President Biden has started his term in office by reversing many of Trump’s decisions. In a ‘day one’ flurry of executive orders, Biden has cleared the way for the US to rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement; halted America’s departure from the World Health Organization (WHO); strengthened environmental and lobbying rules that his predecessor had weakened; lifted a a travel ban on Muslim-majority countries, and rescinded a declaration of national emergency Trump had used to justify funding an (unfinished) US-Mexico wall.

Can Biden undo the damage of the Trump years? The US-EU relationship has clearly suffered over the past four years, with disagreements over everything from steel and aluminum tariffs, to NATO spending, to US withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal. With a new administration in the White House, are normal relations about to resume?

What do our readers think? Our reader Jthk wants to know whether we can expect the US trade wars with China and Europe to end under President Biden. To get a response, we put Jthk’s comment to Jörg Wojahn, Head of the European Commission’s Representation in Germany. What would he say?

I think, under the new US administration there is a big chance that Europe and the United States can come closer again, and can cooperate much more closely again. There are some underlying competition issues between the two blocs – between the EU and the United States – but this can all be overcome through dialogue, through negotiation, and through commitment to our multilateral system. We very much hope that with the new administration (and I think there is a lot of reason for hope) that we can strengthen the World Trade Organization in the first place, and that we can – through negotiation and dialogue – find a lot of common ground, and a lot of agreements with the US. So, I think the times of trade wars with the US should be over.

Trump frequently complained about European contributions to NATO, and famously threatened to pull the US out of the Alliance. Our reader, Delta9t, wonders if there will now be less pressure for EU governments to invest in defence spending under President Biden.

We put Delta9t’s comment to Prof. Marina Henke, Director of the Centre for International Security at the Hertie School of Governance, to see what she would say:

Finally, Donald Trump was the first US President since Jimmy Carter not to enter US troops into a new conflict. Natasha is worried that President Biden might drag Europe into new wars. Is that likely? What does Professor Henke think?

I don’t think so. As I said before, the US is on a trajectory of retrenchment or restraint. This is the result of the last two decades, since 9/11. The US responded to the terrorist attack by deploying military abroad and fighting the terrorist attack on foreign soil. As many of your readers know, this hasn’t been very successful. The middle east is still extremely unstable, and so is Afghanistan. What you can see now in Washington, not just under the Trump but also under the Obama administration, is a change in strategy. There is a reluctance to get engaged outside. There is even a reluctance in upholding the liberal world order, spreading democracy and even in upholding human rights.

Some would still say there was this last “hoorah” in Libya, where the United States did get engaged. But if you look closely, and I did a lot of research on Libya, it was actually not a US initiative. It was really a European initiative. And here, the Europeans need to look at themselves. It was the French and the British driving this military intervention. Yes, the Americans under Obama were helping. “Leading from behind,” as Obama called it.

I really think this era of foreign interventions, the threat of the United States dragging Europe into these adventures is over for now. That does not mean it is over eternally, but I really don’t think this is a threat in the next four years. However, what Europe needs to think about is what it will do vis-à-vis China, which is where all American focus will be on under Biden.

Can President Biden repair the damage of the Trump years? Has the USA become an unreliable partner and should Europe become more independent? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts!

IMAGE CREDITS: White House (CC-A 3.0)

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What do YOU think?

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    Jesper Jørgensen

    I believe that President Biden will do an honest attempt to repair the damage. And I think he will have. at least a chance to be somewhat successful in doing so. With that said, I still think the experience we had with Trump makes it very clear, that the EU needs to more independent in some areas, while still work closely together with the rest of the world.

    In my opinion, the EU should have our own joined military force, which will make it possible for us to defend the union, while also being able to support our allies.

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    catherine benning

    Can President Biden repair the damage of the Trump years?

    Please will someone be kind enough to tell what damage you feel has been done that needs this crook to repair?

    Is Biden planning to repair the damage his son, Hunter, did in the Ukraine? And how will he make absolute sure there is no more voter fraud in the USA?

    If people make accusations of damage against a person, especially a President of any country, it is their responsibility to expose what that accusation includes. Therefore, what is Trumps damage. Other than alternative political differences, what is the damage. 73 million American people decided Trump made completely the right decisions for their country from their point of view and wanted him to continue to make those decisions on their behalf.

