THURSDAY, 10:00 CEST | We launched an online Citizens’ Panel debate to coincide with the State of Europe festival of ideas and politics!

Public life will need to adapt to a ‘new normal’ due to COVID-19, and cities will be at the forefront. People will have new requirements from offices, schools, shops, parks, and so on. Streets, for example, will be shut to car traffic to allow more outdoor space for restaurants; public transport systems need to adapt to lower passenger capacities; more indoor events need to be held outdoors. Cities and mayors will need to be innovative as they navigate these challenges, and will need the support of government and citizens.

How can citizens be more involved in local problem solving as we emerge from lockdown? How can solutions at the local level be brought to the heart of the EU approach?

💬 Jasna Gabric – Mayor of Trbovlje, Slovenia and 2020 European Young Leader (EYL)
💬 Gábor Kerpel-Fronius – Deputy Mayor of Budapest Responsible for Smart City Initatives and Participatory Democracy

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    catherine benning

    What will be the ‘new normal’ for European cities?

    Here is London today. Already well underway to what it will be tomorrow as European life.

    Here is what they seek for an English city of tomorrow. And the call is the very same language and political speeches of yesterday made for these cities today. There is no doubt at all that this is where our politicians are leading us as the ‘new normal’ in the UK and Europe of the future.

    That is, unless the majority of the indigenous public, who do not see this as a standard of living for their children of tomorrow, get rid of all those in our parliaments presently. They have swallowed the delusion being taught to our children every day.

    The European future is a kind of poverty our government pretend doesn’t exist as a future under the policies they now force on us.

    This terrible situation we see here is not hidden or pretending to be anything other than it is, yet, our leaders deny its existence.


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