Can the coronavirus pandemic bring Europe closer together? It was in response to the pandemic that the EU launched a massive recovery plan to make the EU greener, more digital, and more resilient, thus bringing its members closer together. Additionally, there have been examples of cross-border solidarity during the pandemic, such as Romanian doctors treating patients in Italian hospitals, or German ambulances being sent to France.

On the other hand, the pandemic has also exposed divisions. EU borders were closed, with each EU country implementing different restrictive measures. Furthermore, the pandemic has already triggered supply chain chaos and rising inflation, and could yet plunge the world into an economic crisis. Even before the pandemic, things were not going well for the EU, following a series of crises including the financial crisis, the migration crisis, and Brexit.

Will the pandemic bring EU countries closer together? This was one of the topics that came up during our 100 European Voices focus groups with young people from across the EU. Some think the pandemic has been a missed opportunity for EU countries to get closer, and worry that Eurosceptics and ultra-nationalists could benefit from the EU’s indecisiveness. Others, however, told us they felt the EU made the most of its limited powers and that EU countries had protected their citizens fairly well.

To get a policymaker perspective, we put this question to members of the European Parliament from all political groups. Expand the cards below to find out what politicians think of the EU’s response to the pandemic:

Radical Left
Manon Aubry (The Left), Member of the European Parliament:
Katrin Langensiepen (Greens), Member of the European Parliament:
Liberal Democrats
José Ramón Bauzà (Renew), Member of the European Parliament:
Centre Right
Pascal Arimont (EPP), Member of the European Parliament:

I am an optimist but we are facing four major challenges in our near future: The climate crisis, digital transformation, migration and threats against the rule of law. These threats always transcend boarders and no country can face them alone. Therefore, Europe must stand together internally and act as a cooperative role model abroad.

I believe that politicians must be more ambitious and I would encourage young people to make their voices heard more often. The European Green Deal would not have happened without the massive public protests of Europe’s youth. Young Europeans wrote history and I am grateful to have the opportunity to co-write these laws. That’s exactly what I joined politics for.

Assita Kanko (ECR), Member of the European Parliament:
In this respect the crisis is not different from other crises: the debt crisis, the EURO crisis etc. In times like these Member States are forced to co-operate to face challenges. This process brings both tensions and common purpose. • There was much and intense wrangling, but in the end some practical solutions and cooperation emerged.
Roman Haider (ID), Member of the European Parliament:

I do not think so. The pandemic has rather worsened the divide between EU member states. I would ask, what does “getting closer together” even mean? Why that even be necessary? National governments have already given vast competencies to the so-called European Union and my group says clearly: Enough is enough. We do not want to give up more of our sovereignty. In fact, we want to reclaim those competencies which are better placed within national governments.

I do not care for an “ever-closer” union. Of course, we must cooperate well and we must cooperate closely. I do not want to destroy the EU, and certainly not end the internal market. But the debt union crosses a red line, we must revert it. And I certainly want neither a social union nor a health union. An area where we must work more together, is the protection of our borders. Europe needs a proper common foreign and security policy. At the moment, all member states are failing collectively in the protection of our external borders.

Curious to know whether the pandemic might bring EU countries closer together? We’ve put together some facts and figures in the infographic below (click for a bigger version).

Will the pandemic bring EU countries closer together? Or will it force them apart? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

IMAGE CREDITS: (c) European Union

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    EU Reform Proactive


    Once more, MEP Roman Haider’s (ID) comment impressed me the most. It was the least diluted with political blah, blah & empty talk.

    An EU political virus that has infected most MEP’s- also identified (by some) as the highly transmittable “EU circularity virus”- is doing the round!

    From supranational leadership, I expect basic & clear directions. Not to be subjected & ‘traumatized’ by an undefined tirade & potpourri of political incoherencies- leaving a taste- comparable to an oversalted vegetable soup.

    Quote: “National governments have already given vast competencies to the so-called European Union and my group says clearly: Enough is enough.”

    A shakeup is overdue!

    It is for all 27 National governments to act (or at least most)- spearheaded by the most courageous 27 Heads of State- who are “supposed” to make up the highest decision making body in the EU.

    Their engagement is needed & to be tested- or- am I mistaken?

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    Maybe the EU closer together to verify the efficacy of existing vaccines against covid-19.

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    Hahahaha together?!!!! It hasn’t been as divided as the last 2 years. Wake the f!ck up!!!

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    So much closer we will soon just have a one world government. oh crikey, that’s the plan!

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    Niech spadają globaliści … może w końcu będą na drzewach zamiast liści…

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    elle l’a surtout “divisée” cà oui !!!!!! elle est ou ?? la “libre circulation” ?????????? (sans pass sanitaire ou sans “PCR” ?????

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    The aim is to separate: Divide and Rule.Through injections.

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      no more words needed in this comment ❤

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    EU sees the European worker as their private Milkcow that they can milk whenever they can !!

