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In March 2020, Italy became the first EU country to go into lockdown. Almost all EU member states soon followed Italy’s example. In the early months of the pandemic, facemasks were hard to get hold of, widespread testing was not yet available and, of course, no vaccines had yet been developed. Lockdowns were therefore one of the only effective ways to prevent the spread of the virus. Limiting the amount of contact between people is the most efficient way to stop the spread of an airborne disease. Yet, with the benefit of hindsight, does that mean they were the right approach?

Lockdowns come at a cost. It is hard to say just how much Europe’s economies suffered during the lockdown, but the IMF estimates a 7% fall in GDP for 2020 (the biggest economic downturn since World War II). Yet assessing the wisdom of the lockdown strategy is not as simple as counting economic costs. The damage to both the economy and healthcare systems would almost certainly have been much worse if the virus had been allowed to rip through society unrestricted. Much harder to measure are the social, psychological and educational costs of lockdown.

Young graduates entered a mostly non-existent job market and lockdown measures have been directly linked to increased loneliness, anxiety, and depressive symptoms in individuals across Europe.  Finally, children missed out on weeks of in-school education. The loss of education will be most severe for those with inadequate access to study at home.

As the decision to implement a lockdown is purely the competence of EU member states, lockdowns differed in timing and extent across the EU. This led to frustration, especially among the young Europeans we talked to for our 100 European Voices focus group project. For example, Zita from the Netherlands told us she would have preferred a more coordinated, European approach:

Image of a citizenWe could have just closed down European borders, maybe. Then we would have been able to travel […] within Europe and then keep the economy going.

In another focus group, Myrto from Greece told us his personal strategy for coping with life in lockdown:

Image of a citizenI had to force myself to incorporate little things [like walks outside] in my daily life, to keep me sane.

Others, like Theodora from Romania, struggled to find a lockdown routine:

Image of a citizenI was so lonely that at a certain point I didn’t even want to do the stuff that I would normally want to do.

To get a response, we asked the same question to Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) from each of the biggest ideological groupings in the Parliament. Expand the cards below to find out what politicians think of lockdown measures in the EU:

Radical Left
Marc Botenga (GUE-NGL), Member of the European Parliament:

Michael Bloss  (Greens/EFA), Member of the European Parliament:

Liberal Democrats
Dragoș Pîslaru  (Renew), Member of the European Parliament:

Centre Right
Tomáš Zdechovský  (EPP), Member of the European Parliament:

Assita Kanko (ECR), Member of the European Parliament:

The decisions on applying lockdowns are a national competence and so different governments took different approaches, and that is the only correct way to approach the problem. Circumstances are different in every country and local governments know best how to deal with the situation. They are also the ones who then answer for their Corona policy to the citizens. It’s difficult to give an overarching evaluation.

It’s clear, however, that the lockdowns were driven by virologic and epidemiologic concerns of experts and were as such necessary for the health and safety of our citizens. Unfortunately, many other perspectives and problems such as social isolation and mental health, intra-familiar violence, economic damage, etc. were not always brought into the equation when organizing lockdowns. Decision-making did not always respect democratic principles such as Parliamentary input or the creation of a proper legal framework.

Nicolas Bay (ID), Member of the European Parliament:

We see that there have been some relevant differences in the way countries have managed the crisis. Some made audacious choices quite early, since the very beginning, first by closing the borders to stop people’s circulation, and by that, virus contagiousness. Other countries reacted later, like France and Belgium, and they have suffered from it because, Belgium, for example, which has been one of the least reacting countries, was also the most hit country in the world. Belgium has indeed the highest rate of deaths per inhabitant on a global scale. So, we cannot say it’s been a crisis management example.

Today, we’re maybe exiting this sanitary crisis, as we have to carefully state that but, actually, we have also faced an economic and social crisis, given also the psychological consequences linked to the freedom restrictions and to the socio-economic crisis. I think that now we need to re-open as soon as possible, support vaccination for those who wish to get it of course, and overcome the freedom restriction approach which exclusively takes into account the saturation of hospital beds. There should be other criteria to consider.

Curious to know more about life in EU lockdowns and how young Europeans coped? We’ve put together some facts and figures in the infographic below (click for a bigger version).

Infographic about EU lockdowns

Were lockdowns the right approach? How did you cope (or not cope) with staying inside? Do you feel your country took the right approach? What lessons do you hope politicians and governments learn for the next crisis? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

Image credits:  (c) Victoria Klein, via unsplash

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    32 infections(non lethal), in a population of 67 million?

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    Debate? Dictatorship more like.

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    Lock us down if you wish Doris, but it’ll make no difference to me. I’ll still be seeing family and friends AND I won’t be socially distancing. And I CERTAINLY won’t be having your poison jabbed into me

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      Andrea Mack ditto

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    Crack on if your Enjoy Medical Tyranny. Its about time People Woke up.

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    Bla bla bla…… Keep repeating a lie and it becomes……#JOURNALISM

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    The Nazis had lockdowns! permanent ones!

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      Peter Schevtschenko Actually it was the Allies that had lockdowns to deal with the Influenza pandemic of 1912 and they worked.

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    Tyrannical dictatorship is exactly what this is from the puppet politicians.

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    New variant found within 3 jabbed folk and the country goes potty again…madness

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    Kim Jong Boris… Strikes again… It must be Christmas…the final mutation…Will be comunisum….

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      Lindsay Hollick i thought that was supposed to happen under Corbyn

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    No, they weren’t, and anyone who thinks they were has bought into exaggerated media coverage and exaggerated propaganda from governments. The science does not support them.

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    Shame on you to play this nasty game

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    At least two of you ‘Fors’ should be on the other side! So no bias here then?

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      Paul Elliott – you meant it the other way around, right?

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      Darja Andrejevna Poleshuk No, it doesn’t slow down anything and therefore doesn’t protect human lives. I left the last one because I can see that, imagining the last one might bring comfort to the most frightened and that is some for of protection?

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      Paul Elliott – so your source for “it doesn’t slow down anything” is?

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      Darja Andrejevna Poleshuk That’s a wide subject, what do you think it slows down? I’ll answer that. Remember, N95 masks are not required just cloth ones, bought or homemade. The material is completely invisible to a virus, due to its size and the masks do not fit correctly to the face and causes higher pressure intake at the open sides negating any imaginary filtering. This is assuming that infection is by the originally thought mechanism, which is now understood to be incorrect and misrepresented. There has never been an independent test carried out that says anything other than them being useless. Only paid commentators of the pharmaceutical companies have said other, and even they are now in short supply.

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      Paul Elliott – nice cop out. “Only paid studies”. Yes. Scientists are usually paid, like any professionals. I even suspect you getting paid for the work you provide, without it becoming less valid for that reason. On the other hand… The thief thinks all men steal, so… The rest of your statements you sure still have to provide a lot of sources for.

