So much for a Russia reset. Observers are already declaring the death of EU foreign policy following a humiliating trip to Moscow by European High Representative Josep Borrell. The Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, has warned the Kremlin is ready for a complete “break” with the EU, severing existing ties should Brussels dare to implement a new round of targeted sanctions.

Lavrov is (probably) bluffing. Russia is dependent on energy exports to the EU in order to prop up a corrupt and inefficient economy. Yet, at the same time, the EU also depends on Russian energy to keep the lights on; Russia is the EU’s main supplier of crude oil (30%), natural gas (40%) and solid fossil fuel such as coal (42%). Both partners need one another (though that mutual energy dependency may change as the EU transitions away from fossil fuels).

Should the EU work to reduce its dependency on Russia? French President Emmanuel Macron has argued there cannot be peace in Europe without engaging Russia. Others, however, have criticised this approach, with some describing it as engagement for its own sake without any broader strategy behind it. The humiliation of Borrell in Moscow has hopefully demonstrated that Europe first needs to work out what it wants to say to Russia, and talk only when it is appropriate to talk.

Can the EU afford to cut ties with Russia? Should Europe cancel the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project and work harder to reduce its energy dependence on the Russian Federation? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

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    Reducing dependency on Russian energy was something that the EU should have pursued for a long time now…

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      Why?It was Ukraine which was stealing EU’s gas. Saudi Arabia imprisons women for driving a car… so we should stop any oil imports from there.

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      Kostas Tsotsanis Yeah, now if Germany could get the memo, that’d be great.

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    Russia is the biggest European country.E.U. must improve relations with it at maximum level

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    Well keep sanctioning them and eventually you will have a large unstable and hostile country right to your borders. Not very wise is it? Stop playing America’s games to serve their interests Europe. After all, they don’t have direct borderline with Russia. And it is all about financial interests nothing more. The US and their Western European Atlanticist allies just want a weaker economically Russia to spread their own influence and interests to the East. If you were Russia and had all your former western territories being cut off your sphere and influence, severely hurting your finances wouldn’t you protest? And why can’t these countries maintain some ties with Russia and belong in both economic spheres, instead having to be literally taken and cut off from their Russian ties, just so Atlanticists can have their wet dreams of Western dominance!

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      Christos Mouzeviris Or, you know, they don’t want to reward a country for blatantly flouting international law. Over and over again.

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      John MT really? How? Who’s laws again? Did NATO countries got punished for invading Iraq without UN approval? That wasn’t breaking international law that just was!!

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      Christos Mouzeviris I agree !

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      Christos Mouzeviris Right, and what’s your point? It was bad that certain NATO countries invaded Iraq without UN approval therefore… let’s let Russia invade a country without UN approval? Or are you just fine with countries invading other countries?

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      John MT I’m not fine with any country invading other country but if we want to point the finger towards others then we should be making sure that we are not doing exactly the same. Otherwise we are just hypocrites!

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      Christos Mouzeviris Yes, countries behave differently in different times under different leaders. Bush is not Obama is not Trump is not Biden. What matters is what YOU think. Do YOU think we should sanction countries that invade other countries? If so, you should be thrilled the EU is sanctioning Russia!

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      John MT I’m not thrilled because as I explain above the motive is not to punish them for “invading” rather to keep them economically weak and out of Europe. My vision is different. Europe independent from either America and Russia but in close cooperation with both. The more it sides with America to spite Russia, Europe will never independent, will always spend billions for arms, and will always do the US dirty work in Eastern Europe. And yes as I am very fair minded person, if I am to condone sanctions against Russia, I’d like to see some for USA please….!! What? No?

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    The EU should not be hostile to Russia , we can´t afford to break with the country . The both EU and Russia need to live in a friendly neighbourly .

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    Why do we need to “cut ties with Russia”? To save USAn markets?Because USA told us to do it? We should start by cutting ties with countries like Saudi Arabia, which imprisons women for driving a car!Then we need to expel all USAn military forces occupying EU, and start investigation into the politicians who put USAn interests ahead of EU’s, because that’s treason.