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    Together? Maybe, but not with the EU xD

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    The il le gal EU is a cri mi nal club.

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    I cannot freely say what I think about the European “Union” without getting a mandatory sabbatical from FB. I hope we civilians can dissolve it similarly to how the French did it in 1789. This fourth Reich we are made part of is something no one asked for except for career politicians.

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      exactly , these are the values of german censors , they are perfect in this area , it enough to heare, to read german massmedia

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    That s the most retarded question ever=))

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    I hope the EU breaks apart, it should have never been more than the trade union that it’s originally been.As it is right now, it does more harm than good.

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      I find your analysis very fair, we cannot be a confédération (our people ar too différent, unlike the United States for example) but we can have a union to support each other.

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      And we were doin that before UE

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      Yes, exactly.

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    Political it brings Europe closer, bud it devides its People living in it.

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    Łączmy, nie dzielmy. Połączmy całą biurokrację UE w jednej… celi.

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    wij hebben europa niet nodig enkel een boel geld dat het ons kost en voor wat uit europa gedaan met zakken vullen van die vreemden die naar hier brengen

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    No . Apart! Hope that many Exit this Marxist experiment soon !!!

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    if the eu coerce the population to get that jab (ursula should run away and pay back the money she haded over to pfizer (she is insane !!!! ) … than the eu is going to end, to collaps earlier …. !!!

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    5 years… and we might have a European civil war…

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    Because the pendemic is totally fictive, also any coming more close together will be fictive, not real and we will need to fight againts the governing destructive elements, like Ursula v/d Leye and her consorts.

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    Together? Are you nuts? Its another divide and counquer rubbish. And please, what pandemic?

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    Wenn es so weiter geht, gibt es bald einen Burgerkrieg.

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    What an amazing collection of brain-dead troll comments! I suppose the EU has to tolerate the clowns.

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      Your generation is the reason this world is a complete nightmare on the brink of societal collapse. Goddamn Boomers.

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      it takes one to know one.😎

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    Pandemia? Kurtyna opada ukazuje się faszyzm!

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    het brengt alleen geld op voor de uitgerangeerde politiekers die nu nog maar eens hun zakken bijvullen bij wat ze in hun eigen land al gevuld hebben

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    No Just bringing people in more poverty than they are already

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      So it is

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    I work in Germany, originally from the UK. I have been so shocked this past year, Germany has extremely poor working laws and regulations. Companies can pretty much do what they want to staff LEGALLY. It’s all in favour of big business and nothing in favour of the little workers. Is this the beacon of Europe!!?????

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    Hilarisch. Het had nooit méér moeten worden dan een Europese handelsovereenkomst. Wat er nu zit is een aanfluiting en ondermijnt de soevereiniteit van de aangesloten landen. Onze politieke pluche plakkers hebben ons land gewoon verkocht.

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    The opposite is the case. And thank God for that.

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    It should not be made political because it will loose its credebillity.

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    Ja zeker de Verenigde despotische landen…

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    The coronavirus pandemic has fallen to the European Union like manna from heaven. Thanks to it, it can deepen its power and control over citizens on the way to the creation of a new Soviet Union.

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    J’ai reconnu monsieur patate

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    But why ?! Its not a federation ! Never !

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    Blackrock de piramide van malafide corona économie reptielen!

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    Was wszystkich niewybieralnych eurokratów i waszych pożytecznych idiotów do paki, współpraca gospodarcza niepodległych państw narodowych bez narzucania jakiemukolwiek państwu jak ma funkcjonować, strefa schengen, żadnych mokrych snów Spinellego o federalizacji.

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    The fear and lost freedom will bring back he war…civil war……people already had enough of modern politics and economics…..they will do as they did so often in human history…..take back the power…..and push away the modern things that hurt them…..

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    The OPPOSITE, to cross borders between member states, you need at least two days to figure out what is required in the country of destination, and the one you leave … Same thing when you come back … If you travel from Belgium to Poland, this ‘administration’ takes at last one week to get it together, and by the time you return are the procedures CHANGED IN EVERY OTHER COUNTRY you cross border … UNITED in EUROPE is FAR FROM REALITY !!! Europe to me is NOT UNITED in times of PANDEMIC !!! . . .

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    Maybe for a global dictatuur

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    If you will continue with your overreaching, power-grabbing policies, then the only thing you will achieve will be chaos, revolution and blood spill.

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    I think what is told to the public is far from the truth and we have an absolute right to know the details about covid 19 and its origin. Panic, scare mongering and lock downs do nothing to help the situation and we truly have to ask if the whole facade isnt politically motivated for a very wrong purpose

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    Together no thank you , falling apart is better

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    no the tourth reich needs split up

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    I think that Europe started the acceptation of the corona safe ticket under conditions, not respected by any of the the countries that adopted the CST. Since Europe is not reacting it shows that its weak or not straight forward toward its citizens.