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      Paul Elliott So tell me why when I accompany my sister to hospital every single nurse,doctor,porter cleaner, etc.wear a mask when walking around the hospital and they are the kind the general public wear i.e the 3 tier ones

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    Catch 22 not good for mental health / economy and well being , but hospitals / morgues would be over run , how has China managed to suppress virus whilst we still have all this , maybe send people to China again , sort this out now ! Boosters bought till 2023 , people can’t do another 2 years of this thanks

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    Insanity and it won’t end well

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    I do agree with the lockdown. for the corrupted politicians, high rank corrupted military officers, corrupted jounalists, corrupted scientists, lobbysts, religious leaders that are preaching us to be obedient to these corrupted leaders and many more others that are supporting it. until the last virus will be eradicated. so they can be safe.

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    NO and what’s more, I will be ignoring any future lockdowns!

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    I like lockdowns…the fewer idiots I am forced to encounter, the better

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      Martin Reed You’re right. During the lockdown you will see a single idiot, it will be your reflection in the mirror.

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      Patricia Girard I wont see you though, so thats a big win for me

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      why so many angry faces? you class yourselves as idiots?…

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      Martin Reed While doing research I realize that you are a very stinking troll!

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      Patricia Girard have I touched a nerve?…seems you dont like the truth…why are lesbians always so angry

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      Martin Reed You say that because you know a lot of lesbians who are mad at you! It is necessarily that there is a reason

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    mdr remettre en route des mesures qui n’ont pas fonctionner à l’époque ou plutôt si elles ont bien fonctionner et on vois le résultat, ouvrez les yeux il n’y a rien de sanitaire

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    They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little safety deserve neither liberty nor safety

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    What healthcrisis? I’ve haven’t had a healthcrisis. We neither had a pandemia! Debate? In a dictatorship? FCKEU!!

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    People that want to rule other people and impose their pish on others are the problem. Period.

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      Just by living in society we’re controlled by others so grow up.

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      Lorna Metcalfe are you? Grow up then.

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    Europa is een grote flop , geld dat gaat naar ? maar niet waar het moet zijn .

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      Eddy Scrapke Europese leger waar niemand niks mag van weten, het is een miljoenen man leger, hoofdzetel in Italië

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    When you say the “new phase of the health crisis” I assume you mean the phase when people are now getting awfully sick from experimental injections which are not really vaccines at all as they provide no immunity but they do provide plenty of adverse reactions. That new phase?

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      Liam Cook just heard on the news cold homes this winter will cause blood clotting wtf is that about

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      Pierre du Plessis yeah they’re finding all the excuses in the book. Apparently there’s also “post pandemic stress” that will cause blood clotting…..madness.

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    The media is of course ignoring the huge globalProtests against lockdowns.

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    No. They’re they’re the wrong approach.

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    The reactions buttons will be soon gone here, like the dislikes count on YouTube. The tyrants don’t want people to see they are not popular.

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    I did enjoy the idea of chilling at home and enjoying the green spaces but a few months later I learnt the entire agenda was totalitarian. It’s one of those things if one agrees to one thing they agree to others

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    WOW, so many idiots around, lets hope this virus modifies the gene pool before its too late and we end up like the planet of the apes

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    Have failed to work… this is population control & very sinister.

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      David Pickering Not doing a good job at population control then. North Korea and the Taliban have total control without and they still have covid infections and deaths.

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      David Pickering y mean a cull it’s as sinister as that

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      There is no hope for the human race, technologically advanced and still thick as mince.

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    A lockdown for the autoritarian EU for ever ! It’s disgusting how they want to take complete control over the people. Not only that but by lying, deceiving, brutal, disgusting arguments !

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      You know it’s the entire world right? The EU don’t tell the whole world what to do.

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    no, they are not. these are Crimes against Humanity

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    lockdowns are illegal and do no good whatsoever, lockdowns do more harm than good, FACT

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    nearly 2 years on take a wild guess

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    Lockdown=house arrest for not complying with government tyranny fake pandemic scamdemic

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    for a false pandemic? yeah sure hahahahhaa

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    Lockdown is the most stupid thing they ever come up with

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      Fisher Rien when I first heard that there would be a lock down alarm. Bells started ringing for me I am in my 50s and never before has there be a complete shut down of the world that just said it all for me

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    We are not your inventing one ok some of us were educated long b4 you were born ok back in your pram

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    Blow up every radio mast in the country destoy fibre optics and all the other crap to do with madia and it all goes simples

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      Andrew Dust totally agree along with the climate scam as this is the 2nd one for me as i was alive in the 70’and 80’s when 3/4 of the world would be under water by the year 2000 if we didn’t act immediately yet i dont even think 1 house is under water never mind 1 country.If people can’t see these globalists want to control our lives and tell us what we can and can’t do then you really must be a special kind of stupid.

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      John Kennedy I remember the ice cap melting , and the ozone layer being destroyed They’re smashing it with this bollox though

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      Covid doesnt exist

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      Jason Stainer I’ve had COVID kiddo and so has my son, I know other people who have had it and even more than one that has died. Don’t be disrespectful.

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    Scaring population is very effective control tool. Brainwashing and blackmailing children and youngsters to get vaccinated should be viewed as criminal offence. However,governments, corporations, medical establishment and experts benefit from this,they either make money from it or get paid for their “wisdom” from taxpayers.

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      TristanTrzesowski also human trafficking, paedophilia, taking adrenochrome and more because they follow the religion of Satanism. They hate us and want us under their control.when enough people are awake to this they are finished and locked up for good.

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    Err no, if you’re not sick, you’re not sick… Next lie please.

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    Health crisis? Get a grip for gods sake. People are getting a mild cold in the middle of winter ‍♀️

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    Time to stuff another Xmas as you can only catch COVID in your own home. So just go to rugby internationals football games and concerts you are safe there.

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    No. We won’t tell. We will show.

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    Protect the NHS.. .. lockdowns stop treatment for other illnesses, now we have over 6,ooo,ooo waiting for treatment assuming its not to late!

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      Chris Price and also another 4months of poorly people being left to suffer while Dr’s push through this booster

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      evidence from a reputable source on your numbers?

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    Give up your freedom for safety and you lose both. Lockdowns are only implemented in a totalitarian dystopia. Turning a nation into a caged locked up zoo. Think about what could come next !.

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    Health crisis my a*se, the only crisis is rhe governments trying to scare the world, they are the only thing that scares me

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    Act of war on the masses, soon they will be met with overwhelming force.

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    You really are a bunch of totalitarian psychopaths.

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    Have you forgotten we aren’t part of Europe anymore?

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    Stick your lockdowns where the sun dont shine!!!

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    what a ridiculous question how on earth can a lockdown be the right thing to do they have achieved nothing but misery and poverty

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      Graham Woollett yes more people taking there own lives and struggling with mental health problems through this

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      Exactly there objective.WEF/NWO.

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      Frances Tomlinson well said and of course being denied access to diagnostic and treatment services along the way!

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      David Millen also people not allowed to be with their loved ones when in hospital dying soul destroying

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      David Millen absolutely david

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    Yes. And no. Whatever the decision, it was wrong.

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    No putting your people under house arrest for there own good has never been a good idea…

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    Europe you are uniformly, in every country, manipulating, enslaving, indoctrinating, scaring, brain-washing the people with your plandemy of cojona! The plandemy of the elite..But consciousness will rise, can’t hold the people down, we are on the rise!!!✊

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    Lockdowns are not a solution and have accomplished nothing you can’t hide from a flu.

