The European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) has been rebooted. Launched in 2003 to strengthen relations with Eastern and Southern neighbour countries around Europe, the ENP has been criticised for years as unresponsive and having a “one-size-fits-all” approach. The revised ENP aims to be more dynamic, more tailored to individual countries, and more supportive of democratic reforms and sustainable economic development. Will it make a difference?

Can the revised ENP help promote stability? In the last few years, there has unfortunately been no shortage of conflicts in Europe’s neighbourhood; from Israel and Palestine to Armenia and Azerbaijan, the EU’s foreign policy towards such neighbourhood conflicts has often been criticised as passive, slow, and unresponsive.

This question has come up on the Conference on the Future of Europe platform, where Marco left a comment calling for a more engaged and active European Neighbourhood Policy:

Image of a citizenI am aware that the EU has a Neighbourhood policy. However, oftentimes there seems to be an understatement or denial of problems close to EU borders which could have negative repercussions for the EU.

What do our readers think? We had a comment from Carla wondering why the EU’s neighbourhood policy has failed. She points out that it’s unfair to blame the EU entirely:

Image of a citizenCertainly the [ENP] didn’t bring the results it was deisgned for, but we cannot disregard the global situation, the inequalities which conduct a paramount role in today’s crisis across the world. Mantaining stabile and prosperous neighours was a forward-looking and remarkable policy. The problem is that after many enlargements Europe should have focused more in safeguarding the new member states, enhance democracy and economic stability there. In addition countries like Russia operated to destabilize Eastern Europe (Georgia, Moldova,etc), not to mention the rise of islamists terroritic groups in Africa and MIddle East.

We also had Jovan, who wonders why the EU should care about conflicts going on in its neighbourhood:

Image of a citizen[Armenia] aid in the occupation of Nagorno-Karabakh, but who cares?

To get a response, we put these questions to Karen Melchior, an MEP with the liberal Renew Europe group, and Anna-Michelle Assimakopoulou, an MEP with the centre-right European People’s Party. You can see their responses in the video at the top of this post.

Is the EU too passive in conflicts in its neighbourhood? Should the EU stay out of neighbouring conflicts? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

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What do YOU think?

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    Yes. Still reliant on the US as for the EUs own safety.

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    So, we have Cyprus: the EU has done exactly nothing for almost 50 years, it is still occupied by a non-EU country.The EU has no power whatsoever, neither political nor military.

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    Conflict (e.g. War) is business, and these days all kinds of big business is in some way global. If the EU is passive it is because it is in someones interest. Is it too passive? There is no way of telling without very deep analysis of all the involved details which will never be shared with the general public…

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    At this stage, EU diplomacy as a concept should be directed inwards. The EU is pretty messy internally, and this is should not be the case if you are looking towards a consistent foreign affairs. The external conflicts are handled well enough, given the players that participate in those, and the tools available. For me such questions point out one of the biggest problems of the EU- there isn’t enough consistency across the board. A lot of smaller problems are addressed disproportionately, while bigger issues are left aside. I do understand the diplomacy behind such approach- too many actors can’t reach consensus easily(if at all), so the debates are moved away(whenever and wherever possible) towards smaller issues. This is done with the hope that the bigger ones will decay with the time, and the parliament will be able to address them as their scope matches the ability of its members to present and sustain functional and constructive dialogue. This leads us to the core of the problem- most if not all of the member countries approach the EU elections as a poll for the moods of their electorates, and not as an actual chance to come up and promote EU wide policies. This fills the parliament with political outcasts, that even when competent enough, either do not have the support of the political constructs that promoted them, or are acting as a backdoor that aims to resolve internal political issues by moving those to ‘higher instance’. In both cases(competent or not) they don’t really know what, who and how they are representing, which ends up with a campaign driven approach in policy making, constantly interrupted by random statements/declarations- a nice thing on their own, but pledging allegiance to certain values from the height of the parliament podium, is PR and not policy making…so yeah, the EU needs to be taken seriously from its member first. Once that is there, we may start debating on foreign policies on case by case basis. Note the last one- unless you are introducing/investing in ideological warfare of some sort, there isn’t one size fits them all foreign policy, or lets be more active general guideline. Each conflict has its own background, requires dedicated intelligence, both as analytics, data collection, and on-site operatives. At the end diplomacy is only the tip of a pretty big iceberg, and honestly I don’t see the EU in the current state being capable of handling it in the next 50 years

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    A bit too “politically correct”, like in the Van Der Lien episode in Turkey that is unacceptable, as a leader and as a woman.