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    the EU is a corrupt dictatorship . all countrys should leave like britain

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    On aura été depuis mars 2020, face aux plus abjects diktats de l’Europe désunie… LE SIECLE DE L’HERESIE ou des hérétiques illogiques et dangereux est en cours. Ils font l’inverse de ce qu’ils doivent et au nom de la CONNERIE EUROPEENNE. Déjà l’ECU s’est royalement planté et ils ont volé des milliers de citoyens qui faisaient confiance aux Banques…
    Plus ils touchent le fond plus ils persistent… confortablement assis. C’est inacceptable Ils devraient tous être mis aux arrêts. On a été : Ruinés,
    muselés, confinés, enfermés, piqués contre notre volonté, lavés du cerveau, conditionnés, lobotomisés, manipulés, grugés, dans un but qui sera dévoilé peut être dans 5 ans.
    Quelle perte de qualité de vie et de temps. Cela à cause de l’échec du capitalisme qui s’est produit. L’Europe nous aura tout refait à l’identique de la guerre 1940-1945. HOLOCAUSTE REPRODUIT !
    Ils ont refait l’histoire à l’identique et ON A TOUT ACCEPTE: LES CRIMES DE CETTE EUROPE DEVRAIENT ETRE PUNIS !
    -descentes de GESTAPO dans les restos -discrimination totale – interdictions de faire le nécessaire à sa santé par la gym et natation et ce, malgré les prescriptions médicales – Couvre feu – Obligation de marcher avec masque et d”être assis sans masque – Divisions familiales et sociales -Haine des antivax Rafles et verbalisations lors de promenades avec le chien pour produire “le sachet à merde”, qu’il faut se coltiner pendant toute la promenade ( faute de poubelles) – Ils ont tout bétonné et osé détruire la Nature.
    Ils ont obligé la production du CST comme l’étoile de David – essais scientifiques gratuits, comme Bayer a osé le faire, sur les humains. Ces INDIGNES ELUS DU PEUPLE devraient être faits prisonniers dans des camps et à l’identique des camps de concentrations.. CELA SUFFIT ! A BAS L’EUROPE DESUNIE !!!
    Ils coupent les branches sur lesquelles ils ronflent confortablement… La colère gronde…

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      Laura Majchrzak

      My comment is true and the solution will arrive. ! J’ve forgotten the ” censure “

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    Waar heb je dat gehaald of droom je ervan!

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    Weer zo een NV-A leugennaar en bedrieger.

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    En natuurlijk heeft madal geen mondvod op!

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    Hopefully yes! We have to be united to weather the storm.

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      sweet dreamer !

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    Europa zal de corona waanzin niet overleven.

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    Deze georkestreerde “pandemie” zal uiteindelijk enkel als gevolg hebben dat de burgers gaan rebelleren. Politici zullen opgejaagd wild worden.

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    It’ll be business as usual and the EU will be even more of a formalistic drain of money than it already was.

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    Ursula hugging ceo of Pfizer!! No wonder we HAVE to take “the” vaccins!! al EU politicians are extremely overpaid‼️ every country should leave the EU, NOW‼️

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      heel juiste opmerking , elk land kan zijn eigen klussen klaren , 1 België , 1 Grondwet , 1 Regering , 1 Nationaliteit .

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    Philippe dehors avec toute vos combinaison à la noix.

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    Together in CONCENTRATION CAMPS, like in Australia:”9NEWS AUSTRALIA ANCHOR: We start with breaking news out of Darwin, where three people have escaped from the Howard Springs COVID quarantine facility. Talia Srav is there for us. Talia, good morning! There’s a search underway right now.9 NEWS AUSTRALIA REPORTER: Yes, that’s right, Davina. Good morning to you. We’ve been told they scaled the fence in the early hours of this morning. Police are saying reports around 4:40 a.m. Now, Major police checkpoints have been set up around Howard Springs for the past several hours. As you can see in these pictures, they’ve been conducting thorough searches in car boots, checking vehicle registrations, cars and busses alike.”

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      this is wars – fascism, tyranny and dictatorship 😢😢😢😢😱😱😱😱

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      Nazism as well, as they are openly discriminating against a group of people, the non obedient to the masters.

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    Lamentable, comme vous vous prenez des dislikes (grrr et rigole) et des commentaires négatifs vous supprimez votre 1er post et repostez exactement la même chose. Résultat ? Eh bien le même ! ^^

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    Ge moet toch iets doen voor je riante loon , A.Stanko.

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    wij moeten terug gaan naar onze eigen staat , en uit europa stappen ,

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    Nothing new – we had it few times in history – every dictatorship stated like that (with some artificially blown threat) … why should be other this time ? ? ?