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      George Thomson Why not both Russia and Saudi Arabia?

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    Russia is just saudi with trees….if it wasn’t for countries (notably Germany in eu) falling over themselves to buy their fossil fuel exports, they would be broke.Time for the EU to get serious & break the dependency.

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    Why all this sensitivity on Russia when no such sensitivity is shown towards Turkey, that occupies an EU member state, threatens to invade another member state and persecutes millions of its own citizens? The double standard is too much to bear and Russia may have just realized that. If the EU wants to pursue a human – rights based policy, it could start with Julian Assange and his persecutors, move on to Erdogan and then it might just have the moral superiority to preach to Russia.

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      Vivian Dimitriou there is a lot of hypocrisy in everything the EU does not just within the EU as well in Turkey, Syria, and Iran and now UK against brexit.

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      Vivian Dimitriou On what basis are you singling out Turkey. It wouldn’t happen to be because you’re from Cyprus? Shouldn’t we just condemn all illiberal countries – be it Hungary, Poland, Turkey, China, Russia or the US under Trump?

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      John MT you have chosen to attack me ad hominem. And your point is that no Cypriot can mention Turkey? Please answer my points instead of focusing on my profile.

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      Vivian Dimitriou That wasn’t an ad hominem. I’m asking: is the reason you’re mentioning Turkey because of what they’ve done in Cyprus? I found it strange of you to randomly mention Turkey when the topic is about Russia. If we’re going to mention countries not brought up, why not bring up ALL illiberal countries? Let’s ALSO be tougher on Hungary, Poland, China and the rest of the gang.

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      John MT the reasons are mentioned in my post. China does not occupy any EU members and PL, HU don’t either. I believe your comments are prejudiced.

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    No. While I fully agree that the way Russia is acting is problematic – to say the least. We should always try to work together in order for everyone to move forward. If we cut ties with Russia, there will be no one to support the democratic movement there still exists within the Russian borders. However, we should still sanction Russia and put pressure on their government in order to secure human rights and freedom for the Russian people. But we can’t do that if we completely cut the ties.

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    I think most people are affected by media which shows only one point of view. Russians have a joke on this topic: “NATO is accusing Russia that Russia comes too close to NATO’s borders and therefore NATO will increase their military budget”. Oh, wait, it is not so joke. Same in relations with Europe unfortunately, too much things might not be as they seem and there is too much of Global politics that we, as normal people, cannot understand and we, unfortunately, learn about our opinion on this topic form the media.

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    We can afford to cut Borrell’s tie at the very least. Half-way down or at knot’s level. Either way I would love to see it…

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    Cutting ties with Putin, but not the Russian people or their fight for a fit for purpose Justice system and the reform of a brutal police department, carrying out the violent will of a vicious dictator. Love & respect to the Russian people who are refusing to accept anymore if the sh÷t that Putin and his cronies have been fishing out for decades. make your vote count and be counted. ❤️

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    We can afford it but we must not. The Russian people are our allies and we must support them to the very end

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    Europe has to show Russia that it means business otherwise Putin’s KGB mentality will keep testing boundaries – it’s as simple as that. The mechanisms to do that are what should be debated until there is regime change in Russia.

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    Unfortunately the price for it will pay russian people as it was always. Not russian oligarchs or government or other leading ones, who are guilty for all the lies, and the unhumanitistic justice of Russia.

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    Let’s be Justice and Impartial : First….Sanctions to Islamofascist Dictator Erdogan and Islamist Turkey that Violates any International Law and don’t respect any Decision of U.N. or ECHR … After, Sanctions to China which is the True Danger of the Civilised World in the future …. And then…maybe … sanctions to Russia ! Dont’ be myopic : Russia is NOT an enemy of Europe….