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    Too passive ? Europe sell a lot of weapons to different parties in many conflicts.

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    Neighbourhood, who’s that? Russia and UK are unmanageable (for different reasons). Norway is too rich to care. Turkey is on a weird trajectory but it’s not a problem per say, except perhaps for what it does on its own eastern borders. So what’s left 1) the Balkans, which I’d say should be top priority, it’s an anomaly that they are left out 2) northern Africa, which really has promising potential if we cared to support and be nicer to them

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      Demetrios Velis

      You seem not to realize that Turkey occupies one third of EU member state Cyprus, which Turkey refuses to recognize as a state and that it has issued a casus belli against EU member state Greece if the latter exercises its legitimaste right to extend its territorial wates to the 12 mile limit as per international agreement on that matter. After reading the above you should be better informed.

      Furthermore, Turkey refuses to withdraw its proxy and actual military forces from Western Libya, thereby torpedoing the Berlin Process for ending the civil war in Libya and rendering the holding of national elections in Libya on June 24th.

      You rightly allude to Turkey’s invasion and occupation of territories in Syria and Irak but I shall help reminding you that it has also peovided Ajerbaijan with drones to help drive the Armenian forces out of much of their ethnic enclave in Nagorno-Karabagh while it mainatining ties with ISIS and the Sahel islamic militants and it has prevented by use of armed threats both Italian and French companies from helping in exploring and exploiting underwater gas and oil reserves in Cyprus’ EEZ.

      Do you still wish to adhere to the notion that Turkish foreign policy vis-a-vis the EU is of minor concern?

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    Most EU armies are also NATO. The problem is that, in spite of some being quite professional, normally they cannot work together without the Americans seting the pace and providing the equipment, the infrastructure, the intel necessary to liase and coordinate. EU lead missions are normally messy and poorly coordinated, each country competing to be in the spot light and pushing their own national agendas

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    The Afghani people get what they deserve since they are unwilling to fight for their own country and instead want Western troops to do the dirty dangerous work. No pity whatsoever.

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    20 years for what ? So many dead for what ? So many with psychological issues for what? So much money for what ? Paranoia!!!

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    Surely all great revolutions have been within. If the will to fight and die for a cause isn’t there, then outside influences hardly work. It seems that, only when a peoples can take no more oppression, that true revolution occurs. But now that the West has interefeered, (for who’s benefit is questionable) shouldn’t the West commit to sorting the problem once and for all.

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    Last time we got involved, it took us 20 years to go back to square one!! Perhaps we should get the message, that not everyone wants democracy or to be us, or like us. Live them alone, another North Korea. Sad yes, but it’s their choice.

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    Ban music from the airwaves? Make all women cover their heads and thighs outside? Lock heretics in containers until they smother?

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    Transfer all their peolpe to europe. Transfer all country to Europe better way to bring all the their problems here.

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    It’s their country let them sort their things out themselves.. We can’t always think that everyone needs to think alike

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    Encourage social economical reforms

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    Open borders, invite them, let them in, let them spread diversity in the name of human rights and democracy

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    Look the borders work with the alliance, let the terrorists outside from grecce and terkey. THE Greeks aren’t able to accept more people than 200.000 this is the maximum we already pass that number.

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    No aid unless they actually respect human rights. If they should be getting any aid is also a question. But it’s not easy leaving all the people behind.

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    Άντε ρε ξεφτίλες.

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    Tak to jest jak USA jedzie gdzieś pomagać

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    a UE vai fazer o que sempre faz, nada!vai esperar que os EUA assumam uma qualquer posição e vai atrás a abanar a cauda muito feliz…

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    The EU can’t do anything. Its comments on what to do and call for all parties to negotiate is the most pitiful thing one could read. The EU (but mainly its member states) have shown they’re completely powerless. They can’t have influence in Afghanistan, they can’t have influence in their neighbourhood, and can’t even protect its own territory from Russian aggression. Faith in the EU is completely lost at this point

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    Bomb them and make an international coalition and fight for human rights around the world before is too late !!!! And stop taking terrorists in European ground !!!! Or we will have more and more terrorist hits inside Europe

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    I would like the EU to deport back to Afghanistan all of its migrants now that the war is finally over. Just leave Afghanistan and stop meddling where you don’t belong. You can’t fix the world by force, and no one is asking you to.

