In Berlin, 35% of the population have foreign roots. But this diversity is not reflected in Berlin’s municipal government, where only 12% of civil servants and employees have a migration background. The Berlin government has decided it wants to redress this imbalance. One solution it considered was adopting binding quotas for local government to recruit more people with migration backgrounds into public service.

The proposal was polarising, attracting both support and plenty of criticism, and ultimately the Berlin government opted for voluntary measures instead. Affirmative action has been around for decades in the United States, yet it remains controversial there too. Should we introduce such measures in Europe?

Critics of the so-called “immigrant quota” argue it is neither achievable nor fair. Instead, they argue that every position should be filled by the best candidate, regardless of gender or background. Measures such as immigrant quotas or gender quotas (also known as “affirmative action” or “positive discrimination”) appear to prevent that. The quality of work could be impaired if positions are no longer filled on the basis of qualifications alone. Furthermore, wouldn’t a such quotas be unfair to people without a migrant background?

Supporters of the immigrant quota believe that it is one way to address structural inequalities. Even with quotas, our societies would still be a long way from treating candidates without a migrant background “unfairly”. For example, studies show that people with a migration background are at a disadvantage during the application processes in Germany compared to candidates with exactly the same qualifications. Could immigrant quotas for state jobs help make the recruitment process fairer?

Should there be diversity quotas for state jobs? Or are voluntary measures a better solution? Does affirmative action work? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

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    No.. Is that your understanding of equality.. Only competency should be considered

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    No the most qualified and experienced should get the job

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    At equal qualifications and experience with the candidates diversities should be add in the selection for equal representations.

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    catherine benning

    Should there be diversity quotas for state jobs?

    Please, can you start this off by explaining why you feel selection for jobs should include diversity or race issues?

    Initially we ask, why are 35% of German people with roots outside of the country? How did that come about? Was it included in the run up to democratic German elections for the population to vote on? And, was the notion, now being floated, of handing these imports secure government jobs by diversity entitlement on their entry expressed? Seemingly whether they would be adequate in the positions an irrelevance…. More pertinent, why do politicians feel it good policy to eliminate secure jobs from indigenous German people on the grounds of race? Presently, employees happily ensconced in those positions prove good at them. To offer such posts to immigrants, as a matter course, appears brutal toward those defending Germany at the moment. Who will benefit from subsequent unemployment of good indigenous German people? Please elaborate on the outcome sought by such moves. What are your expectations?

    Next, are any countries outside European borders, those made up of mainly ethnic majority population, planning to provide jobs for indigenous European to redress a balance of the job shortage instigated in European countries by their migrants? And if they do intend to give this privilege to incomers, will the salaries offered be in keeping of those lost at home?

    What benefits are expected by enforced diversity for European populations? Affirmative action, as it is referred to, appears to have been a disaster in the USA, which was not indigenous of majority population at any time. Similar to the Australians with Aborigines. The American mess should not be transferred from its borders to Europe on account of its heavy imports of slavery. Slaves were equally imported to the US from many countries outside of Africa. Caucasians just as exploited by their enslavement as those of other races..

    From European politicians point of view, is the build toward civil war we see in the US a good ideal for Europeans to follow? As this preference, for so called diversity, is how their split rose in the first place. The take over by minority populations via the influx of jobs to minorities of Washington, DC, through diversity programmes imposed there.

    Has Europe, in any part of it, listened to the wishes of their indigenous population of tax payers in any of these diversity programmes? Were any consulted en masse, or, the fears made public, discussed and adhered to? And if not, why are we called a democracy? Mahatma Gandhi listened to the Indian population when they demanded rid of the British from their lands. He felt democracy was important to the Indian people. Was he right? Or, are the Americans who now face unrest, the example we should follow?,_D.C.

    The British movement following the USA political agenda.

    And how India, under Gandhi, freed itself of invaders on the grounds of equality issues being addressed regarding their class system. How is India in equality issues today? And after all these years since British rule left them to their own devises? Well the untouchables remain untouchable. And how long has India been free of the British oppressors?

    Although, I do adore the political mission Gandhi managed to pull off. He cleverly got rid of those who took over that country by imposing its people on the population as rulers. By calling on invaders to leave by popular demand, he went the democratic route of freeing his people of invaders by peaceful means.

