Donald Trump would lose the election if it were held today. That was the sobering message delivered in April to the president during a series of calls with his top political advisors. Trump reportedly “erupted” with anger at the news (though the president denies a report by CNN that he threatened to sue his campaign manager over his plummeting poll numbers).

Despite his evident frustration, Trump has agreed to scale back his regular coronavirus press briefings. During the daily televised appearances (often running to two hours or more), President Trump has made an alarming string of gaffs and unforced errors, including suggesting that scientists should investigate whether mainlining disinfectant and / or beaming ultraviolet light “inside the body” via unknown means might cure COVID-19.

The coronavirus pandemic has completely scrambled both campaigns. Democrats and Republicans are desperately trying to figure out the best way to campaign and fundraise remotely, even as the crisis raises questions about how Americans will physically cast their votes in November.

Why should Europe care about US domestic politics? Like it or not, it matters this side of the Atlantic. From NATO spending, to climate change, to steel and aluminium tariffs, it’s fair to say the EU-US relationship been uncharacteristically tense in recent years. Europeans (as others around the world) will be following the race for the White House closely.

How will COVID-19 affect Trump’s re-election bid? Will the coronavirus pandemic make a second term in the White House more likely or less? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

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    EU Reform-Proactive

    What comes to mind when asked to participate in political speculations?

    Would a Trump election loss suit the EU agenda? To handle & deal with a Joe Biden is probably easier than to manage another US Trump term.

    Not to forget to mention the 2019 EU “appointment” fiasco of President Ursula von der Leyen. Emphasis: “appointed” not universally elected.

    Why signal a specific US political (anti-Trump) point of view? The “Mediatization” of his “idiotic medicalization” idea is a typical “unrehearsed” Trump gaffe. Hear the media? Impeach Trump!

    Can the EU claim glory on how well it assisted its EU members? Equally, why not speculate who will win the next EU election? It’s no secret- there are no real choices. One winner takes all!

    However, I am much more worried about the managed image of the EU president! Reports have it she is professionally stage-managed by a Berlin-based company- called “Storymaschine”. Remember the demise of UK Cambridge Analytica? They are anti-heroes who never vanish but reappear!

    Shouldn’t such an issue concern all EU folks?

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    If his supporters drink enough detergent…..

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    Is that a European country? Presumably we can’t be dependent on who wins the US elections, right? Right?

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      Debating Europe

      Certainly not dependent, but don’t you think it’s important for the transatlantic relationship who sits in the Oval Office?

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      Of course it is important, but quite frankly, we need a plan B. Since 1945 Europe’s only plan has been the US. The US is no longer reliable. It would be nice if they became reliable, but it is better to assume that they will continue to be unreliable and plan for that.

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    His chances are incredibly low, however hidden hands could play its part, we all remember the three factors that saved him last election but first let’s agree he has nothing qualified him to be president but his money, lot’s of it, but absolutely zero brain, politics or diplomatic
    The three factor was :
    Facebook Scandal
    Russia interfering
    Last but not least, last minute Isreal aid
    Now Joe Biden has the lead, and he did rush to declare his position from the embassy on Jerusalem trying to neutralize the Israeli factor as he more than sure of the role of Isreal in the American election
    Obama support him, and Bernie too which should increase his chance way too much
    But the question is, would trump settle to it, or will he spend millions of dollars to affect election discussion? While we already know if he spend million dollars for an audience of 100 people that cost him nothing
    Out of the box thinking :
    What i believe actually, from looking to trump history, he has not original interest in presidency rather more on revenge from some mayors there especially New Yorker’s, who i believe if he succeed on pushing him out and replace him with anyone royal and loyal to him would be sufficient for trump, trump has issue with NEW YORK mayor since Ed koch from 80s, and this state is one of the richest state in United state, that bill in instead of take out from public treasury, that’s why he look into it, and we are talking about hundreds of billions of dollars,
    Don’t know, personal thought

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    I think you should not only read democrat newspapers. Sometimes, you should too read conservative newspapers. It is not because Europe would like seeing president Trump back at home that Americans will obey to Europe. Remember before Trump’s election : All the European newspapers were sure he would never been elected. So you should be more prudent concerning your wishes.

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      we don’t pretend NORTH americans obey Europe, we just don’t want an ignorant narcissist to endanger the planet. Yes, we never thought he would be elected because we never imagined the north americans were so brute.

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      his opponent won the public vote just as predicted…

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      We don’t have democrat newspapers in Europe. You should read more newspapers from the free press world-wide.

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      he would never win without help from Isreal, trust me on this, new studies revealed that
      And that explain why he rushed to donate Jerusalem and Golan to them just if he ever owned them

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      This is a little list of the newspapers which defend in Europe the same ideology than Democrats in USA. Just the french and English ones : Libération , le Nouvelle Observateur, l’Humanité, Le Monde, Les Echos for exemple ; The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, the Independant, The Observer for exemple. Europe does not need Americains democrat newspapers. Europe already have them.

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      Thanks for the info. I have been reading some of those newspapers for decades.

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    Politician putting election above the health of voters, is suicidal for political career. Trump appears to have paid for stupid advisers who can only talk rather than do things.

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    Apart from accusing Trump, the Democrats appear to be doing nothing to help the country. It appears that both parties are putting election above the life of the American people. Isn’t it that check and balance are famous in the US political system? Why they system cannot check Trump? Trump is definitely not the only one to be blamed for the current situation of the US. It is the decay of the American political system which has been over-emphasizing on money and talk show politics.

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    Catherine Benning

    How will COVID-19 affect Trump’s re-election bid?

    If the Americans have any sense at all they will stick with Trump. Biden is another Clinton and they are as bent as a 9 bob note. At least trump tells it as he sees it. And that is a rare commodity in any Western country today.

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