It’s illegal to teach LGBT issues in Hungarian schools. In June 2021, (Pride Month, of all months) the Hungarian parliament passed a controversial new law banning LGBTI education for children. From footballers to politicians, the decision has been roundly criticised; EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen called it “a shame” and announced the Commission plans to take action against Hungary.

Under the guise of protecting children from pedophilia (thereby conflating homosexuality with pedophilia), the new law prohibits, among other things, the teaching of content to “popularise” homosexuality or trans identities in schools. Teachers are thus prohibited from even talking to young people about LGBTI issues, let alone teaching them. Human rights organisations warn that such measures will have a serious impact on the mental health of LGBTI youth in Hungary.

Other countries take a very different approach. Scotland, for example, was the first country in the world to integrate LGBTI-inclusive education into its curriculum. Since 2019, state schools in Scotland are obliged to teach pupils about the history of LGBTI equality. In this way, Scotland aims to combat homophobia and transphobia and give pupils space to explore their identities. Although Scotland is considered one of the most LGBTI-friendly countries in the world, a study found that even here 9 out of 10 LGBTI people have experienced homophobia. Could education help fight homophobia? Should LGBTI-inclusive education be introduced across Europe?

What do our readers think? Our reader Nefeli believes that education is the only way to fight homophobia and break down prejudices.

We put Nefeli’s comment to MEP Marc Angel of the S&D group from Luxembourg, chair of the inter-parliamentary group on LGBT rights. What does he think?

Of course, education is very important: education in school, but also education in the activities outside of school which kids and also young people participate in, and then also education in the family. However not everybody has the chance to address subjects like LGBTI questions in their family. Therefore, the school and all the institutions around school have to play an important role.

I think LGBTI questions should not just be an extra subject, but part of a broader upbringing, including sexual education, talking about love, about relationships with people. I think when you have such subjects in school, you cannot ignore LGBTIQ issues.

For another perspective, we also put Nefeli’s question to Rubén Ávila Rodríguez. Rubén is Policy & Research Manager at IGLYO, an international LGBTQI organisation working to make education safe and inclusive for all.

Thank you very much, Nefeli, for your question. I believe that education is one of the strongest tools we have to raise awareness on hate speech and on our own rights. I think that incorporating LGBTQI people, history and issues in school curricula could combat the widespread homophobia Nefeli is talking about, but also bi-phobia, trans-phobia and intersex-phobia that we face in our societies.

Including this type of content in curricula could also offer a safe environment to students who are exploring and kind of understanding their own sexual orientation, gender identities and gender expressions and sex characteristics. We disproportionately face the effects of bullying in schools, so being able to discuss that in a safe environment would help a lot.

While including all of that in schools is very beneficial for students, the way that this is presented is also very important. We know that teachers sometimes lack the confidence to include [LGBTQI education] in schools and also the knowledge on how to do that. So it is very important that they are trained to have this anti-bias lens, so that they can celebrate diversity when it comes to being LGBTQI. And that should also include teachers not having biases when it comes to racism or sexism. So yes, I fully agree: education is one of the strongest tools we have, but we need to work on how we implement it when we are at school.

Next up, we had a comment come in from Teodora. She argues that sex education should be compulsory in schools across Europe, and points out that LGBT awareness and inclusion are particularly important in this regard.

How would Rubén Ávila Rodríguez of IGLYO respond to Teodora?

I fully agree with you, Teodora. At IGLYO, we have published several resources always with young people in charge, and inclusive sex education has always been one of the minimum standards that we have always seen. For inclusive education, we think it should be compulsory, indeed, we believe that lessons should focus on relationships, rather than only on reproductive functions and health risks, which is what happens a lot of times. And this discussion should remain diverse with regards to gender and sex characteristics.

We think that if we do it like that everyone would be able to understand sexual health, while having a positive representation of who they are in regards to sexual orientation, gender identities, gender expressions and variations of sex characteristics. Here, again, I would say teachers should be sensitive to the fact that they might have LGBT students, who also have the right to access this education in a meaningful way.

We understand that sexual health is much broader than just reproductive or procreative sex. Yes, we do need to talk about health risks, but also about how to have a positive experience when it comes to sex and that is very important for LGBTQI people, and we need to be sensitive to what sex might trigger for some people, depending on their experiences of sexual orientations, gender identity, gender expression and sex characteristics.