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      Leighton Masky Bryant vaccines are no good .wanting give y more and more it weaken y even more

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      Kenneth Shirt I agree the vaccines are never ending

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    MDR bien fait …. Je suis heureux de ne pas m’être fait “vacciné” .. avec un produit qui ne semble pas fonctionner.En tout cas désolé à celles et ceux qui son devenu des OGM en pensant revivre comme avant.La vie d’avant que vous avez gagner c’est celle de Février 2020 .. alors ca vous plait ?

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    Meanwhile real illnesses are ignored,u can’t see a gp to get help but those people don’t matter?? Media ignore the truth as they’re funded by the people fuelling this bollo-x,as are researchers etc,all a big sham

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    No to lock downs don’t comply live your lives

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      Kenneth Shirt Did you go to school…even autocorrect gave up

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    No debate necessary. WHO strongly advised not to implement any more lockdowns as the benefit is way smaller than the economic and social costs.

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      Yes, money is much more important than human lives

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      April Prior Last set of measurements in the Netherlands saved 100.000 quality-of-life years But they costed 620.000 qually’s. That’s human costs not economic

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    Lockdowns are the only approach

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    The nations that did lockdown and stopped people entering their nations from the infected, did stop the spread.

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      Tony interesting you laugh at that comment, you are aware that all nations who stopped people travelling from Wuhan into their nations and then stopped all international travel into their nations did not suffer from the spread that happened in the UK.Are you aware that it was a UK citizen who was patient zero into Europe, and are you aware it was UK tourists who spread the new wave of the virus into Europe as the nations opened up to tourism, had the UK locked down and stopped international travel at the same time as the rest of Europe and most of the world, Europe would not be suffering as it now is, but even then, what is considered as really bad in Europe, has still not caught up on the UK.Are you aware that its the development of vaccines in the US, many patented by UK company scientists, since the 1980’s that have caused this former avian flu to jump to mammals and then humans.Are you aware that there is nothing odd or new about this virus once again breaking out in the China.Are you aware that China with by far the largest population in the world of 1.4 billion has only had 4.636 deaths, which is also not out of the ordinary.China Locked down Wuhan and 2 adjacent cities in early January 2020 stopping all flights out of Wuhan to other parts of China and at the same time many countries also stopped all flights going to their nations from Wuhan, the procedures followed for nearly a decade whenever there was a virus with pandemic features outbreak anywhere in the world.Previous outbreak to Covid 2019 was Middle East variant MERS in 2018. Then there is Hong Kong with a population of 7.4 million 213 deaths.Population London 8.1 million deaths up to July 15.504.Of course Tony facts and figures mean nothing to the ignorant or uninterested, but if you are neither maybe you should red this book, I had already started researching the origins of Coronavirus before I got to the WHO page on the history of the control of pandemic potential viruses in the 21st century right up until January 2019 when one nation above all others completely diverged from the procedures followed right up until 2018.So here is the book of the history of SARS and the procedures learned that have stopped pandemics up until now.

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    Repeating the same garbage over and over again and hoping for a different outcome.

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    Well ,, they Certainly worked , did they not .

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    tyrannical restriction of the freedom of people achieves none of the ‘for ‘ arguments because ‘ covid’ is not caused by an infectious virus

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    Absolute biggest scam ever carried out by all world leaders,and big pharmaceutical companies looking after there £££.should all be sent to the jails together

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    solution; light yourselves all on fire, done

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    Depuis décembre 2020, le mari d’Ursula von der Leyen est directeur médical de la société de biotechnologie américaine Orgenesis, spécialisée dans la thérapie cellulaire et génique, étroitement associée à Pfizer. Aie! C’est une coïncidence !

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    Lockdowns give people mental health problems no good for the soul .were not animals in a zoo

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    There is no health crisis.Next question.

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    right approach…ummm, don’t think so when they killed more than the “virus” , then there’s the suicides, crushed businesses , loss of freedoms, the right approach for psychotic globalists yes

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    These governments should be charged with failure and manslaughter of the worst kind and these news media’s should be held accountable for scaremongering

  72. avatar

    What should have happened, the procedures that had been followed right up until 2018 the last pandemic prevented before Covid was allowed to run rampant and the Tories decided to use it to get stinking rich.They never stopped anyone coming from infected areas abroad.They refused the free offer of a excellent latest high tech track and trace system already proved.They refused PPE from recognised companies.They refused to lockdown for months.They did everything the opposite to what had been followed in previous potential pandemic virus outbreaks right up until 2018 with the outbreak of MERS the middle east variant of Covid.

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    Control the people control the economy

  74. avatar

    We have a “Critical Thought” crisis. People blindly trusting in faceless bureaucratic organisations and the media.

  75. avatar

    No to lockdowns and no to propaganda and no to pushing false panic on variants!

  76. avatar

    Nothing more than a farce they dont work and cause more harm than good. Non believer on the trip being fed to the masses. Time for people to stand up and say no more. Breaching human rights and freedoms.

  77. avatar

    These posts certainly bring out the conspiracy theorists

  78. avatar

    the governments that instituted the lockdowns, including those of the EU, should be locked up, rather than the population

  79. avatar

    What health crisis are u talking about?? There is no such thing !@ CARPE DIEM !!FREEEEEDDDOOMM!!

  80. avatar

    It’s a lose lose for any government, what even party, what ever they did or do wouldn’t be right for some.

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    Yes make it mandatory to wear a mask again in shops and public transport but no need to wear a mask in the pub also no need to wear a mask if you go to the football with 50 or 60000 other people that’s ok as covid doesn’t like football or the inside of a bar ‍♂️ ‍♂️ ‍♂️ what a load of and anybody who can see logic in any of this charade must seriously be a special kind of stupid and also does anybody seriously believe that those masks will offer any protection from an airborne threat once again must be a special kind of stupid.

  82. avatar

    Idiots. As if there’s a conversation to be had. Florida.

  83. avatar

    Looks like my cancer operation will be cancelled for the 3rd time, still not getting after care after a cancer operation a year ago.

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    FCK your EU! FCK your Lockdowns! FCK your Propaganda!

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    No they were unlawful and don’t work as really there is no virus is there

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    Lockdowns stop nothing they only prolong it which is proved when the figures rise when coming out of lockdown. The problems lockdowns cause way outweighs anything else. Job losses, businesses closing which result in people not being able to pay mortgages and rent. Mental health issues and suicide rates also rocketed.

  87. avatar

    The only health crisis is the one that’s been made politically. In the sane world there really is no massive issue.

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    No to lockdown you have caused anxiety and mental health problems no to scaremongering

  89. avatar

    Everyone needs to believe then the dream is real – for mugs.

  90. avatar

    All the lock downs accomplished,was a huge burden on current taxpayers and all future taxpayers,while the elite fatcats filled their wallets

  91. avatar

    what kind of stupid question is this? everything blocked and i am supposed to be happy about it? only sadomasochists with covid-OCD-disorder that wanna “wear masks to protect others” will say “yes”. normal people will say: let’s go IMMEDIATELY back to normal

  92. avatar

    covid: certificate of vaccins identification.

