The EU has a new chief. After a bumpy confirmation process (which saw three candidates rejected), Commission President Ursula von der Leyen’s team was approved by a vote in the European Parliament in November, with 461 votes in favour, 157 against and 89 abstentions.

Ahead of the vote, Von der Leyen pledged that, under her stewardship, the EU would “embark on transformation that will touch every part of our society and economy and we will do it because it will be the right thing to do, not because it will be easy.”

Climate change is at the top of the agenda. President Von der Leyen said Europe doesn’t have “a moment to waste” and has put the First Vice President of the Commission, Dutch social democrat Frans Timmermans, in charge of implementing a European Green Deal that will involve “massive investment” in the transition to a sustainable economy.

In a remark apparently calculated to contrast with the approach of US President Donald Tump, Von der Leyen spoke of “an unsettled world, where too many powers only speak the language of confrontation and unilateralism… We must show our partners at the United Nations they can rely on us, as a champion of multilateralism.”

The new Commission has plenty to do. Von der Leyen has committed to supporting digitalisation and new technology, including greater investment in quantum computing, blockchain, and artificial intelligence. She has also pledged to introduce an EU minimum wage framework. And she will propose an EU gender equality strategy, including plans for binding pay transparency measures.

There are limits to what any Commission can achieve. Much of the power over the future direction of the European Union lies in the hands of its Member States. The fate of Brexit, for example, depends on the outcome of the UK’s general election. Equally, the global economic outlook depends on factors outside of Ursula Von der Leyen’s control, including the outcome of US-China trade negotiations.

Will the new EU leadership do a good job? Will they be able to transform Europe for the better? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

IMAGE CREDITS: CC / Flickr – European Parliament

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    Good luck to the new leadership

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    what about corrupted politicians inside EU Parlement, inside EU comission?

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    My hopes go to the first European Public Prosecutor – Laura Kovesi, although those investigations will take time. EU should be united!

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      She is under investigation for corruption in her home country…. She is a true idiot.

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    It’s hard to say, but they seem a little too conservative, in the sense of ‘industry-friendly’ to truly address the challenge of our time. I was impressed by the parliament declaring a climate emergency: I expect to see real, significant and fast action, not just glittering words. People individually are hopeless, companies are short-termist and selfish, only policies can change things. Listen to Guterres.

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      wow, you are far gone… in case you have no own identity or ideas, try communism once again… .

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      Jurgen that’s a little black and white, I would understand such a communist phobia from someone in the US, but not necessarily from someone from the Netherlands. All I am talking about here are strong policies to correct imperfect markets and consumer behaviours in the longer term, perhaps you can see it that way. Currently we are enjoying a free lunch at the expense of our children, quite literally. But some are getting more of a free lunch than others: I was obviously thinking of the oil and gas industry, but also the automotive industry which has also for far too long externalised a lot of the wider costs of its widespread use to society and the future. The EU has been far to friendly to them. Even the European Environment Agency goals were diluted to emission reduction levels that would bring year on year roughly a 2% improvement (hardly a innovation rate to be proud of), but these were anyway lost by increase in car sales and .. cheating. Whatever happened to DieselGate? This is the kind of strong policies that I mean. This is not communism as we once knew it, although it is about learning to live as a sustainable community, yes, and I prefer that than the American ‘every man to himself’. It is this civilised and sustainable community that the EU represents to me, it should step it up and not fear so much to upset industrial vested interests that are ruining it for everyone anyway.

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      Yannick pfff ”our children”, always the same, when they are out of facts they come with they’re children

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      Well then focus on the free lunch part, that’s actually the main point: externalising costs to the future. But you are right, every argument has been heard million times already, yet we are still wired to only care about the here and now, thanks for the reminder really.

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      Yannick You still do not realize that when a government does such things it is always 3x more expensive, 3x as corrupt and 3 times less effective than when the people do such things themselves? And they will! Just try not to demonize those who are not ready yet but try to be the example yourself, if it works out well for you others will follow. And do not believe too much of politicians please for they rarely think about common benefit, their power lies in dividing, in keeping civilians dependent and they will do anything to keep it that way for own profits one way or another. What you think is the solution is supporting an ever-growing economic monster that leads the way to our own destruction.