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    The propaganda is becoming so more and more obvious it makes me

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    L’UE a laissé faire toutes les restrictions des libertés individuelles. La pandémie a donc contribué à unifier les peuples d’Europe qui aspirent encore à vivre en démocratie contre l’UE. Une démonstration par l’absurde…

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    Les dirigeants de ces ue de m–de font tout pour diviser la population. Avec un vaccin qui ne vaccine pas merci l’ue et ces dirigeants corrompus

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    Europe can sod off. Look what kind of misery it brings with it. Wir schaffen das.

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    Ursula v d L and her husband are terorising us.

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    Ursula hugging ceo of Pfizer!! No wonder we HAVE to take “the” vaccins!! al EU politicians are extremely overpaid‼️ every country should leave the EU, NOW‼️

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    I read so many negative mail in here! What is so wrong with our society, always seeing black instead of light!

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    La plus énorme manipulation des peuples de tout les temps …. Totalitarisme , tyrannie , ségrégation entre injecté et non injecté … nous voici en absurdie

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    No futur for Europe …with those criminal elites !

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    the gallic blood among the europeans is dead!

  72. avatar

    like Victoria nuland used to say “F…CK the EU”

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    Even Putin is better than these criminals. Save us Vladimir,save us!!

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    We don’t effing care! We want our freedom back. We don’t want a Europe for the business, for Pfizer and for the nazis

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    Bringing us closer; you meant boarders closed, business closed, weren’t allowed to see family or friends, complete lockdowns , some EU members have made it mandatory to citizens to get a medical procedure they decided unfit for themselves, the lie of get the shot get your freedom, the lie this the shot will keep you from giving/receiving the virus, discriminating by use of a health pass, loose your job or get a shot. The medias control of “facts” And far to many more to list here. So please elaborate how all this bring the EU closer?

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    I hope the EU falls apart!!!!

  77. avatar

    Filled with corrupted overpayed politicians like verhofstadt…

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    On referendum i ll vote out fron eu!

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    Europe can only work, when all the laws are the same of all the EU countries, one police force for all the country’s … and what do europe want to be …

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    Joop Kattouw

    There is only one pandemic: fascists media and goverment !

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    Geoffrey Howard

    #OneEurope #OnePeople #ManyCultures #OneLove

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    Krzysztof Perkowski

    Polexit , ue is nothing else than second atempt for 3rd reich

  83. avatar
    Neil Tocknell

    I doubt it, but closer to Africa.

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    Tony Gronloh

    1 Europe…….. ….they closed the border between Holland and Belgium with containers!!! Idiots

  85. avatar
    Andrzej Fudała

    closer? what about the social distance?

  86. avatar
    Pestka Pan

    Yes in a prostest against the Rulings of the EU Parlamnet, who tries to show that they care about lives when they only care about money (their personal money).

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    Eric du Bosc

    Europe is something completely different from the European Union. Your choice of words already smells of propaganda. The European Union consists of it’s citizens and parasitic politicians. The current forced injection plan will tear the European Union apart since approximately 1/3rd of the population does not want the injection and a further part will not go for injection 3,4,5 etc. The European Union is still not democratic since no one can be held accountable. And there is no democratic choice for the citizens nor a veto by the citizens. This is the second reason why the Union is doomed in the long run.

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    Jeremy Sallmén

    Stupid idea.. And no way!

  89. avatar
    Good Non Corrupt Doctoras

    You are criminals and you politicians should stop playing drs.

  90. avatar
    Łukasz Kijak

    Fourth Reich rises…

  91. avatar
    Peter Beukelman

    Will the EU driver people further apart?

  92. avatar
    Denis Denis

    Ce Dimanche 19 decembre, 13h, Bruxelles gare du nord. Come on to say STOP.

  93. avatar
    Peter Van de Geer

    ik hoopt dat de boel ploft en de daders gestraft worden

  94. avatar
    Xavier Desmadryl

    the people will fight and resist.

  95. avatar
    David Maziarz
  96. avatar
    Roman Maniu

    delusion level : ursula

  97. avatar
    Roman Maniu

    488 haha’s and angryfaces , EU be like ” strong together , our unity in diversity is rockhard, never better ” please some ueuropean give a like ,show mercy , prove your demokrasee level , let your civilayzayshun be your guide

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    Roman Hanasz

    11 Human Commandments1. Love your God who gave you life.2. Planet Earth is your MotherOn it you are the human speciesdemiurge.No other alien civilization ….incidental or imaginary.3.Do not kneel before an idol … a mone …Who is a false god.4. You don’t have to steal because everything has already been stolen on Earth.5. Grow, raise your awareness,This way you will become strongerYou will become closer to the Lord.6. Covet love, goodness desired byLord for you.7. Every creature wants to live … understand it.8. Modern technologies can’t guide youDominate … they are to make you moreConscious of your existence.9. Fear is not your enemy … butA man using him to destroy you10. Your destiny is not primarily wealth and power.These are elements that destroy the essencethe origin of the life of the Human species.11. Humanity must understand what it isThe boundary of Getting Rich and establish it.24.3.2021 m7 rh 11.33A New Deal is being created in the worldTime for a change … in thinking … in action

  99. avatar
    Roman Hanasz

    Why is the New Deal being introduced?For a bowl of rice …buy the whole world.

