and make everyone happy again, things worked great in the Common Market days, then the thieves took over and started the EU. Since then all has gone down hill very fast, and is splitting up Europe.

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    EU. Is good to parasits. Burocrats .others thieves.. Not for working People

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    Europe in 10 years time will not exist at this shape as is now.Stupidity of people going to destroy everything what we know.

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    Wybraliście lewactwo to.jest jak jest teraz i zapamiętajcie że lewactwo u.wladzy to jest to samo jak by sobie wpuścić do domu świnie wszytko zniszcza zgnoja i będą myśleć że jest fajnie

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    Rozjeba. UE w pizd. i po kłopocie.

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    In 10 years we will have the United States of Europe, a strong, rich and fair federation.

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      …under control of the Davos-Mafia!

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      the mafia are those who put certain words in the mouth of poor facebook parrots.

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      I am very sorry for you… 😔
      You are obviously, the perfect propaganda-victim.

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      Communist United……

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      Europe will be under Marxist ,communist New World Order cult control. If the people don,t stand up that is.

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      Jak dalej lewactwo będzie wygrywać wybory to ten scenariusz się spełni.

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      The U.S.S.E.U.

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      Trols and company

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      c’est pas souhaitable !!

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      Dream on, Pedro in fantasyland!

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      The New USSR.

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      I’ve never seen so many eurosceptics together. What a team.

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      i like the idea of the european nation, i also like the idea of communism. doesn’t mean i think they aren’t terribly flawed.
      who elects the european president, i never voted for the guy. who checks up on there work, i never heared anny internal investigation being conducted.
      it’s a recepy for disaster under the best of intentions.

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      a ty nadal w bajki wierzysz.

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      And all countries included has surrendered their independence and power of self governance 😞

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    What’s my vision?Self resolving of European Union due the lack of member states

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    Old mad max movies spring to mind .

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    Endlich Demokratie aber das wird ein Wunschtraum bleiben!

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    Faszystowska unia niech się rozpadnie w pył, a mądrzy i uczciwi ludzie niech wreszcie zaczną rządzić w swoich krajach

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    EU will not survive next 10 years :)

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    Death penalty for corruption

  20. avatar

    Hopefully, Poland and Hungary will no longer be part of this rainbow commie circus. The West can issue it’s 20th lockdown, 40th booster shots and mandate with brute force wearing of a full diaper on the faces of it’s citizens… Meanwhile, the Polish politicians openly admit they aren’t keen on lockdowns, since they know Poles won’t adhere to them anyway.

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    It will looks like Soviet Union in 1980. We are ficked by eurocrats.

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    europe= new world order dictatorship–with sheep/slaves serving the system=zombie slaves with no freedom and rights junkies with vaccinejabs

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    No soy un vidente. No tengo nada que decir en este asunto.

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    Hopefully there won’t be no EU in 10 years

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    l’europe c’est le 4ième reich

  26. avatar

    Free of socialism and comunism.

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    PRIX DU GASOIL DANS LE MONDEPour lire il vaut mieux être assis. ! ! !En FRANCE : 1,65 EUR le litre !!!!En Belgique : 1.60 EUR le litre et plus….!!!Si là on ne nous prend pas pour des idiots…Azerbaïdjan Diesel EUR 0,31Egypte Diesel EUR 0,14Ethiopie Super EUR 0,24Bahamas Diesel EUR 0,25Bolivie Super EUR 0,25Brésil Diesel EUR 0,54Chine Normal EUR 0,45Equador Normal EUR 0,24Ghana Normal EUR 0,09 !!!!!!!Groenland Super EUR 0,50Guyane Normal EUR 0,67Hong Kong Diesel EUR 0,84Inde Diesel EUR 0,62Indonésie Diesel EUR 0,32Irak Super EUR 0,60Kazakhstan Diesel EUR 0,44Qatar Super EUR 0,15Kuweit Super EUR 0,18Cuba Normal EUR 0,62Libye Diesel EUR 0,08 !!!!!!!Malaisie Super EUR 0,55Mexique Diesel EUR 0,41Moldavie Normal EUR 0,25Oman Super plus EUR 0,20Pérou Diesel EUR 0,22Philippines Diesel EUR 0,69Russie Super EUR 0,64Sadi Arabie Diesel EUR 0,07 !!!!!!Afrique du Sud Diesel EUR 0,66Swaziland Super EUR 0,10 !!!!!!Syrie Diesel EUR 0,10 !!!!!Trinidad Super EUR 0,33Thaïlande Super EUR 0,65Tunisie Diesel EUR 0,49USA Diesel EUR 0,61Venezuela Diesel EUR 0,07 !!!!!Etats Arabes Unies Diesel EUR 0,18Vietnam Diesel EUR 0,55Ukraine Diesel EUR 0,51C’est incroyable, non ???Les pays de l’ Union Européenne, et leurs Ministres des Finances, prennent vraiment les populations pour des crétins…”TVA, TIPP, plus IRPP + ISF + TVA sur les biens consommables plus les rackets fiscaux divers et variés…”

  28. avatar

    Only vision of unity for such diversity? Maniacs but clever about taking money out of people’s pockets because of their ……. and …….. Sorry 4 dots, connect them propely yourself.