Finally, we had a comment from David arguing that there are many differences in attitudes as well as legislation towards LGBT issues across Europe. He therefore thinks that education on LGBT issues should be determined at a national level instead of being imposed by the EU.

How would MEP Marc Angel respond to David?

I would say to David that, first of all, the EU has very few competencies in education. And if you look at the LGBTQI equality strategy issued by the Commissioner for equality, Commissioner Dalli, in November, there was a chapter on education, but they talk about exchanging best practices from other countries, and nobody is imposing this.

What Europe does have to impose are the fundamental rights and our treaties, such as Article 2, where we talk of rule of law, where we talk about fundamental rights, where we talk of democracy. You cannot ignore LGBTI rights, and no country can have legislation where LGBTI rights are not seen as human rights. It’s like with women’s rights or with disabled rights – LGBTI rights are also human rights. Human rights are indivisible. In some countries, like Poland and Hungary, they’re saying that this is an ‘LGBTI ideology’, a ‘gender ideology’. No, I’m not an ideology. I’m a gay man and this is an identity. Being an LGBTI person is about an identity, and it is certainly not a choice. But being homophobic or transphobic – that’s a choice.

But I can understand David’s reflection. Education is not a competence of the European Union, though I hope that in every country we can have good sexual education. It’s important for the future and it’s also important that children learn about what is discrimination, what is bullying, because all of this is linked to each other. If you know that ‘gay’ is not an insult or a swear word, then you don’t use it in that way. This is also a lot about language and the younger we start, the better it is. But there’s this very well-organised anti-gender movement in Europe. They tried to ban gender studies from universities, they are against sexual education, they want to bring us back to the patriarchal society, but we don’t want that.

Therefore, I think it’s important that Europe pushes LGBTQI rights without imposing it. We need to strengthen civil society. And in places where legislation is not ready yet, we have to be an ally with civil society and make them push and change legislation to have more pro-LGBTI legislation in these countries. It certainly won’t be dictated from Brussels, but it’s something which has to come from the people.

Should schools teach LGBT issues? Could teaching LGBT issues in school help fight homophobia? How should the EU deal with Hungary’s ban on LGBT education? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below!

Image Credits: Josè Maria Sava on Unsplash

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    No, they should teach kids to be themselves and not adhere to restrictive stereotypes of what real girls or boys do and do not do. They should teach kids that love is love. They should teach kids adapted to the needs of the individual child, allowing them to learn in the way that suits them best

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      Karen Melchior this. 100% agree.I continue to be happy I voted for you for MEP.

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      Karen Melchior Needs to be tought in Denmark too! My daughter stood up for a student in her class, who wanted to join her best friends at the “boys’ night” instead of signing up for a “girls’ night”. It’s a few years ago, and it made perfect sense for the kids, based on the student’s interests and social life, but the grown ups said no.One of them even explained to me, that it is important for girls to have a night alone, away from the boys – she wanted them to feel like princesses.The whole problem could have been very easily solved – the kids could have been asked to sign up for either “gaming night” or “glitter/spa night” – both events open for all.Young kids should be allowed to identify as boys, girls, or both/none of these categories.Gender and sex is not important. Kindness, respect and friendship is.

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      Michał some times good content receives more attention than lies. Not always but sometimes.

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      Michał Szostało Man! .. your source of info must be biased as hell virtually none of what you said makes any logical sense and w.r.t. to Istanbul convention is simply not true.Love is love == “It is none of my business who you love and want to spend your life with as long as they are a consenting adult”Dismantling patriarchy == “Removing structures that make women (or others who are not men) worthy less than men in everyday life”I see 0 relation between love is love contradicting dismantling patriarchy. If you do, I think it speaks to where you see yourself in this patriarchy conversastion.

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      Michał Szostało oh boy . Need a hug? It’s ok to feel emotions. I do not know why you feel so threatened by the idea that two men / women / people may love each other, but it is clear you are acting in anger and fear. I am happy to listen to you and try to understand. My words were not empty. I provided definition of 2 of the issues you worried about. They are not related.I am not Masha .. their words stand as theirs. We (the people not hating people because who they love) are not some unified being. We are many many different people with different ideas – I probably disagree with Masha on many issues. You want to know what Masha means, and why? Go ask them.