  100. avatar
    Roman Hanasz

    produced covid and they let him go on a man. they will produce a UFO and they will continue to scare.

  101. avatar
    Roman Hanasz

    We will never recover from a pandemicBecause covid is very clever …It is in tests and vaccinesNobody checks it ….Eggs like berets.

  102. avatar
    Maciej Merh

    Closer to being second USSR.

  103. avatar
    Armin Lenz

    It revealed the glaring and expensive incompetence of the EU bureaucracy and the equally glaring and expensive incompetence of the national governments, dropping the core value of open borders like hot potatoes.

  104. avatar
    Romek Koneser

    I am permanent victim of Hard Censorship of the censors from German UE , why it is so ?

  105. avatar
    Piotr Kanarek

    Liars, liars, liars! Divide et impera. The founding idea was right. Now it is new Soviet Union. Go to hell!

  106. avatar
    Ria Borghols

    weg met die EU en Ursula von der Leijen

  107. avatar
    Hb Dewit

    het brengt de landen niet bij elkaar het VVD ,D66 CU CDA maken alle landen kapot daarom geen verdere onderzoek china ,2g regel ze zorgen voor geen vakantie buitenland dus geen inkomen

  108. avatar
    Zbig Starsky

    When will there be a proper debate on the CJEU and ELP affair ? When will the guilty ones be punished?

  109. avatar
    Robert Gerald Shaw

    The EU is nothing more than a Mafia Run 3rd Reich, attempting to divide Europeans from their pride/history/cultural identity/dignity and Sovereignty! We all love each other BECAUSE of our unique ways and the EU will never divide us. We are stronger together, against this ravaging machine that only creates division and separation. Long Live all Europeans but FU EU.

  110. avatar
    Daniel Bernardot

    Ca veux dire QUOI en français !

  111. avatar
    Diebels Heidelberg

    I have 2 words for this nonsense……………………GOOD JOKE!!

  112. avatar
    Mark IeMark

    Tijd voor de Nexit …….

  113. avatar
    Hans Stolp

    surenow that the eu countries are closing their borders to other eu countries, but the large influx of criminal asylum seekers with a non-western background allows unrestricted access and the eu countries are obliged to accept themknow for sure that this will bring the population of the eu closer together, but against the eu

  114. avatar
    Eric Eac van Stigt

    divide and conquer said julius ceasar and that,s what they are doing the hounds off hell

  115. avatar
    Isaac Williams

    The inability of the leadership to recognize that the people of Europe are not dumb and treating these people as simple-minded and easily manipulated is a problem. Then not recognizing that there are treatments that are far more effective than any vaccine. Then bringing in thousands of people from other cultures but not demanding the same types of “lockdowns” and quarantines, and mandates for them as they do for ordinary Europeans… is a problem. The pandemic is being used as a tool to control and manipulate the population for an agenda that is not in the benefit of the people but only of the elite and to take more and more power away from the people. It is being used to take away human rights; to take away freedom; to take away the ability to survive by their own merits; to control health; food; travel; even happiness. Because it is being used for tyranny instead of the common good, it will eventually destroy this union and people WILL return to their cultures; customs; traditions; religions; and lives… and will rebel against the EU leadership.

  116. avatar
    Mirosław Górski

    Kiedyś ludzie was za to oszustwo osądzą.

  117. avatar
    Johan Rankin

    Europe is about to collapse…..

  118. avatar
    J De Smedt

    It brings the people more together, , resistance and protests on the rise. The EU political system is crumbling and wil fall within this and 15 years

  119. avatar
    ᚦᛖ ᛏᚱᚢᚦ

    Which pandemic

  120. avatar
    Ernst Houben

    Pandamic? Where? did i miss something…..

  121. avatar
    Daniel Lamppa

    More money and power to Brussel less power to everyone else

  122. avatar
    Kiekske Wittebolle

    I am sure it will divide Europe more and it is already happening! If you follow everything than you already saw that it bring the countries in the east toghether, Romenia, Hungary, Poland even Spain ……. If the Eu is staying blocked in Corona and if the EU is going on with violate human rights, than is there a opportunity that the eastern countries are very close together and maybe they will grow up bigger and more powerfull than the western countries! Those countries will also support Hungary and Poland and they already said that…… So is Corona bringing us together, I don’ t think so! But I am sure of it that it is not bad because the western countries are already thinking they are god! If the eastern countries become closer and more powerfull, than they can took it over and maybe it is better for all of us!