  29. avatar

    Brakuje ci chłopie drugiej flagi-Polskiej, bo ta niebieska niczego nam Polakom nie gwarantuje, poza niemiecką wizją Hitlera , jednego państwa , niemieckiego państwa o nazwie WIELKIE NIEMCY. Znamy to już z histori.A my chcemy mieć swoją Wolną Polskę, za którą oddawali życie nasi dziadowie. BROŃMY WIĘC NASZEJ UKOCHANEJ OJCZYZNY!

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    It doesn’t matter what I think.

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    il ne fallait pas me tenter …… ah vous êtes des marrants pas moyen d’inclure une belle image pour un FREXIT qui s’impose……

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    A dictatorship like no men ever has seen

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    compleet naar de klote de unie

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    Europe of independent nations, not a German federation.

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    My vision ?! Ok , #Frexit #stopUE

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    In a decade ? EU hopefully will be no more in its current shape, communists were red, now they turned green. Forced immigration from middle east and Africa (anyone remember mandatory annual quotas?), absolutely nuts, brains rotted with leftism.

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    Hopefully the EU will be in the dumpster by then, right where this socialist cesspool belongs.

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    have they decided when it will end ??? it’s a question of political decision ! nothing else … PROVIDE IVERMECTINE KITS and leave the people live in their sovereign states ! NO MORE SUBVERSION !!!!

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    ….tylko nie wiadomo czy to będzie w tym stuleciu….

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    Jochen Gielen

    I would like to speak about the environment and a real new world order.

  41. avatar

    no longer existing ! FREEDOM !

  42. avatar

    weg met europa, sluit de grenzen

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    Se serait bon d avoir la traduction en français. Merci

    • avatar

      Faut apprendre l’américain!

  44. avatar

    Dan bestaat Europese unie niet meer

    • avatar

      Laat ons hopen, het is ene financiële puinhoop die elk land onderling failliet laat gaan!
      Bewijzen zijn er al jaren. Het gaat zienderogen achteruit en het enigste een Europese unie kan opleggen is meer gaan betalen. Dit reflecteerd ook op elk land onderling terwijl die ook dezelfde Europese regerings structuur overnemen. Groot doen en niks hebben en de rekening naar de burger doorschuiven dit tot het oneindige.
      En dan onze leiders maar zeggen dat er meer solidariteit moet komen, wanneer gaan ze dit zelf eens waar maken tegenover hun eigen volkeren!

    • avatar

      Een positieve gedachte!

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    Afschaffen, die nutteloze geldopslorpende boel

  46. avatar

    The EU is an ondemocratic, money-wasting institution ! ☹️

  47. avatar


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    Je ferai remarquer que l’Angleterre ne fait plus partie de l’Europe. Alors, svp, les textes en FRANÇAIS !!!!

    • avatar

      Niet alle Europeanen spreken Frans, maar velen wel Engels. En anders gebruik je maar Google Translate.🤪

    • avatar

      sauf que il n y a aucune explications à faire des textes européens anglais alors que seul 5% à peine des européens ont comme langue nationale l’anglais …

    • avatar

      C’est bien pour cela qu’on utilise l’anglais comme langue universelle…Je vois mal à chaque fois devoir tout répéter dans chaque langue de chaque état de l’UE…

    • avatar

      sauf que comme je le répète l’anglais ne représente à peine que 5% des européens ( une des langues les plus parlé en europe est le français ) c’est comme si t’allais en chine faire des textes américains juste parce que une petite portion des chinois parlent anglais c’est DEBILE … rien ne justifie que les traités de l’ue soit en anglais rien du tous depuis la sortie du royaume uni plus rien le justifie … ils le font uniquement parce que l’ue est la catin des américains rien de + …

    • avatar

      Tu le fais exprès de pas comprendre?..Une langue universelle c’est pas forcément celle qui est la plus parlée,c’est ton raisonnement qui est débile…C’est une convention mondiale,pas seulement européenne,et si des lolos comme vous remettent ça en cause bonjour la communication entre les nations lol…C’est pour ça facilité d’apprentissage que cette langue à été choisi,elle n’a pas été imposée…

  49. avatar

    On pourrait imaginer un abandon de l’anglais

    • avatar

      sorry old chap but English is the world language nowadays.
      In fact it has been since the end of WW2. The French failed to defend their language. A could-not-care-less people anyway.

    • avatar
      Michel T.

      > It is not Europe that is leaving the English, but the English are leaving Europe. And anyway, for many years, the English do speak American…

    • avatar

      Et les autres pays? Ils sucent les yankees par peur?

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    Stop Europa, separate is the only solution.It didn’t worked before Covid-19 and it will not work after.It’s a huge money spill already for decades!

