EU leaders have been offering congratulations to President-elect Biden. After days of waiting for the election to be called one way or another, Europe heaved a collective sigh of relief at the news Joe Biden will be the 46th President of the United States. In European capitals, many hope Biden will usher in a new, more constructive era of US-EU relations after the Trump years.

Under President Trump, the US and Europe have quarrelled over everything from steel and aluminum tariffs, to NATO spending, to US withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal. President-elect Biden has signalled he intends to overturn many of the Trump-era executive orders as soon as he enters office in January 2021, including the US withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement and the World Health Organization.

Not everyone will be pleased with the Biden win. Trump is deeply unpopular with the public in most European countries, but he remains pretty popular in Poland (and also has popular support in Hungary and Italy). Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán had reportedly been “rooting” for Trump to win, and Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Janša had even offered his premature congratulations to Donald Trump (and has since been compounding his diplomatic blunder by retweeting baseless conspiracy theories claiming widespread election fraud in the US).

Nevertheless, most Europeans are happy with the result. They hope for a return to multilateralism and an end to the “America First” approach that lead to trade wars, and boosted support for authoritarian leaders worldwide. President-elect Biden (a proud Irish Catholic) is also expected to prioritise the peace process in Northern Ireland when it comes to the EU-UK Brexit negotiations, meaning a US-UK trade deal in unlikely if Britain opts for a hard border with Ireland.

Will President Biden be good for Europe? Will his election bring improved US-EU relations? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts!

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    Not if European leaders use him as an excuse to continue doing nothing.

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    Good we shall wait and see but he can hardly be worse than Trump…

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    If he continues on the same path as when he was vice president , Europe be dragged into more regime change wars. Consequently there will be more terrorism in Europe

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      I don’t think Biden is likely to launch any regime change wars (he’s not Bush). Biden also won’t cozy up to dictators and tyrants like Trump did (promoting state terrorism – hacking up reporters, etc.).

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      He already promised to assist the regime change in Belorus. Trump, for all his bad manners, was not a war monger.

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      JT HK

      Zdravko, I’ve read about a UN report, which has found out 2 millions of people died due to the US sanction and embargo in Iraq. How many sanctions and embargo the US has been using all over the world? How many millions of people died and are still dying due to the US sanction? I would like to see someone offering details of such! This is definitely a crime against humanity.

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    His election sounds pretty much like a coup d’état. Europe should wait and see if the fraud allegations are consistent before starting to praise him

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    He has no alternative but we need to be good to each other and stand against the evil of the world.

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      Evil of the world ?… Oh Jesus.

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      After many wars, millions of dead people and refugees, have you ever stopped to think that maybe NATO and the west are the evil of the world?

      How many dead Arabs and Slavs does this supposed freedom and goodness of the west cost?

      Color revolutions, bombings, proxy wars and so on, the blood and misery that the imperialist nest into which Biden himself belongs is never ending.

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      Yes where do you think this pandemic came from.

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      Either from the animal kingdom, or the Wuhan lab. Assuming that that’s “the evil”, Biden is not going to confront China about it.

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      probably not alone but if the rest of the world unite who knows. lets hope for the best.

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      Trump wanted to confront China, Biden opposed it. He wouldn’t question Fauci either. Fauci was heavily involved with the Wuhan lab. Don’t take my word for an answer, google it yourself.

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      JT HK

      David, are you being poisoned by the Hollywood films or electronic games? Who can define good and evil? Whether the Islamic jihadists are freedom fighters or terrorists depends highly on who to hold the power to define. This is how conflicts and war start!

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      JT HK

      David, Are you daydreaming? Or being poisoned by the Hollywood films and electronic games? Who should be qualified to define good and evil? Whether the Islamic jihadists are freedom fighters or terrorists depends highly depending on who to hold the power to define. This is how conflicts and war start. If we cannot change this mentality by seeing the whole world in a conflicting relationship (conflict-oriented perspective), we shall fall into a self-fulfilling trap and we shall lead ourselves towards a devastating third world war and it is the end of mankind because the proliferation of weapon of mass destruction is the reality.

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      JT HK

      Natasha, The world is not about China and the US but about what is good for mankind. When the so-called “good” is doing nothing but tearing its own country apart ridiculously by a mask and see hundred thousands of people dying in the God blessed America and millions of people dying all over the world, what the “good” has been doing? Fighting to win the crown as the US president and wasting time and energy in tearing the world apart rather than saving lives. When the so-called “evil” does not only rapidly stopped the spread of the virus in around two months by closing a mega city Wuhan with over 11 million population, China has been sending billions of medical equipment and experts all over the world to save lives. What is good and what is evil? As of the time, China is the only economy and the engine pushing the global economy forward because it is the only major economy having positive economic growth.