  93. avatar

    Parlez le françaisStop pubs sponsorisées intrusives sur ma page Facebook

  94. avatar

    What about the children from Yemen, they are starving to death!

  95. avatar

    Another load of lies. All these surveys etc are purely put out there to mislead the public. No-one wants restrictions but as long as governments and the media keep lying then things will not improve.

  96. avatar

    Get lost with your scaremongering posts !!

  97. avatar

    lamentables colonisés linguistiques

  98. avatar

    Lockdown NEVER AGAIN! Fraudemic rules based on manipulation!

  99. avatar

    I have zero respect for those who are staying silent about this plandemic. Bring back our life, our civil right,our human right, our God- given right.

  100. avatar

    Forcing people to get experimental vaccines, that would give protection (not), give freedom (not). And no one is responsible ( not the producers, nor the government, nor the ones distributing) for any kind of side effects the vaccine gives in short or long term. We are humans, not lab rats. And lock downs don’t work, they will only slow the spreading.

  101. avatar

    All that was achieved with lockdowns is nothing,a complete waste of lives ,we now have a very angry selfish society ,those who instigated lockdowns should hang there heads in shame,it will take forever to restore society back to a level of normality,sad but true

  102. avatar

    There is no health crisis, only psychopaths, telling lies and allowed to rule countries instead of human people.

  103. avatar

    Short: No, there is no Grey anymore.

  104. avatar

    De enige gezondheidscrisis is dat we de zorg niet opwaarderen.! De rest komt doordat onze regeringen deze opdringen . Laat ons eerlijk zijn. Bijna overal zijn het vooral onze ouderen die er ziek aan worden en bezwijken . VRAAG aan hun of ze zich willen afzonderen totdat de gezonde bevolking genoeg besmet geweest is om deze ” pandemie” aan te kunnen!

  105. avatar

    Tyranny coming back in.. aided and abetted by the “education” systems efforts to create an obedient, compliant population of Eunuchs.Think of your forefathers looking down in disgust.

  106. avatar

    weg met dat dictatoriaal zooitje van machtswellustige graf idioten die hun zakken nu wel genoeg gevuld hebben en ons uitgewrongen hebben

  107. avatar

    It depends. If “right” means destroyed economy, bankruptcies, a wave of depression, suicides, child abuse and domestic violence, you can indeed say it was “right”.

  108. avatar

    Dunno – how much do you like to be hanged from a lamp-post with piano wire by an angry mob?

  109. avatar

    A pity this didn’t lock down China for good.

  110. avatar

    This is a YES or NO question. The answer is NO.

  111. avatar

    This is what I call an overpaid lunatic !

  112. avatar

    Lockdowns hebben nooit gewerkt, nergens. Dat is bewezen.

  113. avatar

    No they were not, they are not, and never will be … and this actual E.U has failed totally, on all levels (politically, economically, socially and ecologically)

  114. avatar

    Ze lachen het volkGewoon uit.

  115. avatar

    In fact , what a silly, stupid question !!! Answer is a big NO

  116. avatar

    All the peoples of each EU country must achieve true democracy. Every nation of Europe must respect the particularity of each nation in order to achieve a true democratic Europe… A true Europe of the peoples cannot exist as long as it is the merchants who have the power… UE (CEE) must have to die

  117. avatar

    le but ultime de l’Europe est le 100% injectés y compris les enfants et les bébés, il est grand temps que les gens ouvrent les yeux le vir-us ce sont les médias mainstream

  118. avatar

    no scientific evidence for it..just modeling and dogma’s…

  119. avatar

    et oui sa arrange cest gros riche de la planètes

  120. avatar

    Eerst afmaken en dan zeggen oei het was de verkeerde !

  121. avatar

    Its not about health. That’s pretty clear by now..

  122. avatar

    Of course not!!! Definition of insanity: doing the same thing all over again and expecting different results You all will pay sooner of later for all the crimes against humanity

  123. avatar

    Yes lockdowns are right wing and thus fascism everyone knows that.

  124. avatar

    Everyone wanted to do the right thing, but in truth and 1.5 years later, nothing has been “right”.

    Still right now, nothing is
    “right”. Everything, such as masks, vaccines, PCR’s, vaccine passports, booster shots, vaccine side effects, vaccine police, public spacing, etc, are having mixed success and failures.

    Lockdowns, in particular had a number of problems (1) has had no effect on stopping the virus (2) created mass unemployment (3) devastated economies (4) created unquantified human emotional trauma (5) created enormous debt.

    So far, it seems there is no right or wrong approach. And while the world is still trying to understand what just happened, “right” or “wrong” terminology is divisive as opposed to helpful.

    Maybe “Was it worth it?”

    Families that live on a 5,000 m2 property with a passive income (or continued salary) would probably say, it was worth it.

    Families that live in a 75 m2 apartment with no income due to no work, would probably say it was not worth it.

    Will Covid ever go away – it seems not.
    Will similar viruses come again – seems likely.
    It would be prudent to plan your personal life now.
    Stay safe.

    • avatar

      You forgot all the deaths from cancer, alcohol, domestic violence etc because people were locked up and couldn’t see a doctor or turned on each other, turned to alcohol, couldn’t exercise and became obese etc.

  125. avatar

    Everyone wanted to do the right thing, but in truth and 1.5 years later, nothing has been “right”.
    Still right now, nothing is “right”. Everything, such as masks, vaccines, PCR’s, vaccine passports, booster shots, vaccine side effects, vaccine police, public spacing, etc, are having mixed success and failures.
    Lockdowns, in particular had a number of problems (1) has had no effect on stopping the virus (2) created mass unemployment (3) devastated economies (4) created unquantified human emotional trauma (5) created enormous debt.
    So far, it seems there is no right or wrong approach. And while the world is still trying to understand what just happened, “right” or “wrong” terminology is divisive as opposed to helpful.
    Maybe “Was it worth it?”
    Families that live on a 5,000 m2 property with a passive income (or continued salary) would probably say, it was worth it.
    Families that live in a 75 m2 apartment with no income due to no work, would probably say it was not worth it.
    Will Covid ever go away – it seems not.
    Will similar viruses come again – seems likely.
    It would be prudent to plan your personal life now.
    Stay safe.

  126. avatar

    For making the EU more powerful and destroy the middle class… perfect Amazing suicide rates and depression… You all are like little Hitlers…

  127. avatar

    You KNOW how harmful and useless lockdowns have been! Why do you pretend to have an open debate when you practice such ruthless censorship against all professionals who try to contradict the official narrative?! And while we’re at it… how can you justify green pass to enter certain places as a sanitary measure? How can you accept that people lose their income for refusing an injection? It is only coersion to try to convince people to get a jab which you cannot make mandatory as it is still experimental. Stop lying and manipulating people!

  128. avatar

    Lockdown makes you weak and more receptive for viruses.Downward spiral.