    • avatar

      heel juist!!!

    • avatar

      not a all ! I love Europa !

    • avatar

      Europe is a continent and is nice and i love it also, the EU is a virus! It will distroy Europe completely!

  51. avatar

    Europa zal kapot zijn door jullie

    • avatar

      door die linkse bedoel je toch he Peter….

  52. avatar

    Ecolos=désertification industriel

  53. avatar

    De EU had een evonomische missie maar is daar helemaal vanaf gedwaald!! Nu wil zij terug naar de middeleeuwen en de onderdrukking van de burgers; totalitair regime, geen vrijheid meer, medische experimenten geleid door big pharma en goedgekeurd door de elite. Euro vervangen door digitaal geld dat niets waard is en gelinkt wordt aan een social credit systeem. EU is een moordkuil geworden. Ontbinden!

  54. avatar

    Dieje kleine..is precies op VERHOFSTAD als hij klein was…sorry voor dat manneke he

    • avatar

      Die jongen gaat door een hel, ocharme.

    • avatar

      hopelijk wordt dat manneke ook geen azijnzeikerd zoals onze Guy.😂😂😂

  55. avatar

    Tegen die tijd zijn wij eigen inwoners vreemdelingen in eigen land en is alles overgenomen door de geschoolde arbeiders en hoogopgeleide dokters en is onze eigen cultuur en gewoontes verdwenen

  56. avatar

    So called 4th industrial revolution or slavery v4.0!

  57. avatar

    Lean and mean, without the EC!

  58. avatar

    Geen gevacineerde kinderen dat voorál!!!

    • avatar

      jammer genoeg gaat dat niet zijn, want die idioten gaan gewoon verder ondanks dat er in duitsland al verschillende sterfgevallen zijn waar er nauwelijks of niks van in de media verschijnt.
      Europa is nu al een leeg gat, pensioenkassen enz stellen niks meer voor , de economie draait maar hoe dat is andere vraag. De werkende klasse gaat het in mijn ogen heel moeilijk krijgen en de toekomst van onze kinderen zie ik helemaal niet rooskleurig in.

  59. avatar

    It will look like the Republic of China

  60. avatar

    Europe look like that! I ll take my counrty back! And u ll manage how u can i m not congo van den lynden!

  61. avatar

    And iff u push…mabe will make alliane with russians!

  62. avatar

    Question: how u get money to buy 34 f 37?

  63. avatar

    Jean-Claude Juncker :”There can be no democratic choices against European treaties”.

  64. avatar

    Viré l union européenne ça oui et vite marre

  65. avatar

    EEG woud be nice. The rest sucks

  66. avatar

    De miserie is begonnen voor veel mensen met het ” europa”!!

  67. avatar

    Hopelijk ieder land terug soeverein, weg met dat geldverslindende pensioenplan voor uitgerangeerde politiekers

  68. avatar

    Europa ? Een hoop moeials,zakkenvullers die alle eigenheid ,waarden,geloof en cultuur van de deelnemende landen aan het vernietigen is voor een ideaal dat enkel door een minderheid wordt gedragen maar helaas over veel invloed beschikt.

    • avatar

      ik deel uw mening.

    • avatar

      Inderdaad, ik denk er net zo over

  69. avatar

    Europe = cancer of the world

  70. avatar

    A Europe with friendly countries, all good neighbours but exclusive and authentic and sovereign, thanks to have put an end to the greedy, evil, corrupt politicians in 2022 and finally in the same year have had the complete EU stopped and all the tyrans and dictators and corrupt people working for that EU were put in jail were those still alive now in the year 2032 still remain without expectations to ever be freed for the evil they did from end 2019 until the start of 2022. Never again !

  71. avatar

    Niemcy po stu latach reaktywują faszyzm.

  72. avatar

    It should to be a history…

  73. avatar

    Look no further than Agenda 2030.

  74. avatar

    EU should fall apart, other way they are bringing communism to Europe

  75. avatar

    The future of the EU will be great if leftists and communists are removed from the European Parliament. They threaten freedom and democracy.

    • avatar

      and they should built the wall again between the west and those idiots in the east.

    • avatar

      Germans would be displeased, they like to come to us and perform few crimes against humanity 😛

    • avatar

      well..luckely i am not a German..

    • avatar

      never sed that

    • avatar

      Europe is very divided. And it will fall apart in the future because there is no utinity between east and west. Russia is waiting and grabs his chance.

    • avatar

      If only…

    • avatar

      it takes al kind of people, i have no problem with different points of view in a government. i just don’t like the monopoly they have.
      in the end left or right, it’s just different side’s of the same coin. they take your money and you hope you can keep some freedom wich was never theres too give

    • avatar

      Communism is not a point of view, it is a hostile ideology that has taken over the EP and is having a destructive effect on the entire EU. Especially the Polish post-communists are dangerous.

