Should Europe rejoice over Biden’s victory? It’s no secret that transatlantic relations had been strained under President Trump, with the US and Europe chafing over everything from steel and aluminum tariffs, to NATO spending, to US withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal.

In 2018, President Donald Trump said he believed that the “European Union was formed in order to take advantage of [America] on trade, and that’s what they’ve done”. Meanwhile, Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany and French President Emmanuel Macron have both been signalling their desire for Europe to chart a more independent course from its ally across the pond. Is it too late to patch things up?

Curious to know more about the state of transatlantic relations? We’ve put together some facts and figures in the infographic below (click for a bigger version).

What do our readers think? We had a comment sent in last year (before the election) from Marleen: “I think [whether Europe can depend on the US] all depends if Trump is re-elected next year – if he is then no, Europe can absolutely not depend on the US anymore. If a Democratic candidate wins on the other hand I think transatlantic relations will flourish again.”

To get a response, we put Marleen’s comment to Daniel Fried, Weiser Family Distinguished Fellow at the Atlantic Council and former US Ambassador to Poland. Ahead of the election, we asked him whether he agreed with Marleen that transatlantic relations would improve under Joe Biden. Is it as simple as that?

For another perspective, we also put the same comment to Luka Ignac, speaking on behalf of European Horizons, a global, student-led policy incubator founded at Yale University, whose mission is to “give young people a voice in shaping the future of Europe and of transatlantic relations”. What would he say?

Next up, we had a comment sent in from Michael, who says: “Of course [the Transatlantic relationship] is important, but quite frankly, we need a plan B. Since 1945 Europe’s only plan has been the US. The US is no longer reliable. It would be nice if they became reliable, but it is better to assume that they will continue to be unreliable and plan for that.”

Is he right? Has the US become an unreliable partner for Europe? How would Daniel Fried respond?

Finally, we put the same comment to Luka Ignac for his thoughts:

Will transatlantic relations improve under Joe Biden? Has the USA become an unreliable partner and should Europe become more independent? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

IMAGE CREDITS: BigStock – (c) palinchak

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What do YOU think?

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    Even if sleepy, Joe can only be better than the con man currently in charge.

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    Lack of spine or mental fortitude seem to be necessary aspects to collaborate with the EU.

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      If that was the case, Trump would be ideal – he doesn’t care what he said yesterday and all he can do is froth at the mouth, sling slurs and insults and find scapegoats for the consequences of his own failure.

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    The problems of the USA go deeper than their president, and Trump has been a much bigger problem for his own country than for Europe. To the extent that transatlantic relations are strained, I’m certain Biden would be an improvement. The EU however must not depend on the US for direction in the modern world.

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      Debating Europe

      Hi Michael, how do you think the EU should find its direction instead?

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      I think the EU is torn by the contradiction of a group of countries that want the benefits of a union, yet do not actually trust their neighbours enough to share sovereignty with them.
      For example, a condition of membership is open borders and free movement within the Union by way of the Schengen agreement, yet each individual country maintains its own immigration policy. Thus, countries with relatively liberal immigration policies and primarily administrative national identities have diverse multiethnic populations and readily nationalize many people born in other parts of the world. Countries with relatively conservative immigration policies and primarily ethnic national identities impose restrictions aimed at preserving their existing ethnic demography, but they are obviously rendered meaningless by virtue of the Schengen agreement that they themselves signed, which stipulates that *any* European citizen has the legal right to establish him or herself in *any* EU country. This is clearly incoherent.
      A more logical system would be to establish European citizenship and cede administrative control over citizenship to the Union, given that citizens may reside and vote anywhere within the Union, but individual countries do not trust the Union enough to do this – *yet* they still want the *benefits* of free movement. People don’t want to get rid of Schengen because they do want the freedom to reside anywhere in the EU, but they also want total national sovereignty over who may reside in their countries – when both things at the same time are obviously impossible.
      Another example is sovereign debt. On the one hand the Union theoretically restricts national spending by imposing deficit caps to harmonize EU finances and keep European economies and the currency stable, and convince investors that the entire EU is a safe place to invest. On the other the Union pointedly refuses to collectivize bonds, so clearly it is not very confident in its own collective economy, even as it strives to convince investors. Again it’s incoherent. People want the *benefits* of economic union, but none of the potential pain.
      I think these fundamental contradictions are a large part of what makes the EU so listless and keen for a powerful foreign figurehead in Washington D.C. to impose some order or direction. It has expanded too far and too fast without stopping to consider what exactly it was getting itself into – what being a Union member and signing all these treaties would really imply.
      This is something we must urgently overcome. We cannot delegate our affairs to the US because we are afraid to confront what we truly are, and what we’ve really gotten ourselves into.

