One day, the UK might actually leave the EU. No, really! I’m being serious. It might seem far-fetched, given that the UK has just blown past its “do-or-die” October deadline, but it’s not inconceivable that, sooner or later, Brexit might really happen.

Which begs the question: what would Remainers do? Would “Remain” become “Rejoin”? And, if so, would that mean Britain joining on the same terms as any other new Member State and losing its various opt-outs? Would the UK ever contemplate, for example, signing up to the euro?

What do our readers think? We had a comment from Maia, who argues: “After the UK leaves on WTO rules, the disruption of normal life will become obvious to anyone who doubted it, so there will be mass demonstrations calling for the UK to rejoin the EU.”

To get a reaction, we put Anna’s comment to Ann Widdecombe, a Member of the European Parliament for the Brexit Party. Will there be disruption to everyday life after Brexit?

For another perspective, we also put Maia’s comment to Michael Heseltine, former Deputy Prime Minister under John Major and one of the most prominent pro-Europeans in Margaret Thatcher’s cabinet. What would he say to Maia’s comment?

I think there will be considerable uncertainty and difficulties, leading to frustrations. I’m not, myself, in favour of advocating civil unrest, but I think the important point is to prevent Brexit going through in the first place, not to worry about the consequences at this stage.

Next up, we had a comment from Nile, who says: “The difficulties we have encountered during Brexit, trying to leave the EU, have made me see much more clearly the control they had over us. The EU have made it so difficult for us to leave, causing MP’s to resign and in-fighting, I am more convinced than ever that we should get free. If they had made it easy for us to leave, and easy for us to rejoin then the door could have remained open.”

What would Ann Widdecombe say to him? Has the EU’s Brexit strategy made it harder for the UK to ever contemplate re-joining?

Finally, how would Michael Heseltine respond?

I don’t think you understand the nature of the word ‘free’. We cannot escape the rules and regulations of our largest trading partner. If we are inside, we can influence the rules and do so in British interests. If we are outside, they will tell us what the rules are. You call that freedom, I don’t think it is freedom at all.

Could the UK ever re-join the EU? Or does Brexit mean Brexit? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

IMAGE CREDITS: Public Domain – Johannes Plenio; PORTRAIT CREDITS: (c) Lord Heseltine

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What do YOU think?

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    Yes the young will take us back in

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    Yes, but they’ll have to behave modestly for 20 years

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    According to the Treaty of Lisbon yes.

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    i hope Scottland will become independent asap after the Brexit shitshow has gone through and then rejoin the EU – we never wanted to leave in the first place!

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    Catherine Benning

    Could the UK ever re-join the EU?

    This question is misleading. The Treaty, as it is offered from the EU, is not a Leave deal. It is simply a shift of emphasis to pull the wool over the eyes of the voter. The UK will be in a very close situation similar to what it presently has. And that is well known as a fact. What is happening is, the general public are being duped.

    The General Election for December, as it stands, is fake policies that cannot be put into practice by all parties offering their governance. And it is very frightening. There is little or no difference in what is being offered by any of them, they are all Remain in the EU, no matter how they are spinning it.

    Additionally, no one is emphasising we have been in the EU, under one form or another for 40 or more years and as a result we are in the mess we are in. We are presently under EU legislation and have been since we were set up by Ted Heath in the seventies. Yet, the so called politicians they are selecting to take the place of those we have had to put up with for some time, are totally incompetent. They simply have no knowledge of what they are debating and offering as a way forward. They are reading from set paperwork, equivalent to school kids wanting to please a teacher. Some, barely able to speak English.

    This is EU dominated with no way out as it is. And yet the bell is not ringing as it should. The Brexit party is unable or not wanting to offer a proper disconnect from this stranglehold. Even Farage has fell away from the front line. Leaving us without much hope of free rule and a rigged vote.

    Remember what we have now is directly from being under EU rule for almost a half a century. And no change means we are imprisoned in their horror show as we have it today. No matter what they pretend is on offer.

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    Never say never in politics..but evidentially EU will have to go thru fundamental change in next decade or so as current economic & social structures are untenable for todays members let alone thoughts of enlargement…can see some form of inner core with associate membership with looser afiliation on social issues….but lets see what happens with next economic meltdown.

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    Never. Tories out. England out. Fascists out

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    Everything could hapen, but midterm after the Brexit the UK Will boast a healthier economy than the EU.

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    Catherine Benning

    Could the UK ever re-join the EU?

