Boris unchained. The man who famously compared himself to the Incredible Hulk has been given a stonking great mandate by the British public. Brexit will now happen at the end of January 2020.

Other EU countries will, by and large, be happy with the result. While they have said, of course, that they regret the Brexit vote, Britain’s European partners have also said, from the beginning, that they want clarity (and a Prime Minister who can make a deal in Brussels and then actually get it agreed in Westminster).

Once Britain formally leaves the EU, it will enter a transition period where European rules will still apply but the UK will have no MEPs or seats in the Council of Ministers. This transition period could last, potentially, until 2022.

Meanwhile, the tricky part of Brexit can begin. Negotiations over the future trade relationship between the UK and the EU have the potential to make the withdrawal negotiations look, to coin a phrase, like the easiest in history.

Nevertheless, Johnson is in a much, much stronger position than his predecessor. He has a strong mandate for the next five years. He can now safely ignore the DUP on Northern Ireland, as well as (if he so chooses) the hard Eurosceptics in the European Research Group (ERG). The chance of a “no deal” Brexit has certainly receded.

Meanwhile, the anti-Brexit forces in the UK are in complete disarray. Jeremy Corbyn has pledged to step down and not fight another election as leader. The Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson has lost her seat in Scotland. The SNP, though, have made gains (strengthening their claim that Scotland wants a second independence referendum).

What does Boris Johnson’s victory mean for Brexit? What does it mean for Britain? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

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    UK never has been European. EU will be better without

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    Brexit will go forward. I’m not sure about the Conservative victory. When we can only choose between the bad and the terrible, what do we do?

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    It means that EU, must change imediately. A Bunch of burocrats,
    Living out exploring the workers with more and more taxes. EU is Socialists

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    His victory means that critical judgement is dead and gone in Britain, and that people are obviously lacking basic education and are probably suffering from a severe case of the Stockholm syndrome. Turkeys voting for Christmas.

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      “case of the Stockholm syndrome”… you mean those loving their subjugation to the EU ?
      You sound confused.

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      George Thomson no, loving their subjugation to the neoliberal global elite that doesn’t give a toss about citizens. Anybody who thinks Trump and Johnson are anti establishment is completely deluded and lacks basic intelligence.

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      You are clearly the only one lacking basic education

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    Britain will speed ahead of the EU

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    It’s not about conservatives, it’s about Trade ,Immigration and governance within tue EU.We are harvesting the fruits of incompetence at high executive level in Bruxelles. When you have incompetent leaders like Juncker, the outcome is always the same-disaster.

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    it means that is about time for Scotland to make UKexit referendum

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    It means that the UK will decide about it’s own future, laws and regulations and will not satisfy the German demands on illegal migration and rules of defenceless EU which cannot even secure it’s borders by illegal invaders such as Turkey

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      UK decide their own borders because they are not Schengen.

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    Goodbye Britain, hello Scotland

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      and hello united Ireland.

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    Out out. We are waiting for Scotland.

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    I personally cannot wait for scotland to leave centuries worth of subjugation and rejoin the EU as an independent country again. Fingers crossed!

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    EU Reform- Proactive

    Brexit means the EU is trading in 91.6% of the UK’s total population plus it’s GDP & VAT with- at best- an 8.4% Scottish GDP & VAT gain.

    Scotland may become the EU’s newest consolation gift or “booby prize”! What a disastrous (EU) deal!

    Where are all UK comments?

    Recap: the main support for the Brexit referendum came from England 53.4% + Wales 52.5%- representing 88,7% of UK’s population.

    “Negative support” came from N. Ireland (44.2%) and Scotland (38%)- who together are 11.3% of the UK population.

    The UK referendum vote FOR a “British exit” on June 23, 2016, was 51.9% to leave against 48.1% remain.

    Remember: the UK parliament “promised/undertook” beforehand to implement “any” outcome.

    Subsequently, that parliament reneged on its “parliamentary duty” and did everything to frustrate and overturn the 2016 people’s choice. (“Blame” it on whom?)

    Now, the EU is losing substance and heading towards enlargement of financial dwarfs & “undesirables”!

    It is/was the sweet revenge of the UK’s democracy!