    • avatar

      Oh, maybe the thing he used the office of president to:
      Line his own pockets with taxpayer money. Take bribes from businesses and foreign countries. Blackmail Ukraine for digging up dirt on political rivals. Pay hush-money to a prosititue out of campaign funds. Asked russia to dig up dirt on political rivals. Offer pardons on quid-pro quo basis to crooks and political sycophants who lied for him in order to save him from being impeached. Fired every member who testified against him, or generally opposed him in any away. Used twitter to verbally attack random people. Supported far right extremists, inciting a riot, tried to overturn the outcome of the election, incited a coup…..

      And that’s not even half of it.

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    Sure. Europe will once again be able to grow and prosper without having to contribute anything to their own defense. Europe will be invited to open markets in the US while placing the most prohibitive tariffs on American goods to prevent any real competition at home. It’s going to be great.

    • avatar
      catherine benning

      @ Jurre

      I too could write that of you. Where is the evidence, not simply accusation. All you write sounds identical to Clinton, Obama and Biden. Especially, Biden, 47 years of it.

      Now the treep is sucking in Europe… Again.

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    ,,, Dılerım Joe Bıden,, müttefiki Türkıye ile ıyi ilişkiler kurar.

  5. avatar

    There is no turning back. We have to pick it up from where we stand. I wished I knew what the European stance on many things – China, Russia, Afghanistan, Middle East, North Africa etc. – is as well as I am being informed on US plans.

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    Give him time. Rome was not made in one day. He will pick up the pieces left by insane creature who made the country his own playground.

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    Yeah how dare a president do what the people elected him for, not start wars not kiss china’s ass, sort North Korea and broker multiple peace deals

    • avatar
      Arnout Posthumus

      Chris Coward wahahahahhahaha. Trump canceled the pivot to Asia and made China more powerful than it could be.
      Not start a war. He worsened yemen he gave marokko free reign and got the us closer to a war in iran than ever. He didn’t pull out anywhere.
      Sort north korea rofl. Why are y’all so deluded. This man almost started a war in his home country and you would still defend him.

    • avatar
      Chris Coward

      Arnout Posthumus yeah a lot of ira loving dementia patient is exactly what I want controlling the largest nuclear arsenal in the world

    • avatar
      Arnout Posthumus

      Chris Coward well you were lucky that you had that the past 4 years.

    • avatar
      Chris Coward

      Arnout Posthumus hardl

    • avatar
      Arnout Posthumus

      Chris Coward not true

    • avatar
      Chris Coward

      Arnout Posthumus you keep drinking the CNN poisen

    • avatar
      Arnout Posthumus

      Chris Coward you keep drinking your hate.

    • avatar
      Chris Coward

      Arnout Posthumus yeah because Biden isn’t a hater then? You msm hack

    • avatar
      Chris Coward

      Arnout Posthumus wasn’t me throwing insults was it you man baby

    • avatar
      Chris Coward

      Arnout Posthumus in your opinion 70m+ Americans disagree. But I guess you prefer ira supporting swamp dwellers as you representation, probably love the eu for a guess?

    • avatar
      Arnout Posthumus

      Chris Coward yea and so did they in other times in history.
      Yea please unite Ireland and stop UK nationalism.
      Yea sofar the longest lasting peace thanks to the intensive cooperation within the EU. Leaving is easy, disconnecting sadly always leads to the things we wish we never want to see again.
      I am happy the UK is now breaking it’s ego, just like France, italy and germany had to do. No 1 is special here.

    • avatar
      Chris Coward

      Arnout Posthumus you total joke, please stop replying you total melt

    • avatar
      Arnout Posthumus

      Chris Coward I’ll decide what I’ll do. And if you spread your bs hate around I’ll just give it back. Untill you release that it isn’t helpfull.

    • avatar
      Chris Coward

      Arnout Posthumus whatever I will let you get back to your new European or red star or whatever. Oh and the eu had zero to do w ithoeacd in Europe that would be nato

    • avatar
      Arnout Posthumus

      Chris Coward yea because investing in tanks is all you can think of in making peace. No love, the world peace is made by intensive cooperation it has little to do with nato as we realised after ww2. Sharing resources was the key.
      But hey you probably still think that the UK beat the Germans.

    • avatar
      Arnout Posthumus

      Chris Coward nope he isn’t you racist.

    • avatar
      Arnout Posthumus

      Chris Coward you did so by supporting an insult to humanity. Maby you can take some of his phrases and act like you don’t support them. But you do. A basic bigot.