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    Cannot be worse than before

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    Stop this free trade liberal policy and protect Europe. Multinationals benefit from Europe north benefit from Europe small companies and South die because of europe

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    We hope she looks at all sides to this new Leadership !

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    Ι really doubt it. No comparison with Junker his replacement from Germany

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    EU Reform- Proactive

    If one conveniently overlooks that the Spitzenkandidaten system in 2019 was disbanded and replaced with “horse-trading”- to find the “right” EUC Kandidat- because:

    • any leader must be unwavering “pan European”-
    * the originally elected EPP Manfred Weber turned out a legal “mistake”-
    * however, quickly corrected by the EU inner circle- Merkel, Macron & Juncker-
    * finally, this lone circle selected their EU darling- Von der Leyen!

    * still, some democratic illegitimacy in the EU remains-
    * the EC tail still wages the whole EU27-
    * this “insider choice” was later ratified by the EU parliament to conclude the “fully democratic process” and allow everybody to feel democratically happy ever after!

    The “von der Leyen EU” has gained some “cosmetic advantage” over her predecessor- because:

    * von der Leyen is the first EU appointed female leader-
    * appointed from the most powerful EU nation, although a shrinking CDU-
    * ticking many internal & global boxes-
    * a safe & staunch pan European representative-

    Quote: “It is ultimately – and above all else – about people and their aspirations. And we will do it because it is the right thing to do”!


    Where is the people’s shrine to find all these “right things”? Lisbon treaty?

    However, wouldn’t it be equally or more important the “EU naivety” about China and illegal immigration would end & a sensible approach to pollution, etc. adopted? +++++?

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    Sortons de l’UE, de la zone euro, de l’OTAN.

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    quel m*** avec les 4 nouveau clones c’est f*** l’europe .surtout fils de papa ce charle michel .

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    Bexit, Frexit, Nexit,…. NOW !!

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      daar gaan we nog wat met meemaken ze

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    Of course not,i don’t see how.We have to many incompetent politicians in the executive and legislative branch of the EU.Nobody wants an federation led by experts in public administration, with ideas for small but efficient governance.All we want is a creepy bureaucracy. Money for elites ,high taxes and empty slogans for the european citizen.

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    EU is totallydisconnected with the reality and does NOT HAVE any support by the populaion. It is considered as and they act as the new “kings and royals” and we should all go for a new french revolution and kick these institutions aside as useless and corrupt

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      Koen – I’m with you!

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      The former EEG was much better

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    Goed hun job doen goed hun zakken vullen bedoel je bende nietsnutten zakkenvuller ja

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    L’ue est une institution anti démocratique; trop de copinage,a la solde des Usa. Il ne faut plus de nouveau pays,sans l’accord de la population, et pas de ces députes ou représentants illégaux

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    “We’re only in it for the money!”…

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    That would all depend on your interpretation of, what a “good job” might be.
    So in the eyes of the neoliberal globalists. Then yes, she’s perfect. After all, she is their choice.
    In the eyes of human beings however, I very much doubt it!

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    They do a great job from themselves :)

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    Nope they won’t, it’s a great scheme of FRAUD, why would Countries still have their own GOVERNMENT

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    Eu is big bulls**t….only there for the money

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    No because the EU is wrong at the core

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    “Leadership” has one very difficult task – to shut up and listen to the people if they wish to help them.

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    Les bon vivant retrouve leur place pour ruiner l’Europe ,tous les gros mandataires les plus grands voleurs avec Michel Charles et Renders Didier f** de m** en Belgique parvenus !!!

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    No one time Ursula von der Leyen use the word “reforestation” as a climate change strategy in the EU !!the simplest solution !!

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    learn to take into account human rights!

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    Climate priority ? It is a hoax. The world is cooling down … but money runs into some people’s pockets !

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    Europe de capitalistes de m** !!!! 👺👺

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    The are only there for the money, that’s all they Care off,so get rit off the eu

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    No, because the EU is a tool for Germany te steel from the rest of Europe. No EU is beter!