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    At the moment humanitarian corridors are urgently needed

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    Now let them take care of their own affairs .. not to offer help to the other party that would fuel the other party’s anger. Possibly neutral attitude on both sides and also the EU.

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    How the world let’s something like this happen?

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    Send some feminists battalions

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    It’s a shame for all … to let down all Afghan people who believed and supported idea about better world… they are all now completely alone … what was the message sent… does anybody think about that

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    – Find the mandates and push through a legislation where you create safety camps for the victims; prioritize the elderly, sick and wounded. Give security and financial aid to the refugees, and create a provisoral governmental system in which you can prevent a civil war, where you invest and focus on granting educational help to the afghan civilians, and push for NATO to intervene with military force if the safeholds are ambushed by Taleban – before the country becomes a training ground for international terrorism. If you don’t – Taleban will strike Europe within the coming years, if only months – perhaps.

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    Mmmm lemmy guess… Wave of refugees that somehow are our problem, terrorist attacks all over the place. Islamist apologist, terrorist apologist.I would suggest to ship all refugees to colone so they can have a 2nd “summer of love”

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    How should we react. Well we all knew this would happen before the pull out. The only ones who didn’t think are the leaders of USA and Europe.

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    The EU is too passive in all things. Even when It makes some right rules such as the non mandatory vaccination and discrimination and some governaments like Italy and France deliberatily breaks these rules with the silence of European institutions.

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      Massimo Ortale

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    The EU unfortunately is now full of crap and run by sh’t. *bureaucrats*

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      Paul Bradley says one from peace.

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    More Democracy in EU bodies also in economy

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    EU is PASSIVE in any conflict .. full stop!

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    We expect EU to be a power…. Not a weak partner unable to make its border respected…

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    It’s not just passive .it’s irrelevant.

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    The eu shouldn’t have a foreign policy it isn’t a country its a trading block. The 27 countries have their own foreign policy

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    Therese is still a step or two toward a federation before a common foreign policy. It will commo the sooner the better..

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      Pedro Pais de Vasconcelos I agree, that is why we may not blame EU for the national governments being passive. Now it seems like the favorite game is to blame EU: when it makes rules and when it does not, when it takes a step and when it does not; sometimes in the same sentence they ask for more decisive decisions from the EU and to take the power back…

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      EU blame game is not innocent. It was the main tactic for brexit. Same old song.

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    What is the main theme of this group, debating Europe or debating against Europe? If this becomes a trolling picnic, I’ll leave.

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    The EU us passive due to it not having the tools due to national veto rights.

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    Want to present a flight as a success is the high of a cowardly government in English.

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    Control Afghan migration. Limit migration to women and children. Help Massoud to fight talibans and finance bus tickets for Afghani who want to join Massoud

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    When EU is busy in conflicts in its neighbourhood, its NATO allies are talking to stab France at the back. Conflicts in EuroAsia is a plot to disrupt EU’s peaceful social, economic and political environment for the American great again.

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    The EU has no place to seek interests in non-EU countries. The EU should not actively nor passively, directly, indirectly, nor implicitly or explicitly try to influence non-EU countries to accept westernization. In the long term, this has very negative effects on Europe. Every people has their way of life. People cannot exist without a way of life. If the EU, Europe, or Europeans are seen as the primary threat or antagonist to the way of life of non-European poeples, it can only have negative interests on the EU and Europe.

    Furthermore, other powerful geopolitical actors such as Russia and China consider Europe as weak. This is due increasing societal problems in Europe without solutions, weak leaders and shortsightedness. Most important for the EU is to show to its own member states and its peoples that it can resolve internal problems and disputes. The time as come for the EU to show to its peoples that yes, the EU has the capacity and potential and political will to secure the way of life the peoples within EU borders.

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    I tend to see Europe is too active in joining the US by using an “one-size-fits-all ” approach to pressurize “democratic reform” and “sustainable” economic development” of sovereign and independent states. EU can never solve conflicts by superimposing a new political system and way of economic development of sovereign and independent states. If EU wants to help, it is better to adhere to the UN Charters and the purpose EU is formed. Both are established to avoid the recurrence of the third world war and solve conflicts with peaceful means.

