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Donald Trump often wades into the domestic politics of foreign countries. Sometimes he does it publicly, and sometimes he does it behind the scenes. Foreign governments have even, on occasion, asked him to tone down his running Twitter commentary on their national political decisions.

Why shouldn’t Europeans have an opinion on domestic US politics? EU politicians are certainly not beyond making the odd reference to the brouhaha across the Atlantic; in an extraordinarily candid speech, outgoing EU Council President Donald Tusk joked that he could finally speak his mind freely because it was too late to “impeach Donald, at least the European one.”

President Trump hasn’t exactly had the closest relationship with Europe. From NATO spending, to climate change, to steel and aluminium tariffs, it’s fair to say the EU-US relationship been a slightly bumpy ride in recent years. Would things change if Trump were impeached? Vice President Mike Pence, who would take over should Trump be removed from office, certainly isn’t a closet Europhile.

In reality, it looks like impeachment will fall, predictably, along party lines. Democrats in the House will likely vote to impeach and Republicans in the Senate will likely vote not to remove Trump from office. So, is it just popcorn politics? In which case, what do you think?

Should Donald Trump be impeached? Would it make a difference for Europe? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

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What do YOU think?

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    Don’t hold your breath I’d say.

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    For what exactly? So far all the impeachment attempts are looking like made up stories, which seem real only in the media, but then reality sets back in, and they all turn to dust.
    From fictional russian meddling to protecting the Bidens, the media has it all… why is that? Why isn’t Biden’s doings in the issue?…/biden-funneled-18-billion…

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      for being a gangster and a fascist.

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      Yeah you can believe what a BULGARIAN writes about the american VP.

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      well it is true isn’t… You telling me Biden and his son shouldn’t be investigated because he is running for president… Now that is just a stupid way to think about this whole situation

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    No. Instead the other American Politicians should concentrate on making politics, and stop this witchhunt. Then, in an election, they actually might get elected and Trump is history

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    nooooo… 2020 Donald J. Trump♥️

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      if you’re Russian sure

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      no I am not. But I dont like Socialism. Now Dems are Socialists.

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    How impeachment a US president is EU affair? Glad if he got jail but this is not a EU matter.

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      actually his illegal actions against the EU, and the planet make him relevant

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      Have you forget that usa is part of Nato which protect the whole Europe, as matter of fact, it has the strongest hand in Nato alongside turkey and third comes Germany
      So… It is relevant

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      the impeachment is a process of US congress and US people, as Nato partners we should be neutral, as we would like they be to our internal affairs. Our military ally is the Nation and not the Presidency. As you know the Arm Forces of US rely on the Senate and Congress not the president.

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      That’s slightly true, however if you really remember, one thing was Angela Merkel really upset about toward trump was when he threat Europe and demand her to pay for military defense or as he love to call “protecting you (r a**)”
      So basically he threaten Europe with his reckless decision,
      On the other hand, USA did interfere in ( literally) all part of the world, however either directly or indirectly though agent or proxy, so technically they owe you one
      Third giving an opinion was never as interfering or as real action, media all over the world are doing that (instead of staying natural), and finally we are not perfect (as humans, neither European) so let’s not act like it and feel free to give opinion, if it didn’t push toward goods, it won’t hurt for sure as long as it stays just pure opinion, after all wether you expose it or not you already had it in your mind

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      Jail? The guy thought another was corrupt, he wanted an investigation, they should investigate all the american interests at the moment. Donald J. Trump was right once again.

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    Catherine Benning

    Should Donald Trump be impeached?

    This question is ludicrously premature. The man has been accused on flimsy accusations by the half crazed Democratic party who simply have lost all credibility with the mad Clinton vendetta they cannot get rid of.

    The Americans have no one else to vote for in that obscene run up they have presently. So if not him, who? Obama was more guilty of impeachment than this guy. It’s time he took them out back and beat the shite out of them.

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    EU Reform- Proactive

    Who in the EU/DE is (secretly) meddling in US politics?

    What has happened to US politics the last 20 years? It seems to represent a bi party political bashing field- not a “united” government.

    Since the turn of 21st century- US politics has been affected by a chronic political “Derangement Syndrome”- coined by the late US “Charles Krauthammer”.

    Before Trump each US president has been “diagnosed” as “deranged”!
    There was already a Bush Derangement Syndrome, an Obama Derangement Syndrome preceding the Trump Derangement Syndrome!

    The question:
    Has the bi- party US political scene, including its partisan media and big business become deranged?

    * Who is/are the sane one(s) left in the US?
    * Who are the real villains?
    * Is anyone still allowed to effectively govern the US from day one after elections?

    Just political crazy times……….and the EU joker Donald Tusk believes he is qualified to judge?

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    Possibly but won’t happen

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    The whole thing is a political sham.
    It would also ruin American democracy for at least 50 years, but perhaps that is exactly its goal.

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    The “yes” comments shows how gullible Europeans are.

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      It’s not because they are European, its because they are leftists.
      None of their assertions are based in logic or healthy thought but are rather the result of their own ideological bias.

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    Trump was democratically elected, the leadership of EU is made of appointed beaurocrats, so they make much better candidates for impeachment.

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    Better US presidents have been assassinated. I don’t see how trump shouldn’t (at least) be impeached.

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    Yes. He is more like That’s maybe is the worst president in whole USA history, but USA deserves that president – that was their choice. – Enjoy it

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    Is there any impeachable offence? Seems like there arent, even a liberal lawyer like Dershowitz says there are no grounds for impeachment.

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    This doesn’t concern us… directly.

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    A bigger Man would have quit along time ago after all things that came to light.

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      What came to light?
      Here’s a book on “what came to light” on the favorite of the dems, yet nobody told them to quit. They actually have a very high body count.
      “Clinton Bush and CIA Conspiracies: From The Boys on the Tracks to Jeffrey Epstein (War On Drugs Book 4) Kindle Edition
      by Shaun Attwood (Author)”

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      Nothing came to light, it’s just your “Orange man bad” usual NPC programming.

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    Thisbis a topic for Debating America.

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    Should he be impeached? The question is not if or not. The question is if there are grounds for an impeachment. As a US citizen the answer is no. Don’t see how this is any business of the EU anyway.

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      if he’s actively advocating for climate damaging actors then he is everyones problem

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      Stick to the subject. Impeachment.

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      The subject is his dangerous to the world, and is doing a lot of damage.

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    No, even if impeached by the House, the vote goes to the Senate and there would not be enough votes likely to impeach as there are more Republican Senators…
    He will not be removed from office. Is this of European interest ? Of course it is,
    We do not exist in a vacuum and who occupies the presidency in the USA affects us in Europe.
    Regardless, the real question is, did he do something impeachable, which looks like he did not.

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    Patrick Cuddihy


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    Trump is just being unlucky to have his story discovered. Who among these American presidents and officials are not doing this? Bribing with money is already a “friendly” and “civilize” gesture. Look at Turkey, its president almost being overthrown by a military coup. What Venezuela is confronting now? When this type of interest exchange strategy permeate the American external politics, it will equally be adversely affecting its domestic politics for it has become a culture and behaviour of American politicians.

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      Really, do you know American history before ‘Google’, in regards to American presidents and their dealings with Europe…? Or is your information simply from your i phone or internet?

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