    Perhaps Europe should introduce the Gandhi method so admired by all.

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    EU Reform Proactive

    By comparing the present Federal German Bundestag with Berlins’ “Abgeordnetenhaus”- what becomes obvious?

    I do observe that Berlin’s political composition does not reflect the greater German political alignment. It is a German dilemma.

    Berlin is dominated by the SDP(38), Greens (27) & Left (27)= 92 against the opposition (68). It is politically a left/green-run state! It isn’t surprising that such questionable demands arise from the SPD/Left & Green conglomerate.

    The Bundestag has a coalition of CDU, CSU & SPD (398) against the opposition (311) the Left (69) and Greens (=67) being a minority + the rest (175).

    This reflects the “actual & broader German political direction. Not the extreme Berlin situation.

    Since Berlin falls “far” outside the Norm of the German political spectrum this should be a matter for all Germans to solve- not the rest of us.
    Germany can only wait & observe the upcoming Sept21 elections. Then take stock again.

    All these raised issues by the DE suddenly become EU & everyone’s issues due to the EU supranational concept. Doesn’t it become too much of a burden for us 27 Member ordinary citizens?. Who needs or wants to worry about every issue and every Dick Tom & Harry in a still stable neighboring country?

    Not me!

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      EU Reform Proactive

      Sorry, sorry- to avoid coming across as gender or a race-biased bigot- let me rather learn from the news to be pc!

      After a good night’s sleep & pondering- I amend my racist English phrase of: “Tom, Dick and Harry” to the latest super-supranational global version of:

      “Muhammad, James, Enzokuhle (“Do good”),- Fatima, Emma, Precious”.

      Trust our Suzerain EU politicians & journos will approve the well-balanced new version- and use it in official speeches from now on! No referendum allowed!

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    It’s easy to think and agree that of course the most qualified and experienced should get the job, then hope it will all be fine. It’s not. That’s why quotas are needed until the system delivers equality by design. It’s easy to understand why: those in charge choose who resembles them, and qualifications and experience require judgment, which is therefore inevitably biased. Let alone that even if only experience measured in years mattered, then women would be automatically penalised for each year lost making a child. Bottom line is: quotas are needed to break this vicious cycle of bias.

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    if you think the pipes that bring water care about diversity you will have a rude awakening

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    You can have both. Quotas filled by the best possible from specific groups.

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    catherine benning

    Should there be diversity quotas for state jobs?

    @ Boris

    Can you really? And who overseas who is best possible from these specific groups. Relatives? Nepotism? No, not in the UK you don’t see anything close to best. Not by a long chalk. Barely able to annunciate or even hold an articulate sentence together. Let alone be aware of the difficulty they have in trying to do so. It has become laughable. Proper English is no longer a requirement. And the letters you now receive from government is an embarrassment. Just read our newspapers for an example.

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    I have lived in Germany and I can tell you that if you do not have a German name you cannot just get the good jobs. If you are a foreigner they will only give you the worst jobs and this is especially if you are from Eastern Europe.

    The Germans still have NAZI believes that they are the greatest nation. They think that they are superior and that the others should work for less than nothing for them. They are still fascists, but they are hiding it.

    In the UK it is better, but yet to get a Directors job only certain minorities have this right. The British have an anti-racist laws which does not allow them to abuse their power with minorities like Africans, Asians or Indians, but they terrorize psychologically the white Eastern Europeans, but this cannot be proven anyway, because you cannot see it.

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    catherine benning

    @ Maskedman

    First of all, if you feel Germans remain Nazi like, why do all these Eastern block migrants and foreigners from outside Europe, akin to you, go there as first choice to get away from the environment they helped create at home? And don’t try the nearest to them line. That has nothing to do with their choices. It is simply because it is easiest to invade. Merkel is from an Eastern block immigrant family. Therefore pushes justification of her politics to change its culture onto German tax payers because of these internal affiliations. Similar to the UN bunch, with the rest of the crowds seeking tax payer charity in that organisation. And then, once they have it, wanting to take the ‘good’ jobs from those ‘benefactors’ who funded their existence there in the first place?

    Why not confront these issues at home prior, then there would be no reason to leave? Issues you found unacceptable to your present aspirations should have been addressed face on in order to create what you feel is right for you. Not abandon your fellow citizens who are then left to their dreadful state of existence? And you do this with an intention to ruin the opportunities for others in the places you escaped to.