    In this document you will read the outcome of the latest ‘Treaty Agreement’ made by the UK and the EU and the true outcome of what is termed a Brexit deal. It clearly states that the deal does not take the UK out of European control in any sense of the meaning of that declaration.

    This means that unless the population of the UK understand the content of our PM’s deal fully and vote accordingly, they will remain inside EU jurisdiction for the foreseeable future, should they make the wrong choice. Meaning that we will remain subjects of EU rule for an eternity if we believe we are voting out under this so called Brexit deal……. It is the EU deal offered May as she told it. It was never Mays or the British deal. And it was only added to in order to get it through Parliament on account of it having been run through and rejected three times before. It could not be listed again for a vote without amendment.

    Now, it cannot be said we didn’t know what we were voting for any longer. It is here in black and white for us to peruse and digest…. That is, should our press and media put it out there for the masses.

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    the day they start driving the right side of roads

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    C’est ce que j’ai toujours dit : la Grande-Bretagne veut quitter l’UE tout en souhaitant y rester pour pouvoir la quitter tout en y restant…

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    Avec des politiciens véreux, manipulateurs, dangereux psychopathes, menteurs, comme Farage, Johnson, le Pays est profondément dans la merde et N est pas prête à s en sortir. Je rappelle que le référendum était ni plus ni moins une consultation, le certain et arrogant Premier à l époque à mise sur le mauvais cheval ! Je tiens également à rappeler que 72% de la population n à pas été voté !!! Et ça ce dit un pays démocratique, 72% N ont exprimé aucune opinion, eux sont les gagnants. Que les politiques de tout bords cessent de prendre des gens pour des bebiles et de faire passer les intérêts de parti avant celui du publique. On retourne actuellement à la situation des années 30 avec toutes le catastrophes connues, mais on a la memoire hélas très très courte !! NB valable pour la politique scandaleuse de la Belgique actuellement, bandes de débiles qui ne veulent pas dialoguer, aussi une belle bande de crapules.

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    They can rejoin, but with the same rules as other EU-memberships. No more exceptions.

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    If they wish to rejoin, will they join as full members or as a member with privileges?
    I also think that the EU needs stronger checks and controls as to who is a member as so many new nations seem to join but then are against the philosophy and the workings of the EU!
    After Brexit, everyone will have to become a little bit more modest (that includes the EU as well).

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    Catherine Benning

    Could the UK ever re-join the EU?

    Let me come at this from a different direction: What kind of mentality has a person who plays the lottery every week at odds of 40 million to one and yet hesitates on odds of 3 to 1 (the political parties) The worst that can happen is, we stay where we are. Cast your bread upon the water, the risk is ‘not’ choosing, but staying as you are. We are a nation of stalwart people, let’s tell the rest of the world that our politicians have it wrong, NOT US !!

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    They voted out. They must exit. Later may vote to rejoin, but now leave.

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    Why leave if they think to rejoin…

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      people can change their minds. If it’s true young people voted remain and older people voted leave, in a few years the vote could very well be “rejoin”.
      Delete, hide or report this

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      It is very serious to choose with what economy zone country should go, I see people doesn’t look at it seriously and changing mind like every day.

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    Yes, they could rejoin, but without privileges.

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    They should become an American state, God knows they want to be

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      That’s ridiculous. Really. You can trust me. That is not what they want.

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      no they do in all but name.

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    Catherine Benning

    Could the UK ever re-join the EU?

    I feel the only way we will truly get out of it is if the European EU States take mercy on British people and deny them the right to remain in there with you. We are in a situation where we have been trapped by our politicians to Remain in the club without our majority consent. Democracy is something you tell us you believe in.

    On top of this, we are being lied to on a daily basis about what is planned to do to keep us in.

    But, then, you know that, as you are in there, conspiring with them to do it. Perhaps we can get help from the Eastern States? You can refuse to allow this abuse to take place and reject the application. Our Democracy depends on it.

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    Only a generation later. It will be impossible to judge whether leaving is successful unless we either crash horribly or start an economic miracle. Our lack of ability to do trade around the world vs some of our competitors is, I am afraid, little to do with being members of the EU, it is more down to a) our belief in fair play – which is not the way most of the world works, b) our colonial history – which still creates negative feelings in many of the growing economies (note the opium wars are a central part of Chinese historical teaching), and c) funnily enough the fact the english is the international lingua franca – it is harder to meet a Chinese person halfway in a a commercial discussion when we are speaking in our own mother tongue – a Frenchman or German speaking English is meeting that trading partner halfway – this appears to have a significant psychological impact on our international confidence.

