The 50th World Economic Forum is taking place in Davos. International luminaries from the world of politics, business and civil society have arrived on their private jets to discuss climate change, inequality, and geopolitical instability. Keynote speeches are being livestreamed online – including from Greta Thunberg, Donald Trump, and Angela Merkel. The focus this year is on sustainability but – given that the global consumption of resources has just hit a record high – can Davos really make a difference? Or is it just an expensive talking shop?

Just as it does every year, Oxfam has published a report to coincide with Davos pointing out that social inequality is on increase. So, what value does the World Economic Forum actually bring? One big advantage of the event is that it takes place on “neutral ground” in Switzerland. At Davos, global powers can talk to one another in a (relatively) informal way. Proponents of Davos therefore argue it can help resolve problems and promote dialogue.

What is the point of Davos? Is it a way to facilitate informal meetings between world leaders and find solutions to global problems? Or is it just an expensive talking shop? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

Image Credits: Flickr (cc) World Economic Forum; Manuel Lopez

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    Prince Charles flew in a private jet to discuss the carbon emissions. Young Greta walked of course.

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    maybe the journalists should ask attendees of Davos forum;)…

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