Winter is here. In response to spiking energy prices, Europe is apparently facing an “energy freakout”. Most EU Member States have already implemented a set of emergency policies to protect households from higher energy prices, including subsidies and tax cuts. The EU estimates that 3.4 billion euros has already been spent in this way, to cushion consumers from price shocks. Nevertheless, EU ministers are clearly concerned about energy as Europe heads into winter.

In the video at the top of this post, we put some of your comments on this topic to Anna Martin, Energy Policy Officer at BEUC – The European Consumer Organisation, and Adel El Gammal, Secretary General, EERA – Clean Energy Transition, and Invited Professor at Université Libre de Bruxelles on Geopolitics of Energy.

First, they responded to a question from Zita, who wanted to know if higher energy prices will impact the European Union’s Green Deal. Next, Anna Martin responded to a comment from Roberta, who wonders how Europe might convince landlords to invest in solar panels on rental properties. Finally, Adel El Gammel reacted to a comment from Samo, who wonders what happens if China decides not to export the rare metals required in production of solar panels. Watch the video above to see the responses!

How can Europe respond to surging energy prices? Will higher energy prices impact the European Union’s Green Deal? How can Europe convince landlords to invest in solar panels on rental properties? What happens if China decides not to export the rare metals required in production of solar panels? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

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    By increasing prodution of green energy.

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      Pedro Pais de Vasconcelos and the result will be more poverty. Green sucks

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    the rising energy bills is “no magic”, it’s not about the season, but a direct consequence of EU policies.What can EU do more…? They have done enough.

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      George Thomson which policies, George?

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    Shut down the circus EU with the power and money grabbing clowns who live rich lives on the backs of Europeans ! Obsolete tyrannical organisation, who brought us nothing but chaos and mysery ! Advert paid by us Europeans, not EU citizens. We are Europeans and don’t you ever forget that !

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    eu will be engaged upon by its own citizens within 2 years. you’ve gone 2 far.

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    By stopping being so f****** greedy and corrupt

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    Let’s start by getting rid of all these EU-mandarins.

  7. avatar

    By destroying world leadership.

  8. avatar

    By getting a clue and not failing their people……. Even if it was just once….

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    I dont care i warm my house wood ;)

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    Stop Biden, gaz from Russland ist the best vor EU, en the price go low,bat biden boycot this plan ,sorry for my english

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    Eliminate the VAT for energy bills, or at least lower it from 21%.

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    The problem of Europe: one same decision for everybody. One error and everybody will be in trouble. Like the Soviet Union

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    Restore cooperation with russia

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    Terminate the entire EU immediately, sentence all its politicians to jail without any possible reduction and start building nuclear power plants all over the place as of yesterday.

  15. avatar

    as if every oil well or solar plant has suddenly become so much more expensive to run . This is nothing but a dirty extortion game, and for some reason governments are joining in

  16. avatar

    They don’t respond, they created it. I never saw an invoice from Russian gas to Europe. Governments all want to take more money from the people but the have to disguise the real reason by telling people something else that it is not their fault.

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    It is sad to say, but once again we can say thank to Germany…

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    EU Reform Proactive

    To try and get a handle on an issue as complex as energy is a near-impossible task, with too many interests pulling in all directions. Not solvable here.

    Factors like geo & local politics, our traditional energy resources becoming scarcer, an increasing demand, population & expectation pressure, climate & weather variations, many promising technologies in developmental stages, but unaffordable for most.

    With an army of lobbying groups, a free market principle to promote privatization (of most essential services + expected kickbacks), energy being casino traded as a commodity, which is bidded by gamblers, private investors & banksters alike (future & derivatives’ markets etc.)- are all contributors to push prices up- not down.

    Everyone who is fed-up should think about how to become as independent as possible- as a person, a family, as a group & as a country. Why wait or rely on any solution coming from any politician? The worst is the political EU.

    We have too many of them who are not inventive or innovators- just toeing a prescribed line & raising a hand. A system- with too many accumulated, old-fashioned furnishings- to be reduced!

    A hint: the supply of “essential services” like education, health, infrastructure, energy was in the past the responsibility in most of the Members States. What happened?

    Please don’t call it communism, socialism or capitalism or whatever. Just unite these essential services under a responsible, honest & efficient guardianship, none-profit, that benefits- equaly- whoever pays for it to avoid exploitation.

    Today, most States & the EU have decided to abdicate these responsibilities and outsource them to entities who demand an eternal profit guarantee with zero risk.

    That is a problem that should be addressed & reversed, not playing political games.

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    1. Invest money in renewable sources of energy (wind, solar, waves). This should be the default sources of energy for the majority of private individuals. Funds should be given to established companies and start-ups which focus on developing such technologies further: increase acceptance, economy of scale, improve performance and manufacturing capabilities.
    2. Invest money in further developing carbon neutral energy sources, by which I mean safer nuclear technologies and nuclear waste storage technologies. This should be the default choice for large private consumers and these facilities should be build close to the industrial partners.
    3. Invest in developing new alternative sources of energy which are clean and renewable, such as nuclear fusion. Everything is impossible until is done. And do proper investment in R&D, not make believe investments like the EU seems to be doing these days.
    4. Reduce as much as possible usage of fossil fuels coming from Russia. Ideally, cut dependence on Russian energy to zero. Russia is a kleptocracy and is not trust worthy.
    5. Have a continental strategy for energy security. We are wasting too much time and energy (pun intended) with this yearly dance with Putin’s whims.

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    Twei Lim

    be like russia and china, pressure, conquer, buy, evil money lending contracts other methods and geopolitics D:

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    EU,s favorite Gas deliverer !!

  22. avatar

    Looks like you don’t have a clue if you feel the need to ask that question.

  23. avatar

    Not Europ but Putin determines the price.

  24. avatar

    Stop CO2-pricing, CO2-Certificates and deinvestment in fossile fuels. Quite simple.

  25. avatar

    Urgently cut tax burden on energy

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      so the companies will rise their prices in order to maximice their profits as they always did. Seize is the answer

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    My country Bulgaria has enough resources to produce cheap electricity. But it’s expensive because someone decided to sell it on the stock market. Forget about the stock market. It’s the biggest casino in the world. And gambling is bad.

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    1) End the sabotage of Russian and Asian gas supplies.
    2) Embrace nuclear energy as France did
    3) End “green initiatives” which make “undesirable” energy sources more expensive, and focus on making clean energy more competitive.

  28. avatar

    Voltar á exploração energética anterior. Está mudança energética tem que se fazer mas não pode ser feito assim tão rápido. Assim as dependências de certas energias é muito alta e faz subir os preços.

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    Mr Parrehesian

    Renewables are the reason for the crisis.

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