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      i do not trust these criminals in so called european council and parliament.!!!and with me a lot of european peoples

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      And in this comment section you can also find the generational dichotomy between the young and educated pro-europeans, who strive to push the Union and the general public to a better understanding of the complexities of such a beautiful and intricated mess that the EU is, represented on one side by Michael, while on the other hand the generation that reduces the public debate to a mere expression of primeval thoughts without providing examples or argument to corroborate their preconceived ideas, just to claim a seat at the discussion table because they feel entitled to do so, represented by Patrick

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      The young and educated pro europeans do not realise the EU plan is a direct copy for the 4th reich but instead of tanks they use love

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      in the fourth Reich you wouldn’t have the freedom to say such a thing publicly, you’d be dead already

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      We do not have freedom of speech when systems are censoring depending on your political views. I’d say it resembles the past pretty much, antifa brown jackets, media propaganda, divide and conquer included.
      In fact, they are now much smarter opposed to the world wars, why kill people if u can shut them up from a distance?
      I’ll tell u why, to save the climate, the removal of people will be allowed. We are living in it now.

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    There could be a war with Russia on EU soil, as Clinton wanted.
    According to Bolton, Trump refused to start a war with Iran, and I’m sure old Joe wouldn’t pass the chance to start one.
    Would that be “flourishing relations”? Or is it “how bad can it get”?
    Because right now EU is being only used as US lapdog, while being military occupied (ask Germany about it).

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      George, Trump tore up the nuclear arms treaty that was supposed to be the basis of peace with Iran.

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      Fake account

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      true, but it’s still much better than starting a war with Iran – something for which the “deep state” was obviously pushing for, and even Bolton wrote about it in his book (attempting to make Trump look bad).
      So he’s still a better choice if you have to compare them.

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    For sure. Trump is erratic and would continue to engage in symbolic/actual protectionism and withdrawals.
    Beyond Trump, there are also big underlying shifts in the U.S.: disengagement from Europe (“pivot to Asia”) was already evident under Obama and the escalating Sino-American conflict looks like it will outlive Trump.

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      Debating Europe

      Hi Craig, interesting observation – how do you think transatlantic relations will change in the future?

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      Very hard to say!

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      no Mr TRUMP is not for war. He is more diplomatic than the Democrats.

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      I agree that he has anti-war instincts. But are European governments for peace? It is clear that European states have carried out the attacks against Libya and Syria. At least at the political level, it seems certain that the European and American governments would be more in tune with Biden than with Trump.
      And it must be remembered that Trump also organized bombings in Libya, encouraged Israeli expansionism (recognition of Jerusalem as capital) and assassinated an Iranian general, hero of his people.
      I’m not saying that Biden would necessarily be better for Europe as such (i.e. its peoples, not the regimes).

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    They will definitely improve. However, the US will still have its criminal system in place. So electing Biden or Trump is pretty much the same (except Biden hides better what really is behind him) and they need a revolution.

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    Trump is freedom
    Biden is for chaos, open borders policy,
    Enough is enough.

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    Dont be deceived by the notion that Biden is somehow more likely to revive us/eu relations.its inevitable that the US will pivot their attention more to the Pacific region & away from the atlantic.

