The EU needs your help. Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has, together with the European Parliament and Council, called a Conference on the Future of Europe. Over the next two years, European citizens will be asked their opinions on EU reform, with a view to eventually modifying the European treaties at the end of the process. The Conference will be chaired by veteran federalist MEP Guy Verhofstadt, and is committed to producing “tangible and concrete results”.

What do our readers think? We had a comment sent in by Giulia, who believes the new Commission is serious about wanting to reform the EU, but she’s extremely sceptical that national governments will allow it. Is she right to be so sceptical?

To get a response, we put Giulia’s comment to Věra Jourová, EU Commissioner for Values and Transparency, when we spoke to her at Friends of Europe’s State of Europe event in Brussels in October 2019. How would she respond?

For another perspective, we also spoke to Nicolas Schmit, European Commissioner for Jobs, and former Minister for Labour of Luxembourg. What would he say?

Can the EU be reformed? Are Member State governments obstructing change? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

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What do YOU think?

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    Paolo dalla Zonca

    Common fiscal system, common bank system, common army, common civil and penal codes, common education system, common sanitary/assistance system. National states would not like that.

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    I wish. I hope. Looks not for it!

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    Sure it can if you listen to the people and not just the lobbies.

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    I Wish and hope. But all those leftists dont do it. Listen to the citizens.

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    Yes, it must become a single state.

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    Though question I’m afraid, although it’s quite necessity, however we are see the divide between European countries which makes agreement on simple basic law though already and almost impossible or inapplicable, so what is the case with huge reform?
    I think the best thing to do is start really small by getting together all European countries in consistently debate so they can narrow their ideas and getting it back united as before, but don’t shooting the star early
    (i don’t know that is my personal opinion and sure could be wrong )

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      its useless to rely on the european council though. I think this already works quite well in the parliament..they have no power though

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      valuable thoughts, yet in such reforms you can’t exclude any institutions and the main target of any reform to make all institutions useful to max

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    Oj yes please, european countries need EU’s

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    It’s continually reforming…the question is whether it’s going in the “right” direction, and who is to say which way is right ?

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    It will have to, or it will fall.

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    Should be reformed…now is a nest of good for nothing corrupt second class politiciens.

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      is that a feeling or something based on facts?

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    EU Reform- Proactive

    I consider this question disingenuous since it was answered many times in the past- in different ways- by different people- even government actions.

    Example: Brexit is a consequence of the EU concept.

    What kind of reform do EU Commissioners and the 27 national Presidents have in mind? Inform us, please! Who are we to give advice? We only may vote for a distant pro-EU national party!

    Isn’t the EU concept partly based on the heavily criticized US Dem’s “quid pro quo” concept”? Isn’t most in life-based on a “quid pro quo”? Punishable by impeachment!

    If one follows the policies of the main National parties- do any of them have a current or future EU agenda?

    * Hardly!
    * Members grapple first with national issues to stay in government/power.
    * That is the reason why the EU is set on “legal autopilot” and run strictly according to its treaties- latest the “Lisbon Treaty”.
    * Are we all just following the Commissioner’s piper?

    The EU hierarchy is unwilling and unable to reform. Their only reform is more EU and enlargement. A USE! Let’s look at just one aspect:

    The Commissioner’s oath:
    Here is the text they solemnly swear before the European Court of Justice:

    I solemnly undertake:
     to respect the Treaties and the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union in the fulfillment of all my duties;
     to be completely independent in carrying out my responsibilities, in the general interest of the Union;
     in the performance of my tasks, neither to seek nor to take instructions from any Government or any other institution, body, office or entity;
     to refrain from any action incompatible with my duties or the performance of my tasks.

    As long as the EU concept is based on “Pan Europeanism” as understood by Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi and their loyal followers- the only reform one can expect is:

    1. Europe must be united through the liquidation of national and customs borders and racial miscegenation;

    2. the united continent will be ruled by a new, spiritual as he puts it, aristocracy with Jews as its core because Jews due to their long historical martyrdom and discrimination are biologically positively selected and predestined to lead,
    teach, and, in a word, be Europe’s (and the world’s) leader race (Führerrasse Europas)”. Unquote.

    It is the abolishment of the Nation States and loss of all sovereignty in favor of one European State jointly ruled by the USE & mega-corporations- which are/can hold all taxpayers at ransom. Doesn’t that ring any alarm bells?

    IOW: the State= all taxpayers- become joint subjects of corporations to carry their investment risk- not their reward. Taxpayers might believe but are no longer sole subjects of their National States or EU citizens.

    Paradoxically- corporate risk becomes taxpayers’ risk- a real global paradise for the 1%. Their excuse/reason: create jobs!

    Is that a fair deal for EU taxpayers- and- Macron & others want more of that EU concept? Calling it proudly- necessary EU reform?

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    Yes,in a libertarian key.I will publish an ebook,on this issue.

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    jokers ! Can ? HAD TO BE OVER A DECADE AGO !!!!!!!!! ever one of many my game purposes.. me to exist and far not EU only and me and mine.. and life is ever so much more !

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    For a dwarf country like mine, the EU is the best insurance against bullies.

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