Are e-cigarettes dangerous? Several reports in the US have suggested health risks associated with vaping, including lung disease, nicotine addiction, and possible exposure to substances carrying an increased risk of cancer. The US government Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has linked an “outbreak of lung injury” in America – with thousands sick and almost forty deaths – to e-cigarette products.

Should there be tougher rules around vaping? In early November, US President Trump had signalled he wanted a ban on flavoured vaping products. However, a week later the administration wobbled in its commitment, following pushback from the vaping industry.

Europe has stricter rules surrounding vaping than the US. Fewer European teenagers vape than their American counterparts, and electronic cigarettes in the EU have less nicotine, and most EU Member States have banned them from containing THC (which is most associated with cases of lung disease in the US). However, some caution that cases of vaping-related illnesses are not being tracked in the EU, which means the real numbers are unknown.

Should vaping be banned? Are e-cigarettes dangerous? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

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    No, governments shouldnt try to tell you what a good life is. Just advice

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    Yes. State has to take care of its people and sometimes even protect them from themselves.

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    Not sure there is enough information yet, is it the vaping, the chemicals in flavors…? shoddy black market vapes? Plenty of bad stuff people put into thier systems that are not banned- For sure there need to be some tight enforced regulations (IMO)

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    Adam Abbot

    I switched to e-cigarettes 2 years ago and I feel much better than when I was smoking. I think that maybe all this anti-vaping propaganda is politics that support tobacco companies. I would recommend to read more on credible resources so that you can see real stats.

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    Yes, vaping should be banned

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    we should banned them once and forall

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    That’s trash, Im a teenager and people are sickly vaping all the time

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      yeah everyone does its disgusting.

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    Oh, isn´t it great to play god for others? I bet non of you been ex smokers eh..So, if vaping was banned what smokers who want to quit should expensive “R” nicotine products or keep smoking? Of course vaping shouldn´t be banned.

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    Livia Kelleher

    yes I think vaping and E-cigarettes should be banned because they are very dangerous

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    No because my mom vapes and I like the smell.

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    Christopher Wheat

    Vaping is extremely toxic. What is most alarming is that a single vaper can make the air in an apartment toxic to inhabitants on many floors. A recent study conducted on a 5 story apartment in Berlin Germany found this reading in the 5th floor corridor 12 mg/m3 of TVOC and 1.720 mg/m3 (1.38 ppm) of HCHO Formaldehyde caused by a single vaper on that floor. Normal outside air is 0.03 ppm Formaldehyde. Normal outside air for VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) is 0.1 mg/m3. Meaning the VOCs on the 5th floor are 120 times fresh air and the Formaldehyde is 46 times the fresh air norm. Then there are the levels of nicotine exposure to all 5th floor residents.

    Because it is propelled in a propylene glycol gel these vape contaminants travel everywhere and because it is heavier than air under doors and drops down to lower floors all the way to the ground floor contaminating all apartments. Young children are growing up being exposed to dermatological toxins, cardiotoxicity, metallic poisoning, kidney damage because you only need to do a little research to find out just how toxic formaldehyde and nicotine and cardiotoxins are to people.

    The EU should do just as these countries where vaping and e-cigarettes are banned: Argentina, Brazil, Brunei, Cambodia, Australia, Colombia, Egypt, India, Jordan, Lebanon, Malaysia, Mexico, Panama, Philippines, Qatar, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Turkey, Uruguay, Venezuela, and Vietnam. All of these 22 countries have deemed vaping to be unsafe for human consumption.

    It is just clear science that an industry based on profit should not be allowed to expose EU citizens to health hazards as significant as the numbers I quoted in one Berlin apartment building. And I have taken the same toxic measurements in two other Berlin apartment buildings.

    Please ban this entirely unsafe practice Europe.


    This would mean one vaper on one floor is exposing all of the 5th floor to highly toxic Formaldehyde an

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