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      Doesn’t change the fact that a sane, rational discourse will be possible with him.

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      how do you know?

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      most would concur that Obama is sane and rationale. ..but what did he do to make the world a better place…didnt curb Russian aggression in eastern europe or north Africa, didnt have any policy regarding middle east other than letting his red lines be walked over…didnt stop china from extending territorial claims into large swathes of china sea..imprisoning a million muslims in “education camps”…couldn’t stop blacks being disadvantaged or school kids being slaughtered in places of learning….moral of the story is that sanity & rationality is no substitute for leadership -nb this is NOT to applaud Trump, but to inject some caution in praising this old man who has been at the heart of Washington for many decades and stained with all its failures

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      He deployed army in 7 countries, obama was wrong

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      not sure he was wrong to deploy the surge in troops…but he was reluctant to follow thru…..people like Putin and Xi play the long game knowing that political attention span in the west is measured in 2-4 year electoral cycles.

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      Ah, yes, because he let his red lines in the Middle East be walked over, ISIS lost two thirds of its territory during the Obama era.
      You are confusing leadership with having a magic wand. Not to mention that, apparently, your idea of leadership is starting WW3.
      It is funny that you complain about Russia and China but evidently believe that a leadership like theirs, without any checks and balances, with just a strongman calling the shots regardless of the opinion of a parliament or the people is desireable.

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      dont presume to know what I think about Putin & Xi..for your info I classify them as dictators who have little respect for human rights & cloak their actions on the cover of nationalistic endeavour…the world would be a far better place without them…as far aa WW3 is concerned..that’s a child talking ..there are many ways to fight a battle in the 21st century…unfortunately they have shown more adaptability than their western counterparts..both commercially & socially.
      With regard to ISIS, their claims to territory were always tenuous at best ..the vast majority of their losses were due to russian support for the Assad regime which denied them any safe space against the Kurds in the east..the primary winners from this has been Assad and Russia with American engagement seen as at best fickle, at worst almost inconsequential.

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    This guys is just using BLM to get elected, far left destroying shops and killing thank you!!

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    Leave the old man alone. Poor fellow does not know what state he is in. Or where the camera is half the time. He would still think chancelor hilter and nevel chaimberlaine are in power.

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      so what?

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      Ungoing Colonialism based on Rascism and extremist religious Fanatism

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      dont say that, 2020 is not the year to dempt faith

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      Was that tempt?? I can never tell anymore…

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    If he forgets about existence of the rest of the world – yes.

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    He’s more reliable and more cooperative, so certainly.

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      Did you even understand the post?

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      More reliable and cooperative with the Deep State and United Nations – not exactly what you want

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    Biden is half dead due to age. I dont think he can survive the stress from the 4 year term.

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      seems a habit electing people dead on their feet lol

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      on the other hand the current idiot will lead us to wars of the famine of the attacks because unfortunately at his birth one forgot to transplant a brain to him

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    I hope Trump is elected for the best of the world. We need Freedom. The Dems Socialists are globalists, belicists racists besides a great deal of hypocrisy. Is better for EU and the not to vote sleepy Joe

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      Lol what the hell…

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      Yeah, spreading disease and ignorance will be great for the world, lol.

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      so which countries can you name who are in favour of Trump?

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    This is a no brainer. Of course the USA needs a sane president. Things could not possibly be worse than they are now.
    I would say his Coronavirus negligence, which has cost thousands of lives so far, will ensure his defeat.

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      would democrats have done better in Corona? don’t think so honestly…

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      and he has problems keeping his hands of wonen too. Just lookup on YouTube. He does it on stage before news reporters. Just imagine what he does behind closed doors.

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    This is what I think it would be better not to run, it is the scum of society supported by the democrats who have done and are doing a lot of harm to the world

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    Ofcoursd, more americans without job. More poverty, , neighborehood under obama poor and criminal, under trump mutch better and less poverty, because trump këep work in the country. He dont want globelisme

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    Doesn’t Europe have enough of its own problems? Just how is it that Europe’s “transatlantic relations” depends on the results of a US election?