    Are you saying, those who created a good lawful living environment for themselves and their families, have no right to defend what is rightfully theirs? And you do this in order to allow a take over of a lifestyle they set up for themselves. You want to reduce their desired standards so you and your ilk can be better off at their expense. And if that is what you feel is right, why do you feel that way? Will you be happy to hand over what you eventually gain to another invading order unable to fight for their own better aspirations at home? Is that because you don’t feel you and your kin have the ability to create such a lifestyle as it is too difficult? Yet, you feel those wanting to take over these so called ‘good’ jobs have the ability to continue with any high standards needed to keep them ‘good’? Have you noticed the horrendous drop in ‘good job’ expectations we see as a result of already obvious inability of those chosen to keep it going? Not to mention the obvious lack of desire to maintain these high standards it takes to keep it going? Hence the cry of ‘elitists’ when the drop is exposed.

    another method used to hide reality. What has really happened, is a revert to the standards of ‘back home,’ as it is so easy in comparison to the necessary requirements encountered in Europe…. Who knew basics were so difficult to take on board?

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    @Catherine Benning,

    The British are also no better than the Germans. They terrorize the foreigners psychologically, but this cannot be proven sadly. I am just saying that from my point of view this is unfair to foreigners from the eastern part of Europe. So if a person from an Eastern Europe immigrates to western Europe it is an “Invasion”, but if a person from the Arab world or Africa comes to Western Europe it is a “Blessing”. Do you know how double standard that sounds?

    These are double standards. If a person from Eastern Europe does something bad it is punishable, but if an African, Pakistani or Asian does it is allowed simply, because in the UK you have anti-racist laws since colonial times. Cathrine if memory serves me correct the British fought against the fascist Germans and their ideas. Why are you protecting them?

    Another thing. Why don’t you go to some country from Eastern Europe and fight the mafia. If you are brave enough not to be killed, then go ahead. It is easy from your safe chair in Britain to preach democracy and human rights, but I am sure if you go to see these things first hand yourself, you will run away, because it will be easier for you.

    You are just preaching that there should be a double standard between people from Western Europe and Eastern Europe, which contradicts the values of Western Europe and this makes it very hypocritical. If you apply for a job it should not matter if you have a German name or not. What should matter is if you can do a good job and if you can develop your skills and competences. Maybe Germans are not the only ones who do this, however this does not solve the problem of double standards and discrimination and fascism.

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      catherine benning


      Let’s start with the accusation of double standards. It is you who is promoting double standards by refusing to acknowledge any drop in expectation within our environment and the ability to represent the British/German, etc., people on a level they hoped to continue with. Just like Gordon Brown did when he refused to listen to the women who told him of the awful fear she had since the changes in her local area had taken place with the massive influx of migrants. He, having the gall to call her a bigot behind her back, as she had dared to speak out believing, naively, he didn’t know what was going on. He being a perpetrator of her horrendous situation that went completely against her well being.

      From my point of view and from research done in the UK, the British indigenous are terrified of mass invasion in numerous immigrant parts of the country. You cannot live safely where those with different cultural values take over an area that used to be quiet and in well run neighbourhoods any longer. Which is why we have massive ‘white’ flight out of city areas in particular. Every night there are stabbings and murders in unbelievably high amounts. Almost as bad as in the US now.

      Of course the government officials try to keep the general statistics quiet as they know they will be held responsible. However, when you wake up in the morning and you hear the equivalent radio news to the type you get daily in NYC, these statistics become hard to correlate with a UK we were brought up with. And the politicians ‘are’ responsible as they took the measures they knew would increase the danger to their population. Regardless of the given reasons for those decisions. They were and are irresponsible. You cannot live a peaceful life within a heavily murderous area when that area harbours killers from outside your borders given rights by your government to do it. London is the equivalent of South Africa in some boroughs. And the government, police community and leaders are terrified to speak out. The word racist is always flung around if you dare say you are afraid to raise your eyes as you walk down the road, for fear of being accused of spying on or some other idiot remark made to you. To watch terrified policemen unable to open a conversation to defend the people they serve, or, for themselves, is a gross betrayal of our population of law abiding tax payers. And the politicians who brought this about within our society, knowingly as they were not blind to the situation immigrants created in the land of their birth. As a result of their collusion against those who voted for them, they should be taken to a court of law and answer for these horrendous crimes committed whilst pretending they had our best interest at heart. Starting with Blair and his cronies. He and his enablers should be forced, with their families, to live in the environment they colluded to create.