  76. avatar

    Ist genau so ein Mülleimer wie Berlin

  77. avatar

    Not a союз социалистических германских республик.

  78. avatar

    Neandertal. Homo sapins vill com to Europa.

  79. avatar

    Był związek radziecki teraz jest unio niemiecki

    • avatar

      they shoud built back the wall again between te west and the east!

    • avatar

      czyli gdzie?

  80. avatar

    W Europie tego nerda by wyskrobali albo oddali geją do zabawy

  81. avatar

    It should be a continent with souvereign autonomous countries! No ec dictators and disgusting people in charge.

  82. avatar

    The pandemic will continue for another 10 years

  83. avatar

    Europe will collapse like the tower of Babel because we do not unite in language, IT Will be biblical! ☝ ❤️

  84. avatar

    Déjà que l’Europe abandonne l’anglais !!!

  85. avatar

    A bit like the ussr in 1980, if we are lucky

  86. avatar

    EU should be destroyed, it’s the same communist creature as USSR

  87. avatar

    We hebben dan niks meer, totale macht van de elite, leiders, banken, standaart loon voor iedereen, elke 3 maanden een prikje, geen eigen bezittingen, veel armoe en sterfgevallen door ondervoeding en ziektes……BBB….of er moet een wonder gebeuren en al die viespeuken berechten, geld wat ze met vaccins verdient hebben teruggeven aan de wereldbevolking….zou mooi zijn

  88. avatar

    in 10 years the EU will be ruled by the MeeToo movement

  89. avatar

    se casser de cette Europe à la botte des Allemands et de soros

  90. avatar

    I hope there will be no more EU in 10 years. Then Europe has a chance!

  91. avatar

    Ma vision est qu’elle crève et vite.

  92. avatar

    Strong without so stupied politycall correctnes

  93. avatar

    There is nothing to debate about .We have national elections and there we decide what is in our national interest. E.U is just a waste of our taxmoney.and crazy ideological topdown idiots.

  94. avatar

    I see that decadentic EU is going to an end soon, as the climate terrorism is destroying entire countries economy and enslaving people, making them responsible for something that is not scientificly proven. Also a based on a communistic ideas EU (Ventotene manfest) is destroying itself as well as all based on comunist systems before. The new key words like” ecology, sustainability and resilience” won’t help to rescue EU for sure.Without more respect to the people, you are going down sooner or later – but most likely sooner….Profits from being a part of the EU for the last 16 years? I don”t really see any – apart from the sprayed by propaganda empty statements.

    • avatar

      Do tych słów dodał bym jeszcze różnorodność i tolerancja.😃

    • avatar

      i presume your Polisch, and if so i don’t blame you for your opinion. europe has been screwing over poland for centuries, while relying heavely on there help.
      i do like 1 coin for an entire continent though. 🙂

    • avatar

      Despite the gadgets you like, don’t stick any stereotypes to me. I spent 13 years of my life on a 4 continents, and where have you been?
      These days only very naive and blind indiividuals are still able to believe in one, loving and caring EU and to enjoy a one coin for a whole Europe. This naive and childish way of thinging leads us to disaster. Read other comments! Who still believes in that crap?

    • avatar

      valuta isn’t a gadget, good for you that you traveled a bit 🙂 and wich stereotype??
      and do al the name calling you want it just proves who you are 😃

  95. avatar

    Scale back to just economics, everyone will be much happier

  96. avatar

    Shopt up in separate countries like it should be… no more …

  97. avatar

    You are very optimistic to think EU will still exist in 10 years time. Face it your German project has failed.

  98. avatar

    10 years? Thats means somebody already planned this, how else he could say thats gonna be next 10 years

  99. avatar

    Eu will no exist just like her mother CCCP in 90’s

  100. avatar

    To już komunistyczna organizacja,która nie ma nic wspólnego z demokracją a dzięki Niemcom,wierny sojusznik Putina.

  101. avatar

    Hopefuly not communistic but that would mean changing the current direction.

  102. avatar

    Hopefully it won’t exist in 5 years .

  103. avatar

    W Unii już dawno umarła Demokracja. Jest Zamordyzm Komunistyczny.

  104. avatar

    Une dictature bolchévique, basée sur le contrôle individuel et le crédit social… on va droit vers ça

  105. avatar

    There’s no European citizen, since EUroreich is not a country.

  106. avatar

    Unia gospodarcza nic poza tym, Tak być powinno

  107. avatar

    Still waiting to be asked, they are not being inclusive enough with the population yet still waiting!

  108. avatar

    Unia europejska piękne kraje tylko ludzie ….

  109. avatar

    Europa wolnych narodow, a nie lewacka unia.

  110. avatar

    10 states united, led by Germany and the Catholic church! A horror scenario, but sadly true!!

  111. avatar

    Nie niszczcie chrześcijaństwa i normalnej rodziny.

  112. avatar

    Haniebnie ukradli 12 gwiazd z Korony Matki Bożej, a wprowadzają komunizm

  113. avatar

    Europe will be some hysterical eco sh_t hole which thinks by going full Stone Age, that it can save the world from climate change.