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    Doesn’t Europe have enough of its own problems? Just how is it that Europe’s “transatlantic relations” depends on the results of a US election?

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    Catherine Benning

    Will transatlantic relations improve if Joe Biden is elected?

    How can they be if they didn’t under the previous democratic party policies. As this guy is not only an identical copy of those principles, he is an instigator of that very position.

    At the time, his party led transatlantic relations which included the dirty business in the Ukraine. His son being on that payroll at $50,000 per month or more. Was that in the interests of EU relations? Only those on the front line of that debacle know the real story there.

    And doesn’t he have some kind of female issue kept quiet by their Democratic line following media? This book tells us, he is one of the main players of their Deep State, weighted against the life improvement of low paid and rejected poor American citizens. Not the saviour he pretends to be. He is simply more of the Obama admin crowd. In fact, wasn’t he Vice President under him?

    This book implicates him fully in that dilemma.

    The Clintons and he are very connected in their vision for the people of America, according to this writer. And as Europeans, with their interests at heart, you have to remember where they were at the time, regarding the mess created in the Ukraine. Very deep state there.

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    its not an Option lol Biden will never be a president .how about debating aliens invasion ?

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    The man who will save the world pfff

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    The democrats dont care about anyone but themselves, you can see by whats happening in the Democratic states, they seem to have gone back centuries, Trump is running his country like it should be, in spite of the democrats doing everything to distract him from this, besides manipulating media.

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      you are right

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    Joe Biden has the Alzheimer disease. In a last poll opinion, 55% of the Americans said they will not vote for him because that. So do not dream ; Biden will not be elected.

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    EU must be first desintagrated because of its submission to banksters and lobbies!

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    Joe Biden would provide a better leadership to the Union European, that is totally lost at the moment and doesn’t know in what war it needs to participate. Under Biden it will be much more obvious. Adding to that it is absolutely needed to have Biden as a President if the UE wants to survive 4 more years. He will be the only with the power to make sure the UE exits, just like his predecessors did.

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      best joke ever

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    I hope it will be Joe Biden with the support of the Obama and Clinton family to regain the greatness of America

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      pray that it doesn’t happen. It would be a real disaster. IF you love your children choose mr TRUMP.

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    I don’t know, we’re already seemingly in an apocalypse phase so would it make a major difference?

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    the EU must think about the well-being of its citizens. The EU gives more to multinationals than to European firms. it destroys its industry its agriculture its education its health care, the standard of living of the people, there are 3 more lobbyists than deputies. solve internal problems build a real EU instead of the 2 institutions’ commission and parliament ‘which are often absent from subscribers when it comes to citizens’ concerns. Us elections are above all their problem and the defense of your responsibility ……

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      UE doesn’t exist. It’s a myth!

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    corruption will improve , that’s for sure

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    As European I hope Trump wint, he’s gonna win, end of the Bank power & corrupt world

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    Will Europeans elect a political leader because Americans like that person more? Europeans should respect the choice of Americans and deal with their elected leader without projecting too much of their own emotions. Moreover, if Europeans have no problems working with unelected dictators, say Chinese president, why it is a problem to work with a democratically elected president?

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    He even already said illegal US embassady in Jerusalem will not be moved again to Tel Aviv…

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    He is senile – he probably doesn’t even know where Europe is anymore…

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      et vous , vous le savez ???

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    The US doesn’t have much going for it except trade, the petro-dollar and their defence sales. So what do you expect? Of course they will fight to defend it. The EU need not make its decisions based on the financial crisis of other countries. The EU comes first for the EU and the US comes first for the US. Whoever wins, wins. The end. If the US-EU relations flourish because of Biden, then Biden sucks as a leader for his country’s interests.