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    Yeah, let’s get more active and start WW3 ! That would sort the covid situation out.

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    Nothing wrong with not escalating conflicts into war. We have one crazy country sold to their militaro-industrial system already, let’s not make the same mistake in the EU.

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    EU, stay away from conflicts !

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    If EU want peace, EU must not let US, UK and Australia to handle Russia and Ukraine conflict. They are all countries outside EU have conflicting interest with EU. EU wants peace and concentration to recover from Covid-19 and economic recovery. Outbreak of war in Ukraine would ruin EU’s post-Covid recovery plan. When the US and UK people are dying, they just want to divert attention of their people from a war in Ukraine so that they would excuse the failure of their own government and news would ignore dying of their own people but a more fascinating war in Ukraine. So, EU must stop the war at the heart of Europe by taking the initiative to talk with Russia and Ukraine. Russia has no plan of war, otherwise Putin would not attend the Beijing Winter Olympics and probably hold a summit with Xi Jin Ping. Only the US, UK and Australia are threatening Ukraine and pushing forward a proxy war. As post World War order under the UN is to use all means to solve conflicts. War is only the last resort. Europe has been victimized too long for the superpower desire of the US. EU is not a colony and submissive to the US. EU member states are sovereign states come together for peace and to avoid the outbreak of a third world war. EU must not render itself a tool for big power competition. The collective of EU itself is already a big power.

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    Why two great wars have broken out at Europe? Why there is no war in South America and near China as the regions are only developing countries so poor and with very few democracy? Why an affluent Europe which has the power, technology and social and economic structure i.e. almost all aspects so favourable for peace and prosperity failed to to achieve its goal? The only answer is a peace and prosperous does not serve the US interest. Europe must think of this question very seriously. No country, no people and no government want war or even war nearby as we have seen how the refugees problem has led to chaotic situation in Europe. China keeps calming North Korea so as to prevent a second Korean war, China, as a big regional power, has been avoiding going war with neighbour countries by keeping close social and economic connection with Japan and Korea, negotiating a free trade/economic zone. China, Japan and South Korea have joined ASEAN and created a platform for dialogue and cooperation around ASEAN…. all these efforts are actually replicating the post-World War II European model of collective security, to use economic integration binding states together, making the cost of war too high and unrealistic.

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    The EU is doing exactly what Germany tells them to do.
    I do not remember that Moscow gave up Crimea and that Russian separatists ceased to operate in eastern Ukraine.
    The EU is not a country.
    There is a huge discrepancy in the pursued foreign policy between Germany and, for example, Poland.
    Germany is pursuing a common policy with Russia and a pro-Russian one.
    Germany and the Moscow State are behaving as if the German-Moscow Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact of August 23, 1939 is still valid.
    The difference between Poland and Germany is only in the foreign policy in relation to Russia, but above all in relation to the independence of states in Europe.
    Germany is conducting an active propaganda and economic aggression against Poland mainly because of Poland’s independence in relation to Germany.
    It is also the reason for the aggressive behavior of the Moscow state.
    Other countries from the European continent (mainly former pro-Nazi countries during WWII or which had governments that collaborated with Germany) are clearly willing to join Germany in a federation and are in favor of losing independence

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    I think the EU is doing the correct thing..keep it diplomatic..I’ m just an ordinary mum from Ireland and wrote a short message to the Russian Embassy in Ireland to ask if they could please remove their ships from close to Ireland ..because our waters are neutral and its an area of marine conservation…and to please carry out manoeuvers in their own waters , we are a peacefull nation and wish to remain the same and no , we do not want to buy more bombs and planes etc. and safe journey home.Sometimes i find this respectful but ordinary person approach gets our message accross peacefully..i was rewarded with a telavised ,on national tv report from the Russian Embassidore who reasured us that it was just a naval manouver and nothing else and not to be worried..I appreciate the communication very much , but would love to reply but now i think its over to the diplomats..hopefully my subtle message from ordinary people will get thru to the Russians..they are welcome on holidays with their visas but not with war machinery ..happy new year and greetings to all from Ireland (Just an ordinary mum) 😃

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      so your respectful note didn’t actually change anything !

