How do you translate “shitshow”? Around the world, media organisations have been struggling to render into their national languages some of the more colourful English terms used to describe the first US Presidential Debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. As Politico reports:

The debate set foreign media outlets scrambling to decode Americans’ own, often colorful, denunciations of the debate. For Asahi Shimbun, a leading Japanese newspaper, the challenge was translating ‘shitshow.’ Their answer: ‘a show that is like shit,’ part of an article headlined, ‘The worst debate ever.’ Deutsche Welle, Germany’s public broadcaster for global audiences, felt the need to define ‘clusterfuck’ as ‘a complex and utterly disordered and mismanaged situation: a muddled mess.’

Early voting is already underway in some states. Americans are now being asked to make their minds up on whether Donald Trump has fulfilled his 2016 campaign promise to “Make America Great Again”. Will Trump’s pre-pandemic record on the economy and his push to confirm conservative justices to the Supreme Court sway voters? Or, with more than 200,000 people dead from the virus and millions now unemployed, will his mishandling of the COVID-19 crisis ultimately decide his fate in November?

What happened to the wall? During his 2016 campaign, Trump said he would force Mexico to pay for the construction of an impenetrable concrete wall covering 1,000 miles of the 1,900 mile southern border. Once in office, that was quietly downgraded to roughly 30 miles of new border fence, plus refurbishing 245 miles of existing barriers, entirely paid for (to the tune of $15 billion) by the US taxpayer.

What about healthcare? Trump had promised to repeal Obamacare and replace it with something much better, though his administration has had difficulty articulating precisely what the replacement would look like in practice. After dramatically failing to repeal the Affordable Care Act in the Senate in 2017 (despite the Republican Party controlling both houses of Congress), Trump has attempted to chip away at Obamacare through the courts (and the Supreme Court is due to hear the latest case the week after the election in November).

What about the economy? Donald Trump won the Presidency in 2016 partly based on his celebrity and reputation (cultivated through the hit TV show “The Apprentice”) as a savvy businessman and dealmaker. That reputation has taken a bit of a knock recently following a report by the New York Times on his tax returns, showing a decade of chronic business losses and mounting debts. Nevertheless, the US economy had been booming before the pandemic (albeit with a record national debt and skyrocketing federal borrowing).

Has President Trump made America great again? Or will his mishandling of the COVID-19 crisis ultimately decide his fate in November? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

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    Donald Trump certainly made America greater. Only the existence of this debate proves it. The economic figures and the employment rate also. He kept his promises (return of US soldiers, the walls, employment and business support), he launched innovative programs (space research in particular) etc… The only drawback of his election is that he represents a candidacy with a direct and frank speech that does not pass in the press … it must be recognized that the simple fact of saying that one is pro Donald Trump makes the person guilty of racism … this is the real problem that tears socially the United States … the same phenomenon also exists here in Europe … Why is it no longer possible to have a united society that is peaceful and respects the free will of each individual?

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      catherine benning

      @ Bernard

      I agree with your analysis on Trumps Presidency

      The idiotic racial slant is the only way Democrats and media generally feel they make him unelectable. The BLM groups, and there are too many for any healthy debate because the trick of PC is to stop the revelation going on there. They can only rely on this libel to incur hatred. As their main voters intellect cannot digest much else . Hence, the constant use of the rallying cry. he’s racist. Logical and informative debate cannot hit the spot unless this is used repeatedly, as they have little knowledge the real world.

      What is so remarkable in journalism today is, the opening words of introduction they use for Trump. The vicious Trump, the hateful Trump, the lying Trump, the duplicitous Trump and on, then they add, ‘can be seen here with the praised for his patience, Biden or some other misleading quote. Leads anyone to wonder how much they are greased on the sidebar it. Yet, when questioned on the obvious slurring they disclaim bias. Akin to the presenter of that debate the other night. That halfwit could barely speak a literate sentence he was so puffed up with ridiculous untrue information. Who would imply such a person to run this kind of important political event. Neither of the candidates revealed their future policies or what their vision of a new America was going to offer. And when Trump tried his hardest to raise it, the cadaverous looking Biden stuck his foot in his mouth to keep him quiet.

