How long will countries in the Western Balkans wait for EU membership? In October 2019, French President Emmanuel Macron led a handful of EU Member States in blocking Albania and North Macedonia from starting accession talks. Macron has called for reforms to the accession process.

At the time, then-President of the EU Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, called the veto a “major historic mistake”. In February 2019, Skopje finally resolved the long-standing name dispute with Athens by renaming the country “North Macedonia”, costing the Prime Minister significant political capital. There is a feeling in the North Macedonian capital that the EU has reneged on its side of the bargain (and snap elections have been called for April 2020 that could see the ruling party booted out of power by an angry electorate).

Some analysts believe the move by the EU leaves the Balkans “wide open” to Russian influence. Balkan politicians who support EU membership now look weak, and the Kremlin has been keen to promote Russian trade and investment (and even defence cooperation) in the region. Other countries, including Turkey, China, and the Gulf States, are also keen to boost their influence in the Western Balkans in the absence of European leadership.

What do our readers think? We had a comment sent in from James, who worries that if the EU delays the accession process it will open up the region to influence from countries such as Russia. Is he right?

To get a response, we spoke to Christian Danielsson, Director General for European Neighbourhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations (NEAR) at the European Commission. How would he respond?

For another perspective, we put the same question to Bernard Nikaj, Ambassador of Kosovo to Belgium and Luxembourg, and acting Head of the Kosovo Mission to the European Union and NATO. What would he say?

Finally, we put James’ comment to Velma Šarić, founder and president of the Post-Conflict Research Center (PCRC), a Sarajevo-based non-governmental organisation promoting stronger inter-ethnic relations in Bosnia-Herzegovina. How would she react?

Is the EU losing the Balkans to Russia? If the EU delays Balkan accession, will it lose influence in the region? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts!

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What do YOU think?

  1. avatar
    Catherine Benning

    Is the EU losing the Balkans to Russia?

    What a strange question. How can the EU ‘lose’ one part of the world to another part of the world that belongs only to itself? Surely the choice of any State to choose where they will place their allegiance is based on what is economically best for them and, to a much larger extent than the EU is willing to accept, their cultural comfort zone.

    If the Balkans are preferring the Russian attitude to the EU offering, it is because it suits their natural lifestyle and social expectations more closely. Europe has become a political madhouse. Far removed from the conservative beliefs and comfort of historical social expectation. The EU and globalism followers are intent on cultural destruction. All the usual, or, practical beliefs of Western civilisation are coming to an end. With the additional take over of what is seen by the majority, as a deviant move into unacceptable practices heralded as ‘normal,’ when quite clearly, to the society being invaded, it is anything but acceptable.

    Therefore, if the Balkans appear to be leaning toward a more stable allegiance with Russia, it is because Russia appears to be less crazed by political hysteria than the EU. They appear comfortably conformists in a world hell bent on chaotic divergence. To the point where this morning on our ITV British GMB programme they were seriously suggesting we should remove, by ‘banning’ of some or all of the old adage lines, like, ‘its not over til the fat lady sings,’ or ‘too many cooks spoil the broth’ and so on. The reason said to be, speaking these things is that some immigrant people may be offended by them as they may feel they are being ridiculed at being fat or cooks, as this form of wording is similar in content to ‘racism.’

    The foreign invasion into our social structure and the abuse of our culture has become intolerable in the UK. It is astounding in content. Yet ignored by our political leadership. And the EU is fearing the Balkans preferring to align with Russia. I wonder why that would be?

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    EU Reform- Proactive

    How can you (the EU) lose something which you never possessed in the first place? It’s hallucinations and side effects of an age-old but contagious enlargement fever.

    Could it be blind EU arrogance or Brussels’ unrealistic expectations? Russia or China can’t be “ordered” around with EU legal directives- or face the Commissioner of all Commissioners wrath!

    Probably, our present “EU concept” will not only “lose” to Russia, but China as well. The EU concept remains too rigid and unfit to compete with the “Middle Kingdoms giant panda” or the Great Russian Bear. Neither the Bear nor the Panda will wait for a formal invitation!

    “Jean-Claude Juncker called the veto a “major historic mistake”. This EU “Oberkommissar” demonstrated once more his favor for despotism & hypocrisy.

    Can dwarf nation dictators be winners?

    • avatar

      Catherine has a wise voice on this one in my opinion.