      And, as you write, not only Germans do this, but others too. Let’s start by naming all the ‘others’ you claim do this, shall we. And what do you suggest when the research statistics show all human beings, to a greater and lesser degree, do this for their self protection. What you are suggesting is denying them the ‘human right’ to express their fear and ‘their need’ for rightful self protection.

      I notice you cleverly skipped the ‘good’ job’ issues you believe should also be rightfully stolen from the indigenous Europeans in their economically thriving part of Europe. In order give those travellers who want to creep in and take the ‘good jobs’ under the guise of deserving Globalism ideals. If the Globalist who want to take from their neighbours prosperity are suggesting this incomers are deserving why is that thought? Had they been deserving, through hard work and decision making at home they, would not be needing to steal it from those they encounter elsewhere, would they?

      Robin Hood and his merry men is your train of thought.. The only problem with that notion is, those you want to steal from are not rich, they simply are the work force of a willing nation. Whether it be Germans, British or any other prosperous nation of people.

      Again I refer you to, when those migrants from outside your borders come to take over your hard fought for ‘good’ income and position will you be ready to sacrifice your families bed and dinner so they can laugh in your face as you move into the charity tent and food bank hand outs they exchange with you??

      What has to be seriously considered from now on is, an Israeli style piece of land donated to those who believe in political realism of rightful acquisition for hard work done. And for any part of that hard work donated by tax paying to raise the standards of living for those who responsibly looked after themselves taken seriously. Laws which protect them from dullards who think something for nothing is where it’s at.

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    @catherine benning

    I am not preaching double standards, but nations such as British, Germans, Italians and other like them are doing that.

    I think it is actually that people like you embrace double standards and discriminate people from Eastern Europe.

    I understand your logic and I can understand where you are coming from, but morally what people in the west do is very incorrect and outrageous. This is very disappointing to say the least that the Europeans have not grown up one bit in their way of achieving unity, brotherhood and prosperity.

    By they way Catherine I hope that the Irish one day will be united and I hope that New Zealand, Australia and Canada will become independent just like the United States of America, which actually controls Britain like a puppet master sitting in the dark.

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    EU Reform Proactive

    Hi Mr. Maskedman- March 7th, 2021

    YOU:…………. “I have lived in Germany and I can tell you that if you do not have a German name you cannot just get the good jobs. If you are a foreigner they will only give you the worst jobs and this is especially if you are from Eastern Europe.”………..

    ME: Have you fully understood the forum question? The discussion is not about “good jobs, worst jobs or any jobs” (in Germany)! A reminder of the forum question:

    FQ: “Should there be diversity quotas for state jobs? (STATE JOBS- not any jobs!)

    You seem to search for work in the EU, why not in your country of birth? I assume you will have fully informed yourself about the present labor situation in the EU- have you? Some help:

    There is a big difference if you are a citizen of one of the EU Member states to qualify for “any” (good or worst) jobs”- or not. All with good reasons!

    It is broadly understood by now that the EU is not a nation nor a country but a political concept. Therefore, one has to investigate what the job criteria for STATE JOBS in each member state are. Have you done so?

    The UK left the EU officially on 1st Jan 2021 & determines its own laws.

    Please consider that your gripes might be wild generalizations and remain personal opinions. They are your unfortunate perceptions formed over years by experiences in your home country and the current realities in some EU member states.

    I trust you will carefully investigate your eligibility if you qualify for any “state jobs”- in any of the 27EU member states- or not. Excluding the UK.

    Good luck!

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    The police force has a quota of 35%. Perfect match. Because some migrants find Prussia great.

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    That’s probably one of the worst ideas right now. If you want a real equality you must not give privileges to anyone based on his origin. This is literally a reverse discrimination.

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    Maybe start solving REAL problems?

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    No. Qualified people should be in positions that require qualified people regardless of sex, color, age. Or else you end up with cackling ignorants like the VP of the USA who was put there because she is a women of non white skin. She is not qualified for that job, couldn’t be a dumber person holding that office.

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