Early voting has already started in the 2020 US Presidential election. In European capitals, the contest will be watched closely. It’s safe to say that President Trump has had a strained relationship with his EU allies, publicly berating them for everything from trade tariffs to defence spending, arguing that European countries are habitually taking advantage of American generosity.

It’s sometimes difficult for outsiders to keep up with the twists and turns of US politics. The latest surprise in a long list of surprises was the dramatic announcement that President Trump and his wife had tested positive for COVID-19, focusing attention on his handling of the pandemic as the campaign enters its final month. He has now been discharged from hospital and seems to be recovering. Nevertheless, it is unclear what this will mean for his re-election prospects.

What do our readers think? We had a comment sent in by Jon, who is worried about another four years of Donald Trump: “Take a look at what President Trump has done during his first four years in office. His coronavirus response has been a disaster, and he has damaged America’s relationships with their most important allies: the EU, NATO, and the UN.” Is he right? Can EU-US relations survive another four years of Donald Trump?

To get a response, we spoke to Susi Dennison, senior policy fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations and director of ECFR’s European Power programme. What would she say to Jon’s comment?

For another perspective, we put the same comment to Jamie Shea, Senior Fellow at Friends of Europe and a former Deputy Assistant Secretary General of NATO’s Emerging Security Challenges Division (ESCD). How would he respond?

Finally, we had a comment come in from Victor, who argues that – should Trump lose the 2020 election – the EU should definitely try to normalise relations with the US. However, he also believes much of the damage done cannot be repaired, and he doubts things will ever return to the way they were before Trump. Can EU-US relations return to normal after Trump?

How would Susi Dennison respond?

Can EU-US relations survive another four years of Donald Trump? Can EU-US relations return to normal after Trump? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

IMAGE CREDITS: Photo by Christian Lue on Unsplash

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    Relations is when both sides are equal. The EU is subordinate to the USA from the very beginning.

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    EU is responsible for bad relations with USA, G. BRITAIN, RUSSIA and even with many member countries.

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    Question is whether EU will survive the cancer of liberalism.

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      let s ask Maduro to come here then and rule us all and guide us to “Venezuelan” prosperity… Pity Marx, Stalline and Lenine are all dead…

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      so you are saying that democracy without liberalism is impossible? Sounds rather brainwashed.

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    I hope Trump wins for a better world. EU is full of leftists

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    It doesn’t matter. 4 years is a short time. What matters is 4 more years of delay on climate change. We only have this decade to go neutral and it won’t happen magically in the last 5 years.

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    Understanding that EU has to stand on it’s feet is the lesson given by Trump to Europe. Another four years would help the most obtuse to understand the lesson and to act.

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    No, they can change. Luckily, the EU has a long tradition of making changes.

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    Mega-corporations rule everyone and social media giants police thoughts and opinions. Who cares who is in charge for four years when unelected and self-appointed oligarchs and technocrats have all the real power.

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    Think of the bright side: because of Trump Europe is more and more unified, at least in spirit

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    Career Politicians dont know how to deal with a proessional business man..

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      Another silly comment by Rajesh!

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    4 years compared to almost a century of our Atlantic alliance???
    Donald Trump is IRRELEVANT!

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    They are already at a deep danger!!

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    I don’t know what is the problem with Mr Trump. It is the only hope to stop the destruction of family values ​​and crib values ​​worldwide. He will win and it will be worth it.

    • avatar

      those family values of cheating on your first wife with nr2. On nr2 with nr 3 and on nr 3 with a pornstar while your wife is pregnant? That would make even the greatest philander look like a Saint 😂

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      which family values are u exactly talking about? Being married with a supermodel 30 years younger than you are family values? Just askin

    • avatar

      and he’s draining the swamp

    • avatar

      you mean those family values that made him suggest “grabbing women by the pussy” and made him say that he would gladly date his daughter. Or those family values represented by a trail of cheating and moral bankruptcy? Asking for a friend.