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      who knows

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    It’s still most likely that they’re just sabre rattling, but after what they (Russia) did in annexing Georgia, Crimea and continue to do in eastern Ukraine where thousands have died and been displaced, including hundreds of Dutch citizens killed in the downing of mh117, then the only way is to confront them directly….both militarily and economically.
    Bullies understand only one thing

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    This is a difficult questions. It’s true that bullies understand only what hurts them directly. But what I actually wonder is what do the people in the two renegade regions of Ukraine actually want? Crimea was apparently mostly russian and I don’t hear many crimeans complaining about the annexation. I don’t think the EU should go in and defend blindly national borders for the sake of national borders. If these regions belong to Russia, so be it. No need to make a fuss about it. Apparently they are already de facto under russian governance.

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    EU would be able to regain its international influence and respect if EU is able to be more active in peaceful resolution of regional and international conflicts through dialogues rather than joining NATO to use military threat before peaceful methods are expired. The outbreak of World War I was a strategic misjudgment in which the mobilization of military had been taken as an intention for invasion, EU should not be misled by AUKUS to fight a wrong war and leading to the outbreak of World War III in Europe. The peace of Europe does not depend on a brain-dead NATO. Dialogue with Russia and Ukraine is the only way.. Civilized being would never act like wild animal to maintain their hegemony by killing each other like warmongers. We are in a new era in which knowledge and technology are power. Military power must not become an option to solve conflicts, as weapon of mass destruction is so easily acquired easily.

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    When our head of diplomacy says that we have to win Russia on the war field then there is nothing else to add – we are incapable of solving any crisis as long as we have such people as Borell in the leading.

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      JT HK

      Politicians talking all the time freedom and democracy by fabricating an external enemy to divert attention are just puppets repeating ideologies of the last century in the Cold War era. They are incapable to handle real issues in a global era such as the current rocketing inflation, the Covid pandemic and military conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

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    A long time ago a teacher told us that love by force does not exist … Just say that! Turning into a monster and throwing bombs doesn’t do much more …

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    JT HK

    It appears that the US is going to give up Ukraine for it is not a EU member and failed to draw Europe into military conflict with Russia. It appears that Lithuania is taking over the role of Ukraine by blocking Russia train passage to Kaliningrad. As a EU and NATO member, Lithuania should be able to draw Europe into military conflict with Russia. Are European leaders turning a blind eye to such dangerous move of Lithuania? Is Europe ready for the outbreak of a third world war?

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      good lord ! What goals you want to find in anything to accuse the USA of looking for a war as the one who declared War is Russia and it goes on threatening every neighbour country. Blocking Russia is normal with the sanctions on a agressive and criminel country.

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      it’s what USA and NATO are doing…. drawing Europe to economic war and irrespect the people here in Europe,…

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      I guess you’d prefer to leave Ukraine alone and let the Russians go on

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      There has never been a good war or a bad peace.
      Benjamin Franklin
      War is dead…. there was other possibilities, and NATO Like USA have done all , except searching solution in peace.

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      ask the Ukainian from Dombass…. their where alone since 2014

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      alone ! You do know Russian troops and Wagner mercenaires were there too !

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      Russia entered Ukraine for peace-keeping and to combat neo-nazism…Below is a piece of information as early as in March 2018 reporting the neo-Nazi force in Ukraine>>…/us-cohen-ukraine-commentary… In 2020, the UN has passed a resolution on ” Combating glorification of Nazism, neo-Nazism and other practices that contribute to fuelling contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance : resolution / adopted by the General Assembly”. Only the US and Ukraine voted NO. This clearly means that the US has been supporting Nazism in Ukraine.

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      JT HK

      I have heard at least twice from TV news reported that Putin had requested French President Emmanuel Macron to work for Russian integration to Europe. Why Europe has refused Russia an Europe member’s integration but prefer to keep a brain dead NATO in Europe 30 years after the collapse of the Soviet Union? Why the Russians have been requesting to join NATO but consistently declined? The only explanation is that once Russia has joined the European family, Europe can take care of their own collective security. The US would have no role in Europe.

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      you are blind or wanna look like it !

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      Russia wanted NATO to get rid of the US ! Of course, they declined the idea.

