Will Brexit ever happen? The latest twist in the tale is that the UK government has requested (after Parliament passed legislation forcing it to do so) a Brexit negotiation extension until 31 January 2020.

Technically, the extension is really a “flextension”, meaning that should the British government get the Withdrawal Agreement Bill passed through parliament earlier, then the UK could leave with a deal before January. However, given the current parliamentary arithmetic, a successful vote in Parliament seems ambitious. Instead, the UK will now hold a General Election on 12 December 2019.

Will a new Parliament be able to finally get Brexit done? What happens if the result is yet another hung Parliament? Some argue that the only way to finally resolve things is through another referendum. Others, however, believe the British public (not to mention their European cousins) are growing increasingly frustrated with how long things are taking.

Even if the Withdrawal Agreement Bill is passed, that’s not the end of Brexit. Negotiations on a future UK-EU relationship can only begin when the UK has formally left the European Union, and those have the potential to be even more fraught and complex than the withdrawal negotiations. Some experts anticipate these negotiations could drag on for many years.

Assuming the Withdrawal Agreement is ever passed, the UK would enter a “transition period”, in which it is no longer an EU Member State but virtually nothing changes from the perspective of businesses or the public (except the UK would lose all voting rights in the various EU institutions). Almost immediately, the UK would need to begin debating whether to extend the transition period (which is due to expire on 31 December 2020) until 31 December 2022.

If no future relationship deal has been agreed by the end of 2020 (or 2022, if the transition period is extended) then we could still be heading for “no deal” (albeit one in which Northern Ireland is aligned with some EU rules). So, in other words, the Brexit negotiations look set to drag on and on (with the threat of “no deal” still hanging constantly above like a Sword of Damocles).

Will the UK ever leave the EU? Will Brexit ever happen? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

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What do YOU think?

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      please no, we do not want our rights taken away from us

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      @Caroline, UK does not take your rights away from you ! don’t forget the “Bright side “…

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    Siegfried Kolp

    It has already been decided by the voters. They will leave, the question is not if but rather when.

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    Catherine Benning

    To leave the EU club is what UK citizens voted to do three and one half years ago. Since that choice, vast amounts of EU money our tax payer donates to that political machine, has been spent on desperately trying to renege on that deal, both by Brussels and our own home grown sharks swimming effortlessly in our prosperous waters. Those grinning, smug faced, uglies would sell their Granny for a farthing given the chance.


    Most of those who want to remain within the EU club are on some kind of gravy train they are reluctant to expose. It’s like pulling teeth to try and get them to reveal how much and which source they are indebted to. However, I’m sure once we are free of the shackles surrounding us, the cat will jump quickly out of the bag.

    To thrive as an opulent world class unified people we have no other choice than to manage our own governing administration. To allow others to do so is servitude and results in reduction to supplicant. As supplicants we are ridiculed, not revered for our progressive status, and this situation leads to impoverishment.

    The British will never accept subjugation. And Europe will never accept us as other…… Impasse.

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    I’m British that is exactly what they are trying to do to EU/UK citizens.

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    The simplest would be the Revoke & Remain option. Nobody’s life changes, and after the initial aggravation of some of the 26% of the population that voted for Brexit (many of whom have since changed their minds) business as usual. Plus no violence in NI. Then the UK population can start to hold their government accountable for the mismanagement of the NHS, police, increasing poverty and homelessness etc while trying to find a new national identity in the post-empire, ecosystem-based present day.

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      Catherine Benning

      @ Kimmo

      Whoever advised you the vote for Brexit was only 26% of the UK population did you a terrible disservice. If that were true we would have had a general election some long time ago. And Remain voters, in the majority, are the ones who have changed their mind, not Leavers. It is the fear of the voter that has kept Parliament from seeking the wishes of the population for over a year. They know Remain is not the way the public will go. Unless, somehow, they can rig the vote. Hence the drive to give a vote to children and all EU nationals they can muster. The Remainers are desperate as they are fully advised on British peoples frustration with being ruled by EU law.


      Now, I agree, polls are often wrong and this seller is wanting to stick to the answer the buyer of the poll wants, so they have kept the Leavers lower than they are. Still around 46%. However, the reality is around 66%.

      If you take it by section of population, the indigenous white British voter percentage wanting to Leave EU control is higher than the ethnic immigrant population. London has a very high % of ethnics and immigrants. If you add illegals, around about 70%. They often vote fraudulently, so it would be more than 66%. And they vote Remain. EU legislation makes it easier for them to enter Europe as a whole, and that, presently, includes the UK.

      Trouble is, the immigrants from outside Europe do not want to remain in other European countries once they arrive and have national status to remain. So, then they desperately seek residency in the UK. That includes those from France, Holland, Sweden, etc.. Somehow the claim is, they have a British connection, family, a cat, health reasons, being Gay. You name it they find it. And under EU law it forces us to comply with their wishes. Our benefits system is so much better than the rest of Europe and it is easier to apply for. Particularly with the physically sick and mentally ill. The UK is a gravy train for that sector, they love it. We invariably get stuck with the expensive disfunctional crowd. And there are so many more of them than those fit minded individuals who would be an asset to our society.

      The more immigrants we get the higher the Leave count. Which is why our socialist party want an open door policy to the world. That would make sure they never left office.

      However, what they hide from our voters is, all the wonderful extra free benefits, as well as the nationalisation of our utilities, they are offering the nation, should they win the majority vote in the GE, cannot be put into practice whilst we remain in the EU. European administration does not allow this extra socialist policy. And the party offering it know that. Therefore, what they are telling our voter is, sadly, complete chicanery.

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      In fairness those problems you point out will have to be sorted even if they leave,staying in the EU wont make any difference.

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    Yes. They have never been in

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    Well we’ll have to see what the election brings,but in truth this is the fault of the other twenty seven national leaders that keep on agreeing to these extensions,I can understand that they don’t want to lose one of the few nations that actually pay into this asylum,but there has to come a point where enough is enough,especially if the upcoming election ends in another hung parliament.

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    No, just they just will let the situation go even more rotten.

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    It never fully entered anyways.

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    As soon as a Leave Parliament is elected.

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    Google it

    The country is in a mess. The NHS, unemployment, no investment, all this while we have been members of the EU. Our debt has doubled from 1 trillion to 2 trillion over the last nine years.(while austerity measures were in place) where has this money gone? If the EU is such a great organisation, why after all the years managing member states they do not have an EU benefits system so Asylam seekers would not be in such a rush to come to the UK? Why after all the years have they not organised an EU health service that would benefit ALL member states? We should leave without a deal if the EU do not comply with our demands for a fair deal. They have more to lose than the UK.

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