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    they will always be unpredictable

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    Let’s hope for another 4 years of Trump, the safest guarantee for the destruction of the transatlantic shackles! #decolonisation #now

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    Europeans can handle their own problem. My thinking

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    No never, boycot all political partues.

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    Of course not, stupid question!

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    Unfortunately Joe, den Donny is a bit crazy … but when we hear and see you (quite rare phenomenon) you do remind us of “non-job democrat”.

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    First wait and see ! Trump is still president till november

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      and afterwards as well, I hope

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      More 4 years

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      Sorry, anyone but no longer this narcissistic pervert

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    Of course they will. Europeans are tired of dealing with a child.

    • avatar

      what do you know about what the europeans want or not…. for real

    • avatar

      Because I live in Brussels…duh.

    • avatar

      It’s part of my job.

    • avatar

      i bet it is

    • avatar

      Oh you support that far-right Flemish party…makes sense now. The fight between the communities in Belgium is so petty.

    • avatar

      I’ll take you up on that bet.

    • avatar

      i support not 1 political party but ad some if you like, i dont care! I dont bet btw

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      what makes u think that i want to know anything about your job? That was/is your choice not mine

    • avatar

      The condescending eye roll. Anyway, you don’t get to vote in the next US election, so why bother talking about it?

    • avatar

      oh yes….now i understand….Bloomberg…..

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    hope gives life … courage Mr. Joe

  45. avatar

    Europe is very behind in game of countries / superpowers
    and or sold too much to foreign companies and powers

  46. avatar

    Of course between wolves it is the one who will be the most greedy who will win the bet, as in Ukraine!
    Isn’t it Joe and your son, you were celebrating the rain and the good weather!

  47. avatar

    What the world needs are responsible ethical leaders who care for people and their environment.

  48. avatar

    Make way for the young, sorry the son is more rotten than the father!

  49. avatar

    Or at least they aren’t worsen

  50. avatar

    He is already acting in Ukraine, isn’t it to restore diplomacy in Europe? Ha no it’s just for his personal business sorry

  51. avatar

    Why bothered? The primary ecnomic problem of most countries are real estates. Secondary is medicalcare. Third one is education. None of above is diplomatic issue.

  52. avatar

    No CETA, No TTIP. That’s extremely bad for u, cityzens.

  53. avatar

    Trump, Putin, Xi are the real demons of this world. Trump because he can start a world war with a twitter. Putin because he can start a war for more ex- Sovjet land and Xi because he want control over the world. As for me Europe has to take distance of those leaders and go his OWN way.

    • avatar

      Actually tweeter dominant Trump.

  54. avatar

    Ask an intelligent question please .

  55. avatar

    Left wing EU would get on very well with left winger Biden..

    • avatar

      Biden left wing. Good one .

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    With a houseplant you would have even better relationships

  57. avatar

    If he can finish a line maybe…

  58. avatar

    because he will change something, he will do like obama, scratch his ass during his mandate

  59. avatar

    At least they can’t be worse, but with Trump you can expect everything

  60. avatar

    with this old dude???? grrr

  61. avatar

    Do we need more trade with the country with the biggest rediculess military budget?!

    • avatar

      *ridiculous :) also I don’t see what military has to do with it

  62. avatar

    He’s a dirty manipulator. Trump doesn’t reach his level on this scale

  63. avatar

    What wouldn’t change, if Obama was elected a few years ago……. Nothing, nothing…… His pockets filled just like his predecessors

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    A lot of comments should be preceded by either: it is my opinion that, I presume, I think, I am convinced …. and should not be regarded as truth or reality!

    • avatar

      True, Rudy, but you should not be excluded from that rule, is what I’m thinking

    • avatar

      did I pretend not?

    • avatar

      They can’t get worse? It can become 99.99% worser!

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    Certainly. But global interests are shifting, independently from who is the next US President. Any future relation will also be influenced by geostrategic and economic interests and their future potential. In that sense the Indo- Chinese Bassin has more to offer than Europe. A by far bigger market, lots of potential for development and expansion, more R&D, higher synergies, etc. So yes, EU-US relations will improve, but the overarching geostrategic trends are more pointing to a stronger orientation of the US towards the trans Pacific than trans Atlantic cooperation.