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      Michał Szostało never mentioned Orban. But also I am not lying .. I told you my best definition of love is love and dismantle patriarchy … how did I lie? Because you believe my world view (and Karen’s for that matter) must 100% align with a random video you found on yourtube? Again .. Masha is not me. I do not care what they think. Just like the right wing has multiple subtle internal differences, so do we in the rest of the world. I do not speak for Masha and Masha does not speak for me. I have no idea who this person is and do not care about their opinion. I am just not sure why you are so hung up on one person’s opinion I do not know – why am I supposed to go watch a random video and speak for someone else. They are more than capable of explaining themselves – go ask them. Again .. you seem to be upset. I am trying to understand why. Why are you so threatened? You seem to be a man, I will assume a straight man, perhaps married. So am I … a man, married to a woman, with a child. I went to some of the most liberal schools in the US .. I do not feel threatened by feminism, the LGBTI advocacy, marriage equality, or any of the other movements that seems to be touched on in this comment thread.. I have met many-manny people from these movements. I have worked for some of these movements and campaigns. Up close (not through a filter of thousands of kilometers and dozens of commentators), not one of these movements is trying to ban you from marrying who you love. You may still not believe me, because this Masha person said something else, but well, after 17 years in the US … working closely with very many equality movements, this is what I saw. In 100% honesty. I have no reason to lie to you.And thus ‘love is love’ is 100% that … if you love women, want to live your life with a woman (and she’s a consenting adult) – go for it. That is what i am doing. But I also believe that it is none of your, my, or Orban’s business if people who do not identify as a man and a woman want to live together, be married, and have kids. Government does not belong in those decisions. Have a good evening.

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    No, there are certain subjects that are reserved for the family. Can’t be strangers having these conversations with my kids.

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    They should but that does not mean the curricula should adopt any existing propaganda, esp when it comes to trans issues; eg the scientific consensus is that it is NOT known what makes sb homosexual at present. My son was taught about LGBT issues at school at age 10 and I am happy about the open- mindedness, kindness and respect for all people I see in him.

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    No, schools should teach kids those things, which they would need to be virtuous individuals and successful members of society – math, literature, ethics and law, computer science, history, biology etc. LGBT issues are not a valid school subject. They are issues that should be freely and responsibly disucussed between adults in adult society, not by kids in school.

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    Lightly, more of a recognition and guidance for those interested. Not full program subject.

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    Of course ! It should be part of the National sex education programmes as well as part of the diversity stream in social sciences / civil society education IPPF Sex og Samfund Council of Europe AEGEE / European Students’ Forum European Parliament UNICEF UNFPA

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    I think the whole society (including school curricula) needs an upgrade on this topic, the same way by the way that the whole society needs an update on what environmental sustainability is about. Kids are already sensitive to the topic and often more advanced than their teachers eg in using non-gendered pronouns. But I also agree with Karen Melchior : it’s also important to teach that we don’t need to be put into boxes, except perhaps for those like Orban, who should be put in the intolerant-bully box and locked up in there for eternity.

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    Yes for sure, we exist and need support as humans do (stop the bullying, teach about equality and rights). Stop the dumb religious hate!; Let us be(come) ourselves (Gay Men)! Thanks alot! ❤ ️‍ ✌

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    If this LGBTQ+£€ acronym keeps on expanding, school time should be expanded in August and weekends to cover all the …issues.

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    What LGBTTQQIAAP… issues? Imposing a way of life on children is wrong. Unfortunately, the current wave of LGBTTQQIAAP… activism is in fact all about imposing, not about informing. Plain wrong. I accept everybody the way they are, I however do not want to have activism being imposed in school upon my children. That is not what schools are for. The same with the radical critical race theory activism.

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    In school, they should teach Mathematics.Physics.Chemistry.Biology.Literature…etc.It is school.Not a place for political experimentation…

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    Too much advertising is going to the other extreme nothing to be ashamed or proud about it teaching in school is promoting it i do not see why

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    EU Reform Proactive

    Are there no better political ideas coming from the EU & its President Ursula von der Leyen & her advisors at present?

    Why not suggest teaching essential life skills & tolerance in schools- if not done yet- first?

    Isn’t instilling & providing life skill knowledge more important & practical than opportunistically jump on a narrow LGBT issue & push an “in vogue” global or EU vote-catching agenda?