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    Ordinary,’ thinking’ Europeans, see the EU relationship clearly and it’s time that the EU leaders stop the game and either risk real confrontation or at least be honest about their lack of ability to follow through or backbone to do so. *Note to EU- Russia likely does not give a ____ about what you think, quit pretending that your hands are clean and that anything you do will be more than ‘window dressing.’ Work with them until something in the future changes the rules because we all know that the unexpected can happen quickly and inexplicably.

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    Alain Camu

    We should strive to work out a common strategy with Russia.

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    Marlena Morgan

    No. Not in order to advance American interests that are not ours. No reason for the EU to play the USA game versus Russia, partners we are, not vassals. the whole energy “autonomy” of the EU argument is blatantly false, no one of the proponents of cutting off ties with Russia has explained how come that Northern Stream 2 is subjugation to Russia, but imports of Russian gas through Ukraine is….just fine, as is also the new gas through Turkey to south Europe. How blind do they think we are?

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    “Can we afford to cut ties with Russia?” This is an old perspective of the Cold War ideological confrontation. Ïsn’t democracy a cluster of ideologies promoting pluralism, freedom and libery i.e. catering different interests, different values and way of living.. .? Why a democratic EU wants to cut ties with Russia and give up conciliation?

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    Affordability is not a question, the British has voted for Brexit and London’s financial center status has just been taken away by Amsterdam. It is better to consider whether it is good for Europe. It is very sure that EU would lose its sovereign and independent decision after cutting ties with Russia for EU is too weak to confront the US particularly with its military presence and control of EU military force. Look at the Philippines, President Duterte has cleverly balance among big powers, China, Russia and the US. The country and achieve peace and prosperity by not taking side.

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    Russia is member of Europe. It is unrealistic to cut ties with. Unless the destination of Europe is for the American to become great again.

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    You have nothing to win but only to loose, peace, peace is precious

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    Yeah, yeah we know. Russia is aggressor because it borders the NATO bases. Why don’t Russophobes just find a hobby or even better – a real job.

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    I don’t know about Russia but you’ve obviously decided you can’t afford to lose …. Turkey. Which is why you stomach the occupation and ethnic cleansing of a member state, threats of war against another member state and Taliban-like disrespect towards EU leaders and policies. Just pay Russia the respect it deserves and stop these vastly Russophobic overtures.

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    Ukraine and the EU are paying the price of the geostrategic games in the ex- Yugoslavia….

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    There is a term in Russian – “gopnik”, basically it means – thug, but could be also interpreted as a bully. Russia is a gopnik, and what that means is that it only understands the language of power. Now the trick is that a gopnik is not necessarily more powerful than who it is attacking, but if the subject of the attack does not fight back, the gopnik will most certainly use it to take what it wants to. Solution – do not be so polite and accepting, but slap the gopnik in its face. Of course you are risking a war here, because some gopniks are stupid and even if the risk loosing they will push ahead, but the more you allow a gopnik to think it is ok to do what it does, the further a gopnik will push the limits. If the western world wants to resolve this issue, it just hast to accept what is happening and do what it takes. Now the problem here is that there is already a huge chunk of the wester economy that relies on bloody Russian money channeled trough dirty high level officials and wester banks. Are you ready to rip that tumor out and face a possible collapse, or not? That is the real question here. I don’t think it will happen any time soon.

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    Ukraine is not a member of EU. Due to EU defense policy based on NATO we are aligned on US that has no interest on good partnership Russia/EU.On the otherside Russia is rough and efficient player using force and all the meanings if necessary. As long as EU is fully aligned on US, it won’t be possible to improve our relation with Russia. Decoupling EU from US, not from NATO, by reinforcing european autonomy in matters of defense must be persued as a major priority in any case.

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    Russia is gonna carve another chunk off Ukraine because it can. Germany still wants what Russia will give, so Ukraine is just gonna have to make do with a little less territory.

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    For sure we can!! I don’t need and don’t want the Russian gaz!!!