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      JT HK, just look at Obama’s presidency for answer and you know what to expect – wars and consequently terrorism . And sanctions.

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      JT HK

      This is why Donald Trump once said Obama is the father given birth to the ISIS. Terrorism is a response or reaction to the superpower’s pressure. If the US is still using its foreign policy in the Cold War, it would never be able to lead a new world when power does not rely purely on military hard power anymore.

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    The question is for how long will EU rely on foreign countries being nice to it?

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    No, “free trade agreements” will kill our agriculture and industries, while polluting even more than now.

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    If Biden became presidente it would mean the continuation of corruption in Europe also, at least until the people said enough.

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    Trump was right. EU must pay for NATO. Europeans are really Socialists, they want everything with the money of American tax payers. Biden is demented, and only knows how to make money with Ucrania and China. Kamala is going to rule and thats bad for the world.

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      Wow a real Feminist! I only like leaders that surround themselves with experts in the field e follow theirs advises. Nobody does it alone. So far observing American politic for the last 35 years, I think we are i good shape.

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      Excuse me, your identity politics bag just dropped a little ignorance.

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      Jan-Marten Spit

      The US exported minus two trillion in fraudulent mortgage debt to the EU.

      Which is an actual fact. That Trump is right is false in general, that European NATO members do not pay for NATO is also false, that Biden is demented is also false.

      So perhaps next time you could try to formulate an opinion that is at least rooted in fact. After all, the url says ‘debate’ not ‘fantasize’ or ‘propaganda’.

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    While i’m as delighted as anyone else about seeing the back of Trump, let’s not get carried away. Remember, Trump got more votes this election than he did in 2016,had it not been for the covid crisis he would probably have been re-elected. There is simply no enthusiasm for Biden in the US. He was simply the slightly better of two appalling options.

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    We’ll never know, because he isn’t President.

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    All the migrants fleeing US bombs come to Europe.

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    Considering that is not yet officially the president and there are serious possibilities of recounting and even scotus pronunciation to deal with.

    Too many states were so close to grant an automatic recount; too many allegations of mistakes, weird things, computer glitches all in one direction, possible invalid ballots counted, allegation of dead and non resident votes…

    Once has been shed light on ALL this issues it will be official.

    I remember you that Al Gore remained the “president elect” for more than 30 days before the court had to weight in.

    And he lost by a few thousand votes..

    If you exclude commiefornia and NY most states are fairly close.. so recounts and possible vote miscounting is not a wild conspiracy theory. Is just a mathematical possibilities.

    (Also we need to make sure russia did not interfere.. right.?)

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    He is not good for himself let alone for Europe.

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    Better than Trump…at least he will be polite…if nothing else

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      yes. Who cares about thousands of lives that will be lost in the future because of his policies!?

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      You mean the 250,000 who died of coronavirus under the Dodgy Don?

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      lives lost during pandemic are Trumps responsibility.

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    Catherine Benning

    Will President Biden be good for Europe?

    What an odd question this is! Biden can’t be good for anyone and is he really the new President of the USA? Regardless of the outcome, I mean really US President? He is a Lame Duck from the onset.

    You know exactly what a Biden presidency will deliver for the American people, as well as the so called free world. We had eight years of Biden policies whilst he wore the face of Obama. Not hard to calculate the next four under the senile old boy who plans a take over by ‘President Harris.’

    Ask yourself this, under Obama, how did you do? Were you happy with his administration? Did he do well for the voting public of his own country, or, was his the presidency of betrayal of the working man? Didn’t most of the jobs in the states for the ordinary guy disappear? Wars were an every day occurrence. Health became a laugh. I read often that Obama was the worst President they ever had. And that includes the peanut farmer. Obama despises Europe and the European people. Especially the UK. His Dad being a Kenyan and he having a birth certificate with baby foot print pictures in that African country giving him a very close connection to it.

    Globalism and its blight to Europeans grew under that administration whilst Biden wound the ticking machine in his back, he, at the same time investing in Chinese jobs as he watched US tax paying public fund his exploration in the Orient.

    Fraudulent voting. Nothing new there, this has been going on in the US for very many years, even Kennedy was elected on a fake ballot. Florida and paid for by big Daddy Joe.

    So, here we are, back in the same mire hanging on the coat tails of this nut job. And the rich get richer and the poor die. For the American public to have one vote for this destructive old man is a joke that isn’t funny. Well perhaps it is for the giggling Harris and her ‘hard working, patriotic’ parents.