    Please, come up with a plan & show us how to find solutions to prevent the many indiscriminately executed attacks- past, current & ongoing- on all & any respectable adult, plus the ‘vulnerable’ <18 wannabe adults, of mainly female gender (by culturally disturbed immigrants)- like in Würzburg or Vienna recently!

    This can be seen as a systemic societal failure in general & an EU socio-political concept failure in particular.

    A reminder- the first obligation & duty of any government is to guarantee the safety of all its citizens- be they of whatever description & age!

    Any suggestions? Or just a necessity to enforce EU values- because one of the many treaties may dictate so?

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    catherine benning

    Should schools teach LGBT issues?

    This is a psychotic madness that has been swallowed by politicians who have no idea what they are dong to our society, stability and children’s mental health.

    Here is what I witnessed today. A huge, hirsute man came on our news programme telling us he is a woman. A transexual male. He left that truth for a very long time before putting us straight. He wanted children in schools to be taught about homosexuality, transexual practices and how they are what they feel they are to the point where they can be medicated before puberty is over and under the age of sixteen, to ‘prove’ they are not mistaken…. As well as convince children that homosexual relationship was a healthy normal practice and they must embrace it. No mention of the serious health risks this practice can bring on. And does frequently.

    This is so utterly ridiculous I thought about a friend of a family member who has been in a mental institution for forty years because he believes he is a billionaire. He owns all these world wide top hotels and truly believes he has to run them on a daily basis… The maintenance of them, like painting and decorating, plumbing, and frets when staff leave. Worrying how he is going to keep it all afloat. Checks the daily footsie to see how his investments are doing. Their livery being up to the mark. The accounts… I kid you not. He is a poor lost soul struggling inside a 5D existence, whilst living in a 3D world. And here you are as ‘serious’ politicians of our present, declaring you feel it is right for him to be this way. We must accept it as factual. He is Bill Gates. Not only that, but it is mandatory we do so. So much so, that we must sit and look at a huge, hairy, masculine man convinced he is a women and we not only have to take him seriously, you are forcing us to pretend we go along with his predicament, or, go to jail. And our children, at very young ages must also be pulled into this warped view or feel afraid they will be punished if they do not believe what they see, hear and smell. They must believe this man is really a woman, able to be his/her mother, aunt, sister or other female close person. What an insult to women and womanhood this is. My God, what is inside you people to make you do this most dreadful act, against the sanity of us all. Are your places filled with disturbed individuals to the point where you want to destroy reality, or, the reality we believe in, through our own senses. What we see, hear and smell is no longer to be believed because you tell us it is good for our social cohesion to do so? Should a hirsute man or feminine woman tell us they are really the opposite gender to their very appearance, when they most evidentially are not, we will be abused and humiliated should we speak our truth.

    Additionally, you then want to convince babies they have two mothers or fathers, that strapping 6’6″ men can compete against tiny petite girls because they really are tiny petites girls themselves, inside that huge body. Their injected hormones say so. Now it is to be taught to children in school. A place where you think they need to learn respect, appreciation and discipline, along with their ability to function in academia.

    Please, give us all a break and make an appointment with the psychiatrist to sort yourselves out. You ridicule our senses, as you deride our intellect and why do you do it? What is your reasoning? Do you know?

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    Then children will get their information from social media which is way worse. Children need to be taught about it in a basic and informative way, taught acceptance, respect and tolerance for all people no matter their race, gender or beliefs and that everyone has the freedom right to do or believe as they please as long as it doesn’t violate other people or laws.

    • avatar
      catherine benning


      They don’t have to trust in the social media mad house. What on earth does ‘race’ have to do with belief in something that is non existent. Would you like to elaborate. It doesn’t matter how many times you spouts 6’6″ hairy man believes he is a woman that we must believe, no matter what our eyes, ears and sense of smell tells us, it does not make him female. No matter how many mind and body altering hormones you stuff him with. And you want to force children to believe their ‘respected’ teachers telling them he is, is okay, whereas, race is factual. Does this not correlate to you. Teaching human beings are of different breeds, which we see, hear and feel, knowing it to be true, is education. To pretend something is what it is not, is delusion. So you want to knowingly warp children’s minds because the minds of a few are deceiving them, so we must add to it by pretending, under threat if we do not, that it is so. What else do you have in the politically correct pipeline that we must be persuaded is fact against our better knowledge?