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    Damage? … under Obama, ISIS thrived.Did you really think Biden will go against USAn corporation interests, and not sanction EU for buying gas from Russia? ;)

    • avatar

      Trump was better. The USA did not invade any other country in the world. He was peaceful.

      Did you know that the USA do not have any legitimate language? Yes they speak English, but it is not recognized as licensed by law language.

      The Senate tried two times to legalize English, but they just could not do it.

  9. avatar

    The most serious of the hardest points. It will probably be the country’s debt, which is similar to that of the former president in his company’s.

  10. avatar

    You mean a cheated election with a pedo, child sniffing criminal?

  11. avatar

    Damage? To who? The ones that are allways waiting for US tax payers money, like UN, EU and NATO? I bet those were pretty unhappy whenever he said “America first”. I just wish polititians in my country would think the same way: to put their citizens first, not global interests of major companies and internarional organizations loaded with incompetents earning millionaire salaries

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    Kahraman Marangoz

    President Biden can do this. The human footprint has made us see the large picture how to not only live inside borders but how to live on the planet Earth. The modernisation have give us tools to monitor the situation of Earth from satellites in orbit. This information can be shared world wide to find out about the real situation where all citizens world wide have to deal with. Because this is not only important for European or American citizens, for all citizens this is important. More cooperation is needed world wide, companies form all over the world can contribute to help to produce products and goods in a way that keeps the planet in the long term liveable, so that the many generations that are coming can follow the good example what is expected from the leadership. It is also realistic that a change can not happen in 24 hours. Demands made from companies to change their way to make it to a certain deadline and not give a green card to continue to ignore the real situation that is going on to only have interest in profit and forget the many generation that will inherent this planet.
    The transatlantic relation can improve if views on issues that are going on in other nations are understand in the same way. To not single out a specific issue, the right way to understand the problem is also the right way to see a way to resolve the issue, make another nation attent on the problem to solve this, to start taking action in ending it. Demanding this from communication from the top who are the responsible people allowing what not should be allowed in their nation. This is not an attempt to cool or end the relation, next to having a strong economy doesn’t mean you have an option to do things that are not allowed by international law. That is why sanctions are not to cool down relations or protect the own economy, it is a signal that this can not continue with the course one nation is following into the future, so the other nation that wants to do trade can not profit from the other nation until it respects back the international laws.

  13. avatar

    I wanted Trum to win since he did not make any war anywhere in the world. He was like Jimmy Carter.

    Did you knew that the USA does not have an official language. Despite the fact that their national language is English it is not official. The congress tried two times to legalize it, but they failed.

    Technically the USA does not have any official language.

  14. avatar

    More interference in the Middle East, Afganistan, etc. More friction with Russia, etc. More wars. Yes, we are definitely better off with Biden.

  15. avatar

    Vassality of EU to US with destabilizations at its borders, economic and political war with neighbors instead of cooperations, in despite its own interests. Just like before.

  16. avatar

    I wonder if they will discuss Macron’s hostility to critical race theory and Biden’s promotion of it.

    • avatar

      Michał Szostało critical race theory is not an american idea. It’s a regurgitated ideological obsession.

    • avatar

      Diogo Castro Yes, I would partly agree with that, it has its origins in French and German philosophy. But it is true that it’s most popular in the US at the moment, particularly in the hands of the Biden administration. And some what Surprisingly, Macron has started to speak out against it, but I suspect he is afraid it will drive a lot of people into Marine Le Pen’s hands (which is undoubtedly true).

    • avatar

      Michał Szostało These ideologies have holes all around it and it’s a matter of time before people diverge on personal thoughts on it (even after being engulfed in all its misery). I believe the tendency is for these people to wander off (with their values) for a bit and fall back once they realize they can’t connect to reality anymore with this ideology.This critical race theory has its pull on people because they care for a reasonably vague moral standard, and this moral superiority feeling won’t hold long once they start noticing how faulty it is. Unless democrat propaganda machines do a really good job going around the inconsistencies.

  17. avatar

    A leader that actually acknowledges science and evidence? Yeah, that will be a change.

  18. avatar

    Depending on how much Europe is going to pay Hunter for being on the board….

  19. avatar

    Is it true that US spent less money in wars during Trump legislation? Just read about it somewhere…

  20. avatar

    No, EU won’t be better of with Biden. EU must stop to partner with US on its geopolitical games and interest

  21. avatar

    Why the … We care about the US?