    And as a side bar, have you seen the open threats to the American public if they dare reveal what they really know of this fake election laugh a minute. Have a look here.

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    Corruption will resume between Europe & US if Biden wins

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    Probably exactly the same as Obama… Start a few wars here and there, new wave of immigrants that we Europeans have to deal with, Do jack shit for the people of his country and help the rich, Bomb a place or two until nothing is left and yet somehow get a nobel prize for peace.(ironically the orange half a brain baboon was the least warlord like lol)

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    All of them are the same, it will never be good for Europe.

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    I guess what we will get is:
    More wars in ME and North Africa(pretty much back to Obama days) -> more refuges.
    Revival of TTP in some form that will be focusing on Asia, sure it will screw over American working class more, but my guess whole “race to the bottom” for labor costs will trickle down to Europe too.
    He will also likely to take softer stance on China which will make any harder stance against them much harder ensuring current course of things, which in turn means that Uyghur situation will continue, and any kind of response to Chinas moves in regards to border bullying and undermining of HK or Taiwan will be dulled.
    I might be wrong but for now looking at his track record as vice president and his statements during his campaign that’s what I walk away with. Additionally.
    He promised not to support UK in regard to their post-Brexit situation(in direct opposition to Trumps stance) which might affect how much bad blood there’s gonna be between UK and EU afterwards since UK will likely get hit harder without support and EU is going quite cutthroat on UK. I’m 50/50 on this, maybe he was just putting himself in opposition to Trump.
    He also promised to end fracking, which might undo USA energy independence. That would result in even deeper involvement in ME, but my prediction he’s not gonna do it and it was just red meat for progressives, he needed them to win but based on whole corporate neo-lib nature of cabinet he’s building I guess progressives are getting the boot.

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    Is the arms race going to stop? The pressure to invest more and more in the military like the U.S. role model? Are U.S. sanctions going to stop?
    -> No to all.
    maybe we get another war with Biden. the people he named for his cabinet point in that direction…Europe can again bear the refugee catastrophe.

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    He and Obama are homies.I’d not expect much from this guy.

  23. avatar

    He can’t be worse than Trump anyway

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    He has a pro war cabinett. He will be worse then Trump. He will bomb some country and Europe will take part in it for “freedom and democracy” and tell Europe taking all the refugees caused by wars. After all, Biden supported every single war in his politics career. Doubt he changed to a peaceangel.

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    He’s going to be Obama’s third term…

  26. avatar

    He will be meddlesome like Obama was, I guess.
    Probably start a new war somewhere in our neighborhood, as soon as saying ‘good morning, I’m the new US President’.
    Who is left to bomb in the name of freedom and democracy?
    Egypt, Lebanon? There are a lot of candidates.
    Then he’s gonna tell us Europeans to take their refugees, cause he’s a Democrat after all, he cares about them poor refugees unlike the bad orange man.

    • avatar

      Armenia it is

    • avatar

      Try a coup in Belarus, maybe?

    • avatar

      Try a bigger fish like Poland.

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    He can’t possibly be worse can he?

    • avatar

      Depends if you are a hysterical media personality or someone living in the country he bombs I guess?

    • avatar

      Worse is really weird here. Trump didn’t do anything that would be distressing for an European. In fact his term was one of the most passive American leaderships. He didn’t enter Libya, he worked to pull out of Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq. Compared to his predecessors, I would bet that most EU governments would prefer him to Obama and Bush f.e.

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      All he has to do is start a war and that pretty much outweighs all the shit Trump has done.

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    He will be better than Trump, but he‘ll still be a US president, not a European President. He will do what‘s best for his country.
    Not in an “America-first” MAGA style, but in a more rational way.
    I think the last four years just showed that we as Europeans need to get your shit together and be good for ourselves.

    • avatar

      What’s irrational with the USA president being “America-first”? Lol.
      Do you guys elect your leaders to be “neighbors first”?

    • avatar

      What is irrational here? It is your inability to understand the comment you’re replying to. Read it again, and find the correct nuances in it, and next time do that before you comment. Better yet make it your secondary skill, I promise you it will benefit you in real life.

    • avatar

      Okay buddy boy, chill the fuck out with those insults

    • avatar

      My wording wasn’t very clear, I agree. It’s not “irrational” to be America-first. They way America first was applied by the trump administration was more of a America-only approach. A zero-sum game of politics if you will, aka “I win-you lose.”
      Many leaders around the world are more cooperative in their approach to international politics. We call them multilateralists. It’s still “my country first” but also, let’s see how we can all benefit together. Maybe we don’t get the maximum out of any deal, but at least it will be sustainable and in good faith

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    Obama government 2.0, without interventions hopefully

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