  114. avatar

    Terrorist union europa bez uni

  115. avatar

    One big giant migrant colony that is extremely unsafe for the public and very comfortable and safe for the political elite…..Did I win?

  116. avatar

    The richest have stolen all the interest of the EU!

  117. avatar

    There is no debat only the communist leaders That are not choicen

  118. avatar

    SORTONS DE L’UNION européenne

  119. avatar

    Two Europes ,West and East is better .

  120. avatar

    UE to projekt komunistyczny. !

  121. avatar

    Non l Europe nous montre tout les jours son incompétence ,,je veux sortir de ce bourbier que vous nous imposez

  122. avatar

    W lewackiej niewolniczej faszystowskiej stanowcze NIE… Jebać niemiecką UE!!!

  123. avatar

    No more central bureacratic command…

  124. avatar

    In ten years much of Europe will be just a smouldering heap of ashes.

  125. avatar

    Unia będzie Unią jak Niemcy odsunie się od władzy albo całkiem wyrzuci….

  126. avatar

    Proszę z tym gównem i nie wiem dlaczego tą szmatę wieszają obok flagi państwowej

  127. avatar

    1- It’s just one month; 2- It’s just to flatten the curve; 3- It’s just until we get the vaccin; 4- It’s just until the second shot; 5- It’s just until X% is vaccinated; 6- It’s just until the boost; 7- Passport for vaccinated people only! … 10 years later…
    [PHOTO] https://external.fdel1-5.fna.fbcdn.net/safe_image.php?d=AQH4HtpzBOIkLkNl&w=396&h=222&url=https%3A%2F%2Fmedia1.tenor.co%2Fimages%2Fc9150279e384edfae330658d9a8211ce%2Ftenor.gif%3Fver%3D1112%26c%3DVjFfZmFjZWJvb2tfd2ViY29tbWVudHM%26itemid%3D16196191&ext=emg0&_nc_oe=6f3ee&_nc_sid=06c271&ccb=3-5&_nc_hash=AQF7lKu_zcQcLz9d

  128. avatar

    “you’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy”

  129. avatar

    EU must be terminated. we cannot accept the return of totalitarian communist ideologies. Only a return to CEE rules can save Europe.

  130. avatar

    In ten years I hope there will be a total freedom of opinion, free of trolls.

  131. avatar

    Europa to kontynent, kultura, chrześcijaństwo. Unia Europejska to miał być związek suwerennych państw. Czy tak jest? Lewactwo niszczy UE.

  132. avatar

    I hope the European Union will fall apart

  133. avatar

    EU is like a cancer. We will have live with it trying to beat it and eventualy die from it. Or we cut it out of our body and burn it all. I will take option 2 any day of the week. Unelected satanist lining there pokkets and having no morals. And they don’t have to live with the problems they make. Offten they don’t even have kids. Just draining the system for as long as they can before they die.

  134. avatar

    Corona is not the problem, Ebola would not be a problem:Just green terrorism is the problem !

  135. avatar

    The EU will fall apart soon because it is ruled by leftist idiots and losers!

  136. avatar

    EU =DYKTARURA, KORUPCJA i zakaz własnej tożsamości!

  137. avatar


  138. avatar

    Leave people alone. Just let them live their lifes.

  139. avatar

    Oprotten met corrupt Europa heel snel een nexit

  140. avatar

    EU= slavery, dictatorship, full control over citizens.

  141. avatar

    quel honte d’utiliser une âme pure pour pacteravec le diable .

  142. avatar

    The EU program is the “Ventotene Manifesto”. In 2017, the European Commission published a “White Paper for the Future of Europe” (Reflections and scenarios for the EU27 by 2025). The foundation of the “White Paper…” is Altiero Spinelli’s communist “Manifesto of Ventotene”.

  143. avatar

    Wykorzystywanie dzieci do celów politycznych powinno być karalne. EU = 4 Reich

  144. avatar

    UE ‼️…to wszyscy za jednego ‼️…jeden za wszystkich ‼️…Tylko wtedy będziemy czuć się bezpiecznie ‼️…Tylko wtedy nasze granice będą chronione ‼️UE…to też wspólne wartości…i wspólne prawo ‼️…bo tylko wtedy Obywatele będą mieli ochronę przed zakusami totalitarnej władzy…i próbą zmiany ustroju państwa przez zawłaszczenie wszystkich jego demokratycznych struktur ‼️

  145. avatar

    Bestaat dan uit allemaal soevereine landen

  146. avatar

    I hope it’s dismantled in 10 years, globalisation sucks that’s clear now!

  147. avatar

    In 10 yrs I hope the EU is gone and replaced by a trade and security union without(!) a multi billion Euro yearly fee and central power base in Brussels. Independence for every country.

  148. avatar

    The pandemic will not stop; as long as we comply, there will be no “after the pandemic”.