  22. avatar

    we need to federalize, create EU army and kick out the americans.. they are occupying Europe since WW2 and moreover, we shouldn’t care that much of what’s going on in that circus.

  23. avatar

    What damage? Not endorsing foreign wars?

  24. avatar

    Wasn’t the rift that the Trump administration caused, an opportunity for Europe to learn to stand on its own feet and design its own foreign policy?

  25. avatar

    Dont let anyone fool themselves…Biden will follow the same America 1st policy on pretty much all policies, perhaps with the exception of climate.

  26. avatar

    Trump was great!!! No war started, borders closed, economy boosting….. ANd all these despite of the hostile fakenews propaganda.

  27. avatar

    They are guest in Europe, Europeans are guest in the USA. A guest know its place and don’t rule the host’s house! That is all!

  28. avatar

    ??? What change? The USA interest wil be always first!

  29. avatar

    We already have strong ties with the US. Unless he had anything specific to propose it seems like fluff. Regarding Huawei 5G it seems prudent to restrict it to non-military applications, but for civilian applications there shouldn’t be a problem with it.

  30. avatar

    Despite a strategic partnership being a good thing, We should strive to become independent in all measures possible.

  31. avatar

    LOL Biden is a clown, will be short lived and America will be brought to it’s knees. It’s only been a couple of months and it’s pure disaster.

  32. avatar

    Biden caused far more damage, so did Obama incidentally

    • avatar

      Kristian Ksenofonov BIDEN IS DEAD 2 YEARS AGO

    • avatar

      Eva Dezzy Evaggelia he dont know where he is

    • avatar

      why everybody speak abut Biden ,not exist only,,,cabal,,,

    • avatar

      Eva Dezzy Evaggelia he does exist now if he is dead or alive i dont know.But he is the worst ever in the history of the states

  33. avatar

    What damage? Are you mentally challenged?You mean reversing the disastrous 8 years of Obama’s disaster in europe and the middle east?Ukraina, syria, egypt, lybia, tunisia, iraq… Etc etc

  34. avatar

    nop! After the Echelon spy scandal has Europe learned anything about this trio USA, UK, Australia

  35. avatar

    Biden is the creator of a mess. Not Trump.

    • avatar

      Karel Van Isacker exactly

    • avatar

      Karel Van Isacker same shxt, different names

    • avatar

      Trump caused hundreds of innocent people to die, there’s literally nothing anyone can do, Biden included, to either undo it or top it.

  36. avatar

    Creating a NATO2.0 with UK ad AUS?

  37. avatar

    It will take a generation, as these comments show.

  38. avatar

    The question itself already names a problem and this is only one side of thruth. If Europe has only one opinion and one thruth then we are in trouble. I think that Biden is far more dangerous today and not only because of his health issues but also because his administration try to cancel/revert/destroy all that has been done by Trump – at any costs.

    • avatar

      There is nothing Biden can do to either undo all the damage Trump has done, or even top it even if he wanted to. The moment Biden incites a mob to storm the capitol and kill off a bunch of people, maybe then you have a right to talk, until then keep it to yourself.

    • avatar

      Jevgeni Tkatsov Non!!!! La force de Joe Biden c’est que il vient de réconcilier les américains avec le Reste du Monde! Le danger des politiques d’extrême droite comme celle de Trump…elles vous coupent du monde! Et ici Les USA viennent de revenir sur la scène diplomatique ! Je ne dis pas que ça va être facile! Loin de là !!!!!!! Il doit combler le déficit budgétaire creusé par non pas l’Obama Care !!!! une assurance destinée à soigner tout américain qui n’en a pas les moyens… mais un déficit creusé par le budget collosal voté par le gouvernement de Trump pour maintenir les troupes militaires dans ces pays où ” le gouvernement de Joe Biden et les améraicains ne voyaient pas d’issue de cette guerre! Et encore pire ! Cette guerre a coûté aux américains plus qu’elle ne leur a apporté…” Non !!!! C’était une bonne décision que Joe Biden rappelle ses troupes !!!! Maintenant, je déplore le manque de collaborations entre les forces militaires présentes sur le sol !!!! J’ai comparé ce chaos à celui du Rwanda en 1994 !!!! Seule différence! Il n’y a pas eu de massacres ni de génocides qui s’en sont suivis…. Have a good night and best dreams….Love you Jeannette Ndayishimiye

  39. avatar

    Trump didn’t get Europe into endless wars in the Middle East and bring fundamentalist terrorism back to Europe as a consequence. Bush and Obama are responsible for that, as is Israel of course.