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    JT HK

    European leaders appear more the proxy of Boris Johnson and Biden sacrificing European interests and even lives for the UK and the US.

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      Yeah right, it is in the continent’s interest to have an imperialistic colonisator waging a conquering war on European soil and then just look the other way and pretend it doesn’t matter.

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    On pourrait dire: Comment faire en sorte que Poutine réalise qu’il s’est engagé dans une voie sans issue? Mais, en fait, il ne peut plus reculer. Dès lors, reste t-il un pouvoir politique en Russie capable de le faire basculer? En Allemagne nazie, ils ont échoué en 44. Jusqu’où conduire cette horreur toxique pour la Russie et le monde entier?

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      in 44 heeft rusland wel europa bevrijd van de nazis.dat kun je niet falen noemen

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      Et ils ont mis la main sur la moitié de l’Europe à son corps défendant. Elle devenait ses colonies pour mille ans comme la Sibérie (l’armée chinoise a ces territoires en point de mire). Les russes ne faisaient pas l’impasse sur le reste de l’Europe. Le rideau de fer était à moins de 300kms de la province de Liège. La fondation de l’Otan a empêché l’invasion de l’Europe de l’ouest. Les manoeuvres Otan étaient des démonstrations de force et de matériel. 4 régiments de chars pour la Belgique, soit plus de 200 chars (patton puis léopard). L’armée russe et ses dirigeants inquiétaient. Mais les généraux adverses avaient compris qu’il était inutile de tenter l’aventure.

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      Weer hetzelde deuntje…Vooraleer de Russen als reddende engelen voor te stellen misschien best eerlijkheidshalve het volledig verhaal vertellen ? Dat de Russen zonder blozen een niet aanvalspakt met de Nazi’s hebben afgesloten (de Molotov- Von Ribbentrop pakt), hen daarna massa’s grondstoffen hebben bezorgd en daar fortuinen mee hebben verdient en tenslotte, doodleuk, samen met diezelfde Nazi’s (bijna hand in hand), Polen zijn binnengevallen en zonder verpinken uitgemoord hebben…
      En dan zwijgen we nog over de repressie in Oost-Europa tijdens de periode van het ijzeren gordijn.
      Tiens en nu komen Afganistan, Tjetsjenië en Syrië ook plots in me op. Misschien eens informeren hoe de Russen daar tekeer zijn gegaan…

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    Time for concessions with Russia. This conflict will not end well of it is prolonged. Keep Ukraine neutral as promised to Russia and give them the ProRussian Regions that were agreed upon before. Notice I said AGREEMENT as the EU, US and NATO all said yes. Also who will foot the cost to rebuild UKRAINE when it ends. How much more Ukrainian and Russian blood will be lost?

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      like i always say those who make the laws never keep the laws

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      les frais de reconstruction seront pour les États-Unis et l Europe les miettes de plus si l’Ukraine fait partie un jour de lUnion Européenne c est qui qui va rembourser aux États-Unis les milliards qu ils ont versés à l Ukraine ?poser la question c est y répondre je pense!!!

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      Ofcourse the EU will payback the US for all the weapons and aid to Ukraine. If this conflict does not end soon the EU will collapse thru high inflation, ridiculous prices for everything and rebellion in how the EU countries care more about kissing up to the US than helping their own citizens.

  66. avatar

    L Europe ???? Usa Russie Chine ect l homme est le fléau de cette planète c est qd même le seule être vivant à convoiter tuer MM sa propre famille pour de l argent

    • avatar

      en effet, Poutine détruit sa propre famille ( il a toujours dit que l’Ukraine est russe ) pour s’emparer de ses énormes richesses. Le pillage est déjà en cours.

  67. avatar

    In the conflict: way too passive in politics forsearching solutions of peace !

  68. avatar

    Too passiveWho the hell does Russia think they are that they have the exclusive right to make war in Ukraine.And we let them

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    JT HK

    Taking a more active role? Ask citizens how many of them would like to die for Boris Johnson, Biden and Zelensky beforehand.

    • avatar

      Wrong mindset and wrong question. The question is: “Are you ready to stand up against the oppression from a warmongering autocrat with imperial delusions ?”
      Obviously you are not…

    • avatar
      JT HK

      The US-led NATO are the only country which has been waging wars all over the world since the end of the Cold War, invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, supporting colour revolutions in the Arab lands forcing millions of refugees to flee their homeland to Europe.