    • avatar

      Losing these countrie’s a big misstake??
      What is the contribution from those corrupt coutrie’s to the european union in the future?
      I can tell you: Many,many criminals who have free movements in our poart of europe.
      And in the past is allready proven that all thos expensive cars who have been stolen,the majority was found in Albania.
      And if Albania is accepted,then the free passage of stolen cars will increase..!

  3. avatar

    It has definitely lost Serbia by allowing Russia to set up shop in Belgrade and encourage Serbian nationalism.

    • avatar

      So what. If these countries can’t see the value of being EU and waiting, or “partnering with russia” that’s on them. Russsia is a bloated pig. A country with less of a GDP than ITALY. Russia is OVERSOLD, because god knows, you have to keep people fearful, and on their side, where ever that may be. Nothing does that better than a PRETEND dangerous nemesis.

  4. avatar

    Europe will still letting this for another cold war, otherwise if not before as well as the globalustas will rise, and put all these magnificent environmental protection prohetos, planting coves on balconies!.

  5. avatar

    Is this a serious question?

  6. avatar

    EU has only lost their collective EC-mind.

  7. avatar

    Pity, don’t understand Macron and his political views, unbelievable

  8. avatar

    The EU never had the Balkans. You cannot loose what you do not have.

  9. avatar

    The Balkans aren’t ours to loose in the first place.

  10. avatar

    why, we are in war with Russia?

    • avatar

      Nope. This is a provocation from anti-Russian interests to increase animosity between the two powers by fear mongering. “do something about Russia or they gonna take the Balkans!”

    • avatar

      NATO look like a gang of idiots
      Delete, hide or report this

    • avatar

      And that is why I support an EU army, that way we can act fully independent and not have to jump in the same boat with the Americans every time they pick beef with other countries. The only reason Russia is even looking at the Balkans is because their commerce with the EU is suffering due to American imposed sanctions and the Balkans are an alternative market.

    • avatar

      Balkan must stop spending in army and weapons and invest in people infostructure and development

  11. avatar

    Maybe …because E.U. thinks only for profits and is governed by a greedy commission directed by lobbies

  12. avatar

    Maybe to the US, but not to Russia. Bulgaria, Macedonia and Albania are the closest US ally in Europe. Serbia will follow soon.

    • avatar

      The US has no allies. Anyone who trusts that administration is setting themselves up for disappointment.

    • avatar

      Les États-Unis n’ont jamais eu besoin d’un allié en guerre. Si demain il aura un mouvement important vers l’UE (NATO et déjà là), après-demain les serbes et les russes ouvrent u.e nouvelle guerre de type comme dans l’est de l’Ukraine.
      Mieux vaut une paix que les guerres interminables!

  13. avatar
    Maia Alexandrova

    If you promise something, but do not keep your promise, you will not be trusted any more. This is what has happened. The cheated Balkan nations are fully justified in finding more reliable economic partners somewhere else. Why should they keep on waiting for a lying EU to accept them? Can anyone say how long this will take? It will be only waiting in vain. The Balkan countries want to progress, not to wait forever for empty promises to be fulfilled. When one door is closed, another one opens. It is common sense. Which country will be such a fool to choose to become a hostage of Macron’s whims and continue waiting indefinitely for EU membership, if other opportunities are available? Every country has the right to build its prosperity through beneficial economic partnerships. EU has lost the trust of those Balkan nations.

  14. avatar

    Why do we need the countries of Balkan? There are countries that are much closer to our understanding of the world: The countries of Mercosur are suffering similar problems.

  15. avatar

    Russia is Bulgaria’s biggest brother. The Russians are our saviors and liberators. The Russian economy is strong and Russia is a very rich country in resources.

    Russia wanted to make Bulgaria a dominant power on the Balkans. They invested a lot in Bulgaria. Hopefully we will create our second nuclear power plant with Russian help.

    One of the largest banks in Russia called “Sber” might come in Bulgaria.

  16. avatar

    The EU doesn’t have property rights on the Balkans or any other part of Europe. European countries are sovereign independent states that belong to no one. So the answer is no.

    • avatar

      Крис Караджов very well said

    • avatar

      Крис Караджов I agree .

    • avatar

      Крис Караджов The E.U. only discusses with candidate members. The E.U. has not invaded these countries. Russia on the contrary has invaded a part of Ukraine and gives massive support to the dictator in Belarus against the vast majority of the people there. More: NATO doesn’t push Kiev to become member of the Western Alliance, but the government in Kiev tries to become member of NATO, in order to defend their country against Russian aggression.