  66. avatar

    They will improve just because there is no Trump anymore, even if you put a Duck in the oval office it could do a better job at having international relations.

  67. avatar
    Il Taro

    may refugees take over the country before november, go mexicans

    • avatar
      Catherine Benning

      Will transatlantic relations improve if Joe Biden is elected?

      @ Il taro

      Here is a quote from ‘Malcom X’ you should read.

      “The liberal elements of whites are those who have perfected the art of selling themselves to the N3gr0 as a friend of the N3gr0. Getting sympathy of the N3gr0, getting the allegiance of the N3gr0, and getting the mind of the N3gr0. Then the N3gr0 sides with the white liberal, and the white liberal use the N3gr0 against the white conservative. So that anything that the N3gr0 does is never for his own good, never for his own advancement, never for his own progress, hes only a pawn in the hands of the white liberal. The worst enemy that the N3gr0 have is this white man that runs around here drooling at the mouth professing to love N3gr0s, and calling himself a liberal, and it is following these white liberals that has perpetuated problems that N3gr0s have.” – Malcolm X

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    He will send his son to collect the money, like they did in Ukraine!

  69. avatar

    The difference between Trump and Joe Biden is one is not wearing the mask but the other does. It is stupid to think that transatlantic relations can be determined by individual. It is a national culture and structure power that lead the American foreign policy. The people is just a herd of sheep. Being the shepherd, political leaders have the duty and responsibility to protect the people. Why waiting for change of political leader at the other side of the Atlantic Ocean?

  70. avatar

    One has to ask whether Joe Biden would be so stupid to fight a trade war with China while leaving Europe to fill its vacuum of the Chinese market.

  71. avatar

    When a communist China has adopted the “open door policy” in 1978 and adopted a mixed economy i.e. “socialist economy with Chinese characteristics”, coexistence of the free-market economy and managed economy, and when we have all now witnessed China has successfully climbed up to the second largest economy and its aggregate national power is also rising, when a “communist” China has turned to pragmatism, working for the wealth of the nation and the people, for God’s sake, would political leaders and scholars please be pragmatic rather than viewing everything from political ideology. When the US political system has been claiming “check and balance”, how come Trump’s irrationality cannot be “checked and balanced” by the Congress, the judiciary and the media? What element of democracy can you find in the US politics? Ideology is a lip-service to cheat.

  72. avatar

    Why Europe’s policy should be relying on president across the Atlantic Ocean? Are European leaders incapable of shaping an independent policy for the common goods of Europe? If the US cannot even check and balance the power of a crazy old man, how can Europe depends on another even old man to prosper?

  73. avatar

    It’s a rather welcome sight for Europeans to *finally* try to regain their sovereignty. Besides the Gaullist interlude in France, there was no serious effort to do this throughout the whole postwar period. There’s been a real change in EU discourse over the past few years, with a sharp move away from globalist naïveté (due, it seems, to the economic crisis, the trauma of Brexit, the Trump election, and the rise of a still-authoritarian China). Something of a Franco-German consensus is emerging on strategic autonomy. I suspect the results will be modest, but a real shift appears to be underway.

    • avatar

      I agree fully

  74. avatar

    Yes it can, but I hope with a independent Europe.

  75. avatar

    ‘Europe must take its destiny in its own hands’ – I couldn’t agree more.

  76. avatar

    And right now, while everyone is struggling with COVID-19, don’t forget that Kosovo and Metohija are an integral part of the Republic of Serbia.
    The Serbian regime is using the situation to recognize the so-called Republic of Kosovo for the sake of joining the European Union, while people in the Republic of Serbia are battling CoronaVirus. They are ready to deliver all that is Serbian, Christian, Orthodox, in Kosovo and Metohija, to the terrorist regime in Pristina.
    We don’t want the EU! We don’t want NATO! Kosovo and Metohija are an inseparable part of the Republic of Serbia! Kosovo is the heart of Serbia! Stop the Great Albania!…/Karta-ZNA%C4%8CAJNI-SRPSKI.