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    OMG..please think of the consequences of war..Peace please for all our children ..greetings from Ireland..PEACE ☘

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    We cannot avoid strong ties with the biggest European country Russia

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    Remember Russia doesn’t start the wars they only finish them

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    Well, Greta won’t be happy for heating on wood, the business won’t be happy for expensive US gas, but hey, principles are more important. EU has to stand up to Russia, if not with arms, they can always make a pride parade in Brussels.

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    Can Russia afford to cut ties with us?

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    For the security of Europe, Europe need to use Russia and China to balance the power of an aggressive America is required.

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    Cutting ties with Russia is irrational. By making the second military power an enemy would never serve any good for peace, security and prosperity of Europe. Even worse, it is equal to binding EU tighter with a war-monger state, the US and NATO. EU would be dragged in power competition of the US and precious resources have to be waste on arms race, which would sacrifice the security and prosperity of EU …

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    Other small member states are trying to help EU cut ties with Russia and China. If EU is formed for the purpose of collective security, it is to ensure member states would not be used by the US as a proxy for power struggle with Russia and China at the sacrifice of EU collective interests

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    EU Approach: Sanctions; wide programs to fight misinformation in European media; programs to explain European public the Russian-made political narratives (like “anti-Gender” or a”anti-LGBT” crusades) and Russian engegement in Brexit, as well as supporting far-right political parties; expelling agents of Russian interests from the EU; strengthening inner ties in the EU and NATO; blockade of Nord Stream 2 (EU in principle should limit purchase of Russian natural resources and eventually eliminate it).

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    nam,nam,nam,mickey mouse,lechon tiger,white shark,white beard,laugh of cause, LOVE thier people,wish your LUCK,always REMEMBER HEAVEN

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    im not depends on the toppic with Russia!!..i do respect Mr. Putin and what he is trying to do….in certain things he is very forward looking and modernist….he is quite diplomatic..which is refreshing and very appreciated…ive never had any dealings with him..but Europe in my humble oppinion (as an ordinary housewife) should be very diplomatic with sure there is much business to be done of luck and bon courage. from an ordinary housewife from ireland :D

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    Get as much energy independent as possible, the sooner the better.

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    After two betrayals of Afghanistan and the Aukus nuclear proliferation, idiot can understand EU cannot afford to cut ties with Russia, it is a neighbour always there and would not vanish. It is a geopolitical reality. Equally, China is the largest single consumption market and the world factory, economically, EU cannot afford to cut ties with China, EU’s biggest trade partner. Cutting ties with Russia and China serves only American benefit in its confrontation with the two countries but nothing good for EU.

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    In an economical geographical sense, it would not be good not to trade eastwards in general. It would be economically self-limiting to start another back-and-forth with sanctions. With the supply chain problems these days, there shouldn’t be sanctioning just for political reasons.
    I think Borrell did the right thing to try to be positive, even if it had that result.

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    RE – invade ? We are still waiting for him to deliver the first invasion. Lol….Go ahead, cut ties. Winter is here.

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    We invite Russia and Ukraine to join the EU. Boom, problem solved 🙂

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    It would be the most stupid thing to do. Russia is european

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    The EU and Russia need to approach each other with mutual respect, the EU can not tell Russia what to do asan exampel, “liberate Navalnji and the russians should do it . What would the EU do if Russia behaved in the same way ?

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    Cutting ties…….why……if you keep being friends with Saudia Arabia ……if there is enough money in the game……the EU has no probems to be the friend that makes a lapdance…

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    Energy indepedence through nuclear energy should have been a main priority for a long time.

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    Really doesn’t matter since EU’s “foreign policy” (if there even is such a thing) is created in Washington so we have no say in it anyways.

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    Unless Russia refrains from the temptation to conquest Ucrania and to colonise Belarus, the EU will eventually have to reduce ties to a minimum.

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    What a stupid question! Stop playing geostrategic games in the best USA interest’s. What about the Julian Assange…. It’s problem is that he isn’t Russian. 😁

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    We must strengthen ties with Russia the biggest and strongest peaceful European country.