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    Bye bye UK, of you want to go, go, see you not before 2030

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    No. They understood that it’s useless and against their national interest and left just in time. This however applies only for them. Continental Europe should be united.

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    Not in a long time. But who knows? I sure would like that.

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    UK didn’t left yet, and maybe never will

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      They did!

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    Most definitely, but we wouldn’t be able to return with the same benefits we’ve accrued over decades of negotiation. That has been well and truly wasted.

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    im not sure they want to rejoin!! sorry about that..its too late now..but if , by some miricle they descided to rejoin the EU i’d welcome that…so much simpler..from a republic of irl. point of view….but ..look here we will deal with whatever befalls us!!…TBH its all so stupid..what a palava….i think the UK are nuts…but sure what does my oppinion count for !!! they dont listen to anyone but themselves..jezz.. !!

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    No I will collapse before then

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    I don’t think. Babyboomers have to die first. By that time Europe will look completely different

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    UK is like my cat… Always wants me to open the door to go out and in… This is so annoying…

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      does your cat pay a large percentage of your bills?

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      no, but I pay a large percentage of its needs. Maybe another common point.

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    The polls have already been showing a narrow support for Remain over the last 6 months or so. Let’s wait until the reall fallout from the pandemic will hit and that suport might grow even bigger.
    I doubt Australians, Canadians, Americans etc would want to start coming to the UK en masse, like some Brexiteers would want you to believe, or that the new trade agreements would cover the loss of EU trade deal.
    Bremain or Breturn are a possibility in not so distant future.

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      why polls, the same ones that insisted we would vote remain

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      sure, you have to take them with a pinch of salt, but they are all showing Remain majority.

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    Islanders are often vulnerable to invasions scenario. Knowing their mentality, it is relatively easy to drive them into paranoia and guide them after.

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    since the EU is a sinking ship.. better for them not to.
    Better to form Oceania with the rest of the English speaking world. xD

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      Sinking ship? Î’d say unfortunately sinking island…

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    UK must join back the EU not to at least lose Scotland

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    A lot of countries had let behind their royalties. We’re in 2020. Can you imagine the UK royal family working? but, there’s no problem, they’ll catch us up one day.

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    In the words if Groucho Marx “I wouldn’t join any club that would have me as a member!”

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      Good point.

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    No. Noé its like they want. Like a baby

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    I’d welcome our british friends

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      Thank you, Give the english some time to digest the consequences of what’s happening when the uk goes bankrupt and the sick man of the EU
      I’m sure the apathy tables will turn the uk has an almighty crisis on Many levels
      You can see the cracks are getting wider and wider and you can see the government is doing absolutely nothing about anything because they are all incapable and just use words and blaster.

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      I fully agree, Mártyn.
      It’s rather painful to see the inactivity of the british government on Brexit – the people will hopefully wake up on morning and reclaim their liberties they had under EU partnership.
      The British people made a mistake.
      But we are one big familiy, a european family.
      And a family forgives mistakes and welcomes you back home
      Upps, that’s even almost from the Bible

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    UK as general de Gaulle said would have never join the EU. They never had a European spirit and think that Europe is just and only a free trade zone.. They never must come back before changing their mind

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      It’s not the uk that is the problem it’s the English that is the problem within the uk give the English the time to see what they voted for and the fall out that is happening and getting deeper because Scotland will become independent anyway that is going to happen pm Johnson was on holiday over this last week and the Scottish people did not want him there because of the damage that has been done we are in a big big mess.

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      there is a european spirit?

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    Its weird how people either imagine that brittan will either be coverd in gold or turn into a third world slum for leaving the EU, both of them are so stupid, like the EU kept the kingdom from masses of wealth or that there are only slums in the world outside of europe. You both are stupid, everything continus as normal.

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      One word: Gibraltar

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    Ιf it becomes really EU and not German empire as it is today

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      Thank God we’ve got Germany on our side now.

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      timeo Germans et Dora ferentes

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    They stay out of it. They messed it up enough. No point getting them back in.

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    Considering the economic situation the UK has gotten itself into, it is to be expected that they will want to rejoin in the coming years. I hope that the EU will look very critical at threir application. The UK had demonstrated to be an unreliable partner. They caused much damage by their eratic behavior, and they would likely do the same again. Re. Scotland, I guess they would be a reliable valluable EU member.

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