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    The Club of the biggest takers.

  32. avatar

    No they suck badly @there job🤮

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    Unfortunately Europe is just a puppet show

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    Leader leads Europe to disaster. Nobody wants this kind of Europe anymore, only the Europeans

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    Destroying European culture, importing barbarians without education and having an overall disdain for voters and taxpayers.
    So: No.

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    More taxes and more restrictive regulations

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    Europe is making sure Europe will no longer be Europe!!!

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    Here you can see the biggest crime organization in Europe.

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    A good job ? What do you mean, filling their pockets ?

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    Filling their pockets? Of course, what else ?

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    are you kidding? They cant even secure our external borders of enforce our immigration and repatriation laws. Its a retirement home for polititians whos carreer in their home country is over due to the lies they have been telling.

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    Good job? Forcing the memberstates to commit socio-economic suicide to save a world that couldn’t care less? Heard her speech? She will save the climate by strangeling the countries and punishing the unwilling. And importing immigrant? What will she do for Europe? Forgot about that part. The EU has become a totalitarian regime with appointed “leaders” who don’t care about the people but only care about getting their names in the history books. Well they succeed. Destroying a once wealthy continent. That is how they will be remembered.

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    With Didier Reynders as commissioner and with Charles Michel as président of the Council of europe … we can expect …. the worst! Halas! They have filled their pockets in Belgium and now they will enjoy other robbing opportunities in the european institutions!

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    A real disaster, where is democracy?? Von Der Leyen, not elected, Michel, not elected and the commissioners also not elected, yet very democratic???? Europe is in the same period as the Roman Empire before falling apart, too much Bureaucracy, too much profit for the elected and the system is, gently expressed, expensive expensive. Europe is rules and rules according to lobbying and for the rest a centre for washed-up politicians who are exhausted in their own country. The pay is huge given the performance, if they’ve been doing it for almost 5 years to decide daylightsavingtime or winteruur, you’ll know enough for sure. Abolishing all that trade, absolutely useless and costly, only good for the greats who oblige the little ones to follow.

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      Phil, I’m afraid you’re right!

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      Very right!!!

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      How many of those defectors do they ask for there? Is there no restriction on the number of members there?

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    EU Reform- Proactive

    The forum question:

    “Will they be able to transform Europe for the better? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!”

    What should the “DE, policymakers & experts” do with the resultant negative thoughts & comments? Hardly, or not one positive EU comment! What an EU dilemma!

    * Throw them in the dustbin?
    * Belittle & condemn all who gave an anti- “pan European”= EU comment?
    * Label all of them as extreme right-wing or political EU imbeciles?

    The last EU election was only held in May 2019 and hailed an EU success- because it just breached the “unbelievable” high 50% mark?

    Taking all the above comments serious as true & representative, then “THEY” should all resign, stop governing, but go back to the “national” drawing board in a great hurry!

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    One party (CDU) which has 27% support in its own homeland (Germany) gave the president of EU Commission without any support from the European public. The moderate right wing was the only one which was weakening in the last EU election and they promoted the president. It is a joke. I want a green president with a real plan!

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    Good job for the globalists …

  48. avatar

    I wish all good for them…
    but, but but

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    What do you know, poor devil, about that lady to say that stupidity ??

  50. avatar

    Very poor, no direction,no strategy, just another female Juncker.

    • avatar

      Doesn’t seem to be a kisser

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    It’s not meant to be done “good job” .Let’s be honest, who are they ,” leadership ” , who voted for them

    • avatar

      they have been elected by the people who have been elected by the people . too complicated for you? do you live in eu??

    • avatar

      the same who elects the German Chancellor: a majority of MPs

    • avatar

      yeah yeah…….cut the crap

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    I don’t know but I think they can’t do a different or better job then the previous.

  53. avatar

    German and French leaders will do a good job, but please, neither Maria Gabriel is a leader nor the like from the East and the South are.

  54. avatar

    I don’t think they can do worse than Juncker-Druker. Or I hope.

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