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    We must get closer to Russia. USA are fake friends

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    Turkey invaded Cyprus and since then occupies 40% of its territory. Cyprus is an EU member State, so Turkey occupies EU territory. EU has never imposed sanctions to Turkey and refuse to impose them when it was asked by Cyprus. EU needs to explain to the whole world why it does not care for its own citizens and its member states and why it cares so much about a 3rd country.

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    We should have taken actions when they attacked Georgia in 2008. Since then it’s been only escalating further.

  57. avatar

    No. Russia is a major European country. A big gas supplier and an export market.. On a cultural point of view Russians are closer to Europeans than americans

    • avatar

      Russians perhaps. Russia’s government is stuck in the 19th century

    • avatar

      what is cuture when the values and worldview is on the opposite side of the spectrum?

    • avatar

      what values? LGBT abortion… Islamic values..

    • avatar

      Democracy and freedom. That is where the LGBT rights come from too. Independent courts, rule of law, equality… Obviously 2 different worlds man.

    • avatar

      And the Islamic values should be what? How do you mix Islamic values with lgbt and abortion? are those things very common in Islamic world?

    • avatar

      to me so called democratic values are no more values

    • avatar

      to me so called democratic values are no more values…

    • avatar

      to me the so called democratic values are not far from perversion

    • avatar

      and what about the values of guns and bullets aimed at civilans and other countries?

    • avatar

      Cut all the gas and make 2022 the greenest!

    • avatar

      Olivier Dutreil Americans are liberal & protestant/catholic and they speak a Germanic language. The United states of America and Germany, Netherlands, UK are pretty much the same culturaly. What do you got going for orthodox, nationalist, slavic language Russians?

    • avatar

      we have seen with the Australian submarines how Americans are friends to us,.. They just want to weaken Russia and Europe

    • avatar

      well Russia is the only country which defends Christian values while the west is promoting islam

    • avatar

      Russia is just like Mongol hordes ans their leaders were never Europe.
      Yet the people from Russia can be Europeans if they want to

  58. avatar

    TOTAL cut off, send them back into the middle age. This platant attack must not be tolerated.

  59. avatar

    The question is: Can we afford not to cut ties with Russia?

  60. avatar

    We MUST cut all ties with Putin’s authocracy whatever the cost may be.

  61. avatar

    cuts ties stop flights to Russia and any banks close down

  62. avatar

    YES! WE MUST! Otherwise, we will have a new Hitler with less economic power bringing conflicts everywhere in Europe. We don’t need Russian gas or Russian pseudo-investments. It is time for Europe to wake up!

  63. avatar

    We have to!! Otherwise this criminal regime from Moscova will get stronger and stronger.

  64. avatar

    EU politicians must be courageous and stop supporting autocracies just to get a bit more “€€€” out of it. EU made the mistake (specially Germany) to create a huge dependency on Russian Gas and Oil (specially Gas), now Putin can do whatever he wants and no one will even raise their voice because of gas prices – specially central and northern Europe. Russia can invade 100% of Ukraine and EU will do nothing out of fear of inflation. So, i hope EU countries have learned with whom is safest to do trade – even if more costly – with democracies and not with autocracies (Russia and China). When China invades Taiwan, using Putin momentum and NATO and EU inaction out of fear, i wonder what EU will do -> some more meaningless sanctions ? Be brave and if EU is for liberty, freedom, defending human rights, and some more great human values, then stand up to them.

    • avatar
      JT HK

      Russia Ukraine military conflict is a trick by Biden used to save the US from collapse. Any military conflict in Europe would encourage capital flight from Europe to the US. In this way, the US does not need to rely on printing money to survive. The US cannot afford fighting any war even with Taliban in Afghanistan.

  65. avatar

    MUST cat ties with Russians.