  16. avatar

    Schools should teach tolerance and sexual education eventually. Everything else is political propaganda that has no place in a school.

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    catherine benning

    Should schools teach LGBT issues?

    Hungarian schools are pragmatic and understand that to do this is opening a dangerous can of worms not acceptable in an environment of a school room. Children mature at different ages and what may be okay for one child can seriously mentally destroy another. Politicians have absolutely no right to take a frenzied fad and destroy a child’s life with it this way. There is an enormous responsibility running a country and this infantile attitude suggested here is not part of that obligation.

  18. avatar

    No. Never in primary schools. I don’t agree in Europe pushing or imposing these subjects to member States

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    Jan Beugelaar

    A school should teach children about their rights. That it is not normal that there is agression in their homes towards them, That they have the right to follow education. And that it is their right to be who they are and to love who they want.

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    Natasha Stavropoulos

    Of course they should be teaching LGBTQ+ issues, it’s a given!

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    Yes, ofcourse as part of sex education in schools. Some families are too reluctant to give or know proper safe and correct information. This correct information and knowledge coups literally be the difference between a person being safe and protected or not.

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    Hannah Priscilla

    From the most racist continent on the face of the earth! How rich! Europeans can’t address the disgusting legacy of colonialism, racism, Islamophobia or the multiple genocides they use EU funding to sponsor, but Europeans want to lecture CHILDREN about sexuality and become punitive towards Hungary?! Bunch of hypocrites! Why isn’t Ursula doing something punitive to Emmanuel Macron or Denmark concerning how they handle Islamophobia? Who has educated The Netherlands about their blackface Christmas? Europe has no business lecturing anyone about human rights. Get out of our children’s knickers!

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    Of course LGBQTIA choices and promoting inclusivity should be a given. Too many suicides and bullies at present. Young people need to be aware they don’t have to fit in boxes but can be themselves and it’s OK to be themselves. By the way why no women commenting on the kick off discussion?

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    Chris Kremidas-Courtney

    Yes, it should be taught in schools since its not only a human rights issue, it can literally save lives. The number of LGBTQ young people who commit suicide due to bullying and social exclusion is way too high and by educating kids in schools these numbers can be drastically reduced. One recent survey showed that 65% of young LGBTQ Londoners have contemplated suicide so teaching about these issues in schools indeed is a matter of urgency. If we’re going to have an inclusive Europe, then that means everyone!

  25. avatar
    Steven Tustin

    As an adolescent I was given no context for my feelings of homosexuality and thought I was flawed and broken. Obviously we need sexual orientation and gender identity taught as part of a science based curriculum to avoid the damages to individuals and society by internal and external homo/bi/transphobia.

    • avatar
      catherine benning

      Steven Tustin

      Out of interest, how many other children in your class had the same feelings as you? 50% 60% 2%. Would you say it was a majority? How about through the entire school? Democracy is a lesson for the entire population, not simply a few. Children are supposed to be protected by adults, particularly parents. How many of the guardians of the children in your class or school feels teaching their children this hard core ‘adult’ subject is something they can’t live without for a little while longer than the age of five?

  26. avatar

    The world is colapsing because of so many reasons… and your focus is on this??? What a joke

    • avatar

      Alex Ovidiu countries as Hungary focus on these policies as deflection rather…so we can just ignore the less important human rights?

    • avatar

      Alex Ovidiu idiot comment.

    • avatar

      Yes…give a mere fraction of the focus on teaching children that it is okay to be harmlessly different, and to accept harmless difference? Outrageous! Madness!!

  27. avatar

    Why should schools teach about something that’s totally personal and intimate? I don’t see any need to teach neither about LGTBI issues nor about sexuality in general in school, that’s something that every parent should teach and decide how to teach. Schools are places where you are technically prepared to get a basic knowledge about subjects like, sciences, maths, literature, geography, economy, etc. all those things that can help to develop your future profesional skills and to understand about your world. I don’t see any problem teaching about LGTBI issues, as something historic or social, but something totally different is to teach about the different types of genders or to pretend to deliver speeches about sexual diversity and sexual experimentation as it has been proposed here in Spain…

    • avatar

      Nacho Ibh And yet there is sexual education because it’s necessary, like it’s necessary to know about LGTB+ even if it’s private, although not necessarily always an intimate thing.

