Watch our TV debate with Euronews! We think it’s high time we discussed the upcoming Bundestag elections from a European perspective. That’s why we recently teamed up with Euronews and organised a TV debate titled Deutschland Decides: What does Europe expect from Germany after Merkel?

In the debate, three MEPs, Eva Kaili (S&D Group), Gwendoline Delbos-Corfield (Greens/EFA) and Vlad Gheorghe from the Renew Europe Group, discuss what the election means for Europe and what Europe should expect from the next German government. Our Debating Europe community sent us great questions on topics like climate change, “illiberal democracies”, and European economic solidarity, which we discussed with the three guests. Take a look at the video above and join the discussion in the comments below!

Who will be Merkel’s successor? The outcome of the German elections on Sunday 26 September will have an enormous influence on the rest of Europe. In the run-up to the elections, Debating Europe/DE has been organising a series of citizens’ forums where young Germans have been discussing European issues with politicians from different parties. You can watch them here!

Image Credits: © European Union 2018 – Source : EP

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    I love Germany and I respect Merkel. Bulgaria was an ally of Germany in all world wars!

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    Why do you ask such a question like Merkel is the Empress of Europe? Nothing will happen. Her successor will probably be equally incompetent. Who knows?

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      Крис Караджов – I’m afraid your characterization of Merkel is heavily opinionated. But yes, who knows what is to come.

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    That depends on the coalition. GroKo will be more of the same. A Jamaican coalition could create interesting results: a Germany that’s not obsessed with strict spending measures and is willing to be tougher against illiberal regimes.

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      John MT Doubtful. The FDP is very much obsessed with strict spending measures (and lowering taxes for the rich) and Laschet doesn’t do “tough”.

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      Oliver Hauss You’re assuming FDP will have power over budgetary matters in the coalition. Also, I think you’ve mixed up Laschet and Scholz? SPD, at least in its rhetoric, is less of a pushover than CDU when it comes to China and Russia.

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    Will there be any Chancelor in Germany better than Merkel?

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      Deng Vanang everything is better then Merkel!!!

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      I know the Germans think they are superior race. I feel sorry for the foreigners in Germany. Why is there so much arrogance and pride? Merkel claimed she was the rule of Europe.

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    EU Reform Proactive

    What’s next for Germany- will have serious repercussions on- “What’s next for the EU- and for Europe & the rest in general”!

    Why not let “The Economist” speak for a change?

    ……….maybe worth listening & to ponder over a mainly negatively commented report in “The Economist”:(only 11min short!)
    What’re the probabilities?

    “To see Germany’s future, look at its cars”

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    The same than before: dictature.

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    Dute Dracului ăsta ce ne-a în Nebunit în prună CU calcatu de IOHANIS CU sparangelul LOR nici un vrem să te MAi vedem proasta Dracului și profitatoarea Dracului destul ați profitat de noii toți Romini indiferent de Romin DIN DIASPORA unde stă.

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    She screwed europe with letting all those syrians in !! Her succesor will do the same!

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    Worst representative ever. She never said sorry for all the deaths she caused. No fs given.

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    European president so she can put some more money in her fat wallet.

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    Top job with top salary in Brussels is maybe next. Breakfast schnaps with Juncker.

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    Merkel eat everyday dulano saussage and frikadellen from lidl and the result look at his picture big bu…

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    The witch is gone, time for the demon

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    Enfin elle est partie bon débarras

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    Sada imaš vremena dase udaš ili da rodiš djete karijeru si ostvarila

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    So we can say:Could be worse!

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    I am sorry to say it. The truth may hurt, but I have been a foreigner in Germany and I do not like Mrs. Merkel. Most of the Germans are racist and fascists. They hide it, but deep down inside of them they are still the same bigots. In Germany I got as a foreigner less money then the German and I had to pay more rent for my flat then a German person. If this is not discrimination I do not know what is then. However this cannot be proven since no German will go against another German and will expose the scam which is on a governmental level.

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      So what do you want to say? Do you mean that all Germans are fascists and xenophobes?

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      What do you mean? What do you want to say that all Germans are racist, Nazis and and they do not like foreigners?

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      Yes Germans as people or as a personality are like that. Maybe not all people, but most of them are like that. This is my personal experience. This is what I saw. I do not want to go back to Germany! The Germans think that they are the race of pure humans which is called aryan. However as president John F. Kennedy said: “The truth is always inconvenient”!

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    I think we should forbid influencing. Most influencers are regularly involved in false advertising, extortion and defamation which is harmful for the business and the economy worldwide. Those are three separate crimes and most influencers commit all of them on a daily basis. Influencing also has negative impacts on people’s mental health. I hope that this topic will be widely discussed in the near future because it’s extremely important for humanity’s well-being.

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    Re: security and leaksDecentralise the ‘net a bit, or at least make sure sites can function more autonomously without needing to be entangled.Make sure accounts don’t need too many extra steps eg no need for extra connections to extraneous sites.For example sites that need a connected Twitch account to be able to use, or services that can’t function without Facebook’s servers being online.Or real life examples, door bells that can’t function if Amazon servers fail.Make sure that those can all still function without.It’s not a perfect solution for security, but being forcibly (and not optionally) interconnected with everything leaves major holes when even just one of these services is compromised and leaked.It happens all the time, so the cure for that particular disease is surely not keeping things the same.

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    I have spoken to foreigners from different countries in Germany and they told me that for them Germans are still the same people since the time of Hitler, but now they are hiding this part of their dark nature. I think you understand the subliminal message.

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    The Germans and the Japanese have not learned their lessons. The Red Army Should be present in Tokyo and Berlin. Apparently the Germans are still fascists and the Japanese are still racists to other Asians.

    Why do you people keep quiet and tolerate this? The Germans keep the best jobs to themselves and the foreigners are paid less since for the Germans the outlanders are compared to trash and they deserve to earn less. The foreigners get the worst jobs and especially those from Eastern Europe.

    Angela Merkel did not do also many good things for the Germans themselves and I do not know if her contributions to the European Union made the life of the citizens in Europe better at all!

    Japanese are just hiding themselves, but if you give them a second chance they will raid and conquer China again. It seems that nothing has changed.

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