How did facemasks get so political? Wearing a mask has somehow become a partisan issue, with some people facing verbal abuse and even being coughed on for daring to don a mask. Likewise, support for lockdowns is apparently divided, in some countries, along party lines.

As the blame game starts, things could get even more political. The “rally ’round the flag” effect that brought everyone together at the beginning of the crisis is likely to weaken as time passes. Critical questions will be asked, and the answers will appeal to different political demographics.

Even countries claiming to “follow the science” are finding that the science doesn’t necessarily always offer clear answers. It turns out that epidemiologists disagree with one another on key policy questions, and politicians need to make hard choices. And when politicians make choices, things get political.

Has coronavirus polarised politics even further? How did public health become a partisan issue? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

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    It has helped show how some politician are only there to work for some others instead of their people.

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    People live in a fantasy world and do not understand the gravity of things.

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    Im not realy sure what you mean by polarisation..anyway..what i have noticed is that politicians seem to think they are invincable to covid -19 they are traveling from eu country to country ..without quarinteening for 14 days..its not sufficient just to test yourself ..quarinteening is the only defence against transmition of the virus.Some politiciens think they will not be touched by the virus and dont quarinteen..what is that ? they have an exemption from quarinteening!!!..what is that? is it one rule for the ordinary businessperson who travels throuout europe and anothe for the ireland all businesspeople have to quarinteen for 14 days after reentering….can anyone elighten me as to what should be done..please? :D

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    It seems that Corona sign the end of liberalism….all people ask member states to protect then… And this is what EU should do instead of caring about USA and China world trade intetests

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    … the plague (just like war) is a very good revelator of political actions and motives…

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    @Debating Europe. Why did you ignore my comment? I know the pandemic of Corona Virus is serious, but look at the protests and demonstration in Bulgaria. The situation is serious!

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    EU Reform-Proactive

    Has the “Remarkable Human Self” been reduced to an insignificant but helpless tool- manipulated by decades of political suzerainties?

    Equally, isn’t there a rally around the EU or former CoE flag? Is that not a symbol or considered a flag? Why are dozens hoisted permanently in Brussels?

    During critical times unwavering, sensible & quality leadership is needed. How can a regulatory collective of 7 EU institutions, 5 EU presidents, the College of 27 Commissioners and 705 parliamentarians be decisive, competent, efficient & quick- all at once- without fail?

    When both national & EU politicians abdicate positive leadership roles and hide conveniently behind science, regulations & rhetorics etc. all become guilty of uninspiring leadership. Inevitably, other forces come- as diverse as a country has political voices- and interfere. While political shooting from the hip is hardly possible by EU’s self-imposed regulatory bureaucracy- it also prevents any decisive leadership in emergencies, due to several principles:

    • The 3 levels of “moving” competences instituted between 27 nations- namely: an exclusive, shared (social/health) & a supporting one-

    • The proportionality principle-
    • The bureaucratic sharing of collective responsibilities & decision making-

    Public or national health services in Europe & the EU are considered excellent & generous on a global scale- although not entirely free.

    What would make good sense during times of emergencies like these?
    Save & preserve the life-supporting economy by explaining and appealing to seriously cooperate and accept strict behavioural rules- which in turn will save both- the economy & lives.

    There-after, let natural selection benefit those who act responsible & are willing to cooperate & eager to save themselves (& others) by their inborn desire for self-preservation & survival.

    I rather rely on my “god-given” senses (complicated?)- not on mediocre pc political rhetoric & antics!

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    We have civil unrest in Bulgaria! Debating Europe, please react and create a topic about this!!

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    Zeekreek. August 26th 2020
    No polarisation but adaptation to each others’ too less underbuilded conviction, leading to much costs and feigning political urgency to treat only one subject , leaving urgent others, like f.i. money laundering

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