It’s been one year since the pandemic began. On 11 March 2020, the World Health Organization officially declared a global pandemic. The first national lockdowns across Europe began around the same time. Many of us are now in our second (or even third) lockdown. We’ve been separated from friends and love ones. Perhaps we’re a bit too reliant on takeaways. Those of us who are able to work (or study) remotely have had to figure out how, maybe while also juggling homeschooling and childcare.

2020 will go down as a year that changed the world. In some areas, the pandemic has accelerated changes that were already happening. The shift to home working and online shopping, for example, has been brought forward by COVID-19. Some things, on the other hand, may not have happened without the crisis, such as the election of Joe Biden, or the adoption of common European debt.

What has your own experience of the pandemic been? Were you able to work, study, or keep in touch with friends and family? Do you think the lockdown affected your mental health? Were you able to get exercise, fresh air, etc., during the lockdown?

One year one, how has coronavirus affected your life? How has coronavirus changed the world? How has it changed Europe? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

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    Ever since the boomers took over the Western governments we have had nothing but non-stop crisis and two “lost generations” in a row. Perhaps we can incentivize their early retirement?

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    Yes it was a very good idea to impose restrictions and lockdowns..we are not too bad here in ireland..we have just had a 3 month lockdown and expect to get 6 more weeks before opening up for the summer june and july travel on holidays in ireland only..we now have a quarinteen for people from 33 countries and while they do not like this they agree and respect it will be a good hopefully if we get to have a population vaccination of at least 4 million people before september this year ..then we can get everyone to restart everything again..hopefully..we ‘re getting tired of it all now !! :D..greetings from Ireland :D

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    Boris Johnson has adopted a common sense approach. Death rates are the measure of a pandemic. Not rubbish Chinese rapid test that create pandemic numbers without any actual real cases. These Rapid tests are prone to false positive results, which results in people with zero symptoms and no actual virus infection being erroneously labelled ‘cases’. This just exaggerates the numbers with lies. Only people with symptoms and a genetic diagnostic confirmation are a ‘case’. Well done to Boris on this wise call. I had a Boson Biotch Rapid test and their website states: Xiamen Boson Biotech Quote: <>⁠ question is, why is the EU still supporting rapid tests??

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    The (assumed) definition of “normal” what scares me the most in this question.

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