Bring on the roaring twenties! By that, of course, we mean a decade of roaring at one another on social media. Will the 2020s be a bit less angry than the 2010s? Can divisions be healed and people finally come together? Or is the polarisation of politics here to stay?

It could be a fresh start for Europe. We have a new European Parliament, a new European Commission, and new presidents of the European Council and the European Central Bank (ECB). The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has a new chief. The Brexit process has been “rebooted” with a stronger and more stable UK government.

Or it could be more of the same, only worse. The root causes of popular anger have not gone away. Inequality is increasing, job security is decreasing, and the global economy’s luck must surely run out eventually. Global cooperation on tackling climate change has seemingly stalled. New disruptive technologies, such as machine learning and automation, will continue to disrupt.

In the summer, Tokyo will host the 2020 Olympics and Europe will go football mad for UEFA Euro 2020. In the fall, Donald Trump is up for reelection, the COP 26 UN climate summit will take place in Scotland, and Brexit is (for real this time) due by the end of the year.

What will 2020 bring? What do you hope to see happen over the coming decade? Will the twenties be less angry than the 2010s? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reaction!

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    Ni gigi

    The sooner it desolves the better for the people of Europe!!

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      I agree.

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    A financial crisis…. A growing gap between north and south European economy. More migrants and more islam less time before a Civil War in France…. More tax… Less happiness…

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    Nothing good in political terms.

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    In the EU: risk of protests wrecking badly needed reforms in France. In Europe: risk of Russia trying to take over Belarus and surrounding Lithuania also on the Eastern side.

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    Let us hope for the best!!
    Σε πεθυμησα πολυ!!!

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    Wow, the beautiful colosseum, I’ve visited.

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    EU in 2020, will bring more taxes. Centeno the President of Eurogroup, doesnt no anything but raising taxes in Portugal.

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    I hope this things
    1)Stop the unanimous election and repeat with easy Mayority for all decisions of Europe
    2)Euro for all Countries
    3)Common Foreign and Defence Politics
    4)Common,Good and Cheap Public transport System for zero net carbon dioxide Emissions for 2050
    5)Admission of Pieces of Uk breaking piece(e.G scotland) and new Countries:Bosnia,Ukraine,Serbia,Moldova,Montenegro,Armenia,Kosovo,Georgia,Albania,North Macedonia,Microstates and EFTA Countries

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    There is only one definite answer -God knows! We don’t, so the bigger question is “Do you know God”

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    It will bring what we are ready to embrace

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