In March 2019, the European Commission declared the migrant crisis to be at an end. Indeed, the number of people crossing into Europe has fallen dramatically since 2015. However, the fire at the Moria Refugee Camp on the island of Lesbos in September 2020 drew attention to the tens of thousands of refugees currently stuck in overcrowded, slum-like conditions in Greek camps.

Under an EU-Turkey deal signed in 2016, asylum seekers arriving on the Greek islands via Turkey are supposed to be automatically returned to Turkey and, in return, Europe has committed to accept one Syrian asylum seeker from Turkey who has already qualified and been accepted for asylum in Europe. However, legal challenges have blocked the return of asylum seekers to Turkey, with camps growing steadily more crowded, dangerous, and unsanitary as their inhabitants lose hope for their future.

On Wednesday 18 November at 09:00 CET, we will be streaming an online Citizens’ Panel discussing the issue of European democracy. We invited  Juan Fernando López Aguilar, Member of the European Parliament (Spain, S&D) and Chair of the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs, to discuss Europe’s approach to migration.

You can watch the stream here or on our Facebook page.

Does Europe have the right approach to migration? If not, what needs to change? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

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    EU Reform Proactive

    “Europe= CoE47” probably would develop the right approach! The busybody EU27 could not and has not- but failed dismally in acting promptly to protect all 27 Nation members 500 Mio. citizen.

    Why not elevate such problem to CoE level when referring to Europe? These diverse population shifts on such massive scale affect all 47 European nations eventually- not EU members only. Who mandated the EU? The EU Commission & its treaties?

    Isn’t it naïve to think once the “European Commission” (= EU27, not CoE47)- “declared the migrant crisis to be at an end”- all global migrants will obey “EU law”- they never read or heard about?

    Surprised, flabbergasted & confronted by crises after crises, political guess working has become part of the EU experiment- while Financed by all tax paying Members.

    The accompanying massacres & loss of innocent lives come as an EU unintended bonus but blamed on local failures.

    The “it’s never me” syndrome!

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    The EU consistently proves that they make decisions against the majority of the citizens wishes. The EU and local governments seem to think they are the authority, when in reality they are public servants that are elected and being paid to serve and protect the people with their tax contributions. Also, the EU is wishy washy. They create laws and do not follow through. They talk and talk, pass laws and regulations and then do nothing. Maybe the EU should just remain an economic union and stay out of everything else. It is proving to be incompetent from migration to protecting EU member countries from threats, like from Turkey.

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    Its shameful what European leaders have been doing to the European countries, you selling us out for your reset due to your misunderstandings. Who robes their way to the top hasnt the capacity to lead.

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    What does being European mean being in favor of refugees? What about the Europeans? Look at whats happening in Lampedusa. those arent refugees. Besides you pushing people trafficking. If you want to give European solidarity, you go help them in their lands, oh but yes thay dont want you there.

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    How is possible to leave persons who don’t believe to democracy ,to the human rights to enter the European union and destroyed the life of the European citizens ??? only criminals can do it and only for protecting their own interests . 90% of the persons who are coming to Europe believe to the Sharia so wake up and stop the lies .

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    How is the EU protecting the European citizens from illegal immigration and demography alteration? The Greek islands in the Aegean are being colonized by people who come from countries with no war situation! Many of them do not respect the hospitality and go on looting and destroying the properties of the local people! Many of them declare their demand to go to Western European countries and do their worst in order to force the Greek Authorities to “release” them to do so. Turkey manipulates the so-called “refugees” to create an Islamic “minority” issue in Greece and many other countries. Cyprus has already a huge number of “refugees”, invading from the Turkish-occupied North part of the island! Even though the Cypriots have been treating them with the best hospitality possible, many of them create riots and clashes among them or against the Authorities. Cyprus is in grave danger, both from the hundreds of thousands of Turkish settlers in the occupied area and from so-called “refugees” that mix with real refugees to actually invade Western countries. The EU must support the countries that face such problems! And the support is not a financial matter! We need political will to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe and future cultural clash.

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    yeah my brother the so called European countries have to rise up and wake up from slumber to vote out all this so called Stooge politicians all over, because the so called EU is there for their own selfish agenda’s not for the benefit of the European citizens

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    Catherine Benning

    Does Europe have the right approach to migration?