  129. avatar

    What situation? Fear Media Hypnose

  130. avatar

    The measures taken have highlighted the need for radical change. Centralised power needs to be removed and the scope of government massively reduced and localised. The globalists and central bankers need to answer for their crimes. The germ theory needs to be debunked as it only serves vested interests in the petrochemical industry. Common law courts, trial by jury and annulment by jury need to replace the judiciary. The financial system needs to be returned to the people and tied to gold so that it can’t be diluted by criminal politicians. A return to free market capitalism. We require bottom up solutions, not top down.

    • avatar

      Peter Jenkins Mike drop right there! Well said!

    • avatar

      Peter Jenkins that pretty much covers it!

    • avatar

      Peter Jenkins Good to see not everyone out there is asleep

    • avatar

      Simon Gilmore I didn’t take any notice until they started asking me to jump through hoops without good reason.

    • avatar

      Peter Jenkins Same. I was semi awake before but all this has jolted me wide awake and as time goes on more and more are waking up

    • avatar

      How to learn all the wrong lessons from a year of crisis.

    • avatar

      Alice A. Grimaude Central banks create crisis when they want systemic change.

  131. avatar

    For a virus let out of a laboratory( amazingly still operating and producing deadly virus to kill the masses.. that’s us ) yet STILL the human innate immune system was not overwhelmed.. the less than 1% that it affected is a surprisingly low percentage considering how sick humans are of course due to those few individuals whose conglomerates and banks pollute the earth, starve and now control the education of humans creating a mass of flatlined complacent unhealthy slobs ..lockdown was not the right thing in any way .. you killed the human for good

  132. avatar

    If it is one health situation, it is a mental ‘health’ situation, most people can’t lead without getting weird and perhaps selfish… That’s also why I am against continuing with this globalisation thing. ‘No’ to centralised power, it eventually can only lead to people getting upset, because we all think we know best, am I right?

  133. avatar

    The Globalist Elite tried to scare people and to enslave them in the NWO… but they accidentally created a mass awakening Not so smart finally !

    • avatar

      Vincent Guiffo it’s ok, they are still going to kill 90% of us. They dont care if we are awake anymore as they do not even try to hide their evil.

  134. avatar

    Highly mandatory vaccination has helped the rapid spread of pandemic , fear and resentment everywhere. In the poor countries, India, Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria, etc. with the medicine ivermectin, the pandemic has been quickly eliminated. But in America, Israel, Britain, Australia, Singapore, etc, highly vaccinated countries, the pandemic continues to spread and even getting worse! Interesting comparison!

  135. avatar

    Completely illegal and unwarranted, planned satanic NWO agenda! Arrest them all for treason and genocide….

  136. avatar

    Absolutely not!! It’s criminal what they have done!

  137. avatar

    The commentary here is SO ignorant.

    • avatar

      Ed McCarson because you don’t agree with them ? They sound pretty sane and to the point to me.

  138. avatar

    Just do it just say NO to govern-ments and just do it just say YES to life

  139. avatar

    NO! it was a violation of our human rights and helped nothing!

    • avatar

      Tom Demeester and what they’re doing now still is!

  140. avatar

    Was isolation, which is also used as a punishment reserved for the most atrocious criminals and known to cause mental health issues, the way to go for the entire population?Oh how the mind boggles.

  141. avatar

    Do you even have to ask this? The lockdowns, injections and other stuff were a thousand times worse then all viruses combined! Europe changed in a war zone

  142. avatar

    It was useful as a trial run for what the general population will accept. Next up – climate lockdowns.

  143. avatar

    ONLY for IDIOTS and BIG PHARMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  144. avatar

    Before we had vaccines, maybe. Let’s say they were. But now we have vaccines, they most certainly aren’t.

  145. avatar

    This is a totalitarian regime, pure dictatorship of the evil Cabal-elites. Total control of the people!

  146. avatar

    This is NOT about health or healthcare, this PLANdemic is all about total control of humanity!

  147. avatar

    Nope. Archaic 19th century medicine and approach. Genetic screening of the entire population would have been the pragmatic approach.. Now, with a new (genuine deadly) pandemic, no lessons have been learned except for the fact that psychological and economic effects will cause more casualties worldwide than C19 would have ever been able to do .. This is what Plato meant when he said: ‘democracy will never work’. Jefferson also stated that for democracy to work. ‘All people have to be truly engaged/educated.’ Well. Guess again. Most people just love creating drama, because they can’t set proper truly human goals in life.

  148. avatar

    No obviously it was not the right approach!!! So who is going to pay for tis? Chinese dictatorship or the people of Europe?

  149. avatar

    You mean “do you support fascist dictatorships for our own protection ?”Hmmm, not sure, shall we look back on how this sort of situation panned out for previous generations ? Let’s ask the Russians how they got on with it or maybe the Cambodians or the German civilians from the 1930’s.Oh that’s right, it ALWAYS ends in re-education camps for those that disagree.

    • avatar

      Chris Lloyd true. Quarantaine camps are already being built in Canada and Australia. Only a matter of time before they’re here.

  150. avatar

    It depends on what you want to reach with it. So, what was the goal of the lockdown ?

  151. avatar

    Lockdowns didn’t and will never slow down a virus.

    • avatar

      stop it, perhaps no, but your assertion is otherwise completely wrong, as proven by facts and history.

    • avatar

      Kristie Hall stop what? Telling the truth? By all means stay inside, the world won’t miss you.

    • avatar

      Thanks Nico, nice.

    • avatar

      Kristie Hall and for what?? For a so called pandemic …where they showed people falling dead on the streets in china and here …..saw nobody falling dead on the streets Friends who had covid are okay ..not dead so it’s not that dangerous!And yeah people die……but that’s with every decease .So this lockdown and covid pass and masks are

    • avatar

      Daniel Rwdm That’s a very good point and one that I’m often making myself.I never saw people collapsing on the street but they are now.Many athletes and children at school are collapsing with cardiac issues.Could it be something to do with a certain experimental procedure?Oh no it can’t because a doctor whose pension depends on him keeping his funking trap shut says its not.

  152. avatar

    You will own nothing.. 2030. NO THANKS!!!

  153. avatar

    Yes, if the idea was to exaggerate a public health issue, to depress large groups of citizens, kill businesses, create a ‘unique solution position’ for pharamceutical companies to lead the way to so-called freedom, in short to prepare the pathway to tiranny

  154. avatar

    I love lockdowns. No body on the highway. It was a pleasure to go at work with my CAR. And no airplanes in the sky so beautifull.

    • avatar

      Thierry Carpentiers why were you working and driving on the highway

  155. avatar

    It’s actually pretty amazing you,, haven’t already heard the thoughts about the ‘measures’ … Oh wait just a second … a lot of them, against ‘measures’ and ‘regulations’, were blocked … my bad

  156. avatar

    Let them suffer for their crimes

  157. avatar

    Well, it did help push my friend over the edge to kill herself. But since that means she can no longer get Covid, I’m pretty sure the WHO considers that a resounding success.

    • avatar

      Kirsten Kerkhof sterkte!! ❤

    • avatar

      Kirsten Kerkhof sterkte!! ❤️

    • avatar

      This. Sad but true. So sorry for your loss

    • avatar

      Kirsten Kerkhof I’m sorry to hear about your loss.I hope these bustards Tedros,Gates,Whitty and the rest suffer badly one day.