      It was the most shocking misinformation flouted in order to mislead American voters I have ever had the discomfort to watch. Biden was such an open liar and refused to answer what was put to him in any shape or form, his sons fiddles in the Ukraine, his 47 years of dysfunctional government, his need for a wire and on and on. The lies of his educational background and all the rest.

      And on the big issue of taxes. Trump has nothing to do with the laws on taxation. He simply takes advantage of the American Government legal tax write offs, just as all billionaires and millionaires in that country do. As well as the rest of the world’s fat cats where it exists do. Why didn’t Biden mention his loopholes during his 47 years in office? Following it up the the Clinton’s, Obamas and all the rest in that line who did nothing in their time in office to correct that anomaly. Well, dear me, have they just this minute noticed it, as Trump is getting in their fiddling craw?

      Trump should dig on the Clinton Foundation cheat, Haiti and what the obamas are hiding, as well as Gates and Buffett. They have watched them suck up the no tax gift for a long time and it didn’t hit their nerves until the man, Trump, tries to change their selling of the American people down the river to other nations, who call themselves the ‘International World Order.’ That is both Black as well as White American people.

      If Biden is elected, Harris will be in office within the year. It’s their way of getting a woman as President.

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    He’s contradicting himself. First he says that America is the greatest country in the world and then he says that he will make it great again. Choose only one.
    As for the answer to your question – it’s no. America is practically divided in two nations – Republican and Democrat. And he does nothing for the national unity.

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    The United States is a shambles. How far and how fast it has fallen! Never mind great again, if their next president manages to leave it in a halfway decent state again I think we should consider it an outstanding achievement.

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    The only way this man is able to win an election is when Democrats run his campaign. History looks set to repeat itself.

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    The damage he has already done is unmeasurable. Among the world’s undemocratic leaders, he’s one of the least capable.

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    He’s a Horrible President and Person. His Environmental record is Terrible. He is opening the Artic Wildlife Refuge to Oil and Gas Drilling 😠 He is just knee jerk reactions, extreme attention seeking, very little knowledge, does not listen to experts, does not read the President’s Daily Brief, drives wedges between the US and Allies, divides the US even more, full of Fearmongering rhetoric, etc … He is 100% Spoiled Baby. Racist, Sexist, Arrogant Snob with Garbage Policies.

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    At this point US politics is a nightmare and in such conditions none of the presidents either from democrats or respublicans could do good job. I hope American people will vote for the one who on their opinion serves their interests.

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    Four years without new wars. That was refreshing.

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    compared to the alternative – he was and is much much better.
    would a war with Russia, as Clinton wanted
    or a war with Iran, what Biden pushed for, better for USA and the world?

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      Didn’t Trump bomb Iran?

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      Those are just taking points. How the fuck would you know what Clinton or Biden want? Relations with Iran are worse because of Trump. Or did you forget how we started the year? Get your head out of your ass and stop swallowing propaganda intended for morons. Do you really think that Trump has the capacity to dictate the US foreign policy? He is obviously too stupid. Biden is bordering dementia. In any case someone else will make those decisions and their name is not on any ballot.

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      there is a war with Russia, just read what’s happening in Syria where Russia are pushing US around, the withdrawal from the Iranian Nuclear deal is pushing exposure in the Med forcing more resources to be allocated to the area, what about the firing if missiles i to Syria? What about the dramatic increase of US carrier group now in the South China Sea, an are we have no interests? Under Trump the number of US military incursions has increased dramatically and now he seals them so we don’t get to hear (although they are reported in Europe and China).

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    It is impossible to do the job in 4 years. The damage is done 30 years ago. A bad globalization. Good for the great corporations. Very bad for the people in the USA. So I hope Trump wins. Nothing good from Dem Socialists, and means interventions and wars.

