How will German Chancellor Angela Merkel be remembered? During her 15 years in office, she has been confronted with crisis after crisis, from the Eurozone crisis, to the migrant crisis, to the Covid-19 crisis. Will her legacy be as a cautious pragmatist and shrewd political survivor? Or will she be remembered for Germany’s botched handling of the Coronavirus vaccine roll-out?

2021 is a “super election year” in Germany. On Sunday 15 March, state elections were held in Rhineland-Palatinate and Baden-Württemberg, and Merkel’s party was punished by voters. The Greens, in contrast, had a very successful election. Does this spell trouble for Merkel’s CDU in the upcoming Bundestag elections? After all, the Greens have been on an upward polling trend in Germany for months and surveys show that the environment and climate change are important issues for voters.

What’s next for the Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats? The poor results on Sunday will inevitably cast a shadow over the new CDU leader Armin Laschet, who now has to evaluate what went wrong in these elections. Should he be the party’s candidate for chancellor? Or would another candidate be better able to convince voters?

Has Germany’s vaccine fiasco hurt Angela Merkel’s legacy? Will voters punish the Christian Democrats in upcoming German federal elections? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

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    EU Reform Proactive

    Another political speculation that will find its answer once Germany goes to the poll in Sept this year- please just wait & see!

    However, much more important is to discuss & shed some light on the way the EU’s executive branch is negotiating (another fiasco) on behalf of its 27 member states and how they protect & favor the drug companies instead of the EU taxpayers.

    This EU is once more a willing participant and will comply & label these “secrete clauses” as “trade secrets” which are absolutely necessary, normal & God knows what else- to protect these companies by arguing to obtain these Covid doses at special rates & tough negotiations.

    In fact, this will guarantee their high-profit margins without risk! How dishonest & what a nice political fabrication!

    This NY Times article shows how the EU secretly agrees to transfer the drug companies’ risk & liability to the EU member states and their taxpayers. Like the secrete TTIP negotiations- which failed eventually.

    Actually, the EU should be restricted to negotiate alone- because they act in bad faith on behalf of their member states.

    This is by now a reoccurring pattern- not a slip up- where the EU is once more caught protecting big businesses and exposing taxpayers. The risk & reward principle has been “re-unionized” once more!.

    REUTERS report: “As mentioned in the introduction, EU officials have informed Reuters that product liability is one of the biggest contentious issues in European efforts to secure a vaccine.

    “Available documents, however, suggest that drug companies demanded and received flexible delivery schedules, patent protection, and immunity from liability if anything goes wrong. In some instances, countries are prohibited from donating or reselling doses, a ban that could hamper efforts to get vaccines to poor countries.”

    Why are we not presented with important behind-the-scenes scenarios?

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    catherine benning

    Has Germany’s vaccine fiasco hurt Angela Merkel’s legacy?

    What legacy is that? Mass take over of the German culture, economy and population from the remarkable ability and population it once had for Germanic advancement?

    Never mind the quality feel the width!

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    I cannot see how a top commander can confront a global-wide pandemic so efficiently, if Angela Merkel has not been given all powers to mobile the whole country and command obedience in fighting a deadly virus with high infectious rate. Fight the pandemic is comparable to fighting a war. Do not take Angela Merkel a scapegoat, it is your political system that has been dragging her feet and tying her hands.

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    When a country needs to fight or even preparing for a war, its top leader would declare “emergence state”, which is the president or prime minister or the Chancellor in Germany would have all the power to command and mobilize all resources to win. In this nuclear age, no big powers would dare declare a war. This is the reason why the US has been fabricating lots of reasons to impose sanction rather than declaring war against. As we can see, the death toll in this pandemic, Covid-2019 is comparable to a major war to many countries. As with the US, the total death is 540000, which is more than the sum of the Korean War and the Vietnam War. EU’s death is around 570000. Isn’t this more than the death toll of two major wars of the America? I cannot see why politicians and people are still using democracy to tie the hands of their leaders. So, do not blame Angela Merket and other political leaders of EU, they has not been given the proper power to fight the pandemic. It is not entirely the problem of democracy, it is the narrow self-interest of individuals, politicians and parties that are killing democracy. Equally, when people are using populism to kill EU and panicking on the decline of Europe, it is still the same issue, narrow self-interest has sacrificed the collective goods.

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