  158. avatar

    No i absolutely do not because they dont help at all and all they do is separate and divide !#FutureofEurope is hopeless when chaos and fear are master !!!

  159. avatar
  160. avatar

    No, lockdowns were not the right approach

  161. avatar

    Ce n est pas débattre de l Europe qu il faut faire mais bien abattre cette institution de politiciennes et politiciens parfaitement inutiles dont le seul objectif est de se sucrer sur le dos des travailleurs.

  162. avatar

    The older who died of loneliness did not get covid. The ones who got depressed and killed themself didn’t get it either..

  163. avatar

    It wasn’t, end of the debate

    • avatar

      Florian Sart It wasn’t but we have to debate or we are as bad as they are.

  164. avatar

    For a virus like Ebola? Yes!!For a coronavirus? No!!

  165. avatar

    Nope this is not sovjet union, you are not dictators of my life,

  166. avatar

    Well , as we have only little% deads , for me it’s actually normal people died from the flu right , so now there is no flu anymore or nobody talks about it cos all the government want only Corona cases to much .. it’s smell like scam to me and absurd !

  167. avatar

    It was right to start with when we knew very little about the virus.

    • avatar

      Andrew Alexander Wallace there are a thousand other viruses we know nothing about, so lockdown all day every day for you?

    • avatar

      Glenn Gheerardyns perfect

  168. avatar

    Let’s debate about energy consumption (our 600 energetical slaves to live with this standard of living).WTF is doing a YOUNG CHILD¹ wearing ONLY A T-SHIRT during WINTER!¹ a young, so small, child is cooling down quicker than an adult, this is a matter of scale or size (S/V child >> S/V adult).ENERGY IS GOING TO MISS SOON: THE CHEAPEST ONE IS THE ONE THAT IS NOT USED!!!!!!!

  169. avatar

    “Were lockdowns the right approach?” Is an irrelevant question. You must first ask “was government interference the right approach?” (it wasn’t btw), never in human history was totalitarianism a decent solution to a problem, nor is it now, and it won’t be going forward. Creating pandemics only shows mass corruption disguised as good intentions, and it works better if the gain of power isn’t so blatantly obvious.

    • avatar

      Yannick Naert Nee.

  170. avatar

    only violence will remove the dictators, that’s what whe, the people learned from the lockdowns, the truth is comming out…Just like in China, whe need to implement the death penalty for corrupted politicians.

  171. avatar

    No. It is hard to imagine the utter lack of awareness of consequences in the minds of those who imposed them upon their populations – populations that will suffer for years because of them, and populations that will suffer more deaths than any that were saved from the virus (which is likely none based on comparisons of nations that locked down and those who did not). Utter madness. Utter evil.

    • avatar

      Darren Andrews It’s not lack of awareness.Theres an agenda being carried out.

  172. avatar

    we sure could use some concentration euuugh i mean health camps like in china

  173. avatar

    Of course it was right. So we saved a lot of lives. We protect the most vulnerable. It would be worse without a lock-down. It’s also nothing new, in previous pandemic times there were also lock-downs and quarantaine.

    • avatar

      Jacobine Oosting you don’t need any politician to tell you to stay in lockdown, you can lock yourself for years voluntary as well! Everybody happy, what about that?

  174. avatar

    The first lockdown didn’t work so the government imposed a second one. And when that didn’t work they imposed a third one.

  175. avatar

    Just reading so much crap.. My mum live in Spain last 2 months covid here they say ..sorry no one is getting tested because they have to no testing no covid ..turn ur telly off put your news papers down ..lock down ..or should be control what they want ..

  176. avatar

    No. If they worked, one would of been sufficient. The fact we had three shows they didn’t.

  177. avatar

    The people who imposted them & cheered them on were not negatively affected.They should be made to share the pain they imposed on so many innocent people for such a moronic policy

  178. avatar

    No! Lockdowns don’t work. People need to develop immunity even for the common cold and to be able to see doctors for ongoing medical conditions. The rise of deaths is primarily due to lack of resistance to normal viruses due to isolation, low morale and depression caused by loss of livelihoods and delay in treating other serious conditions. This is inhumane.

  179. avatar

    No. They were definitely not the right approach to things. Especially in the United Kingdom. We were told to shut ourselves away to protect the NHS but now we’re being told more people will die as a consequence to lockdowns and a massive backlog on the NHS due to lockdown than COVID itself. There’s been stories of people being refused cancer diagnosis tests because of the lockdowns and actually dying of cancer that could of been treated and surpassed. Lockdowns also have completely screwed up the economy and people’s employment and jobs. The local high street was destined to go but lockdowns had fast forward its demise. Where I live the high street is completely dead I know a lot of friends who have np permanently lost their jobs and they are struggling to find new forms of employment. Totalitarianism wasn’t the answer to erode our essential freedoms to completely screw us over. This might sound controversial but I’ve always believed their solution was worst than the problem we faced

  180. avatar

    No and all this has to stop!

    • avatar

      Evelyn LaBrie Well said.

  181. avatar

    Lessen herhalen zich tot ze geleerd zijn.

  182. avatar

    consumerism has killed human values

  183. avatar

    Nee , uit laten woeden was beter geweest. Beter voor het klimaat, en vooral hulpbehoevende en met zwakke gezondheid vallen om

  184. avatar

    Why do you idiot have to ask this, are the millions protesting on the street not clear enough what the crowd really wants?

  185. avatar

    Yes, if they followed the example of New-Zealand or Australia. In Europe it was a joke. They should have closed the European borders and every country should have imposed a lockdown at the same time.

  186. avatar

    Stevig en TERECHT betoog in het EU parlement over het overbodige, nutteloze en niet wetenschappelijke ‘green certificate’.De Covid pas was oorspronkelijk alléén om de overdracht van besmettingen in te dijken bij het reizen tussen de EU landen maar groeide (stiekem) uit tot een certificaat met effect op het dagelijkse private leven, wat volledig haaks staat op de in het parlement gestemde afspraken. Must See 19 min voor iederéén :

  187. avatar

    How did the lockdown stop old people from dying in the nursing home?

  188. avatar

    No it was not and it would be better that we dismantle the EU. It does more bad than good

  189. avatar

    Stupidity… trying something that didn’t work again and again hoping for better results

  190. avatar

    Reading the comments here, I got the impression that brainwashing works perfectly in Belgium. Out of curiosity I would like to know how did they manage this? Or is it because you hope to postpone the spread of this disease until you pass away naturally?

  191. avatar

    Of course NOT!A problem is tackle with crisis management, short term and long term solution.None is done right!Crisis managementLockdown of young people why? What is a mask? Whatever you were wearing it was OK.Why not a reverse lockdown? Take care of the weak and elderly people.Short termThere was none!Why not talk about healthy food (and vitamins in winter), sport, sleep, no stress? On the contrary they provide stressLong Term VaccinationVaccination doesn’t work and not honest about the side effects.And the covid pass is the biggest joke of all, everybody can still get it, and vaccinated people can do whatever they want. CrazyThus fatally flunked!