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      oh waw how many wrongs can you get into one sentence… globalisation followed the deregulation started by Reagan. It was Nixon also Republican who reached out to China. Wars: Both bushes launched wars in the Middle East and junior Afghanistan too. Trump’s aide package has largely gone to major corporations not the average person etc

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      yes the globalization was bad and is a mistake of Republicans, everybody who has 2 neurons know about it. Trump is different and against the deep state. How many wrongs can you get into one sentence?

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      Trump IS deep state lol He gets rid of all controls on government bodies and installs “acting” chefs so he doesn’t need approval from Congress. He’s been stacking the courts with judges that follow his line. Seems you should go looking for your second neuron…

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      lol seems an argument a Berlusconi fan would have had 20 years ago.

    • avatar

      mind your own business. This has nothing to do with Berlusconi, only in your brainless head.

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      USA R.I.P.

    • avatar

      thank you for demonstrating exactly what I said.

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      strangely history isn’t on your side …. you need to do much better …..

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    Eastern mild world Today’s story ᆢ
    * When the upper water is clear, the lower water is clear *
    The 21st century marks a new history of this global village. Now people around the world are not in every way pre-twentieth-century thinking. The 21st century must not deviate from the point that it is the first century of world peace occupied by heaven. For this purpose, it has long been a long time since the world has created and operated a large framework called the United Nations (UN) to ensure an eternal and peaceful life for mankind. Accordingly, the natural affairs of the United Nations itself, which should always be operated in a just and smooth manner, are neglected, or all countries, including permanent member states and general member states, are too far away from their own set of duties related to the United Nations (UN). In the case of disagreement, the United Nations (UN) is a permanent member state or all member states and non-members so that all members can cooperate with a strong determination to atone for the atonement of all members of the United Nations to quickly improve or cope with the fundamental basis of the Great Compromise. It seems that there should be a reconsideration in all aspects, such as the reform of the country and the restriction of veto rights for all of the nations. All countries in the world have the same right to live freely and peacefully. The world must never deviate from the basic big frame of brothers and sisters in the world, where each other in all countries is not another, but is the family of one grandfather and one ancestor. The world must be reborn as a peaceful, true world of true humans on a broader level.
    The Gentle World of the East Lee In Seop.

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    I’m sorry, but isn’t this “Debating Europe?”
    Why is “Debating Europe” wondering if things in the US are great again it not?
    Isn’t there enough topics to “debate” about in Europe?

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      Kubanković Szoma Nedjelković-Szöltés

      Yeah, that’s a question I wanna ask too, and when you have questions like this then you get a shitstorm in the comments.

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    Trump is the biggest useful idiot of at least the last 50 years. The best thing that happened to the enemies of the USA and the western civilization.
    Ignorant, short-sighted, lazy, corrupt, impulsive, easy to manipulate, despotic and incompetent…the results are already clear.
    His place in history is guaranteed for the worse reasons 😄

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    I think he is one of the politicians who can see what China is trying to do I think he is doing a great job he will win election by a landslide

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    for sure has made europe small

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    Corrado Pirzio-Biroli

    When I think of Trump, I think of Bertrand Russell’s view when he said, “The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wiser people so full of doubts.” This applies in particular to Trump, and many of his electors (including two thirds of America’s Evangelical) are fools, as are those across the world, who, mostly due to ignorance, are attracted by populist politicians without statesmanship, nor programme. It is a tragedy to have the leader of the West led by today’s most dangerous man in the world (due to his power and his unpredictability), ruling a country that has lost its necessary checks and balances. The West has lost its model country and the Europeans who migrated to what was then the paradise on earth, may now be sometimes attracted to come back to Europe. We can only hope that the EU will continue to develop a more democratic and caring society and become the new model of Western society and a new light house for the world. As I believe in the ultimate common sense of Americans, I have predicted long ago that Biden (and now Harris) will be leading the US out of their ‘deregulationist’, isolationist and racist context.