  28. avatar

    Cuando será que laEU nos impondrá obligatoriamente ser LGTCQYZZ!!

  29. avatar

    Dietro una simpatica bandiera colorata si nasconde una setta che sta manipolando la verità. L’Ungheria e la Polonia stanno tutelando i bambini dagli orchi che si nascondo dietro a presunte libertà sessuale. Le richieste della UE sono un grimarderllo per i depravati pedofili. Che l’ira di Dio vi colpisca maledetti massoni devoti a satana.

  30. avatar

    Children need to know that love can exist between a man and a man a woman and a woman, and a woman and a man.

    • avatar

      Kain Smith it’s a disease!

    • avatar

      Nerijus Beniulis People like you are a disease to society and rational and critical thinking. homosexuality has been disclassified as an illness for long now.

    • avatar

      Kain Smith why.. They just follow their nature which is usually heterosexual.. Why should they know about all sexual exceptions as zoophily pedophily….

    • avatar
      catherine benning


      Please, will you explain why you feel ‘children’ from age? must be bombarded by adult concerns which removes any sense of childhood security often leading to distorted views and panic in every day life. Why would you feel promoting nightmares and intense fear from being unable to comprehend sexuality in its most benign form let alone incomprehension at is variety of deviance will be of benefit to average children. Even precocious children can be and are disturbed to too explicit sexual awareness when foisted on them way before they are ready to receive it. And what gives you the idea the ‘state’ has a role to play in such matters as intimate as this. It is a well known fact government policy, in practice, always falls on the less suitable employees to administer such information. Teachers with little insight passing on information of this kind are prone to enormous cover ups when faced with the disasters they instigate.

      Politicians and politically trendy ignorance has no business interfering in the mental stability of a nations children. They hide their catastrophes for decades before revealing the anguish and illness they create. Experiments of this kind must be kept out of the classroom. And if the LGBT brigade don’t like that natural sense of adult protection of the young, ‘why,’ needs to be addressed in depth.

  31. avatar

    This is not about the LBTQ rights, it’s a simple liberal dictatorship! u

    • avatar

      Endre Barcs oh no! They’re forcing individual freedoms on us!

    • avatar

      Dory Moutran individual freedom means the abolition of the national ststes!

  32. avatar

    LGBT has no place in our schools nor among children

    • avatar

      Miguel Cruz hope you don’t have kids…

  33. avatar

    Of course they should. Is reality and human history. Is the women rights in schools ? Then the kids should learn about all the human rights fights and how much people struggled to obtain them. And how some are still fighting for basic human rights even in EU.

  34. avatar

    Shame on undemocratic Europe which does not respect people’s of Europe democratic choices

  35. avatar

    Ask your Mother and Father how they made you! This is the FKNG New World Order rools…. Dont be stupid, use your minds!

  36. avatar

    About sexuality, yes.Political propaganda, no.

  37. avatar

    it has no right to intervene in the sovereignty of member countries. It cannot and must not intervene or tell people how to live. each people its culture, each people its values. They always end up talking about acceptance of different ideas and cultures. But everything that is not on the Marxist agenda can no longer be accepted. Live the cradle values, live the family values. Europe wants to endotrinize in schools, it wants to play a role that only the parents of children have to play.

    • avatar
      catherine benning


      You are right…. However, does anyone ask where this crop is all coming from? Where did this start? And by whom and why? Why does this organisation, along with others in the Globalist cabal, want to force us to sign up for our children to have their minds contaminated by adult behaviour from babies? Why is it being allowed by those who teach and those who parent? Why would some people think this is acceptable politics? What is it really about? Is it rational thinking?

  38. avatar

    I believe LGBTQIA SHOULD be taught in schools worldwide! It should be covered in history class, it should be covered in health class, science, etc. The world has been ignorantly blind to the fact that we are a part of history, a part of science, and a part of health. It’s very important to include LGBTQIA topics in school. The exclusion makes the individual who fits into the category illiterate of their own personal experience and that is NOT fair.

  39. avatar

    From MF or MW we have arrived at LGBTTQQIAAP?
    So, the clay is now informing the Potter, when in reality the Potter forms the clay.
    The short answer to the question is No.

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