  77. avatar

    Band of useless and good-for-nothing Merkel exallemagne from the east, macron little scoundrel and pushy takes for the center of the world, Charles Michel, Belgian scoundrel being at the boot of far right party and including father Louis Michel and responsible for embezzlement of money to Europe is what Europe is all about

    • avatar

      These are not good for nothing! These are bad for everything! yes! – no!

  78. avatar

    Looking forward to the end of the return to borders and sovereignty

    • avatar

      what do you smoke?

  79. avatar

    Europe does not know how to act alone, it is always dependent on others. Seeing both wars. Countries in being a part have no common interest!!.

  80. avatar

    Europe must not define itself in relation to others but by itself. no matter D Trump or Biden, Europe must exist and define its own program. For Europe it is better to have an incompetent US president like Biden, but for the world and especially the US Trump remains the best choice … he will continue to defend its economy and Europe will then perhaps finally face its responsibilities and start to define itself.

  81. avatar

    Let’s play master and servants, again.

  82. avatar

    Hope so. But Europe needs to stand on its own feet.

  83. avatar

    Don t rely on USA and make Europe a power.. WIth a diplomatic policy and a military force… UK is out.. It is a chance to Europe to get rid of USA control

  84. avatar

    They will, if we are in a rush to do as we are told..

  85. avatar

    And now back to your regularly scheduled EU programming. Uncle Joe, Poland is being mean. Tell them to stop!

  86. avatar

    Next new old president of USA is Donald Trump.

  87. avatar

    Well he broke a leg playing within the dog, wish him the same at this one :)
    And although we all hope for the better NEE…

  88. avatar

    Europe should not support someone that Forced Ukraine’s prosecutor to be fired so that he couldnt continue his investigation. Biden will not be the USA president.

    • avatar

      but cnn said russia russia russia for 4 year? Are you telling me that Orange Man Is not Bad? reeeeeeeeeee
      Also Biden is not yet the next Potus, could still well be Trump. Slight chance, but chance nontheless

    • avatar

      Andrea Scacchi, they call him president elect for a reason…

    • avatar

      Borislav, still incorrect. A president elect is one that has received 270 votes from the Electoral college. Since the college has not yet voted nor Biden has yet secured 270 he is only the projected winner which is nothing by a journo term and mean nothing legally speaking.
      Like Gore was in the 2000.
      Of course the situation is different from the 2000. There was only one contested state, and there were no reported hints of fraud nor widespread errors in the voting process, nor there were questions regarding the legality of many votes and procedure.
      In this one there are heaps… we will see if the trump side will be able to demonstrate enough to call a contested election..
      And the reticence of Dems to check the validity and legality of casted ballots make me wonder if they have something to hide. Plus dominion’s software issue, Vote dumping strangely only pro Biden, inconsistency, affidavit of impropriaty and possible fraud, poll watchers cast away from polls, weird counting with no poll watchers over night… the list is clearly endless.
      Vote errors have happened, voter fraud? Possibly. It needs to be investigated.
      I am surprise how in 2016 russia was a mortal danger to us election (no proof nor evidence) but in 2020 us elections are completely safe! (no amount of evidence can prove otherwise!)

