Covid passports are coming! Digital Green Certificates, as the Commission still insists on calling them, are supported by an overwhelming majority in the European Parliament. So, the 2021 summer travel season is set to begin safe and Covid-free, right? Sadly, in the EU, nothing is that easy and, as of now, there are far more questions than answers. The Commission is currently working out the details, and the Council hopes the green passports will be in operation by June 21st.

Many details still need to be worked out. For example, what type of tests will be accepted? Who will issue the certificates? If non-EU nationals are included in the schemes, do only vaccines authorised by European authorities qualify? In principle, however, Covid passports will allow people to travel freely between all EU member states if they have recovered from Covid-19, recently tested negative, or received a vaccine.

Is this a roundabout way to force people to get vaccinated? Many people are hesitant to get vaccinated for different reasons, including a general distrust of their government. In order not to make vaccination effectively compulsory and not to discriminate against those who want to be vaccinated but haven’t had the opportunity, a negative Covid test will grant the same freedoms as proof of vaccination. Either way, lawmakers are open in their intent that the travel certificates should act as an incentive for EU residents to get inoculated.

Will the travel certificates be effective? Theoretically, a person can get infected with Covid-19 just days before or after their negative test result. A certificate, green-lighting travel without quarantine may send out the wrong signal and lead to risky behaviour. Before we know it, we may introduce another wave of infections as a significant share of the population is yet to be fully vaccinated.

Are they even necessary? Vaccinations must be our priority. There will always be the residual risks of false-negatives or vaccinated individuals still spreading the virus. Eighteen months into the pandemic, we are finding our way with new systems to help ease restrictions but, for many, it may feel as if we are effectively pro-longing lockdown. The EU promises to end the green passport scheme once the WHO officially declares the pandemic to be over. Perhaps we need to learn to live with Covid-19. If so, can we learn to live with green travel certificates over the long-term?

Are Covid travel certificates a good idea? Are you excited to travel with a Covid passport? Do you feel they would limit your right to move freely within the EU? Do you believe vaccine passports will motivate people to get the jab? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

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    catherine benning

    Are Covid travel certificates a good idea?

    To rob the the traveller of course they are. However, if you mean are they gong to help reduce the infection of mankind, who is inclined to move around the planet, then, how ridiculous is this question. Those who enter Europe via the so called developing world, will buy any document they choose, including education documents, from the sellers in the market place. The piece of paper they carry saying they were vaccinated, or, have no symptoms or whatever our pretend governments come up with, as a requirement to mean nothing. Any more than those entering Europe today from all over the planet, fill out forms accurately as to their place of origin.

    However, the black market or bent officials will be in the money just as they are today. And in comes all the curds and whey with whatever they don’t care you catch.

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      Given the Covid can kill, it is not the matter of “who is moving around the planet”, it is about the global reality required people to move around the world. Without those moving around the world, those who have been hiding all their life at their own country like a folk living at bottom of the well would not be able to continue their extravagant live. There are more people entering China from the highly developed countries than those from the developing countries. China is the major trade partner of EU, the US and ASEAN. If EU does not have a Covid travel certificate, EU citizens would not be able to enter China. The consequence is, EU economic recovery would be seriously dragged. This would eventually harm EU job and consumption market. If democracy is about freedom and equality, there are too many selfish individuals who are killing the vulnerable people and damaging the collective. Individual rights and freedom is more dangerous than the Covid, if you can see the difference between a socialist China and a democratic US and Europe. Fighting Covid is comparable to fighting a war, it is a fight to save lives and the economy. If EU citizens do not want to sacrifice some of their human rights, do not blame your government on your climbing death toll and rocketing infectious rate. However, you ought to be held legal liability for the deceased and their family. There are more than 3 million individuals perishing, they are killed by freedom and liberty of you selfish individuals.

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      Besides, there are always way to check out fake documents from the less developed countries. Must remind you people of the highly developed countries, the Chinese customs have stopped fake documents from Taiwan and the developing countries as well. It is not about developed or developing, it is about how governments all over the world can overcome their political/election constrains and work together. Overall, it is about how voters of democracies can stop abusing their rights and liberty disregarding life of fellow citizens.

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      People who are inward looking, do not want to get out of their comfort zone, do not want to reach out for the world and see outside their little country, should not prevent those who wants to do otherwise. It is a new era, a global era, the world is undergoing a very drastic change. If young people are prevented to go out and explore the world and discover their own developmental path, instead being tripped inside the country and being brainwashed daily by fake information fabricated by the media empire. How many generations would be wasted? Young people want to see the world and Covid must be stopped. For the old and retired, people have already their socioeconomic foundation buttress, they can stay in their comfort zone, but do not prevent young people going out and explore. One year, two year are not too much for old and retired people, however, extremely important for young people, for they need to find their destination quickly in this highly competitive world.

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    When China has successfully controlled the spread of the Covid-2019 since last year and becomes the major economy showing positive economic growth, when over 1.12 billion people in China had received the Chinese vaccine and 223 million had already completed the vaccination process. Why EU does not accept the Chinese vaccine approved by the WHO so as to facilitate the recovery of the EU economy?

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    Of course they are. If a covid passport makes it unnecessary to have a test or quarantine, I’m all for it.

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    Kimmo Linkama

    In one word, yes. In digital form, they are difficult to forge if granted by health authorities. Paper documents can be forged, of course, but so can passports, visas, driving licences. If a covid passport avoids unnecessary testing and quarantines, I’m all for it.

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      catherine benning

      Kimmo Linkama

      Just one noticeable flaw here, forged passports, visas, driving licences and paper work of that kind do not spread killer viruses. Forged paper work declaring a person is vaccinated or virus free, when they are not, does.

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    as long as its a secure digital system integrated into someones personal id that allows them to be tracked and traced should they be fraudulent and that no one with a non integrated system is allowed through,it really needs to be a world wide system like a real passport

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    catherine benning

    Are Covid travel certificates a good idea?

    Australia says no to a vaccine passport……. Thank goodness at least one civilised country realises the connection to the 1930’s this vaccine passport emulates. There is now a multitude of evidence these vaccines are seriously dangerous. So, don’t travel to countries that demand you have to put yourself at risk to spend your money in their land. Plus, make sure those politicians who call for this introduction to your health plans are now filled with of this vaccine themselves, as well as their entire family.

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    There is no use of having freedom and liberty within a country. There is a whole world to see and explore. This is a real freedom and liberty particularly for young people. So Covid travel certificates and accepting all WHO approved vaccinate is a must. This is the only for EU to recover from the Covid. Only international cooperation, people can stop a pandemic. Closing the boundary to enjoy freedom and liberty in a pandemic with the Covid variation mounting within a country or a region is comparable to an irrational mass suicide, this is how some races in the earth have disappeared.

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    I reasonably doubt that the EU will end travel certificates, passports or whatever they call them, when WHO declares the pandemic to be over. Last year at that time the idea of ,,green” certificates were labelled as a ,,conspiracy theory”. One year later they are fact. So I don’t believe the EU authorities. Are travel certificates for tuberculosis a good idea? According to the same WHO tuberculosis remains a serious problem in many parts of the world even in the 21st century. The WHO estimated that more than 1 million people die from tuberculosis worldwide annually. But Europe is not suffering from local epidemic of tuberculosis so I guess that’s not a problem for the EU ,,leaders”.

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      Крис Караджов live in fear

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    Медицински фашизъм

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    A digital certificate is an awful idea.

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