  149. avatar

    Powinno się to rozlecieć i dać ludziom żyć

  150. avatar
    EU Reform Proactive

    10 more years of an atypical EU-27 semi-democracy? The response is overwhelmingly EU negative!

    Q: Why could one call the EU democracy atypical & circular?
    A: It (EU) begins & ends at the policymakers (the main player is the EU Council) and all experts’ front door!

    They normally meet only 4x per year. Why would they bother & waste their precious time to consider our (voters) thoughts? They are too busy to sanction Russia, penalize bad EU behaviour and worry about the survival of their political Union!


    Most national representative democracies are linear- voters- parties- parliament- Head of state. The introduction of a semi-direct democracy (Swiss-style) in the 27 EU National States would act as a circuit breaker against an overambitious & out of control EU!

    How genuine is the usual phrase?

    “Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!”

    Does one ever receive THEIR reactions? Via a national announcement by our 27 Head of Governments (=EU Council) or after any of the rare EU meetings.

    Are our comments just considered as an opinion poll- to measure the political temperature in the EU and a useful tool for the real “policymakers” to protect THEIR suzerainty?

    If the above wording is genuine and to be believed, then who really are these democratically elected policymakers? Let’s have a closer look:

    • please discard the EXPERTS- because they do not rank above voters, but are equal and are part of all eligible voters. They enjoy no preferential standing or rights. One person- one vote!

    • it only requires clarifying who these political policymakers really are?


    Importantly, the EU lawyers defined the European Commission as- quote:

    • “The laws it proposes must defend the interests of the Union and its citizens as a whole.”

    • “Citizens, business, civil society, public authorities or any other stakeholder can have their say in the EU’s law-making process. This is referred to as better regulation.”

    • “Based on evidence and the views of citizens and stakeholders, the Commission proposes new laws.”

    As a result, the “stakeholders” are undefined and could be:

    Any global & local corporation, foreign & influential families & friends. NGO interests, the many banks & global money lenders. Even the ever-present old aristocracy & present monarchies etc. Where does the ordinary voter feature? Are they held at arm’s length and considered a nuisance & mentioned in name only?


    Would there be no political Union (only an EEC with rules & regulations), then one huge contentious factor is eliminated.

    Collective national (European) political decisions should be made willingly by consensus & without a Suzerains coercion. Otherwise, UN membership is another option.

    Who will respond to the a.m. 270+ comments & protect the interests of an obvious aggrieved majority?

  151. avatar

    I hope for the return of the Europe of nations and not this greenwashing unelected center of power serving first the interests of the hyperclass and their sick ideology.

  152. avatar

    Une grosse et laide dictature!

  153. avatar

    hoelijk alle dikkenekken achter slot en grendel zakkenvullers eg

  154. avatar

    Europe it’s going in the wrong direction

  155. avatar

    Wat leuk Engeland er uit en nu maar kommentaar inhet Engels, wie hebben ze in Gods naar Europa gestuurd om te vertegen woordig en nee bedankt Europa niet voor mij!!!? 🤔🤔🙄😠😭😱

    • avatar

      die hebben ballen aan hun lijf. Nu nog de gif spuit eruit .

  156. avatar

    I see Europe burned to the ground 🔥

  157. avatar

    Espérons que l’Europe sera crevée d’ici la !!!
    Parce que engraisser cette maffia 🤢🤮

  158. avatar

    Hopelijk daartegen onbestaande … vele geldverslindende corrupte leden achter slot en grendel.

  159. avatar

    The EU is but a paradise for the wealthy.

    • avatar

      you don’t magine what’s in the others countries all the world !

  160. avatar

    Europa is aan het uitsterven ,tik tak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  161. avatar

    Hopelijk helemaal uit elkaar gevallen😍

  162. avatar

    10 years after the pandemic ?

  163. avatar

    In the hands of big finance..and us in camps

  164. avatar

    Back to E E G . . . and limited edition only !!!

  165. avatar

    I see Europe in the trashcan!

  166. avatar

    Failliet ziet Europa er dan uit. En de EU zal afgebrand zijn en alle corrupte “leiders” zullen in de gevangenis zitten.

  167. avatar

    2032, 10 years after the pandemic. Wait a minute, are you telling us that the pandemic ends in 2022? Spoiler alert? Fake news? Breaking news? 🤔 Do you really think people care where the EU will be in 10 years when you don’t even give them the opportunity to know where they’ll be tomorrow?

  168. avatar

    Als een nachtmerrie voor zijn burgers.

  169. avatar

    Over and out.
    It starting to become a power obsession.

  170. avatar

    België uittreden van Europa al onze vrijheden zijn ons al afgepakt en nu nog verplichten door die groen apen om kern uitstap

  171. avatar

    after the Marshall plan…Europe has been sold to USA ?