    • avatar
      Catherine Benning

      @ Corrado Pirzio-Biroli

      And you call those voting for Trump ‘Fools and Fanatics.’ Yet, go on to call the barely educated Biden the promised saviour of the US, along with the absurd Harris. Please give me a break.

      You know as well as I do, Americans are not going to vote for a female President. This is the New World Order brigade forcing this woman on tax payers of the Western world and the US people in particular. And they bring to the plate a finished old grifter, Biden, in the shadow of cheated Democrat, Bernie Sanders to put her in office. In essence, a crass, lacking women of a repeatedly plugged mixed ethnic background, with little articulation and certainly no experience of economics or political astuteness, to not only run that great country, but also Europe and the free world. Biden cannot see out a four year Presidency. He can barely make the mic a few short feet away. They keep her in the dark, as to show her to the people will let them know for sure what they are pushing so desperately.

      It’s terrifying to see this gurning, grinning, giggling women, with no sense of presence about her, put up for office as an ‘example of leadership’ for values of Western civilisation. My goodness, the fall from Grace of the USA is unbearable to watch.

      And you think you are smart!

      The USA from this:

      To this:

      Have mercy on us all.

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    Agree Maria. It takes longer than four years to undo the mess that’s built up since the Seventies.

    • avatar

      if trump gets realected it will take a miracle to sort out his mess

    • avatar

      can be done quite quickly with determination but Americans don’t like being told what to do.

    • avatar

      especially Trump. Terrible president

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    catherine benning

    This article tells of another beheading in a suburb of Paris. A school teacher who showed a picture of Mohammed to a class of pupils was deemed an immediate death must befall her. The question of free speech, again being murdered before our eyes, by those who fled from the chains of submission in their country of origin.

    Who do you blame for this event being able to take place in Europe? Just as it did in the UK to Mr Rigby, a soldier, in London just a short while ago….? Look at the big picture, when did this kind of murder begin as an expected part of Western European society?

    It began with the New World Order merchants. The Globalists and their henchmen supporters. Those politicians who back mass movement of people from one part of the planet, where this is law in their land and a right under their system. These politicians knowingly reintroduced it this part of the planet where its expectation had become extinct via an evolved civilisation. Our politicians deliberately put us at physical risk, along with our cultural way of life, aspirations and standard of living. They do this violent act without advising the voter of any intention to fill our communities with alien cultures of this kind, or, ask our permission to do so. This horrendous way of life is what they envision for us all. The open door policy that encourages millions to invade our streets of prosperity, to kill and impoverish the indigenous, in order to fatten pockets of stock marketeers who pay a fortune to further exploit us as ignorant tax payers.

    America is now offered as potential President a man who carried this platform forward for 47 years. Along with his second, who openly promotes the same open door policy, as, to denounce such an influx of unknown millions, is considered by her to be institutional whyte racism. Not legitimate protection of a society unprepared for their influx.

    On the other hand, Trump, is offering a rethink. He is smart enough to consider what changed America from its vision of greatness to the dire straights in economic downturn seen by his fellow countrymen today…. Manufacturing and production taken from their working classes, at the same time as encouraging millions from outside US borders to compete for less pay, impoverished them all. Trump, by having the guts to expose this truth must be considered the most presently pragmatic. Therefore, promoting his vision of returning America to its former greatness is a brilliant concept. As, to continue on the Democrat path of keeping up with the same inane tactics that brought the US to its knees, is a peculiar way to promise a glowing four year future ahead.

    As far as Biden and his giggling sidekick are concerned, is there anything to run on beside the fate issued Covid-19? And I don’t see any answers from them regarding destruction of this world killer… Do you?

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    Bert van Santen

    Zonder de COVID pandemie, had Trump zonder twijfel een 2e ambtstermijn gekregen. Absoluut Ja! dus.
    De verdeeldheid in de VS bestond al voor Trump, en die zal alleen maar groeien.Net zoals die in de EU bestaat en groeit.

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