  40. avatar

    Keeping the “Anti-Trump” propaganda alive….. one phony journalist at a time.As…. if….. Trump had ANYTHING to do with the blatant buffoonery, and absolute travesty that is the mess Joe Biden has created.

  41. avatar

    Biden has repaired the old crime rates, the unemployment problem, the immigration problem at the border, he has reinstated liberty for terrorists and even threw in a few American allies as a bonus. Even his election seems to have repaired the fair election problem.

  42. avatar

    There is no Trump damage idiots

  43. avatar

    Trump was the best president ever!!! Not those morons as actually!!

  44. avatar

    CRIMINALS!!!!!!! THIEVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. avatar

    worse !! he is not capable – and Biden is the origin of the desasters (not Trump !)

  46. avatar

    biden est un danger pour l’ue, il fait partie du complexe militaro industriel us. Pour lui ces seules alliés sont les pays anglophones ,

  47. avatar

    The Obama mess Trump try to repair in it’s best efforts, but got obstructed by the democrats to do so.. and what is Biden doing ? Nothing..

  48. avatar

    Get Trump back these morons are even worse.

  49. avatar


  50. avatar

    Thomas Wade Bernaers beter headline”Can biden repair 8 months of biden” XD

    • avatar

      Ilja rofl idd

  51. avatar

    And how will they repair the damage done by Biden? E.g. Afghanistan?

    • avatar

      Rob Lemeire you sey CABAL,,not Biden,,is Dead 2 years ago

  52. avatar

    Say what now? Are you F’in serious? The real question is: will trump be able to fix the sh*t that biden destroyed!

  53. avatar

    The only thing Biden can do is DESTROY what Trump made right those years.

  54. avatar

    Wat een onzin ! Die seniele pop heeft op een half jaar verknoeit wat T opgebouwd heeft….. Maarja, wat had je meer van de gesponsorde MSM kunnen verwachten….

  55. avatar

    Vanaf je iets over amerika zegt trek je jammergenoeg vooral trumpisten aan die plots “kritisch” geworden zijn terwijl ze tijdens trump hebben staan roepen zonder te kijken wat ze nu eig ook doen.

  56. avatar

    Just a minute you jokers, spitting such laughable diversion tactics. Can Biden repair himself, his non-achievements, and his total inability for the Office ?

  57. avatar

    From my POV the real question is can biden remember what he ate this morning ?

  58. avatar

    Trump doesn’t made damage. He is so ironiX this biden

  59. avatar

    In his dreams when in on sleeping hahahaha

  60. avatar

    Repair worst president ever

  61. avatar

    Trump was a good president.

    • avatar

      Quentin Aerts Of course the under educated will support tRump, because they are way to stupid to understand anything about politics.

  62. avatar

    Ce serait malhônette que de mettre le chaos que vie aujourd’hui le peuple afghan sur le dos de Trump ou sur le dos du peuple américain tout court !!!!! pareil avec le peuple Irakien, Libanais, Palestinien, Tunisien, Lybien, et tous les pays du G5 Sahel ….Comme je me suis exprimée là dessus ces derniers temps….c’est un échec de la diplomatie dans son ensemble! Et cela depuis plus de 20 ans !!!! C’est un échec de tous les accords! Tous les accords aujourd’hui ont échoué! L’OTAN, Alkus, TTIP, OMC, OMS, sur le nucléaire….le prochain mort né la défense européenne ….. Les relations diplomatiques n’échappent pas à la dogme de toute relation humaine: il doit y avoir d’abord du respect, ensuite on partage quelque chose, les intérêts des uns et des autres viennent en dernier lieu !!!!! Les relations politiques et diplomatiques là où elles sont complexes : Ce sont des inter actions entre des hommes et des femmes qui peuvent avoir des intérêts communs ( et là c’est le top…les intérêts convergent tout va bien…) mais qui ont souvent des intérêts qui sont à l’opposé les uns des autres ( des intérêts qui divergent, alors dans ce cas l’accord doit aller vers le win win….) ! Jeannette Ndayishimiye

  63. avatar
  64. avatar

    What about Biden repairing the damage of the Biden months?

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