  172. avatar

    Sadly said. I do not see any good outcome anymore…. I was once a believer… But with time they showed only to create issues and costs… And that, knowing they dont even help or support there countries when in need!! 😑😥🤮

  173. avatar

    I hoop dat de eu tegen dan ontploft is

    • avatar

      EU? Or Europe?

    • avatar

      EU !

  174. avatar

    For me: recovering from covid19, more green but less digital, more freedom, no green pas or any pas, no manipulation of media of goverments, more peaceful and loveful life together and not in groups!

    • avatar

      onze cultuur identiteit!

  175. avatar

    gaat bij vogeltje ahhh twitter eens zagen

  176. avatar

    Will not exist anymore by then

  177. avatar


  178. avatar


  179. avatar

    Sta maar eens aan de hongaarse en Bulgaarse grens.

  180. avatar

    Europe will be a cimetery…

  181. avatar


  182. avatar

    Most off the European population would live in extreme poverty by then

  183. avatar

    the EU does not exist anymore since 2023 – problem solved

  184. avatar

    Europe in the future = the Abyss

  185. avatar

    je m’imagine bien en 2032 débarrassé de ces ignobles politiciennes et politiciens européens totalement inutiles

  186. avatar

    No more…costs a lot and doesn´t do annything, this pandamic is the living proof of it.
    All the states doe whatever they like and nothing gets solved, o no wait…we all pay for even less than before

  187. avatar

    Whatever assita skanko says, I don’t care

  188. avatar

    Geen E.U.
    Geen onderdrukking en slavernij van de bevolking die zich moet blijven kapot werker om de rijken der aarde Elite te blijven verrijken .

  189. avatar

    Toch niet een kleine Verhofstad hé 😠😠

  190. avatar

    Voor heel Europa één president zoals in Amerika! Al die andere leiders een andere job gaan zoeken. Deze kosten de Europeanen veel teveel geld!!! Stop aan de versnippering, die ons een massa geld kost! Één leger, …!!! Van mij mag het vak sociale vaardigheden onmiddellijk uit het onderwijs gehaald worden. In gans Europa gelijk loon voor gelijk werk!!!

  191. avatar

    How it must to be.Small pieces,all states apart.

  192. avatar

    Il n’y aura plus d’Europe !

  193. avatar

    Imagine yourself next year when i ll vote ro exit…and u can keep all vaxin doses for u!

  194. avatar

    L ue comme l urss est condamné.

  195. avatar

    Ieder land terug zijn eigen wetten ! 😛

  196. avatar

    ‘Democratic’ should be a nice change. But a hellhole is more likely.

  197. avatar

    Destroyed 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  198. avatar

    You will be laughed at as the most patethic organisation ever … lol i already do

  199. avatar

    on s’ent cogne de l’Europe tomber pas dans le panneaux il nous bouffe petit a petit !!!

  200. avatar

    Bourla & von der Leyen = big money !!! 🤑🤑🤑 DISGUSTING !!!

  201. avatar

    Hopefully it is gone and a real europe can emerge

  202. avatar

    Europa werkt niet stevend af op falling, burgeroorlog of wereldoorlog.

  203. avatar

    I hope this federal EU is history and replase bij a confederal EU

  204. avatar

    10 years after ? So you mean in 2050 when a QR code will be used for anything and everything and you have to line-up every 3 months for whatever reason it will be, so that your “temporary freedom” can be granted provided you’re a good citizen ?

    • avatar

      can you count? 10+2022?

    • avatar

      I can count yeah, think I wrote 2050 by mistake ? Don’t tell me you believe that this clown circus will be over in 2022 LOL (or to some extent anytime soon).

  205. avatar

    Is dit een buitenechtelijk kind van de Guy ?

  206. avatar

    Dat menneke met zijn brilletje hier op.is dat VERHOFSTAD als hij klein was….?daar trekt hij wel op,sorry voor dat gastje he

  207. avatar

    What does Europe look like, today? A real mess

  208. avatar

    One where the eu is a distant , unpleasant memory.

  209. avatar

    ça restera toujours qu une dictature

  210. avatar

    Vivement la fin de l’Union européenne

    • avatar

      Ben, c’est en cours, n’est-il pas…
      On est plein effondrement.
      Bien à tout.e.s et plus jamais ces pseudos autorités.
      “Workers of all lands, unite.” ❤

  211. avatar

    Il n’y a pas de débat à L’UE.toutes les décisions sont prises sans l’avis des citoyens.Voire CONTRE les citoyens!#euxit !

  212. avatar

    I’m afraid that what Europe should look like and what it will look like are two different and almost opposite things. If we continue to stimulate migration and islamisation as we do now, Europe will become a mere extension of Africa and the Middle East, with corresponding hate, violence, insecurity, poverty and misery. I’m actively looking for an alternative for my children, I don’t want them to live in the kind of society you’re creating here.

  213. avatar

    Weg met de EU daar hebben we niets aan het kost alleen maar veel geld voor ons

  214. avatar

    Mettre fin à ce cirque qui ruine et impose leur didtat aux pays qui l’ont rejoint et que chacun retrouve sa souveraineté d’antan.