  192. avatar

    A resounding NO. It hardly made a difference to the spread of covid, it negatively affected tons of people (esp in the working and migrant classes), it caused a huge relative loss of quality life years (see the report from the former director of the former Dutch Statistics Bureau), it did very little to really protect or help those vulnerable for covid, it caused massive psycho-social damage. One of the worst public health experiments of the last decades.

  193. avatar

    Yes they def brought down the Numbers of infections .. sadly as soon as ppl were let out again they seem to forget the virus was still out there & We are in groundhog day again .. The UK did the wrong thing to allow Freedom in July .. It just proves this is the wrong way to go .. Look at our daily figures .. In the High 40.000s every day..

  194. avatar

    What lockdown? Ow, yes. You mean that little period where truckdrivers weren’t allowed to go to the WC, and all the roadside restaurants were closed. And that while the wealthy part of the population was sitting at home, stealing even more wealth from our society… Still waiting for the coronabonus, they promised us if we would keep on working. There will be no next time, I ensure you that much.

  195. avatar

    Definitely not u brainless nazis. Walter Hallstein must be proud of you!

  196. avatar

    A full investigation into the role of pharmaceuticals and vaccines, especially the role of the flu vaccine and it’s interaction with corona and retro viruses needs to happen ASAP.

  197. avatar
    EU Reform Proactive

    Unfortunately, “responsible” governments had hardly many other options!

    Once more- please consider basic realities & facts- not fiction:

    • Antibiotics work only against bacteria, not viruses.
    • Covid-19 is a virus. Antibiotics or other medicines cannot prevent or treat C-19.
    • The UN/WHO is an international institution consisting of 194 sovereign countries to lead & assist all its members. WHO isn’t a casino & doesn’t support witchcraft! ,

    WHO: “the cost of a major influenza (&/or C-19) outbreak will far outweigh the price of prevention.”

    Each government can/could be held (internationally) criminal liable in doing too little- not by doing too much to save human lives! Which politicians today would risk to be criminally charged to support human genocide? In balance, the economy will be another victim & unfortunately takes 2nd row.

    Why do we have so many egoistic, self-centered and anti-social opinions? Please get informed before flooding the pages with untruth & personal emotions!

    Because of the highly contiguous & lethal nature of this virus, Covid-19 was declared a global pandemic on 11 March 2020 by the WHO after 4,291 people lost their lives. In the meantime, the global death toll has reached nearly ~5 million & rising.

    By using reputable WHO statistics & concentrating exclusively at the death toll figures per 100,000 globally and each of the 194 countries, makes a comparison with other death related illnesses more obvious.

    The European region accounts for ~1.4mio C-19 death or ~150/100,000 people over the period between ~Jan20-Oct21 (22month). Bulgaria has the highest @ 318/100k & Iceland the lowest.

    Unfortunately, many stats are clattered with too many details and the essential message gets lost.

    In comparison, the WHO quotes/estimates that the common influenza virus causes between 290k to 650k death globally/annum or ~8.2 death/100k. That works out to only ~5.5% of the C19- death rate! Therefore, C-19 is ~ 20 times deadlier then the common flu.

    Each government can/could be held (internationally) criminal liable in doing too little- not by doing too much to save human lives! Which politicians today would risk to be criminally prosecuted to support human genocide? In balance, the economy will be another victim & unfortunately takes 2nd row. Has Sweden hit the right balance?

    1st) Example Brazil: death toll 287/100k- Health malpractice? (Peru recorded 615/100k!)

    The mishandling of Covid-19 policies by governments is/can eventually become a human rights issue & countries might be held international accountable & criminal liable.

    “A pandemic has implications both for the residents of a country and for the international community, so sovereign governments should arguably be held accountable to the international community for their actions and omissions on covid-19.”

    2nd Example Sweden: death toll ~146/100k–“Vaccination roll-out must continue with high participation…..”! But, not everyone behalves like the Swedish do!'S_HUMAN_RIGHTS_OBLIGATIONS_AGAINST_THE_ECONOMY_AND_WELFARE_OF_ITS_PEOPLE_A_HUMAN_RIGHTS_STUDY_WITH_SPECIAL_FOCUS_ON_HOW_THE_

    To safeguard & protect all national health systems, their staff & facilities from collapse (mainly the limited ICU capacities) requires responsible national & decentralized decision making- not bureaucratic EU interference.
    The UN/WHO is providing enough guidelines- without the need of a suzerain EU busy body.

  198. avatar

    Is the bloody EU the right approach Anybody

  199. avatar

    Child abuse and basically goes against my rights

  200. avatar

    The Top leaders of EU are criminals ! All WEF – members … megaloman , greedy facists – psychopats …

  201. avatar

    Did lockdowns solve any problems? Sweden did much better, let’s follow their lead.

  202. avatar

    This is BS first class. Lockdowns for a virus with IFR 0,23% is pure madness.

  203. avatar

    Debilitating Europe back once again

  204. avatar

    Future of europe? Easy, delete the eeg

  205. avatar

    Le discours orwellien comme à l’habitude… pour votre liberté vous serez enfermés mais on vous demande quand même votre avis, bien qu’on s’en tape, histoire de faire illusion qu’on vivrait en démocratie ….

  206. avatar

    no, and so is massive vaccination

  207. avatar

    Weg met Europese unie zijn geld verslinders buiten gooien

  208. avatar

    Wie de holocaust ontkent, is gedoemd hem te herhalen.

  209. avatar

    Niet, de EU mag de soevereiniteit vd lidstaten niet raken. De EU heeft niet te beslissen wanneer een lidstaat in lockdown moet. Ursula Von Der Leyen zou zelfs niks met de COVID affaire te maken mogen hebben, haar echtgenoot zijnde CEO in een groot pharmabedrijf. Corruptie ten top die EU!

  210. avatar

    nope.. lockdown just power showing off

  211. avatar

    L’UE, c’est pour les grosses entreprises ! Le simple citoyen n’a rien à y gagner !

  212. avatar

    donc, c’était bien la décision de l’UE ! Il faut quitter cette eurounion …

  213. avatar

    EU = Dictatuur en steeds erger naar de toekomst toe .

  214. avatar

    The unskilled and incompetent deciding over the skilled and competent!

  215. avatar

    To verify factually if this was the right approach, one would have to invent a time machine, do a reboot without a lockdown, count the dead and compare 2 realities.Unfortunately, uchrony isn’t an exact science.However, even without that kind of machine, we can establish factually the economic, social and political costs of these policies.

  216. avatar

    no – just based on the buggy Ferguson model, operated by an assistant that fed the data from Jan-Feb 2020 of very ill people registering at hospitals (who of course often died). Lock downs are the best to get more people ill: no fresh air, no sun, no exercise/ walking, negative influence from mainstream media, bad sleep due no exercise and fresh air and the fear of getting ill.

  217. avatar

    Zonder lockdwon hadden we reeds immuunsysteem opgebouwd, nu blijft het hangen.

  218. avatar

    Een EU waar lockdowns in kunnen en hitlerklokken en vaxpasjes is niet mijn EU.

