Angela Merkel is the most successful politician since World War Two. Whether you love her or loathe her, the German Chancellor has consistently been ranked one of the world’s most powerful women (often occupying the top spot) since she first took office in 2005. She has been described by TIME magazine as the “de facto leader of the European Union”. Her approval rating in Germany stands at 84% despite being in power for over 16 years. In fact, she holds record high approval ratings even outside of Germany.

In 2018, Chancellor Merkel announced she would not run for reelection in 2021. Federal elections are scheduled for September, and Merkel’s Christian Democrats (CDU) are due to elect a new party leader at a virtual congress starting on Friday 15 January. The new party leader is likely (though not guaranteed) to also become the CDU’s candidate for chancellor. So, as her party picks her successor, how should we assess the outgoing Chancellor Merkel’s legacy?

What will be Merkel’s legacy? Will history remember the German Chancellor as a cautious pragmatist? A shrewd political survivor? How has she managed to stay in power for 15 years? Has she made the right calls in the three major crises she has managed: the Eurozone crisis, the refugee crisis, and the coronavirus pandemic? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

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    If you mean cautious as slow and behind the developments yes , if you mean pragmatist as making money for the banks from the problems of the people yes , for example sell guns to turkey make war to Syria and then develop and use the refugee problem , smart policy but not humane

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    She did bad in all three crisis. But the migrant crisis is her worst. Germany will pay for that very expensively. The EU has greater power then ever since Britain left and now we will pay European dept in the decades that coming. Terrible.

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    No morals, as EU member states have been abandoned to the region’s Islamist bandit. Merkel could be a leader for banks but not for the EU.

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    Europe was sold to China and Russia.

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    Imperfect leader, but the best we had at that juncture. She made mistakes. She has gotten better with time.

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    Greek Cypriots will remember her for 100% supporting a Turkish dictator for Germany’s profits.

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    ” A cautious pragmatist ” ? Oh yes. The refugee crisis ? Still to be solved and never will be. EU cannot afford more Brexiters.

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    Amazing lady..i have much respect for her..she is so strong..and yet quietly works behind the scenes

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    Jesper Jørgensen

    I think and hope she will rememberers as a clever, proficient and pragmatic leader. I believe, that she has been able to stay in power for so long, due to the fact, that she is calm, fair and sensible even in difficult situations. She also makes people feel secure, since she usually gives clear statements on the issue at hand – while keeping in touch with her humanity. She also seems decent, which it not a given in leaders anymore.

    I wish her the very best and would like to thank her for a job well done making. She, her colleagues and the German people has made Germany a beacon in the european union and an inspiration for the rest of us.

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    The destruction of European culture and the massive import of terrorism.

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    Kahraman Marangoz

    In those 15 years Angela is not the Angela who she was in the first year. She grew over those 15 years, where not easy to handle situations emerged, three major crisises. She made decisions, she lead with heart and brain, rational as emotional, in a balanced way.

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    Merkel – inviting “refugees”, which turned out to be “migrants”supporting Syria’s rebels, which turned out to be ISISDegrading Germany’s European values, re-starting a cold war with Russia, and starting economic conflict on USAn orders with China. What a train-wreck.

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    I liked Angela Merkel..i admired her as a woman and a politicien..i think she was a steady hand during an historic downturn in world economy.I think she was very measured in her opinions and was a very humanitarian person . I’m not sure how it was for Germany but she rely tried her best for Ireland.thank you, greetings from Ireland :D ☘

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    Inviting 2m migrants to the eu then de using everyone else has to take them too, an increase in rape, increase in violent crime, destroying Greece economy. Great legacy

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    History will not be very kind with her ,I’m afraid.

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    ,,Leadership” is not the correct word at all. She lacks the skills and qualities necessary to be a leader. People like her can’t produce anything good, anything beautiful and anything of value.

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    I am not German and I don’t live in Germany either, so I don’t think I should judge her rulership. I don’t know in which aspects she has improved or not Germany’s well-being .

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    He was destructive for EU with Brexit and totally control by Germany and for Germany s interests

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    Bye, bye “Mama” Angela! That was some tough love you gave us, but got to keep “your kids” in discipline.

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    As the creator of European finance institutions, she developed ESM and EFSM which support the the EU financial other than that did not do anything. She failed in 3⃣ cirsiss

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    Merkel’s legacy is the decline of EU, European values, safety and interests.Just as EU markets (in the 2010s) were about to overtake USAn markets and integrate and open to boost business in Asia, Merkel’s following USAn dictated interests, she led EU markets down the drain. She failed Germany, she failed EU, she failed Europe.What a failure.

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    I liked Angela..a calm and very fair lady who steered us thru economic crash and covid -19..thanks Angela :D

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