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    I don’t think the whole world in general, let alone the EU can survive another 4 years of Donald Trump!! 😐

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      he got a peace deal in the Middle East. Wtf are you talking about

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      that might be so but he pretty much causes havoc everywhere else he goes….Biden 2020!! 👏👏👏

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    EU should follow president Trump in his economic war against China and Russia. Unfortunately Germany is not willing to follow since chinese products are not competing their products. And Germans refuse to stop buying Russian natural gas. The rest of eu doesn’t have any problems to follow Trump.

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    If the EU institutions and officials will be able to separate their political and personal tastes from their responsabilities, for sure! And the mass media also…

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    The EU-US relations will not even survive even if Trump loses the election. It is pretty obvious that the US every 8 years elects someone who doesn’t wnat to work with its allies. There will be another Trumps. the EU cannot and should not trust the US again. We are on our own.

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    America and Europe must work more closely together in the future in order to compete against the primitive capitalist terror systems which shamelessly exploits their people. It’s a question how to stay competitive in this conditions.

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    Have to laugh rather then take issue with so many Europeans on this thread who have no idea what they are talking about regarding bone-spurs. This regime is the first one that has actively sought to destroy the relationships with every major ally, every one. Never has this been the case before.

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      catherine benning

      @ Thomas

      This regime, as you call it, is the only political group, in all western nations except Switzerland, who are willing to stand by their people who pay taxes, vote, and believe in Democracy. Enough to fight the Globalist take over of Western civilisation.

      And that is why the lefty, anti American group of ‘billionaires’ are fighting him every inch of the way. We ‘productive’ Western people are being robbed right left and centre by the barbaric Biden. Who has been at this game for more than 47 years. They explicitly back, financially, all the blinded freeloaders who believe they are in for something for nothing, should he get into office.

      What idiots they are. The citizens of the Western nations have not been as poverty stricken since WWII as they were when Trump took over. Which is why they are selling ‘socialism’ to the American public. American, as well as all Western nations, were not asked by one of these politicians on the left or right, if they wanted to accept responsibility for feeding the world, by their standard of living, as well as their community being dragged into a third world lifestyle and existence.

      The Globalists in the Federal Reserve have printed, since Feb/March this year, 9 ‘Trillion’ dollars. All of it, as did in the 2008 crash, where we were told, Banks can’t fail, ending up in stock market billionaire pockets. Over the years since 1963 the Democratic party have been in bed with Republicans. Now, Trump, is the only guy who is willing to admit this, as he tries to change the policies of grave, miscalculated error, in favour of what American and Western people have called for. And, additionally, have been voting for since. This is why hatred of Trump is unbelievable, he wants change ending robbery of Western average workers for some hope and lifestyle…. As he is bright enough to realise this pattern is killing the society he grew up in, which offered him opportunity. Where now little exists.

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    I don’t know the answer to this question, but America has to definitely reevaluate its democratic election process. Somehow the candidates that are elected in the past years by the superdelegates in both parties tend to be …well…uhmm…yeah…

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    catherine benning

    Can EU-US relations survive another four years of Donald Trump?

    I feel the more important question for the European tax payer and voters is ‘Can the EU survive the next four years? After all, where is EU citizens money being spent? Anyone? And do you really feel Mr Macron/Ms Merkel is going to remain in office to see Trump out?

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    People think Dems and Reps have different agendas, when in actuality both parties cater only for the oligarchs. The difference being is which one favours whom.
    That being said, to quote a YT channel:
    Bidden’s family got rich while in Senate, while Trump came to power rich and is actually loosing money. Goes to show which one is the more corrupt of the two.
    How would that affect EU?
    I believe it could be positive, if EU finally decides to take more proactive action against the big US (tech) monopolies, as it seems they do not play well with Trump atm and he just might let it happen.
    A new trade agreement with the US maybe? EU does not need one (especially on food or medicine), but if he continues strong against China – he would also have less negotiating power and EU might get a better deal than the last time.
    Finally, one can only hope he will be able to keep the EU socialists at bay. We had enough communism for the next several centuries, thank you!

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