    • avatar

      Yves Deneulin Ukraine should belong to Russia yes

    • avatar

      Antonio Belinha Most of Ukrainians have an opposite opinion. It is not on you to decide in their place!

    • avatar

      Yves Deneulin very good….no problem….but that it is my point view,

    • avatar

      Yves Deneulin watch less CNN and VRT , russia has invaded Ukraine :D

    • avatar

      Alain Mestdagh This is exactly what I said!

    • avatar

      Yves Deneulin that’s the reason why I am laughing :D ….

  17. avatar

    EU’s failures are their own. They exposed that some EU politicians are working against EU’s interest – like creating conflicts with Russia and China, which only benefits USAn markets.EU – from supporting corrupt politicians in the Balkans (because they are “anti-Russian”), flooding EU with migrants, to causing economic inflation and forcing failed medical response policies.. EU’s failures are piling up.

    • avatar

      George Thomson what are you talking about?

  18. avatar

    Good riddance ! Albanians ,Skopjans and Bulgarians and Turks have nothing to do with Europe. Ευρώπη is a Greek word.

  19. avatar

    The Balkans are mostly Slavic and Orthodox, culturally very close to Russia. Maybe Russia should be complaining about losing the Balkans to the EU, not the other way round

    • avatar

      Vivian Dimitriou Has nothing to do with language or race, the EU is behaving more and more like the former USSR, and the east European countries are fed up with repeating history.

    • avatar

      Dux Lucis how many ’european’ tanks are running in the streets of Warschau, Budapest and Prague … ? On the contrary, Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn are crying like babies for more european military support.The money from Brussels they never have refused …It is about time we stop financing these new central european fascist dictatorships …

  20. avatar

    I honestly believe that there is no alternative for the West Balkans but the E.U., however each year that accession talks are postponed is another year granted to Russia, China and even Turkey to reinforce their grip an consolidate their influence on these countries.

  21. avatar

    Why is EU always in search of enemies against Russia ?

  22. avatar

    As written, being constantly desillusioned about the accession process has these consequences. And until the EU stops with it, the risk is higher and higher for the increase of the Russian influence.

    • avatar

      Pedro Mendes Not prepared to do your homework = desillusioned by accession process. Got some of that kind in already. Don’t need more of it.

    • avatar

      Werner Küpper what we don’t need is elitist European leaders that think the EU is theirs only

  23. avatar

    Als die EU zo goed en eerlijk was, dan bleven ze vanzelf wel.

  24. avatar

    Yes, thanks to Greece until recently, and now Bulgaria

  25. avatar

    Approaching to Russia with Putin is approaching to devil

  26. avatar

    Russia has linguistic similarities with the Macedonian, through the Cyrillic alphabet as their foundation, as well as the Orthodox religion. Macedonia needs an protector « acceptor » the way they are and NOT the way that some countries would LIKE them to be.

    • avatar

      La Macédoine a des similitudes linguistique alphabétique, culturelles, religions, historiques, folkloriques beaucoup plus fort avec la Bulgarie que avec Russie.

  27. avatar

    Russia has linguistic similarities (Cyrillic alphabet); that is to say the same origin as the Macedonian, also the Orthodox religion is shared by both countries. Macedonia needs a protector « acceptor » the way they are, NOT the way some countries would LIKE them to be.

  28. avatar

    Russia has historically, linguistic similarities with Macedonia, i.e, they have the Cyrillic alphabet, as foundation as well as the Orthodox religion. Macedonia needs a protector-acceptor the way they are and NOT the way some countries would LIKE them to be.

  29. avatar

    If the EU is “losing” the Balkans, maybe it didn’t deserve to “possess” it in the first place.

    • avatar

      Guy Seeten it is about time you start to understand the concept of the european union …

    • avatar

      Géért Dries My comment was sarcastic, but no, I’m not fond of this E.U.

    • avatar

      Guy Seeten from Russia with love … sarcastic as well.

  30. avatar

    No borders No nations <3 <3Just fly to Mars and stay there***

  31. avatar

    I didnt knlw about this issue … Thanks for bringing it up.

  32. avatar

    As EU does not back Christian values… Yes they can be attracted by Russia.. And then is it a real problem?

  33. avatar

    EU corrupt institute accuse others for corruption but in the mean time they behave like a dictator, kneel and obey or sanctions.