    • avatar

      According to you Russia never went to war In Syria, never sowed death and destruction in Chechnya, didn’t invade Georgia, didn’t intervene in Armenia, never sent it’s military to quash Kazakh dissent, doesn’t de facto rules over puppet state Belarus, has no mercenary troops in Mali and is not in the process of destroying Ukraine. In your comments you are insidiously pushing a one sided narrative of how bad the European democracies are. On the other hand you systematically fail to condemn Russian imperialism or the Chinese democratic deficit.
      That’s called hypocrisy.

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    How much more blood Will be lost Putin Zelensky Nato Europe ???

  71. avatar

    EU is too active in running the errands of USA.

  72. avatar

    If the EU doesn’t want people to die, it would advise Ukraine to become a neutral country. Otherwise, the EU proves that it is serving defence corporations and US/EU energy corporations. Which it obviously does as it will never do the ethical thing to save people’s lives.

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    It looks like some will say and do anything in order to avoid a simple thruth. Russia has an imperial agenda and it is waging a devastating colonisation war on the European continent. Putin apologists are acting in an effort to deflect the blame of the current crisis from the true perpetrator Russia. No one else but Russia is talking about Ukraine as a country that has no right to exist, and is in the process of obliterating Ukranian cities with no other reason but conquer and destroy a free independent nation. Apeasement by means of giving up land is an oxymoron, it makes the beast wanting for more. Many seem to have forgotten what the consequences were when another dictator was given Austria and then Silezia, it didn’t end well either…Let’s not forget the Minsk agreements were an attempt at deescalation, signed when Ukraine was weak and would have made Russia a de facto veto holder over Ukraine’s further development. So under these terms you might just have let go the hopes of an independent and “neutral” Ukraine. Soon enough it would have become a puppet state not unlike Belarus.To all those taking Putin’s kool-aid, keep on drinking, the rest of us know better.

    • avatar

      Pourquoi n’allez-vous pas combattre en Ucraine? Beaucoup plus simple de combattre devant un clavier!!!

    • avatar

      vous evitez le fond du sujet, sous quelles conditions allez vous faire un deal avec l’envahisseur Russe ? Qui nous dit qu’une fois avoir reçu gain de cause, il ne referont pas le même coup d’ici peu sachant d’avance que le crime paie ?

    • avatar

      Si la stratégie des USA et d’una Europe asservie et politiquement inexistante (pas de politique étrangère commune et surtout ne me parlez pas de Borrell ou de Michel!) eût été différente dans le temps on en serait pas là.

    • avatar

      J’ajoute que si les russes actuellement avancent difficilement dans le Donbss, comment voulez-vous qu’ils arrivent à Zaventem. Par contre en blowuant Kaliningrad la Lituanie commet une provocation inutile et dangeureuse avec les applaudissements de Borrell.

    • avatar

      Il me semble que vous continuez a eviter de mettre en cause la responsabilité de la Russie et evitez le fond du sujet, comment mettre une fin a l’appetit conquérant de Vladymir Putin ?

    • avatar

      Il me semble que vous continuez a eviter de mettre en cause la responsabilité de la Russie et evitez le fond du sujet, comment mettre une fin a l’appetit conquérant de Vladymir Putin ?

    • avatar

      Are you suggesting that there is a consensus confirming your statements in the western intelligentsia ? Because there is not. You’re probably not a NATO cheerleader whose recently delivered gf had an azov cousin shot in eastern ukraine, but you surely sound like one.

    • avatar

      Et comment mettre fin à l’impérialisme américain? Si vous en connaissez la recette ,nous serons plus nombreux que vous ne le pensez à nous en rejouir!

    • avatar

      Actually Putin compared himself to Peter the Great, the former conqueror…
      What more do you need.

    • avatar

      enfin nous y voila…
      Deux poids et deux mesures, on accuse un imperalisme et on laisse passer l’autre…
      Pourquoi ne faites vous pas le procès de tout impérialisme ?

    • avatar

      thanks for some fresque air

  74. avatar

    Too passive ?As if we were the World peace keepers…

  75. avatar

    Yes, they are. Time for ‘boots on the ground’. Shoot those Russians back to… Russia !

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