  123. avatar
    Adrian de Graaff

    No not really as there are always little second hand politicians who put their specific agenda over the interest of all… the ‘5 watt’ one way street ‘thinkers’…(who mainly work on their own career)… sadly

  124. avatar
    Johan van Berkel

    It will bring the people together against their individual titanic governments and hopefully terminated the EEG

  125. avatar

    looks like it’s exactly the opposite!between “Green certificates”, forced inoculations, and failed policies, the EP members play – doctors, who can tell what is a vaccine and suggest inoculations, EU has been cracking wider and for a good reason.

  126. avatar

    The end of real estate rental. The market has become so expensive that the middle classes have no other choice but to rent. While this may be gratifying for investors, families find themselves in a rental trap with a rent that it no longer allows them to save and therefore they remain tenants for life. If everyone is a homeowner, people will lose less money, less poverty, and less demand for increased wages. Very positive for companies because they will be able to hire more for a lower cost. By establishing a ban on the purchase of property for rental, the market will become healthier and allow more potential buyers to have their own property. For those who would have difficulties, the state would take care of this part by securitizing the value of the property so that the “lessor” can recover part of the “rent” collected in the form of securities. These securities will be used to go to another property or sell them to buy his own.

  127. avatar

    One thing this pandemic has proved about the EU:It doesn’t work.

    • avatar

      EU works and you are simply an ignorant individual.

  128. avatar

    nope… it will collapse or become a totalitair regime.. not at all build on the people or by the people.. and surely not FOR the people

  129. avatar

    Eu will never work. Colonialist country consider the others their proprety…and…we never was a colony…we wi ll go out..and u ll learn to work yourself…no more sclaves…and of course…to stop 200…300 next busters also

    • avatar

      we gaan het zelf moeten doen.

    • avatar

      ons volk durft dat niet

    • avatar

      jij misschien niet,de rest van het volk wel. Ze moeten enkel hun tv uitzetten.

  130. avatar

    Ja maar pas wanneer alle Europese landen de uitstap hebben gedaan van dat nutteloze EU.

    • avatar

      volmondig eens , de Benelux was mogelijks te klein maar de EEG was daarentegen perfect werk- en controleerbaar ! Dat huidig geldverslindend heen en weer lopende circus bestaande uit weggestemde , uitgerangeerde , fraudeurs en zakkenvullende profiteurs uit de nationale politiek dat het EU-parlement heet creëert de ene flater na de andere ! gelukkig voor hen was er maar één groot eiland onder hun leden, anders was het al uit elkaar gespat als in ei de pan

  131. avatar

    Eu is gewoon waardeloos en veel te duur voor kleine landen ,willen één zijn maar gelden overal andere regels ,die er hun zakken mee vullen zijn zij die het leiden .

  132. avatar

    No the countries will take democratic measures and not the technocratic undemocratic obligations from the EU.

  133. avatar

    OH PLEASE,, the whole idea is the opposite

    • avatar
      Marie Laure

      he’ s fully part of this bunch of crooks!

    • avatar

      that lady think she s the queen if europe! Everything belong to her and she use as she want! For her we are just numbers! My country is,not a colony! In the end…we wi ll go out fron ue an maibe otan too!

    • avatar

      so it is…

  134. avatar
  135. avatar


  136. avatar

    Gaan we lachen ? Het zal nog veel ambras worden onder de landen :p

  137. avatar

    People are fed up with being lied to ! Europe, EU creates the cricis, to be able to let us Europeans pay ! Oh and sponsored by us more likely ! Stop the circus ! Get it over with and give people their countries back ! You are liars and criminals !

  138. avatar

    Debatteren? of “kakelen als kippen zonder kop???

  139. avatar

    if they mean transform the whole continent to the same situation as brussel city well in that case i would rather go live in china

    • avatar
      Titvs Arminius

      or Rusia. 😅😅

  140. avatar

    La menace pour les peuples c’est UE …RSS et son cortege d”escrocs qui la dirige !

  141. avatar

    Hopelijk drijft het die klote eu uiteen.

  142. avatar

    Yess rich ppl stay close together the rest …who care?

  143. avatar

    La poubelle ue est l’arrière boutique des usa , des larbins corrompus

  144. avatar

    We don’t like the EU. It’s a fascist regime ! ☹️

  145. avatar

    Schandalige troep is dat.Met hoeveel zitten die daar aan belachelijk hoge salarissen,die wij betalen,boven op de vier bendes die we in ons eigen land al betalen.Wanneer gaat ge daar wat aan doen ???

  146. avatar

    landen komen dichter. ,,maar verder weg van EU !!!!!!!

  147. avatar

    Après Varsovie le ghetto de schengen ☪️➖

  148. avatar

    How coincidental that those “major challenges” so perfectly align with the globalists’ talking points.

  149. avatar

    Just a joke, I hope. Otherwise, you might have serious problems of view, hearing or mind.

  150. avatar

    een op geld beluste politiekers die in hun eigen land niet aan de bak meer komen

  151. avatar

    toch wel opmerkelijk dat de commentaren vooral of allemaal negatief zijn, maar daar trekken ze zich toch al jaren niks van aan in Brussel.