  34. avatar

    If they feel happy close to Russia and Putin, what are they waiting for? Article 50 is ready to use. Besides, Belarus is a splendid example to follow, do svidanya …

    • avatar

      Jean-jaques Deweerdt Politici en media zijn een oorlog aan het voorbereiden mijn gedacht !!!

  35. avatar

    hungary, poland, slowenia away with them, they have no place in a democraty

    • avatar

      Gerd Blömer-pohl Klopt die hebben ervaring met DDR praktijken.

  36. avatar

    EU will implode, like USSR in the past !

    • avatar

      i hope so

    • avatar

      Claude Lemal the sooner the better.

    • avatar

      Fernand Vermeiren of course, I dare say !

  37. avatar

    The rest of countries from lest Europe, Russia can take them ,like the others countries before, they should be Russia….like Poland…or Romania, ou Bulgaria or Czech, anyway all of them ,just the German it was ok take that it was Russia before…..

  38. avatar

    Plus de nouveaux pays dans l’ue le Kosovo est une partie de la Serbie ,qui lui a été volée

  39. avatar

    L’élargissement de ue avec des pays pauvres tel que la Moldavie , macedonia, etc n’est pas souhaitable. La rentrée de l’ucraine avec des richesses sol- sous sol peut être rentable pour ue….mais la Russie est là et elle a déjà annexé la Crimée…on a besoin d’une Europe riche et forte

  40. avatar

    Quand l’UE incorpore des états qui ne remplissent pas les conditions, cela donne des échecs.

  41. avatar

    Cant hegemony anymore, noone like russia near, peoples like peace and democraty like usa.

  42. avatar

    They can have them. Done with social dumping in the EU.

  43. avatar

    Европско-Америските Т.е. НАТО Интересите се показаа на балканотСо право лице на Модерниот фашизамВо првата и фтората светска војнаА и во војната при распадот на Југославија.Затоа балкаските народиСе толку приврзани конРусија бидејки РусијаНе е била агресор на балканот !Ова е што Модерна Европа и САД Покушува да го избрише одМеморијата на балкаските народи.ПОКРАЈ ГНСНАТА ПОДЕЛБА НА МАКЕДОНИЈА 1913ГОД. не заборавајте првите напал Бомби што ги фрлаа америчките и агличаните во 1947-48год.За масовно уништување на МакедонцитеВо Егејска-јужна МАКЕДОНИЈА.ВО ОВА РУСИЈА НЕМА УДЕЛ .

  44. avatar

    Highly possible ! And normal, analysing the situation!

  45. avatar

    If they are stupid, they stay with Europe. If they have some brains left, they build a future with Russia. Europe is 100% self destruction.

  46. avatar

    Who wants to be part of woke eu? I hope brexit is followed very soon by many countries!

  47. avatar

    Propose Putin to joint EU and this problem is solved.

    • avatar

      Baudouin de Crombrugghe

  48. avatar

    so what… it’s not only the Balkans that are disillusioned with the EU…

  49. avatar

    wat verwacht je van een nog grotere diktatuur

  50. avatar

    I didn’t know the EU owned the Balkans.

  51. avatar

    Iedere politieker daar heeft stilaan zijn zakken vol met Europees subsidie geld, dat origineel werd toegekend om de nodige aanpassingen te kunnen doen, en dan is het nu weer stilaan tijd om terug naar de oude stal te keren of er ergens tussenin te gaan zweven, misschien wel met een eigen unie, en van beide walletjes datgene wat ze het beste vinden trachten te bemachtigen, maar Europa is Europa en Putin is Putin ze zullen uiteindelijk toch moeten kiezen, denk ik. Met Hong Kong als voorbeeld van reintegratie zou ik toch maar goed nadenken want eerst blijft alles hetzelfde en dan komt de “big boss” op tafel kloppen en word het kiezen of delen.

  52. avatar

    Putin zradil rusko à Biden hanba fuj terorizmus hiena

  53. avatar

    hopelijk lijft rusland ze in verdorie

  54. avatar

    In my opinion the E.U and NATO are the real agressor, 1: Dictatorship on the European civilians. 2: Expanding NATO towards the Russian border. Wake up people!

  55. avatar

    Europe lost the Balkan to China

  56. avatar

    So 30 years after the end of the Soviet-Russian domination, the ties with the big Slav brother are growing stronger and stronger. The E.U has botched it all?!

  57. avatar

    En version français SVP merci

  58. avatar

    yes poutine not god eco !!yes president

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