    No, it does not have the right approach to immigrant imports under any of the so called ‘human rights’ Act. All of you globalists in the West have a bent on getting rid of European culture, regardless of the facts of what this is imposing on us or of wishes of the people of Europe. Yet when running for office politicians all deny any knowledge of this practice, but, it continues, unstoppable and has done since the end of the second world war. Why is that?

    Most politicians see the dramatic deterioration in our communities and society right across Europe in front of their faces, yet refuse to listen to European citizens views, reject the call for change and a stop to all immigration, pretend the demise from it is non existent and refuse to end this dire imposition from outside Europe under any circumstances. In my country the indigenous British are being thrown out of their jobs and having them replaced with only ethnic people. They are being refused representation in Parliament in this matter or in any other organisation of our making. Our media, across the board, is filled with unrepresentative ideas of what our population is predominantly made up of. And it is done in order to pretend we are a diverse, not white, country or culture. Thrown into jail or visited by police should anyone want to discuss it in public. Yet, none of us seem willing to refuse to allow this to continue by boycotting those who advertise this way, or, to not buy tickets promoting this unhealthy propaganda in our society. Not only that, but remain pretending they love the idea of it in order to remain in a home or job at all.

    Here is an example and this example is only the tip of the iceberg.

    And there are many other repulsive carry ons taking place in front of our eyes. All directed at removing employment to young whyte people or any other kind of whyte people for that matter. Yet, our men say nothing. And women have become the enablers for this to happen, under the guise that our men deserve this strategy forced on them because they made us what we are, ‘A basket of deplorables!’ Have you heard that directed at people in the run up to election recently? Where those running for office tell their electorate, to their faces, how they hate them as a group and want rid of them from society altogether, but still, the hated go on to vote for the insulter to lead him.

    People in their jobs for years are being replaced by a sector of ethnics or people of colour and most of them without experience of the job they are required to do.

    Watching TV in the UK has become impossible if you are educated, white and expect a standard of story and presentation that is known to be factual or culturally acceptable. The notion that our entire nation is made up of second generation immigrants and that fewer than twenty % of the population are white is coming from a madhouse. We are not of a nation of predominantly mixed race families or ethnic citizens as the adverts now pretend. What is the reason they are being pushed to do this via government offices? What is the message our leaders are sending by doing this? Psychologically some kind of change to our way of life is being pushed on us in schools, universities, media, health outlets and every other level who have direct contact with UK citizens. The take over here is similar in tact to the events in Germany during the 1930’s. People everywhere talk about it to each other but there it ends. No one is prepared to revolt. Extraordinary phenomena.

    And back to the original question, the onset of mass migration is promoted globally, not only in Europe. And most important of all, it is done outside of the democratic process. Those at it are not directly elected to do this. Most importantly, Western citizens are denied knowledge of the action taken to bring it about. Only one place introducing even a glimmer of discussion in the matter is on this forum. Which, although not spoken of, is appreciated by all who witness it.

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    “Does Europe have the right approach to migration?”

    Not even close.
    We need to stop this insanity. They want to come here they must have SKILLS, know our language and in limited numbers OR on a non-permanent visa.

    Every joker from Africa decided to go to “rich Europe” get the good life. I’m sorry but the EU is not in the bussiness of helping THE WORLD.
    The EU helps ( or SHOULD help ) its MEMBER STATES!
    Like…you know, those who actually PAY for this union.

    Eastern Europeans are kicked out but African are welcomed.
    Eastern Europeans are bashed for “not show solidarity” but Merkel calls refugees by herself unilateraly !

    Are you kidding me!?
    And now we get PUNISHED for not wanting to share Germany’s BLUNDER???
    Where was Germany’s “solidarity” for Greece?

    Where was Germany’s solidarity when britain called poles and romanians “cockroaches” and “vermin”.

    “Oh let’s make a deal, britain”, said tge COWARDLY Germany!

    No more excuses! No more refugees. AT ALL.
    Whoever crosses that damn border gets a warning shot, then SHOT on the spot!
    Europe is not every bozo’s public park to just waltz in.

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