  219. avatar

    In favour of Frexit, Belxit and a bunch of other -xits …. this EU is a totalitarian fascist one. People do not want that kind of undemocratic European Union

  220. avatar

    Alle landen weer apart,stelletje onbenullen,geldverslinders,eu moet verwijderd worden.

  221. avatar

    The EU should lock itself down. Forever.

  222. avatar

    du bla bla,a part l’euro le reste doit être éradiquer !

  223. avatar

    Debat ? Met de maffia? Dacht het niet !

  224. avatar

    Een lockdown is zinloos. Dat hebben de vorige al bewezen toch.

  225. avatar

    People are not QR codes!!!! Stand Up and Fight for our freedom.

  226. avatar

    One way to hell with the european union and also with the toletarian regime how stole al the money from the older people.Now they killing them so that nobody’s asking where is my pensioen! Thieves from hell on mother earth his soil ….thats not want we want free again ..tirranie wil Dying and stop with the europreen union and this corrupt politicians !!!!!!!

  227. avatar

    Depends what u wanted If it was ruining livesYesIf it was being a good continent Not a chance

  228. avatar

    Funny but the ones now blaming the EU for everything that is going wrong will be the first to be sorry if it vanish because only the ones not knowing what the EU really means are against. By the way at the beginning of covid , the health issue was a national responsibility and we could see how badly this was done. Getting rid of the EU would be the biggest mistake we could make. I will not convince you but read decent books about the impact of the EU on our daily life. Do not come crying about big salaries .. the budget of the EU is very limited as a procentage of the GDP. If you want to answer on this mail come with decent arguments why you would leave. I know the EU is not perfect but perhaps because WE are not perfect and certainly our national representatives are not perfect.

  229. avatar

    Europa, wat een lachwekkend woord is dat geworden!

  230. avatar

    Eu is only the dictators regime world war III

  231. avatar

    It’s lockup, not lockdown.

  232. avatar

    MEP for N-VA, the ethno-nationalist party that wants to blow up the state of Belgium. Viruses don’t respect borders. National solutions don’t work for transnational problems. In Belgium covid-19 rages on because the country has 9 ministers of Public Health and politicians more interested in stealing the limelight than in beating the virus. National (and regional) solutions confuse the public and feed conspiracy theories. They lead to corona tourism which helps spreading (variants of) the virus.

  233. avatar

    Trolls spreading lies abound on every FB page that has EU of Europe in its name.

  234. avatar
    Christopher Lawton

    NO and what’s more, I will be ignoring any future lockdowns!

  235. avatar
    Sebastien NUSS

    The lockdowns WERE and still ARE useless. You don’t control a pandemic by locking healthy people into their homes.
    We need to leave the EU so we can decide who and when can enter our country. FREXIT NOW.
    Those who push this “sanitary” policy and slow descent into a pan-European authoritarian state should be put into jail. the EU needs to be dissolved now. European states need to get back their complete sovereignty again.

  236. avatar

    rien compris parle Français quoi

  237. avatar

    Wathever…..but whzt is clear, is that EU is not able to protect its citizen……like it is not able to stop the invasion of gold seekers

  238. avatar

    no you cannot lock down a virus , with every person contracting it it weakens , lock down destroys the economy

  239. avatar

    We never had a choice then just as we the people that pay TO MUCH MONEY to dirty politicians, do not have a choice now.

  240. avatar

    We were never asked; too late now!!!!!

  241. avatar

    Direction: ——— comunist Europe

  242. avatar

    Débattre sur l’UE, consiste d’abord à écouter (ce que vous ne faites pas ) et à respecter le résultat des différents référendums qui étaient pourtant hostiles à l’UE ! Alors, ne faites pas semblant de vous soucier aujourd’hui des citoyens !

  243. avatar


  244. avatar

    il a raison de très bonnes raison !!!!

  245. avatar

    Belgium is not China of Autralia….NO MORE LOCKDOWN

  246. avatar
    JT HK

    If Europe wants to have economic recovery, do not lecture China’s covid policy for China has achieved remarkable performance both on saving life and economic growth. As Europe is not a dying hegemon like the US, there is only a temporary economic stagnation after 2 years’ Covid attack. A different medicine is required for for post-Covid social and economic recovery of Europe. To do business need to know the character of the client and find your things to sell. China is the only ancient civilization with unbroken record of history and development over 5000 years. The civilization has been working to overcome all natural disasters just to survive and prosper and they have done it. It is very obvious that the Chinese would not submit to fake news and smearing of politicians and the media. When comparing with the power of the nature, all these are nothing. After the Hong Kong Black Riot staged by US and its proxy in 2019 and the consistent and prolonged threats, attacks and smearing by US politicians and media, the Chinese people seriously infuriated. The people are embracing even tighter their government, as reflected by the Chinese government trust of over 90% for several years. We see also the same over 80% opinion support of Putin. With 193 member states of the UN, Europe is among the minority of about 40 to support the US. Think over this seriously.

  247. avatar
    JT HK

    Shanghei’s failure was exactly it had followed a half-hearted Zero-Covid like Hong Kong. Over 9000 elder people died within shortly two months. Shenzhen’s outbreak of Covid was roughly the same time for cases were brought from HK. When HK and Shanghei struggling what to follow, Shenzhen had immediately announced “mobile zero Covid” schedule. We were shocked to learn information on the city government’s suddenly announcement of a 4-day lockdown. Within these 4-day, the population of 12.59 million had completed the Covid test. The schedule had detailly listed out how officials and agents should be mobilized. It seems that very quickly within one week after the lockdown, the first city was allowed the end of the lockdown, and gradually more and more cities were announced. It seems that the last district to end the lockdown was very quickly within roughly one month. As we can see that it was about 5000 death in Covid and China’s economic recovery had already resumed in Mid-2020 with the year’s GDP growth of 2.3%. GDP growth further rises to 8.1% in 2021. The “mobile zero-Covid” should be a very good strategy for it can save life and sustain economic growth albeit sporadic lockdowns from time to time.

  248. avatar
    JT HK

    A new infectious monkey pox has been quietly spreading. So, think of taking precautious measure to save lives as Europe has been plagued by the wrong policy “community immunity” as advocated by Boris Johnson’s government. European has to take saving life at their own hands:…/who-calls-emergency-meeting…

  249. avatar
    JT HK

    Interim lockdowns of China, a big country with 1.4 billion people with around 5000 Covid death since the first outbreak in 2020. More more impressively, China has a GDP growth up to 8.1% in 2021. When Europe Covid death is up to 1835698 and US death 1028741 with respective GDP of 0.5% and 5.7%, trying to judge Covid policy of China is like students at the bottom of the class judging the outstanding student. Please stop politicizing the Covid policy, it is about life and death.…/worldwide-graphs/…

  250. avatar

    only when done properly !
    Chine proved it as for 2 years they had only couple of lockdowns lasting a couple of weeks – and that was it.

  251. avatar
    JT HK

    As the US has already ordered huge quantity of smallpox vaccine at this moment when smallpox has almost disappeared, apparently it is now used to cure the monkey pox before a specified vaccine for Monkey pox is developed:…/monkeypox-vaccine-purchase-2022…/

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