  66. avatar

    I prefer a Russian “enemy” to a fake American friend”

  67. avatar

    What we need to do is stop all trade with countries that don’t follow the rules. Like Russia, China. We are too dependent on them for way too many things. Have also lost many jobs to China.

  68. avatar

    We cannot afford NOT to cut ties with Russia.

  69. avatar

    Is the EU trying to get us all killed? Russia is none of the EU’s business!

  70. avatar

    We must do it with one way or another. Enough is enough, they blackmail us with various things (Gas supplies, oil supplies, security. migrant flows) and things gone worse.

  71. avatar

    Лозето не иска дебати, а мотика.

  72. avatar

    As long the profit is more important than human lives , so long we will have wars.I didn’t noticed you complain against Saudi Arabia’s war to Yemen,I didn’t noticed your disappointment against Turks and the occupation of North Cyprus.Russia today done exactly the same thing that USA done 25 years ago in Yugoslavia , with the difference that Russia , went there to support their own people.#stopthewar War is never a always the problem.We don’t have to cut anything with Russia.we have to cut everything with Ukraine,that betrayed everything,because of extra profit.Ukraine trusted the Usa that will involve if a war will happen,and instead to search for the peace , they pressed to a war. You forgot the stolen gas in 2008? You forgot that they burned russian people in the middle of the street in 2014? So,Putin didn’t forgot.

  73. avatar

    What a silly formulation of the question?! We already should have, no matter the cost. We as EU members and peoples of the modern world have to be ready to defend the values we stand for, not only preach about them 24/7.

  74. avatar

    We should be able. If not, european economic and diplomatic abilities aren’t strong enough.

  75. avatar

    Europe and Russia do not want war, it is only Ukraine, the US and its Eastern Europe allies want war. This is detrimental to European post-Covid 19 social and economic recovery but it is essential to save the very seriously ill US with investment flee from Europe.

  76. avatar

    It appears that Putin has already declared his aim is to demilitarize Ukraine rather than waging a war to invade and occupy. What Putin wants appear to be a buffer zone. If Ukraine agree to demilitarize and declare neutrality, peace of Europe can be secured better. Europe’s currant sanction would fuel hostility and creating chaos and refugee tides. This is detrimental to Europe post-covid social and economic recovery.

  77. avatar

    In not sure if paranoid Putin represents Russia. How about just getting rid of him? Isolating him and his other lunatic pal from bielorussia is the best strategy. They are thugs.

  78. avatar

    Did Europe cut ties with Afghanistan? Instead what happened? War is not the only way to fight a war. There is an enormous need to keep on conversations to achieve peace. It has been said that most Russians are against this war. Maybe they are afraid to speak up against this war as they don’t know what Will happen next.

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    JT HK

    “Can we afford to cut ties with Russia” is an ignorant question. Historically, geographically, socioeconomically and politically, Russia belongs to Europe. Europe cannot move away from Russia nor the other way round. Accepting an unchangeable reality and peaceful coexistence is the only way to peace and prosperity of Europe.

  80. avatar
    JT HK

    As we have seen that American troops have led to serious outbreak of Covid-19 in Japan has infuriated the Prime Minister Kishida Fumio. Are NATO allies ready to prevent another round of Covid-19 outbreak with US troops pouring in? Can Europe afford continuous dying of people up to a million and printing money as the US? If not, think carefully whether Europe should fuel further the Russian Ukraine conflict.

  81. avatar

    Did Europe cut ties with Afghanistan? Instead what happened? War is not the only way to fight a war. There is an enormous need to keep on conversations to achieve peace. It has been said that most Russians are against this war. Maybe they are afraid to speak up against this war as they don’t know what Will happen next.

  82. avatar

    ⚠��Please help them to get PEACE TALKS ❤

  83. avatar
    JT HK

    Do not focus only on Russia and ignored its politics play behind the scene. How things have developed to the current stage cannot blame Russia alone. There is need to examine the historical development. We can see that foreign intervention into Ukraine’s domestic politics is the root cause of the Russia and Ukraine conflict.

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