  215. avatar

    Dégagez bande de corrompus . pfooo vraiment sans gêne

  216. avatar

    Ils trac la mafia et pourtant elle es juste à la porte à côté

    • avatar

      Ben non, ielles sont la mafia

  217. avatar

    By the way this is going, it will look like this: ….but not so friendly!!!

  218. avatar

    Hopelijk alleen nog maar een hoop puin om op te ruimen met dat Europese unie zo geraken we nergens bulshit en euroslikkers , alleen maar voor macht en rijkdom ‍☠️⚰️

  219. avatar

    A payer des fonctionnaires lobyistes a prix d’or avec des avantages de rois

  220. avatar

    De E.U. zal in die tijd al ontrafeld zijn in mooie landen zoals vroeger ,met happy burgers !!! .

    • avatar

      ik hoop het samen met u.

  221. avatar

    Ofwel geen Europa meer ofwel een Europa dat ons gerust laat en enkel werkt voor ons niet tegen ons. Een Europa dat de soevereiniteit, tradities, cultuur van elk land afzonderlijk respecteert.

  222. avatar

    Op die foto ziede de jonge VERHOFSTAD die had ze toen ook allemaal niet op rij !!

  223. avatar

    Away whit the open borders whit out control over the outside of Europe.. It’s really a mess now.. For more than 20 years have no good feelings anymore about how Europe could have done whit or life’s.. It’s a really bad dream for the moment..

  224. avatar

    It will be gone. No future for dictators

    • avatar

      De dictators van Europa maken de dictators in elk land.
      The EU will be gone when every country is gone!

  225. avatar

    Hoe sneller die EU verdwijnt, hoe beter !!

  226. avatar

    Hopelijk dan af van al die geldverslindende uitgerangeerde politiekers die menen Goden te zijn. Zo zelfverzadigd in hun ivoren toren dat ze geen enkele binding hebben met wat op straat leeft.

  227. avatar

    4de wereldland want we zijn nu al 3de wereldland

  228. avatar

    Mensonges, lies … Trahison des peuples , People’s betrayal , soumissions aux lobbyistes, submissions to lobbyists, massacres sociale, dumping, social massacres, dumping .. liberté? freedom ??

  229. avatar

    Dank zij de EU wordt Europa een derdewereld continent.

  230. avatar

    Schaf die boel maar af!!!! Geldverspilling!!!!!!!

  231. avatar

    De dieven gesponsord door ons geld

  232. avatar

    The UE is a scam. It doesn’t even respect its own principles. It needs to go.

  233. avatar

    Still the same gangsters on EU policy, so get rid of it, and every country for itself.

  234. avatar

    We are free under EU Marxist Mafia

  235. avatar

    The EU will be a cementairie soon, this club was only a lazy gang of old & € hungry politicians, nothing more. Shame the EU.

  236. avatar

    Moi je voudrais la fin du tout à l’anglais

  237. avatar

    Een totalitaire staat onder de knoet van de WEF-adepten die spelen voor rekening van de superkapitalisten en waar onvrijheid zal heersen voor de overige 99% van de inwoners.

  238. avatar

    Lang leve, de Belgische frank, gulden, Duitse Mark, lire, peseta , escudo,…

  239. avatar

    We zijn met 450 miljoen makke burgers in Europa, dat is de grootste schapenstal ter wereld…

    • avatar

      inderdaad 😃

    • avatar

      dat we ons zo laten inpakken door zo’n hoopje ongeregeld…

  240. avatar

    Hopelijk is europa volledig van de kaartet die zakkenvullers!!

  241. avatar

    Ze mogen voor mijn part (en nu ga ik eens grof zijn) kapot vallen, al die uitgerangeerde parasieten. Een welgemeende @EU

  242. avatar

    It will be not Europe who will decide that if so stupid and greedy policy continued.

  243. avatar

    BREXIT. Le rêve de beaucoups. Revenir à des pays souverain comme l’Angleterre.

  244. avatar

    The EU is on its way of becomming just that: a monstrous superstate filled with unrestrained bureaucrats waisting people ‘s money and making decisions that are not solving problems we face right now. The EU is also currently in violation of her own values and therefor not doing what the EU is supposed to do: respect en defend those values and the rights and freedom of all its citizens.

  245. avatar

    De grooste corupte bazaar politiekers zitten in de EU en de degene politiekers die er nog niet zitten doen hun uiterste best om belgie naar de afgrond tr richten door corruptie stelen bedriegen valsheid om toch maar er ook een plaatstje te krygen decroo en vriendjes hopen dat ze niet vergeten worden blyven hard werken om belgie naar de afgrond te brengen voor eigen profitariaat.

  246. avatar

    EU lost its European values, identity and democracy.
    EU politicians serve US and Big-Pharma interests, EC politicians are NOT elected by the people, and the media is pushing for war with Russia, being paid by various USA “democracy endowment” funds.

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