  152. avatar

    Feels like it’s every day April Fools with the questions you ask.

  153. avatar

    Ze zijn nog gekker dat ik had gedacht .

  154. avatar

    European union is in the hands of multinational companies…And run by money grabbers…

  155. avatar

    Short of making the United States of Europe, almost impossible to achieve, the EU didn’t even manage to set up a kind of closely knit states regarding fiscality, wages, etc. that would adopt the same measures in case of crisis,whether it be sanitary, economical and even political. Thinking of creating a European army in these conditions is nothing short of a bluff to give the populace the impression that, not onlyit is in existence but also takes a part inwhat Europe needs to be prosperous.I think they really believe what they say and that the minions under them will feel not only satisfied but also proud to belong to this association whereas nearly all what they say and do turns out to be a lot of rubbish.

  156. avatar

    It will bring the people together because they have all a common enemy: their governments, the EU and their globalist masters behind the scene.

  157. avatar

    What about digital information AND in RESPECT between GENERATIONS, as fast as digital changes took place, as difficult it is for ‘older’ people to deal with these transformations.. and miss the boat … they become analphabets … Were can we find EU RESPECT for this GENERATION ???

  158. avatar

    Wij hebben in d EU serieuze bekwame leiders nodig en die zijn er nu niet

  159. avatar

    It is interesting to read many of the comments here. Many people that I talk to in Europe have little idea of the EU. Unaware of the creep towards a single state. Control by an elite group aided by the hundreds of laws and rules and regulations. MEPs who have no powers to reject these laws. Treaties that have been introduced and signed by members of the EU passing power to the cabal in Bruxelles. Many do not know of the Common Agricultural Policy and the subsidises paid out, the rampant Fraud and corruption with an EU department costing 20 million a year to manage. The revolving Parliament between Bruxelles and Strasbourg. All paid for by the workers in Europe. Taxes paid to local Government, National Government are used to fund the EU. And laughable there are the signs on buildings “Funded by the EU ” The waste of money with EU global “Embassies ” a 10 year old link highlighted the costs difficult to find out now the costs as the details are not clearly found on EU websites. A ponzi scheme for elitist who want to control the people and countries of Europe

    • avatar

      You are so TRUE !

  160. avatar

    Either the EU will be social, solidair and ecologic or the EU will be the financial monster that soon will cause its own grave. In the latter case, I wish it good ridance.

  161. avatar

    L’UE, un foutu, bordel, dirigée par des groupes financiers qui ne voyent que leurs intérêts et gagner encore plus sur le dos des pays l’ont rallié et qui ont maintenant les pieds et les mains liés….

  162. avatar

    “is this a debat?” asking for a friend, Klaus..

  163. avatar

    Sold to big business, Davos WEF …

  164. avatar

    As it is going now, it will lead to civil war… So no it wont bring europe together…

  165. avatar

    Seeing from the level of the comments here, I’d say probably Debating Europe should take place somewhere else because Facebook really seems to be only good at drawing the comments of the very bottoms of society. Wouha. Hey people, what have the Romans ever done for you, huh?

  166. avatar

    Sooner or later its going to colapse du to the damage its polecy makers do to its memberstates en the peapol its been taken over by evil and incompletent peapol that do it for themselves and they have there vieuw set on things we sertanly dont want and this is not even covid related it means its leadership and working is at the moment is absolute sh.t i understand verry well the UK left it for wat it was

  167. avatar

    The picture us speeking ‘per se’

  168. avatar

    Will pandemic wake up us human to be human.. And not scary creatures forgot who we are?! Listen and follow 😭😭😭

  169. avatar

    Stop EU ! Fascist regime…. ☹️

  170. avatar

    dat de landen gesamelijk besluitgen omhun grenzen te sluiten zou al en grote stap voorwaart zijn

  171. avatar

    Only question is are we getting our freedom back. Because living under a totalitarian state of national or European essence wouldn’t change much

  172. avatar

    We don’t care , what we want is our freedom back ! Europe is a big lie and think only business.

  173. avatar

    Hopefully the pandemie makes EU blown up itself. EU is only their to shift money to the pharma….without any return on invest besides filling the pockets of EU politicians

  174. avatar

    Yes sure were all close to a new dictature! ROEXIT!

  175. avatar

    … even the opposite … every nation has its own rules … 🧐

  176. avatar

    On s en fout de l ue on espere que ce truc machin comission passera pas l hiver

  177. avatar

    Exquisite article I’m glad to have stumbled upon it.

  178. avatar
    Francis Houart

    This ” Pandemic” has showned one thing, EU has played the game of dishonest multinationals companies …Had no respect for fundamentals liberties, so what does UE expect in return ? Now, that it has lost any credibility in the eyes of many…

  179. avatar

    No it will only bring the MEP’s together around the tabel for a wealthy dinner

  180. avatar

    on ce fou de l Europe on est belge et on crève presque de faim !!!

