The coronavirus has now reached all EU Member States. There have been 126,392 infections in 116 countries worldwide, with the numbers changing every hour. Italy is currently most-affected in Europe – the whole country has been in lockdown since 9 March. Countries have been responding to the virus with different strategies, but the impact of the pandemic is surely being felt by everyone.

Travel is being disrupted. US President Donald Trump has announced a travel ban from Europe to the United States. Some flights are being cancelled, and airlines have seen passenger numbers collapse.

No more shaking hands. Official advice is not to shake hands or swap kisses on the cheeks. In Europe, this is practically unprecedented (and the Dutch Prime Minister suffered some embarrassment after announcing the handshake ban and then… turning around and shaking someone’s hand).

Major events are being cancelled. This includes sporting events, trade fairs, business conferences, religious events and concerts. International tours have been cancelled, football games are taking place in empty stadiums. The Czech Republic has gone even further with its measures: all events with more than 100 participants have been cancelled.

Schools and universities are being closed. In Italy, the Czech Republic, Poland, Denmark and Japan, schools across the country have been shuttered, while South Korea has postponed the start of its school semester. Will there be a “coronavirus holiday” for students in other countries too?

More people are working from home. After an employee at the European Central Bank tested positive for the coronavirus, the ECB sent around 100 employees home to work remotely. Sure, nobody should come to work sick. However, with more cases of infection, the number of those who have been in contact and are therefore put into quarantine without symptoms will also increase. Jokes about spending two weeks on the couch watching box sets on Netflix are circulating on social media. However, the working world should seriously be preparing for remote working.

The economic shock. The fear of a global economic shock is growing, with the head of the ECB warning it could have an impact on the scale of the 2008 crisis. It’s been a turbulent time for stock markets, with many governments now considering whether to boost their economies with stimulus packages and find ways to prevent or cushion mass layoffs for part-time workers.

How is the coronavirus affecting your life? Have you already felt the impact of the virus? Or is it life as normal? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

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    Sonja van puymbroeck

    I’m scared because I’m a heart patient I got wrely worried because I’m living on my own

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    My uncle says that the Corona Virus is made from the USA to sabotage the Chinese economy. This is diabolic. This is dirty play.This is low for someone as the USA to do it.

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    Subway is empty on rush hours Wich is fine by me.

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    If we survive everything else should be alright I guess

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    S’il y a des restrictions on survivra et tout devrait bien se passer

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    The national Spanish news channel ‘Telecinco’ have just reported how UK scientists have successfully tested a vaccine for Covid 19 on rats. Nothing on our MSM, why? Great to see how the UK lead the world in so many ways, fingers crossed our scientists will be able to help the global crisis along with others around the world working tirelessly to develop a safe vacinne.
    Perhaps the Chief Medical Officer and Chief Scientist know more than perhaps we are lead to believe hence the rhetoric from Boris has been trust the science.

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    I have more time to think about things :-)

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    Catherine Benning

    How is coronavirus affecting your life?

    Terror for those I love every minute every day in every way. I had not known what real fear felt like. I never realised I was so cowardly. It has increased the realisation of who I really am. And, that I am a genetic replica of my ancestors.

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