The European Commission has taken Poland to court. In fact, since 2017, the Commission has launched multiple legal challenges against Poland’s ongoing judicial reforms. The ruling Law & Justice party argues the reforms are necessary to make the justice system more efficient, while the Commission fears the new measures will erode judicial independence.

Some of the most controversial reforms include legislation allowing judges to be censured based on the content of their verdicts, or whether they refer cases to the European Court of Justice for preliminary rulings. A new law even opens the possibility of punishing judges who publicly criticise the reforms. The government argues the justice system is regarded by many ordinary Poles as inefficient, and that it needs to be more democratically accountable.

What do our readers think? We had a comment come in from Esther arguing that Poland is a sovereign state with a democratically-elected government, and she doesn’t understand why the Commission thinks it’s okay to interfere in their internal political decisions. Does she have a point?

To get a response, we put Esther’s comment to the Polish Foreign Minister, Jacek Czaputowicz. What would he say in Poland’s defence?

For another perspective, we also put Esther’s comment to former German Justice Minister Katarina Barley, who was elected as an MEP in 2019 and is now a Vice-President of the European Parliament. What is her view of Poland’s controversial judicial reforms?

Should the EU Commission take Poland to court? Are Polish judicial reforms undermining the rule of law? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

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    No! They have to take polish politicians to court! You can’t blame polish citizens for that so they don’t have to pay the price for the incompetency of the country rulers

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      citizens have no influence in the federation of states

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    Yes the EU should take them to court. And at the sametime start a investigating Portugal for the exact same reason.

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      Oh okay

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    EU member states should abide by their legal obligations.

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      citizens have no influence in the federation of states

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    EUC set the rules..if so “powerful” put their money where their mouth is. OMG rule busting…seems to depend which country. Come on ECJ pull your finger out

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    All rule of law infraction, must be taken to court.

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    How about we take eu burocrates to court for failibg to protect our borders. Time for more exits

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      The member States are responsable for protecting the external borders of the EU, not the EU staff.

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      Carlota Jovani

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      Brexit is the biggest fuck up in the last century, so no!

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      Johan : that’s a correct answer !

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    In Spain the police beated up people for voting in Catalonia. The EU did nothing. In Spain they put politicians in gail for that, the EU did nothing. In the UK they voted a referendum based on lies with Brexit as a result, the EU did nothing. In Poland, PiS tries to eliminate any form of opposition with tricks they learned from the Sovjets. The national TV is turned into a propaganda chanel, high court is undermined, all supported by the Polish church that is acting as a maffia with a cross. And surprise, surprise, the EU does nothing.

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    Yes, if the rule of law is not respected !

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    No of course not they are right and the UN should be disbanded because they are now far to Islam-minded !

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    to hell with EU… EXIT all counries of EU

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    why? their country, their land, their history, their culture, their belief system, their values, their customs and habits: their rules… a country is sovereign.

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    catherine benning

    Should the EU Commission take Poland to court?

    It really is unclear as to why the EU thinks it needs to do this. If the Polish government are backed in the majority for their policies and their future plans, then it is the Polish people the EU will be taking to court. That is not democratic as the citizens want what is best for themselves. And are spending their money to get it.

    The individuals who signed away the rights of the Polish nation without their consent are the ones to take to court, if they are committing an offence that is.

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    Im polish

    Take this government to court! Havy pay cuts and sanctions, thats the only way to stop what that psycho kaczynski is doing to poland. Its authoritarian system right now, full control, those voting for pis are brain washed and also sold their souls for little extra money. Sad sad sad.

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