  181. avatar

    Bende dictators in die commissie, géén voeling met de bevolking, zelfs géén wil !

  182. avatar

    Arreter de vous ridiculiser a l ue et virer le charge en communication merci

  183. avatar

    The EU is an undemocratic, money-wasting institution ! ☹️

  184. avatar

    How do you mean “together”…!?…together like NWO…!?

  185. avatar

    Eu is een nutteloze instelling…is er alleen voor een bende nutteloze politiekers een dik betaalde job te bezorgen

  186. avatar

    So long as Europe condones the spreading of disinformation over corona no. It force’s the wedge of splitting up even deeper. Europe is beginning to look a lot like China with it’s dictated corona mandate. Discriminating between unvaccinated and vaccinated. Facts are not being published. Propaganda for the vaccines to the point of down right lieing over facts

  187. avatar

    unlike the eu australie puts people in happy camps

  188. avatar

    EEG dat wel maar, geen EU, dat is door ons strot geramd.

  189. avatar

    Zich bemoeien met de overzijde van de wereld en miljarden uitgeven aan hopeloosheid schiet bij de Europese bevolking in het verkeerde keelgat zojuist werd er gezegd in het Vlaams parlement dat de bevolking van de afrikaanse landen met 1,5 miljard mensen elk jaar bijkomen dan is dit en migratie een hopeloze zaak , Stop migratie of de ondergang van de bevolking in Europa is korterbij dan je denkt

  190. avatar

    UE + Atlantic Council = défendre les intérêts des milliardaires en manipulant les lois et les nations de tous les pays !

  191. avatar

    You are smiling, while people are dying ??? No sir, it will not … as every member country feels like standing on its own . . . No uniform standards, no coördination, no vision, and most of all . . . MORE BORDER-RESTRICTIONS for PEOPLE and FAMILIES !!! This is the opposite of what the EU is supposed to be, ECONOMY over SOCIAL LIFE and over ECOLOGY … EU is JUST an ECONOMIC UNION, the way it started and went on and on and on … … …

  192. avatar

    Moslimmeerderheid en sharia als deze idioten zo verder doen, vlad lacht zich een breuk met deze nutteloze instelling

  193. avatar

    dissolution de l’UE qui voue les peuples au néolibéralisme à perpétuité

  194. avatar

    L’europe est loin d’être (près des citoyens) de manière équitable ,trop de différences au niveau des rémunèrations ,des impôts de la tva ,même pour combattre le Covid 19 nous ne sommes pas sur un pied d’égalité ,trop de laxisme vis à vis des grosses sociétés , et de plus invasion de nos pays par …faut t’il les citer ? la Chine et bien d’autres ,de qui nous devenons beaucoup trop dépendants

    • avatar

      et Macron qui va remplacer Charle Michel cela va encore se. Dégradé pour nous ils veulent tout les pouvoirs pauvres de nous

  195. avatar

    Europe has no future.#Euxit !

  196. avatar

    Wetenschap is gekaapt en agenda 2030 rolt zich verder uit. Minder consumptie, minder mensen en niet te vergeten controle. Dit is hun utopie waar ze naar streven. Reduceer de wereldbevolking tot vijfhonderd miljoen mensen in balans met de natuur, Georgia guitestones. Zoveel knappe koppen samen en toch niet doorhebben dat een utopie, een utopie zal blijven. Ze zullen veel schade veroorzaakt omdat ze lijden aan psychopathie, maar hun utopie zal nooit uitkomen, amen.

  197. avatar

    The politicians we have now in the EU only filling there pockets and don’t listening to the people.

  198. avatar

    you guys are so funny. Do you only think in terms of ‘world leaders’? We , the people don’t count, that is for sure. Better come clean with the Lord. He is coming you know. Nowhere to hide, not even in your million luxury caves.

  199. avatar

    Weg met de criminele EU, IMF, VN, WHO en al die schurken, weg met corrupte politici die lid zijn van een misdaadkartel, wij zullen zelf wel ons maatschappij besturen, dmv directe democratie, jullie die meegedaan hebben aan deze misdaad tegen de mensheid zullen berecht en opgesloten worden !

  200. avatar

    Europa is de laatste 20 jaar de grootste ramp erger dan de Wereld Oorlogen I & II …..kunnen geen beslissingen nemen ….allemaal uitgerangeerde geldwolven die nog geen beslissing kunnen nemen om corona weg te houden Europese grenzen hermetisch sluiten was een goede oplossing en wanneer nemen ze eindelijk een beslissing over Europese wegcode zomer of wintertijd ?

  201. avatar

    Europe is rotten and totalitarian. Ursula von der leyen is poison. I say NO to Europe.

  202. avatar

    Je veux pas être proche de Charles Michel, 😎

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