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    Catherine Benning

    @ EU Reform- Proactive .

    You have thrown a very correct light on the revelations of the Brexit vote.

    However, although your analysis touches on the result being based on a rejection of extended socialism that is not fundamentally correct.

    In general, the people who are working class, very low paid and even much of the middle class, would long to have many of the policies Labour suggested. Especially in respect to full nationalisation of the utilities, railways and post office, along with taxing corporate bodies highly. Their main opposition to being part of Europe is much wider than economics. Akin to the French and a few others, the British are in fear of their cultural survival and survival overrules economics always. Hence major war and consent to the cost of NATO, etc.. They prefer to face possible death in battle than face extinction of their close species.

    The last 40 years of unification with Europe has seen the demise of the British spirit. If you look at old movies and youtube history videos of the way we were, the dramatic changes to our culture, values, and most importantly, our ability to be creative has diminished to an unbelievable extent. Much of our established infrastructure and social values have been ripped apart. We had been immersed in the 1960’s just prior to joining the then EEC. And if you look seriously into the they way we were taken, fraudulently, into that organisation by Heath, it becomes clearer to see the resentment, in my country, toward a European connection.

    The only British who voted, en masse, to Remain in the EU was the non indigenous British ethnic population. Labour lost as their adherence to immigration and its population, in their manifesto and more importantly, their representation was, it was all ethnic centric. And on they go with it to this day. They, believe it or not, are repeating the mantra they spilled out before this last GE. ‘We voters didn’t know what we were voting for, we were all mad. ‘Economically we are going to suffer the dreaded austerity of the Conservative capitalist bastards. They will take us to the cleaners for at least another ten years.’ And on they go, mesmerised by their previous indoctrination. Additionally, they present this on a platform in front of large bill boards depicting nothing but ethnic photographs, the main ones being woman covered head to toe in burka’s. Which, of course, reminds the British public of the time their previous leader, Gordon Brown, called an elderly, white working class woman, a bigot, as she voiced her worries to him of the changes in the streets she had lived in since birth. To her they had turned into a foreign country before her very eyes. For revealing that she had to be ridiculed.

    Add to that shame on their political extremism, they are now looking for a new leader, and guess what, the line up has to be an all women list of candidates. As Labour have yet to have a female in that place. Not only a female but it must be a northern female to lead them from the death of their party. The list, no humour here, is a bunch of frankly, political half wits, barely articulate in the language of the people she is being selected to represent. Women who are despised by their own working class British base voters for their overwhelming anti British stance, against their major collective ordinary man, the majority of their followers. Which is the hidden reason for the taunt of them being antisemitic. It is openly claimed they are for all we are defending ourselves against, the IRA, anti British Islam, terrorists, and so on

    Back to Boris and the future. His attitude toward the new European Treaty is identical to May. She just could not get it across. She was seen, as most women are in leadership roles by the voting public, weak, easily duped, over emotional and without savvy. That view was made obvious at her crying on the doorstep of number 10 when thrown from office, as the back room boys knew she could not carry the peoples vote. One that had to take place as parliament was at an impasse, had become dormant, unable to function.

    So, the Brexit vote was not against the people of Europe or for the economic propositions. We are European, it was a vote against ‘globalism’ and the advancement of that policy toward what was seen as extinction of our people, along with its revered culture and lifestyle expectation.

    So, what I am voicing here is from my point of view, people always vote first and foremost for their survival. Instinctively and collectively they know what is going on in their midst socially. It is felt, presently, our politics are moving very similarly toward the 1930’s. Hence the size majority Brexit vote.

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      EU Reform- Proactive

      Hi Catherine,

      thank you for your lengthy reply! I wondered about the lack of UK responses!
      I left it to UK comments to delve into detailed social thinking & comparisons- knowing you folks know much better.

      However, we outsiders all bore witness of the atrocious & acrimonious Brexit battle raging inside and outside your “sovereign” parliament.

      Save to say now- the rest is history! Good luck!

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    Catherine Benning

    @ EU Reform- Proactive

    You have been fun and interesting reading all year.

    Thank you and best wishes for the coming year and holidays.


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