    • avatar

      Andrea, plenty of states have already certified and although you are right that Trump has the right to legal challengesm, he has losts tons of them already. At this time there is not a shred of proof about Dominion’s software issue and vote dumping just a few lawyers barking on TV about it without actually alledging fraud in court… no need for conspiracy theories around here

  89. avatar

    As Biden was not the same guy who supported,
    in order:
    2002 War in Afghanistan
    2003 War in Iraq
    2008 War in Lybia and Syria, Killing of Gheddafi and destabilization of the whole middle east.
    2014 supporting the saudis in war with yemen
    more than a THOUSAND drone strike (only in 2016 that killed 2k people, 90% innocent civilian)
    Of course let’s not forget the funding of ISIS militia to try to topple Assad..
    2015 the Iran Nuclear deal.. yeah i see no problem in allowing nuclear proliferation in a fundamentalist islamic state
    So, as a recap, war in Lybia, Siria, Yemen,
    ->vacuum power and monetary funding of ISIS
    ->civil wars in the middle east and migration crisis
    ->massive wave of islamic illegal immigration in europe
    ->massive spike in islamic terrorist attack in europe.
    yeah. i think is not gonna be good.
    Unless you own shares in the industrial military complex =Dev
    Considering that Biden, if elected, will bring
    Anthony Blinken to the State Dep,
    Avrail Haines as the DNI
    Michele Flournoy as Secretary of Defense…
    I’m glab Bolton will be happy again =)
    Imagine Obama policy in the middle east. But even worst.
    More war, more toppling of secular government, more drone strike of innocent
    p.s. I FORGOT the 2014 obama support to the toppling of the legally elected government in ukraina and the subsequent civil war there.

  90. avatar

    You guys should change the name of your organization to “making Europeans laugh nervously”.

    • avatar
      Debating Europe

      We would love to hear the reasons for your suggestion :)

    • avatar

      There are probably too many to go into here, it’s a cumulative opinion based on several years worth of seeing your items in my feed.
      I’ll keep it to one short example out of many possible ones, though. Joe Biden bragged about having a Ukrainian prosecutor fired at a whim, without following any legal protocols. The underlying assumption being that the Ukrainian legal system is a pit of corrupt vipers (which is undoubtedly true).
      At the same time, Joe Biden and his friends support draconian measures to enforce “rule of law” in Poland, by which they mean that the government can’t fire corrupt judges in their own country, even if they DO follow protocols. Also, they’ve somehow managed to tie the “right” to kill children into this “rule of law” business.

    • avatar

      On the plus side, Joe Biden probably won’t try to move the American military to Poland, so there’s a silver lining to everything, I guess.

  91. avatar

    Well there sure are a lot of positive expectations surrounding a Biden presidency, also because he is a real human being who understands empathy – quite an important skill to have in the face of global adversity (virus+climate+biodiversity crisis and all that ensues from that). But .. the US is the US, and half of them are, well, really I’m not even sure how to call them without being rude, but let’s just say they have values that are warped. So it’s going to be hard for him, therefore I would not expect miracles: Europe should learn to manage the US instead of depending on it.

  92. avatar
    Greek Paranoia

    “We have put together I think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”Joe Biden 12.2020

  93. avatar
    Georgius Portugalus

    If you say so… but prouve it.

  94. avatar
    Bogdan Ionescu

    No J Biden at W-House in 2021

  95. avatar
    Olivier Dutreil

    US is our worse friend and Russia is our best ennemy

  96. avatar
    Rick Shay

    Will Biden be more liked by Europe? It’s likely.

  97. avatar
    Craig Costa

    Not making backdoor deals with China it won’t….well, then again…

  98. avatar
    Miguel Cruz

    Biden’s just a puppet. Who’s the puppetier?

    • avatar

      The deep state!

  99. avatar
    Bobbi Suzic

    let see the numbers, e.g. if the Trump imposed trade tarrifs will be rewoked…

  100. avatar

    Can you see now Joe Biden is only the 2.0 version of Trump. As the US is falling, two parties are joining hands for the America to be great again. Transatlantics relations can only be improved if Europe agrees to sacrifice European interest to making the America great again.

  101. avatar

    D’autant plus depuis que le Royaume Uni ne fait plus partie des Etats-Unis d’Europe, votre utilisation officielle, massive et délibérée de la langue anglo-étasunienne est inappropriée et abusive.

  102. avatar

    Nuclear armageddon is what this senile fool will provide us. The worst president ever.

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